Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 A Moron

Jin Tuyi looked at his son attentively, his eyes so clear that they were reflecting the boiling red glow. “I believe that our race will certainly be reborn in the flames, but I’m afraid that I will not be able to lead our race to finish the journey. The doctor said that I could maintain my current IQ for at most half a year. In half a year to one year, my IQ will drop to 70% its peak. In three years, 50%. After five years, I will be a mundane, crappy old man with 20% of my original IQ.

“50% of my computational ability and thinking ability are far from enough to lead a race and a civilization.

“And you, my son, are my only choice.

“Perhaps this is too hasty a choice, but I don’t have time. After the war is settled and the Blood Demon Sector crushes the Heaven’s Origin Sector, I will perhaps publicize my illness.”

“Dad!” Jin Wuxu’s heart was both hurting and itching. He bellowed, “I will prove that you’ve made the right choice with my actions!

“Rest assured. I will be the first to march into the Star Glory Federation’s parliament building!”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “Over the past few years, you’ve been commanding the Mirage Falcon troop, the best force of the Feather Clan. You’ve done an excellent job. I believe that you will distinguish yourself, too, in the war to come.

“However, you’d better be smart. Stay back when it is time to be cautious. There are so many demon emperors on our side and so many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators on the enemy’s. You are no more than a minor demon king right now. Do not place yourself in peril just for vanity.

“Remember, the future of the Feather Clan depends on you!”

Jin Wuxu nodded and took a deep breath before he solemnly said, “I know what to do now, Dad. One day, I will unite the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector as the king!”

Jin Tuyi’s eyes pierced through Jin Wuxu’s face into the deepest part of the clouds. He said mysteriously, “Just the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector?”

Jin Wuxu was dazed for a moment. He thought quickly and replied, “Of course, I will not let go of the Flying Star Sector, either. After we integrate the resources of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, we will march toward the Flying Star Sector!

“Although the starship technology and the space jump technology of the Flying Star Sector are quite advanced, they lack a central government and a well-trained regular army. They are nothing better than a tray of loose sand. As long as we locate their weakness, they might be even easier to deal with than the Heaven’s Origin Sector!”

Jin Tuyi nodded and talked as if he were in a dream. “I believe you can, but it is not enough. Far from enough.

“What’s good about the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector? They are just two stones at the edge of the universe.

“Although the Flying Star Sector is larger than the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, it is still nothing remotely impressive compared to the prosperous areas of the civilization in the center of the universe.

“Tell me, son.”

Jin Tuyi suddenly retreated his eyes. The brilliance in them, which shot to thousands of meters away a moment ago, suddenly constricted into one foot and pierced into his son’s eyes like two longswords. “Do you believe it? The Blood Demon Sector, the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and the Flying Star Sector will not be our goal. One day, our warriors will march into the center of the universe again and conquer the most brilliant places of the ancient civilizations!”

Jin Wuxu was stunned.

The Flying Star Sector was already the limit of his imagination. His ambition had never reached such faraway places in the sea of stars.

The most brilliant places of the ancient civilizations. Was his father referring to the Empyrean Terminus Planet in the Empyrean Terminus Sector?

Jin Wuxu’s soul was shaking uncontrollably. Swallowing hard, he struggled to nod his head. “Ofof course, our race will certain reunite the universe again. I have no doubt about that.”

“That’s good.”

Jin Tuyi’s sharp eyes were gone. After the moment of craziness, he seemed to be back into the plain, unattractive, mediocre demon emperor who was only elected to be the commander-in-chief of the coalition army because there was no better choice.

The clouds in his eyes were changing nonstop while he stared at a certain place on the ground far away and said casually, “I’ll be waiting to find out what kind of brilliant future you are going to bring to our race.”

At 6:27 p.m. on May 12

There were four hours to go before the Blood Demon’s Smile.

Inside the command center of the Spore Stratagem in the secret base of the Nether World Watch in the Nether Spring Kingdom, Elder Nether Spring, ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin, Despot, and Swirl were all busy browsing through the tremendous information.

They were monitoring everything in the Eye of Blood Demon closely.

“The coalition army of demons has been deployed. All the large demon beasts and biochemical beasts are being activated. The legions have boarded the devilish warships. The first, second, and third echelons are all standing by, ready to be teleported and engage in battle at any moment!

“The Eye of Blood Demon has been warmed up, too, with a functioning intensity of 60%. The storage of the tidal force is excellent and highly stable. When the Blood Demon’s Smile takes shape and the tidal force is strongest, the super high-precision teleportation of the largest scale in history will be initiated!

“All the spores are healthy and standing by, ready to be activated at any moment. They haven’t raised any suspicion.

“Their priority infection sequence has been determined, too. When the war breaks out, they will contaminate their targets in the shortest amount of time possible!

“Elder, everything is under our control. 99% of the Spore Stratagem has worked out!”

