Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Angry Bullets

With Jin Tuyi’s command, the bloody lake was simmering in the most heated state like a brewing volcanic eruption.

The lake water seemed be orange, molten steel at a temperature of thousands of degrees. Weird brilliance more dazzling and colorful than an aurora was soaring into the sky.

In the sky, the ‘hole’ that did not belong to the world was becoming larger and larger. Through the hole, one was able to clearly see the skyscrapers aglow with lights.

Some of the pebbles floating in midair had already darted to the world in the opposite side through the hold because of the attraction of the swirl!

The first wave of attack, made of fourteen demon emperors and dozens of devilish warships, all became almost transparent in the coverage and corrosion of the bloody mist.

In the eyes of the bystanders, they lost their shapes in the three-dimensional world all of a suddenly and seemed to have turned into plasticine. They were stretched to the limits at first like noodles, spinning quickly along the swirl, before they were suddenly compressed into a small cluster and fell to the center of the hole!


The first batch of demon beasts appeared in the sky of the Heaven’s Origin Sector across the barrier between the two Sectors!

They were soaring up into the sky, attracted by the tidal force. Yet, the moment they passed through the wormhole, they were captured by the gravity of the Heaven’s Origin Planet and fell to the ground.

However, the demon beasts that served as the vanguard all boasted amazing flight abilities. They stabilized themselves very quickly and stretched out their membranes and bone wings, flying over the heads of the crowds who were celebrating the victory and uttering the first earsplitting shriek in the sky of the capital city of the Star Glory Federation!

“Ao! Aooooo!”

At this moment, the capital city was still as bright as daylight.

The excited crowds had not yet dispersed. The light beams on the skyscrapers were still displaying the picture of the great victory at the Giant Blade Pass.

In the picture, the ‘Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars’ flag, the national flag of the Star Glory Federation, was fluttering in the wind, and the Cultivators and the federal soldiers could not have been in higher spirits!

In the square before ‘Heavenly Sword Plaza’, a landmark of the capital city that was more than two thousand and seven hundred meters high, tens of thousands of young people had gathered, ready for an all-night party. The blowing thunderstorm did not quench their enthusiasm. If anything, they even got more excited. The obstreperous square was simmering in exclamations like fire that had been added to oil when the news that a few young Cultivators from the Giant Blade Pass had joined them.



From the sky, countless sharp glass pieces were rapidly falling, only to be discovered by three Cultivators in time. They reacted quickly enough to release the spiritual shield and blocked the pieces from hitting the crowd, breaking them into shining powder.


Shocking exclamations were echoing in the crowd. Everybody raised their head, only to be dumbfounded by the nightmare at the top of the Heavenly Sword Plaza. They were overwhelmed by terror and could not even move their little finger.

It was a gargantuan demon beast, hundreds of meters long, that looked like a hybrid of an enormous lizard and a giant boa. Lurking at the highest point of the plaza, the demon beast was staring at the crowd coldly with three crimson eyes that looked like searchlights.


The dragon-like demon beast exerted its strength again, shattering the glass windows and the outer wall of the Heavenly Sword Plaza. Hundreds more pieces were raining down like a storm, raising cries everywhere.


The three Cultivators were only in the early Refinement Stage. The spiritual shield that they triggered was far from enough to resist the blast of tons of pieces falling from an altitude of three thousand meters!

Ripples were spreading out on their spiritual shields. The three Cultivators all vomited blood and bulged their eyes while they desperately shouted, “Hurry and go!”


Their voices were eclipsed by a thunderous roar.

The dragon-like demon beast’s body turned red, and the scales stood up one after another. Opening its bloody mouth, the demon beast spurted out a firewall that was as scorching as the sun. The fireball hit a skyscraper nearby, only to blow the building in half!

The broken building leaned backward amid soul-stirring noises of the fracturing rebars.

The enormous light beam that had been installed between the two skyscrapers were torn to shreds, too.

On the few shreds that were relatively intact, the picture of the federal soldiers marching forward unstoppably with the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flag was still blinking vaguely.

However, the picture was soon blocked by the demon beasts that were flying everywhere in the sky and perished in the pouring storm.

Above the storm, in the middle of the clouds, gaps and swirls were appearing one after another.

The devilish warships fully loaded with the best troops of the coalition army of demons were slowly extending their heads out of the swirls.

At this moment, in the crowds that were too shocked to move, somebody was finally back to themself because of the undying explosions and quakes. They shouted in the utmost horror, “BBeast tide outbreak!”

In the Blood Demon Sector, right below the Eye of Blood Demon, in the stabilization room, the blood streaks inside Li Yao’s eyes were almost crushing his eyes. He was breathing so fast that his nostrils were like the exhaust tubes of a shuttle. Veins were bulging from his dry arms and chest like a raging dragon, which was utterly unbefitting for the identity of ‘Jin Zhenyi’.

Thankfully, everybody’s attention was focused on the stabilization unit. No one noticed his anomaly.

As the tidal force grew stronger and stronger, the teleportation intensity of the Eye of Blood Demon was higher and higher, too. The pressure on the stabilization unit had reached the highest point, too!

