Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Out Of Control

Chapter 1027: Out of Control!

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The Eye of Blood Demon, as a super teleportation array that had adopted a lot of biochemical technology, was like a giant whose internal organs had decayed. Bizarre biochemical brains and units enveloped in strengthened external skeleton like organs were everywhere.

Li Yao, on the other hand, was like a bug that had crawled into the stomach of the giant.

Of course, he was a bug with sharp teeth.


Furious bullets were spluttering everywhere. The Cell Obliteration Cannon was like the sharpest scalpel that had cut countless holes in the internal organs. One moment, the Electric Viper Drill would split into seven independent artificial dragons, and the next it would gather into a drill that was rotating at a super high speed surrounded by thousands of electric arcs, causing shocking gaps on the great teleportation array!

In the meantime, Li Yao had thrown an icy bomb in every gap and every hole.

“Three seconds!”

Manipulating the thirty-six Floating Vulcan Machine Cannons, Li Yao was utterly unstoppable as he cut the guts out of the ‘giant’.

“Two seconds!”

After a boom, there were no rocks in front of Li Yao anymore. He had marched upward from hundreds of meters underground into the control center!

Looking at his arms, where electric arcs and flames were dancing, and his armor, which was stained by the remnants of the biochemical brains, all the specialists were dumbfounded and shuddering in fear!

“One second!”

Li Yao did not bother with the specialists. Instead, he aimed the thirty-six Floating Vulcan Machine Cannons, the Electric Viper Drill, and the Cell Obliteration Cannon at the crystal dome on the top of the control center.

The violent firepower poured out and riddled the defense rune arrays of the dome with holes instantly, making hundreds of interconnecting cracks.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Above the crystal dome was a whole lake. Torn crazily by the tidal force, swirls were appearing in the lake and crushing the newly-formed gaps on the crystal dome.

Li Yao snapped his fingers. The thirty-six Floating Vulcan Machine Cannons, which were running out of ammunition, were returned to his Cosmos Ring, only to be replaced by the Feathered Dragon Saber, which was almost three meters long. Dragging the saber on his back like a switchblade, he squatted and exerted his strength, leaving two holes more than ten meters deep on the ground. He leapt up with the counterforce and slashed out his saber with an aura dozens of meters long!


The crystal dome exploded!

The lake water flooded in. Li Yao took the opportunity to dash into the bloody lake.

“Zero seconds!”

The crystal bombs installed in the core unit suddenly exploded. When the ice met the rune arrays and components, which were already thousands of degrees in temperature, it was vaporized instantly, and it expanded to thousands of times larger than before!

In such a narrow space, the expanding gas had nowhere to escape, and the only consequence would be


A splendid, terrifying explosion!

The core unit of teleportation, the heart of the Eye of Blood Demon, was burnt into a furnace of molten steel. The blast spread out through every tiny gap. Wherever it reached, all the componentsbiochemical organs, crystal processors, biochemical brains, and so onwere blown to smithereens, only to be transformed into high-heated particles, leaking out like fatal fireworks!

Like the eruption of an undersea volcano, the turbulence sent the sand at the bottom of the bloody lake roiling. The invisible blast pushed forward unstoppably, crushing countless rune beasts into meat paste before they had the chance to dodge!

The tidal force completely went out of control!

The bloody lake was like a boiling vat of oil that a large cluster of ice upon had been poured into. The tides were ten times larger than before, swallowing the elite troops of the coalition army in the sky of the lake who were ready for the second wave and the third wave of teleportation and throwing them to the shore mercilessly.

Countless devilish warships smashed the following troops on the coast. Many slaughtering machines that had been carefully trained for decades at the cost of immeasurable resources and manpower turned into the most expensive garbage, not even having chance to scream!

Around the Eye of Blood Demon, a series of minor earthquakes were breaking out. The earth was being torn apart, and the hills were collapsing. The air was twisted. The devilish warships that were lucky enough not to be caught by the lake water also lost their direction and momentum in the invisible turbulences of the attraction force, sliding into the crevice in the land.

Some other devilish warships even crashed into each other, raising new explosions!

The tidal force, which had gone completely out of control, caused the disorder of the magnetic field, too. For many demon beasts that could perceive the natural magnetic field, it was like an iron fork piercing into and twisting inside their brain!

The demon beasts had already been on the verge of fury because of the excessive exhilarants. Now, they were completely out of control.

They got rid of their barriers and boundaries and attacked all the living creatures around them!

Chaos. All the demon beasts, demon emperors, and devilish warships were in chaos! In front of the outbreak of the tidal force caused by the three satellites aligning, even a demon emperor could do nothing!

However, the elite troops of the coalition army, which were now in havoc, were among the more fortunate ones.

