Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 The Way To Escape

“How could it be?”

Blood Demon, the flagship of the coalition army of demons, was also affected by the furious tidal force. It was struggling like a lone boat in the surging waves.

Thankfully, it belonged to the second echelon and had not entered the wormhole yet. Therefore, it managed to escape the moment before the wormhole collapsed. Staggering in the rushing storm, it almost crashed into the coast of the bloody lake.

Jin Tuyi and several other demon emperors, including Hong Yuntao, who was the master of the Sea Dominator Kingdom, lunged out of Blood Demon and looked in a daze at the best troops of the demon race, which had been almost entirely obliterated, and the wormhole in midair that was about to perish.

The capital city of the Star Glory Federation on the other side of the wormhole had been so close to them that they could also touch the lights of the skyscrapers when they reached out their hands.

But right now, it became as tantalizing as their reflections in the water. All the schemes and ambitions were falling apart along with the spluttering electric arcs.

Jin Tuyi, Hong Yuntao, and all the other demon emperors stared at the loose troops on the ground desperately and speechlessly.

The grouping and organizing of troops of hundreds of thousands of soldiers was an esoteric art. Now that they had been completely disrupted by the tidal force, it would take quite a few days for them to be regrouped.

Even when they were regrouped, after such a gory accident, it was practically impossible to restore their morale to the high point a moment ago!

Moreover, even if their morale could be restored, so what?

The peak hour of the tidal force had passed. The Eye of Blood Demon had been completely sabotaged. Half of the water in the bloody lake had vaporized, and the other half had flooded to the coast. All the carefully refined rune beasts had been killed, and the most valuable specialists had been buried deep below the lake, their status unknown!

In the sky, the wormhole created by the Eye of Blood Demon had collapsed. The gaps that were as thin as hairs were far from enough to teleport a demon emperor or a devilish warship over.

Besides, even the tiny holes were dispersing at a visible speed.

The channel for assault between the two worlds were only opened for several seconds before it was shut down again, perhaps forever!

The first wave of attack had been wiped out!

Even if a few lucky dogs had successfully been teleported to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, without the reinforcement of the follow-up troops, they would be moths darting into the fire!

Everything was because of one person. Just one person!

“My son! My Mirage Falcons! My Red Tide Plan!”

Jin Tuyi was so devastated that he was screaming at the top of his voice. He almost fell out of the air.

The feathers above his head that congregated into a crown were messed up by the blowing wind. His hair fluttering in the wind and his eyes bloodshot, he went mad and slashed his saber, declaring with boundless hatred, “Kill him! Kill him! I am going to mince him into pieces!”

At the same time, in the command center of the Spore Stratagem in the secret base of the Nether World Watch, because of the delay of the transmission of brainwaves, the picture of the Eye of Blood Demon that the Nether World Watch received through secret channels was several seconds late.

As the tidal force went out of control, ripples spread out on the picture. The picture twisted and blurred.

However, the doom of the first echelon of attack, consisting of fourteen demon emperors and dozens of devilish warships, was still crystal clear to them.

The pressure in the secret base was instantly ten times lower than before. Everybody was silent, as if the base was a graveyard at the bottom of an ocean!


Half a minute later, Elder Nether Spring, who had been soundless the whole time, suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood and nearly fell over.

Shivering, he extended his right hand and snatched in midair, but he did not even know what he was aiming for himself!

The Spore Stratagem was a parasite to the Red Tide Plan. It had to be carried out when the Red Tide Plan was halfway through in order to achieve the best effect.

But right now, the Red Tide Plan had been aborted when it was only a fetus!

The Eye of Blood Demon had been blown up. The channel between the two Sectors had been closed. Even if the Eye of Blood Demon could be repaired in a month or two, there would still be half a year before the tidal force reached the peak point again.

When an arrow was placed on a bow, it had to be fired. To facilitate the Spore Stratagem, many of Elder Nether Spring’s spies had been working hard, at the risk of getting exposed. They would certainly be found out after half a year’s thorough investigation!

“Who did it?”

His face pale, Elder Nether Spring ripped apart the air in front of him and gnashed.

“Who exactly did it?”

Five hundred kilometers to the southwest of the Eye of Blood Demon, on Chaos, which was lurking in darkness, Jin Xinyue, Han Tuhu, and Suo Chaolong were all stunned.

They all saw the clouds in the northern sky and heard the series of explosions, which sounded like thunder.

The area Chaos was at was affected by the tidal force, too, despite being five hundred kilometers away. Soil and tiny branches slowly flew into the sky, briefly free of gravity, before they fell to the ground and broke apart.

Even Chaos itself was shaking slightly in the blowing wind.

