Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 Hidden Dragon Bombarding The Sky

Chapter 1026: Hidden Dragon Bombarding the Sky!

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The Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Cannon had always been Li Yao’s favorite. Even when he was still in the Refinement Stage, he had boldly charged forward with it.

However, for such a sturdy and simple-structured piece of magical equipment, after changing all the regular bullets into those made of marrow crystals and carving every barrel with the most sophisticated attack rune arrays, Li Yao had reached the limits of modification and could not increase its firepower anymore.

Since the quality could not be improved anymore, he decided that he might as well just improve the quantity.

Li Yao had always been so simple and straightforward.

Therefore, he had brought thirty-six cannons with him. He was a bastion of cannons by himself.

Had there been enough room in his Cosmos Rings, he would have carried a hundred or even eight hundred of them. After all, his soul was strong enough to manipulate them all.

He felt that his blood was boiling, and his heart was racing when he pictured eight hundred heavy cannons roaring behind him.

Right now, although he did not have eight hundred, the firepower of the thirty-six Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Cannons was already incredible enough when they adopted the strengthened bullets that had been improved with marrow crystals and demon cores.


The fiery lines of bullets bombarded the dome of the stabilization room like a storm.

The sequence of the bullets had been carefully calculated by Li Yao to ensure that their power could be maximized when their attributes overlapped.

Not a moment after the frost attribute bullets had frozen the dome into ice blocks, it was blown into pieces by the explosion bullets, which were closely followed by the acid bullets, significantly increasing the area of damage. Eventually, the bullets carved with rune arrays of the wind class raised minor tornadoes and blew away all the pieces, creating an empty space.

Li Yao opened his arms and cast a spell. Black blood zigzagged out of his nostrils while he was controlling the point of impact of every bullet precisely.

All thirty-six cannons were spinning around him. The lines of bullets seemed to have formed a super drill that had dug a huge hole in the dome, mincing the feeble tubes, wires, and units above into smithereens!

A hundred meters, two hundred meters!

The drill of bullets was pushing forward!

Hurry up! I must hurry up!

I have to reach the core unit when the tidal force reaches the strongest point!

Li Yao found it more and more difficult to breathe. Pearls of blood were seeping out of his chest and arms, and the ends of his hairs were dyed red, too, as if his blood was trying to run away from his body!

Right at that moment


From the spacious hole above his head that was dug out by the drill of bullets, a deafening noise as if a giant tolling bell was echoing. The entire world was shivering in the moment.

The next second, at the end of the spacious hole, around the core unit of the teleportation system, a translucent shield slowly rose up!

This is a brand new defense system!

Li Yao spat out a mouthful of saliva that was mixed with blood. He did not expect the defense system of the Eye of Blood Demon to be so thorough that, besides the three security measures on the surface, there was another hidden layer of defense rune arrays right around the core unit!

The defense rune array had been in the hibernation state all along and would only be triggered in the case of invasion of brute force. Also, the source of energy to power up the rune array turned out to be

The tidal force!

The defense rune array had absorbed part of the tidal force caused by the three satellites and built it into a special force field.

In the force field, the attraction force was distributed very unevenly. In some of the areas, the intruder would sense the enormous gravity more than thirty times normal. In other areas, the attraction force would be splitting apart, as if two enormous satellites were pulling the intruder in opposite directions!

A mess!

In the range of the force field of the rune array, the attraction force was in a mess.

The drill of bullets had barely made its way into the ‘tidal defense array’ before it completely collapsed because of the messed attraction forces.

Some of the bullets were slapped back brutally like headless flies. Some other bullets exploded in midair after crashing into each other. Still some more bullets were crushed into metal pieces that were as thin as paper!

At this moment, there were only ten seconds to go before the tidal force hit the maximum point.

But for Li Yao, it was as painful as ten years.

His original plan had been to dig a huge hole right below the core unit with the drill of bullets and detonate the icy bomb that he had set to go off three seconds later in the core unit.

Without the cooling towers, the core unit was now already at an extremely high temperature. The icy bombs would certainly trigger the most brilliance chemical reactions with it.

But before that, Li Yao would already be escaping out of the place through the emergency channel among the panicked specialists!

The discovery of the ‘tidal defense array’ disrupted Li Yao’s plan.

What should he do?

Li Yao seemed to envision hundreds of devilish warships passing through the wormhole and spraying venom and acid on the capital city of the Star Glory Federation.


His head went blank, and he could not even hear the roaring bullets and rune arrays. The only sound in his ears was his heartbeat, which was thumping ever faster.