The four cooling towers were all emanating deafening fulminations. The holes on the cooling tubes were shrieking and spurting out hot steam. The entire stabilization room was as hot as a furnace!

But Li Yao’s heart was ten times more scorching than the environment.

Although he did not see what was happening in the sky above the bloody lake, the data regarding the teleportation was being transmitted to the main biochemical brain of the stabilization room incessantly.

Based on the data, he could estimate the progress of the teleportation easily.

Part of the coalition army of demons has been teleported to the capital city!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and felt that his internal organs were burning in anxiety. He could not fathom how much damage the brutal demon beasts would cause to the capital city.

However, it was not the time to take action yet!

The tidal force hasn’t reached the peak yet. The fourteen demon emperors and the few heavy devilish warships of the highest level haven’t been teleported, either. It is not the time to sabotage the teleportation array yet. I must wait. I have to wait!

Li Yao scratched his thighs so hard that they were full of bloody bruises.

Li Zhengzhi, deputy director of the stabilization unit and a specialist who was at loggerheads with ‘Jin Zhenyi’, thought that he was nervous about the stabilization room and raised a suggestion in a mocking tone.

“The No. 3 rune array group is not working any more. It seems it will crash in another fifteen seconds.

“Huh. The stabilization rotors in the No. 6 rune array group seems to be malfunctioning. The noises do not sound right!

“As I expected, the double-helix structure that has never been used before is not enough to survive the pressure. The way I see it, it will collapse after the first wave of teleportation. I say we should be prepared to switch to the No. 2 stabilization plan at any moment!”

Li Yao’s eyelids were twitching violently. The veins on his forehead were bouncing like electric arcs. He was clenching his fists so hard that it was enough to squeeze juice out of steel.


Li Zhengzhi’s eyes beamed with joy as if he had found a treasure. All the feathers on his wings were shivering as he exclaimed, “What’s with the ‘Purple Pole Splendid Sun Array’ that connects the four cooling towers? Two crystal wires seem to have been mistaken with each other! Director Jin, as I recall, it was you who performed the last examination, wasn’t it? How could you have made such a terrible error?

“Thankfully, I’ve discovered it in time. Otherwise, when the tidal force reaches the peak, the four cooling towers might collapse at the same time!”

Deep inside Li Yao’s eyes, data were glittering like stars. He narrowed his eyes and said, one word after another, “Is that so?”

Li Zhengzhi could not have been more satisfied now that he had found a huge mistake of his mortal enemy. “Of course. Take a look at it yourself. Such a beginning-level mistake at such a critical location. If I hadn’t discovered it in time, there might have been dire consequences!”

“Seems so.” Li Yao walked to Li Zhengzhi and glanced at it. The critical changes of some data in his eyes finally made his lips curl into a cruel smile. He said, “However, it was intentional.”

Li Zhengzhi was dazed for a moment. Before he realized what was happening, the sharp killing intent from the ‘Jin Zhenyi’ next to him had already frozen his heart. His head had already retreated into his neck, and he could not utter a word.


Li Yao waved his hands softly as if he were slapping a cockroach. Then, the owl who had almost sabotaged his efforts was blown away to the center of the ‘Purple Pole Splendid Sun Array’ in the middle of the four cooling towers on the dome.

The great array whose purpose was to coordinate the four cooling towers had already been on the verge of collapse because of the wrongly connected wires. Now, with the blast, it exploded all of a sudden, and four dazzling electric arcs splashed into the four cooling towers.


The four cooling towers exploded at the same time and broke off from the shelves, smashing the ground like four enormous gyros. But since they had been rotating at a high speed a moment ago, they were rolling on the ground after the landing, sweeping everything in their way without a fixed route. Countless rune arrays, cooling tubes, and biochemical brains were blown to smithereens!

In the stabilization room, all the specialists were screaming and fleeing.

“Youyou are”

The seven or so bodyguards who were responsible for the safety of the specialists, especially Jin Zhenyi’s, responded quickly enough and locked onto Li Yao. But they were truly stunned because they could not understand why the famous specialist ‘Jin Zhenyi’ was doing all this!

Li Yao stepped forward.


Furious flames broke apart all the camouflage including the artificial wings. The shriveled muscles bulged to the maximum within a moment. He seemed to be made of marble and jade. His hair, which was as messy as bird nest, was soaring up to the sky like arrogant fire!

“Hehe is not Jin Zhenyi!”

“He’s an intruder!”

Before the bodyguards got to say anything else, they were already kicked into the walls of the stabilization room by Li Yao, who had turned into a streak of brightness, unable to move anymore!

In the meantime, Li Yao also released multiple smoke grenades, covering every corner of the stabilization room, trying to delay Jin Tuyi from finding out the truth.


Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Thirty-six Floating Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Cannons appeared around Li Yao and formed a great array, aiming at the center of the dome!

Li Yao spat and licked his dried lips. His telepathic thoughts were divided into thirty-six strands and crawled into the cannons at the same time, shooting out the angry bullets nonstop!