The fourteen demon emperors and the best warriors, who constituted the first wave of the attack, were much more miserable than them.

When the Eye of Blood Demon collapsed, they were marching toward the Heaven’s Origin Sector unstoppably through the wormhole.

It was almost like they were caught in an earthquake when they were passing a tunnel, and the entire mountain fell upon them.

Huala! Huala!

The tidal force tore apart the wormhole in various directions. Even the lightning around the wormhole was ripped into shreds. The army inside the wormhole fell apart instantly!

Some of the devilish warships were straightened into a river of flesh and blood dozens of kilometers long. The elite soldiers aboard were all squeezed together. There was no telling who was who at all anymore.

Some other devilish warships, on the other hand, were sent into the deepest gap inside the wormhole by the tidal force. They did not reach the Heaven’s Origin Sector but an unknown space on the other side of the sea of stars, which was probably a desolate world without any resources. When their fuel and food ran dry, they were destined to starve.

Possibly the most unfortunate devilish warships and demon emperors were half teleported over but were half kept in the Blood Demon Sector, as if many invisible, tiny strings had cut them precisely in half!

‘Ape Fiend’ Yuan Riyue was one of them.

The super expert, who was one of the strongest in the Blood Demon Sector, realized that something was wrong the moment the tidal force went out of control. He leapt out of the cocoon-like cabin and tried to escape back to the Blood Demon Sector.

However, strong as his personal combat ability was, it was not enough to compete with the magnificent force of nature. He seemed to be grabbed by a pair of invisible giant hands and pulled into the deformed, collapsing wormhole.

The tidal force pulled his bones and internal organs out of his body and sent them into the Heaven’s Origin Sector through the wormhole.

His empty shell, on the other hand, was ripped into a bloody mist and sprayed on the land of the Blood Demon Sector.

Before the wormhole was closed, few troops were successfully teleported to the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

But Jin Wuxu was one of them.

The commander of the Mirage Falcon troop was among the first demons to pass the wormhole. Also, he appeared at the perfect location right in the sky of the downtown of the capital city.

Here, he could avoid the flying swords darted out by the Cultivators with the cover of the skyscrapers. He could also sabotage the buildings and make as much mayhem as possible so that he would find an opportunity to charge at the Hexagonal Array at the center of the capital city!

Jin Wuxu grinned hideously and enjoyed the fresh air of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, which he knew would turn stinky before long.


The allies that he had been waiting for were late. The several warriors who were teleported over were also in panic and unable to fight back.

He even saw that in the sky in the southwest, when a devilish warship was only half teleported when it was chopped into two halves by a terrifying force, with only the front half sent over!

Screams were echoing nonstop around Jin Wuxu.

But they were not uttered by the Cultivators but demons whose bones were broken and whose faces were covered in blood!

Whatwhat the heck is going on?

Jin Wuxu felt that his brain nerves were about to be melted because of the abrupt change!


Earsplitting roars were resonating for away. Jin Wuxu stared for a while, only to discover that it was Elder Blood Robe, one of the four giants of the Blood Demon Sector and the commander of the first wave of attack!

Elder Blood Robe was floating in the clouds. An enormous cluster of demonic energy, which was in the shape of lion and tiger, was soaring into the sky!

Jin Wuxu felt that he had found a life-saver. Overjoyed, he tried his best to get close to Elder Blood Robe.

However, when he was just ten kilometers away from the comrade, he stopped abruptly, and his ecstasy turned into fright.

He discovered that Elder Blood Robe had not been entirely teleported to the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Elder Blood Robe’s right arm, right shoulder, and even part of the right side of his head were all gone, as if the sharpest blade had slashed down from the right side of his skull and cut away part of his body!

Also, on the ground, dozens of streaks of brightness were soaring into the sky and dashing toward Elder Blood Robe at a lightning-like speed.

They were the Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage.

As the capital city of the Star Glory Federation and the heart of the Cultivators of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, however weakly defended it was, there were always dozens of Core Formation Stage Cultivators and several Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

With a miserable face, Jin Wuxu was hesitating over whether to turn around and run away or to reinforce Elder Blood Robe when he felt excruciating pain as if countless needles were stinging his body!

Hundreds of much thinner but much faster streaks of brightness rose up from various locations of the city and darted toward him in weird arcs!

The Hexagonal Array of the capital city had triggered hundreds of auto-piloting flying swords and launched a fatal attack toward him!

Jin Wuxu’s lips trembled. He somehow recalled his father’s words a moment ago.

Don’t get killed!

Jin Wuxu laughed in an way even uglier than when he cried. Howhow can I be killed in this place? I am the heir of the Feather Clan

A battle formation of hundreds of flying swords consumed him instantly!

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