Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 First Wave Of Teleportation Begin

At 10:42 p.m. on May 12

The trajectories of the three satellites of the Blood Demon Planet were getting closer and closer. Under the mutual influence of their attraction forces, the trajectories were slowly deformed and drawing weird curves as if manipulated by an invisible giant hand. They were about to hit each other.

The three satellites were so close to each other that their surfaces had been ripped apart. Tremendous rocks and crystal mines soared into the sky, blew up, and darted toward the other two satellites, like shining exhausting flames.

From the other two satellites, a great mass of materials was escaping, too, and flying toward the satellite, joining together like rivers.

The crystal powder, and other elements, on different satellites had chemical reactions in the vacuum and turned into colorful high-energy particles. Three ribbons of light, which looked like three giant snakes biting each other’s tails, were spreading out!

It was the unique phenomenon when the three satellites of the Blood Demon Sector aligned.

On the Blood Moon Planet, where the Eye of Blood Demon was located, the wind was howling, and the rain was pouring. Dark clouds were rolling like angry dragons. Lightning was hissing like shocked snakes.

The earth was shaking. Countless animals were fleeing. The smaller rocks all slowly flew up into the sky toward the dark clouds. The dark clouds, in the meantime, were revolving and rolling until in the end dozens of enormous cantilevers were formed, attracting all the dark clouds in the thousand square kilometers nearby. They were getting more and more intense!

The bloody lake was also surging with waves. The devastating tides were shooting hundreds of meters into the sky nonstop, as if dragons made of lake water were soaring up. The lake water did not fall down until a long time later, producing what seemed to be a ladder leading to an alien world!

Deep inside the bloody lake, the turbulence was raging, and the undercurrents were running everywhere. The translucent rune beasts were absorbed by the swirl. During the high-speed revolutions, the demonic stripes carved into them were emitting the most enticing brilliance, illuminating the rune arrays embedded on the dome of the building right under the lake like beams of light.

Protected by the crystal shell, the rune arrays were like the eggs of devils that had been deeply buried in the mud at the bottom of the lake. Something seemed to be about to break out of the eggs because huge bubbles were popping up nonstop.

Gudu! Gudu! Gudu!

Bubbles, containing countless demonic stripes, surfaced in the lake, making it appear to be boiling. A huge amount of lake water was vaporized by the demonic stripes and formed a layer of intense red mist some ten meters above the lake.

“The Eye of Blood Demon is functioning at 80% the maximum intensity.”

“All magical equipment units are performing well. The storage, enhancement, and transformation of the tidal force are normal.”

“In three minutes, the tidal force will hit the peak. We will begin our first teleportation!”

Around the bloody lake, hundreds of hideous devilish warships, and thousands of super demon beasts that were too large to be accommodated by the devilish warships were holding their breath, waiting.

A hundred demon beasts of them and fifteen devilish warships entered the center of the bloody lake as the first echelon.

The red mist flowed toward them crazily and tied them up like proliferating veins or vines, enveloping them until there was no gap left.

“Hehe. Hehehehe!”

All the demon beasts had been injected with the last dosage of the exhilarant. Their skin was breaking apart, and their muscles were bulging. Their claws and teeth, which were now stained with blood, had grown to the limits. Their pupils had almost been melted in their bloodshot eyes while they were roaring hungrily for food.

Even the demonic stripes and barriers that tied them up were glittering and dimming in the thunderstorm. The strengthened external skeleton and the magical equipment installed were crashing with each other amid clattering noises.

The demon beasts that the Blood Demon Sector had carefully refined for decades became one-time expendables in the battle today. Their aggressiveness, combat ability, and bloodthirst had been triggered to the maximum without considering the consequences, and they were about to be released in the most brutal way!

Inside the devilish warships were teams of elite soldiers in hideous armor whose murderous intent was soaring. It was not hard to tell their capability from the interconnecting scars on their bodies and the expression that was a combination of indifference and ruthlessness on their faces.

The bronze-blood warriors were rubbing their acid guns and their tusk sabers with casual smiles on their faces, their every scar glittering.

The silver-blood commanders were as tranquil as before. They touched the chest of their armor where the sigils of their family had been engraved while they prayed to the glorious Pantheon of Demons in silence.

Around the devilish warships were smaller teleportation cabins that looked like cocoons.

Those lying in the middle of the cocoons, who were protected by a solid shell and a soft buffer layer, were fourteen demon emperors with Elder Blood Robe, master of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, as the lead.

They were so strong that they might encounter danger when they passed through the wormholes. Therefore, they had to be teleported alone in such a way.