Right then, he suddenly sensed a weird light scanning him from top to bottom from above.

As it turned out, there were several anti-heat crystal cameras outside the core unit.

The crystal cameras were installed to observe the internal erosion and temperature of the units when they were functioning at full efficiency.

But right now, they had captured his appearance exactly.

“I’ve been discovered!”

Li Yao took a long breath in relief. He grinned and scratched his hair, which had all stood up.

On Blood Demon, the flagship of the coalition army of demons, everybody was shocked.

“What is that? What is that? What the f*ck is that?”

Jin Tuyi and another five demon emperors were all dumbfounded, with cold sweat popping up.

They had just put on the special buffer suits with the help of their guards and entered the cocoon-like cabins, preparing for the second wave of teleportation five minutes later.

But then, they saw the most unbelievable view and the last face that they expected on the monitoring light beam!

Alarms from the stabilization room were dividing the scorching air inside Blood Demon like devastating lightning!

The stabilization unit was in a mess. The No. 1 stabilization plan had completely crashed, but the No. 2 plan and the No. 3 plan did not take its place. The director and the deputy director of the stabilization room had both gone missing. They could not even find a cleaner in the place!

Jin Tuyi’s face was more twisted than ever. Like a hen whose neck had been grabbed, he shrieked, “Stop the teleportation! Stop the teleportation now!”

But there was no time.

All the demons were still dwelling in the dreams of slaughtering and plundering in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. They did not understand what the commander meant.

Jin Tuyi and the other demon emperors, on the other hand, had already sunk into the teleportation cabins, enveloped in biochemical buffer liquids. It was impossible for them to jump out and take control over everything personally.

Even though they had realized the catastrophic consequences, the tidal force had reached the strongest point, and the teleportation had been half completed. Fourteen demon emperors and the best troops had already entered the wormhole that connected the two Sectors. How could they turn back so easily?

On the monitoring light beam, Li Yao raised his head and grinned. His teeth, stained with blood, were clear for every one of them.

Then, Li Yao extended his right fist to the camera and slowly raised his middle finger.

Jin Tuyi and the other demon emperors were all startled. They did not understand what the weird gesture meant. Was it some sort of special spell?

But they were quite familiar with what happened next.

As a black and red Cosmos Ring on his middle finger glittered brilliantly, Li Yao’s middle finger, which he jabbed out earlier, was soon wreathed by neat armor. The armor spread up along his arm like a tide, covering his shoulder, chest, waist, legs, and whole body very soon.

Li Yao’s eyes, which were mixed with fury and cruelty, were blocked by the black facial cover, disappearing as if they had fallen into an abyss.

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had been brought out!


The intimidating aura seemed enough to pierce through the crystal cameras and hit the few demon emperors’ faces.

Including Jin Tuyi, all the demon emperors’ eyelids were twitching uncontrollably.


Li Yao opened his arms. The cell activation drugs worked on the living cells on the surface of his crystal suit, making fire and demonic energy flood out of his body!

On his right arm was the drill of mystic rays that had been significantly enhanced by the seven artificial dragons, ‘Electric Viper Drill’!

On his left arm was the Cell Obliteration Cannon, which had been comprehensively optimized with biochemical technology and added with more than ten layers of crystal lenses to increase the damage!

Behind Li Yao, Black Wing released two wings of spiritual energy that were dozens of meters long. He squatted deeply. A hundred immense power rune arrays seemed to have been installed to the bottom of his feet as he soared up like a rocket and crashed into the tidal defense array!


Although they were on the other side of the light beam, it was not difficult for Jin Tuyi and the other demon emperors to imagine how tremendous and chaotic the tidal force that was imposed on Li Yao’s body was.

Perhaps, his head was being squeezed under pressure equivalent to thirty times regular gravity, the left side of his body and the right side were being tugged in opposite directions by the tidal force, and his legs were under the influence of the attraction force of another direction.

It was almost like a hundred swirls had been pressed on his body at the same time.

However, despite the harsh environment, Li Yao still raised his arms inch by inch!

Although Li Yao’s face was under the facial cover and the other side of the light beam, all the demon emperors felt as if they could hear the sound of Li Yao gritting his teeth and his taunting laughter!

Electric Viper Drill! Cell Obliteration Cannon! Double outburst in a spiral!

The eyes of all the demon emperors were caught in a brief blankness because of the dazzling brilliance on the light beam like two supernova outbreaks.

A moment later, the light beam fell into absolute darkness. There was not the slightest ripple anymore.

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