Swirl was a bit excited. She was even more delighted after she read a new message.

“According to the latest intelligence, Jin Tuyi did not notice the Spore Stratagem at all, and he never realized that he is just a puppet manipulated by Elder. He completely trusted his eldest son, Jin Wuxu, and told him his biggest secret that he has cerebral sclerosis just now. He also named Jin Wuxu his heir.

“Haha. If he knew that Jin Wuxu joined Elder’s cause a long time ago, how would he feel?”

Elder Nether Spring’s lips curled into a smile, too. He turned around and asked ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin, “What phase has Jin Tuyi’s cerebral sclerosis escalated to?”

“It’s still in the early phase,” Lu Wuxin replied. “Jin Tuyi has been having a brain tomography in secret every month. Three months ago, his frontal lobes were showing signs of getting smooth, his sulcus was turning shallower, and the boundary of his hippocampi was blurred as if it were about to melt.

“All the symptoms were signs that his cerebral sclerosis is escalating from the early phase to the middle phase.

“By my estimation, his computational ability and thinking ability have dropped to 95% of his prime, and they will continue to drop even faster.”

“Is that so?”

Scratching his chin, Elder Nether Spring was deep in thought, the antennae on his forehead shivering in rattling noises.

A terrible smile appeared on Lu Wuxin’s jumbled face. “Hehehehe. I know what you’re worried about, Elder. You are scared that Jin Tuyi is pretending to be sick, right?

“Rest assured, Elder. He is certainly not pretending!

“Jin Tuyi’s personal doctor has been compromised since long ago. I studied his every examination result personally. His brain indeed has pathological changes, which cannot be faked by any technique.

“Moreover, Jin Tuyi is taking pills to suppress his braincell activity every day. Such medication can paralyze his braincells and force part of them into the hibernation state. They are like a buffer for his brain.

“Of course, the medication will affect his thinking ability, but it is the only treatment to slow down the attack of cerebral sclerosis.

“Over the past few months, Jin Tuyi has been taking larger and larger dosages, which indicates that he was aware of the seriousness of his condition, too.

“How can such a guy, whose brain is almost broken, fight against Elder?”

Elder Nether Spring hesitated and said, “Of course, I know that Jin Tuyi is suffering from cerebral sclerosis. However, perhaps because the Spore Stratagem is about to be activated, I am a bit anxious and have an ominous feeling.

“I’m thinking about one thing. Even if Jin Tuyi is really a victim of cerebral sclerosis, is it possible for him to suddenly unleash unparalleled computational ability and see through everything?”

“Absolutely not!” ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin shook his head hard. “This is my specialty. Please trust my professionalism, Elder.

“Cerebral sclerosis is the lesion of the braincells that have overloaded for too long. The degraded cells envelop the healthy braincells like thin, icy shells, making the brain seem to be frozen.

“Imagine this. What will happen if a man stretches his body violently when his body has been frozen in ice that’s less than minus a hundred degrees?

“He will taste excruciating pain, and his body might crumble directly!

“Those suffering from cerebral sclerosis, when thinking hard, will feel similar excruciating pain. The pain comes directly from the central nerves and is ten times sharper than any pain we can possibly describe!”

“Suppose Jin Tuyi can resist the pain,” Elder Nether Spring said coldly.

Lu Wuxin smiled and replied, “Even if he can resist the pain, he will not choose to, unless”

Elder Nether Spring raised his eyebrow. “Unless what?”

“Unless he intends to become a moron who doesn’t know how to wipe his ass when he shits in his pants a year and a half later.”

Elder Nether Spring was still silent, but the gloom on his face gradually cleared.

“Elder, I think that you are overthinking.” Lu Wuxin was an expert in the level of demon emperor. He was also the supervisor of the experiments of the Demon God Virus. Therefore, he was blunter in the way he spoke. “Wasn’t his cerebral sclerosis an important factor when we chose him to be our puppet?

“It was exactly because his computational ability and thinking ability plummeted due to cerebral sclerosis that we contributed so much in secret and made him the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons. That way, it would be easier for us to infiltrate and manipulate the Pantheon of Demons.

“In terms of strength, the Gold Crow Kingdom is the weakest of the four superpowers, and he ranks last among the four giants of the Blood Demon Sector personally, too.

“In terms of support, most of his trusted subordinates have been compromised by all. His every move is right under our control. Few of his subordinates are absolutely loyal to him!

“In terms of strategy, for such a guy whose computational ability has plummeted and who risks turning into a moron at any moment because of cerebral sclerosis, isn’t every move he has taken within Elder’s predictions? Has he ever noticed the first clue of our scheme?

“He is absolutely no match for Elder in terms of strength, support, and strategy. What can he utilize to fight against Elder and the Spore Stratagem?”

He was saying exactly what Elder Nether Spring was thinking. Finally, Elder Nether Spring put on an undisguised smiled and said, “There are still the last four hours.

“In four hours, a new era will come!”