The lake water was boiling more and more furiously. The fourteen demon emperors and the devilish warships that were fully loaded with the best troops of the Blood Demon Sector had been completely consumed by the bloody mist. The bloody mist rose up into the sky and slowly joined the lightning and dark clouds there.

The two air currents, one red and the other black, interweaved into a spiral that was closely surrounded by electric arcs. Together, they constituted a sharp, unstoppable cone that seemed to be piercing through the feeble wall between the two Sectors!



In the middle of the thunder and lightning, where the dark clouds and the bloody mist met, a weird black hole showed up, as if part of the world had been somehow taken away.

Deep inside the black hole was a completely different view. A coruscating metropolis was popping up slowly and obscurely.

“Warriors of the Blood Demon Sector!

“Children of Pangu, Kuafu and Nuwa!

“The last guardians of the demon race’s glory in the three thousand Sectors!”

Jin Tuyi’s image, through the transmission of the wireless brainwaves of the main biochemical brain, appeared inside every devilish warship, on the retina of every warrior, and even in the mysterious mist in the sky above the bloody lake.

The dark clouds turned into his face, the bloody mist was his armor, and the lightning became his claws and tusks!

“The most sacred day for our race has finally come!

“We’ve been waiting for today for ten thousand years!

“Over the past ten thousand years, we have lost our glory and splendidness in the past. We were banished on every continent. We were slaughtered in every space zone and every Sector!

“We used to be the most honorable dominators of the sea of stars, but in the past ten thousand years, we have been the humblest of slaves, the filthiest of germs, and the evilest of fiends! We lost our families and our homes. We fled and retreated until we were finally here, a desolate land at the edge of the universe!

“Now, we don’t even have many days to catch our breath on this barren planet!

“The sordid Heaven’s Origin Sector has received the help of the evil Flying Star Sector. They are crafting sabers and swords to butcher us day and night. They are drafting schemes of invasion. In the future soon to come, they will stomp on our last shelter and expel us from our poor home into the abyss of doom in the bleak universe!

“If we don’t resist, our home will turn into a wasteland again, just like the thousands of planets our ancestors lost in the past ten thousand years!

“If we don’t resist, our wives and compatriots will be butchered, enslaved, humiliated, played. They will be sent into the research facilities of human beings for the cruelest experiments. They will even be locked into cages for exhibitions like freaks!

“If we don’t resist, our civilization will be destroyed, and it will be the end of our history! After we are destroyed, the enemy will also smear our reputation with the most shameless lies. They will describe our glorious civilization as one of blood and darkness. They will call us the most evil and terrible race in the entire universe!

“By then, when we have been burnt to ashes, we will no longer be able to defend ourselves, our ancestors, and our civilization!

“Warriors of the Blood Demon Sector!

“Children of Pangu, Kuafu, and Nuwa!

“The last guardians of the demon’s civilization in the three thousand Sectors!

“The fate of our home and our compatriots, the past and the future of our civilization it is all in our hands!

“Will we raise our hands, retreat our teeth, and wash clean our necks, waiting for human beings to slaughter us and to crucify our great civilization on the pillar of shame forever?

“No! No! Never!

“Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality! This is the last war in the prophecy of our race! This is the last test that the Pangu Clan, our sacred ancestors, has left for us!

“The offspring of the Pangu Clan are destined to rise in fire in the sacred war and embark on the most brilliant path of immortality again. We will be the greatest dominators of the sea of stars again!

“The time for battle has come!

“Hold on to your saber, bare your fangs, and let loose of your fury!

“Look. The capital city of the Star Glory Federation is right under our tusks and blades, undefended and ready to be savaged!

“Do not fear death because death is definitely not our destination. The glorious Pantheon of Demons will be waiting for our valiant souls in the clouds of the capital city of the Star Glory Federation! Go now. Butcher and destroy. Send the crying, cowering human beings into the deepest depths of hell!”



All the demons could not have been more excited, their blood boiling. If the passion in their eyes could be condensed into flames, the capital city of the Star Glory Federation would have been burnt to the ground already!

“Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!”

“Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!”

“We are the children of Pangu. The blood of Nuwa flows in our veins. We are the most honorable masters of the sea of stars! The glorious Pantheon of Demons is waiting for us in the clouds!”

Not only were the simple-headed bronze-blood demons roaring desperately, the silver-blood demons, who were usually calm, and even the high and mighty demon emperors were all shouting uncontrollably.

They might not have believed in the ‘glorious Pantheon of Demons’ as the low-level demons did, but it did not stop them from being enshrouded in the fire of their own ambitions.

Emotionlessly, Jin Tuyi raised his right hand and slashed down. “The first wave of teleportation, begin!”