“This is a bit too violent, isn’t it?”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong looked at each other in bewilderment and wiped off their sweat.

Although they knew that Li Yao’s purpose was to destroy the Eye of Blood Demon, they had never expected Li Yao to do it so dramatically!

“What what a splendor,” Jin Xinyue mumbled. “How is Master going to get away?”

Inside the bloody lake, while the coalition army of demons was in havoc, a streak of brightness swooshed to the sky like a long, black spear. When it was at an altitude of more than two thousand meters, it dashed into the turbulent storm and quickly span around several times inside the storm before it threw itself out with the centrifugal force caused by the storm!

Li Yao had chosen such a way to escape blatantly right in front of hundreds of thousands of warriors’ faces!

“Stop him! Stop him now!”

Jin Tuyi burst into fury. Together with the other few demon emperors, he accelerated to his maximum speed and surrounded the enemy!

It was the center of the elite troops of the demon race. How could one get away so easily?

At the periphery of the bloody lake, some of the devilish warships were not seriously affected after all. They had already stabilized themselves and aimed their acid cannons toward Li Yao!


The barrage of a hundred demons turned the airspace around Li Yao into an ocean of venom and acid!


The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit suddenly split into more than ten identical shadows and dashed in different directions.

“Petty trick. Where are you going exactly?” Jin Tuyi roared.

A streak of dark, golden brilliance rushed out of Blood Demon, which turned out to be his own biochemical beast, a great falcon with a pair of golden wings almost eighty meters long and a scorpion tail that was dozens of meters long!

The two of them melded into one and slashed toward the second shadow, which was rushing southwest precisely like a blinking unparalleled saber!

In the meantime, almost twenty acid cannons had blocked all possible spots where the shadow could dodge!


The shadow was hit brutally by Jin Tuyi and immediately fell apart, blossoming in the sky like a flower.

All the other shadows were also dispersing under the scourge of the cannon fire.


The shadow hit by Jin Tuyi just now was indeed the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. Otherwise, it would not have been able to fool the super expert whose computational ability was unbelievably high.

However, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was empty. There was absolutely nothing inside except for the mainframe crystal processor, which could autopilot and make the fundamental flight and dodge movements!

Jin Tuyi, Hong Yuntao, and all the other demon emperors flew to the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which had been shattered. They glanced at the surroundings gloomily.

“He can’t run away. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have surrounded the place. Where can he possibly flee to?”

Jin Tuyi’s eyeballs almost exploded. Two streams of deep, dark blood and tears flowed out. “The Red Tide Plan is doomed. My son and the Mirage Falcon troop are doomed, too! I am definitely going to capture him. I will capture him, skin him, burn him to ash, and tear his soul into shreds!”


Hardly had he finished his sentence when an ear splitting explosion burst out at the rear of Blood Demon. A cluster of black smoke soared into the sky, raging and consolidating into an enormous mushroom cloud.

The pupils of Jin Tuyi, Hong Yuntao, and the other demon emperors constricted violently. Their eyeballs were almost frozen as they saw an incredible picture!

On the head of the flagship Blood Demon, which was the greatest glory of the Blood Demon Sector, a human being was standing against the wind carrying his saber!

It was Li Yao!


Jin Tuyi bulged his eyes so hard that blood almost spurted out.

He was about to ride his great falcon and capture Li Yao who was wearing no protection when Li Yao extended and curled his middle finger toward them.

Another explosion broke out at the rear of Blood Demon!

The guy had installed crystal bombs inside Blood Demon!

“The lunatic has never planned to run away since the very beginning. He knew that he couldn’t, too!”

Hong Yuntao, master of the Sea Dominator Kingdom, moaned in uttermost desperation, “He threw out his crystal suit intentionally as bait and a distraction. While our attention was all focused on his outfit, he took the chance to conceal his aura and sneak into Blood Demon!

“We were all chasing after the enemy and neglected Blood Demon. He escaped our attention!

“We wasted at least ten seconds on his decoy!

“Ten seconds is enough for a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator to do a lot of things!

“In such a way, hehe has hijacked Blood Demon!”

Including Jin Tuyi, all the demon emperors were greatly stunned by the discovery and did not come back to themselves for a long time.

Li Yao’s middle finger was still saluting them, but he had stabbed his battle saber into the shell at the head of Blood Demon and sat down next to it.


More than ten crystal cameras were floating around Li Yao. They captured his image from all angles and projected it to the sky through a specially-made hologram projector.

In the sky, a light beam almost a hundred meters in diameter immediately appeared.

Li Yao’s face, which was covered in smoke and fire, showed up in the clouds right in front of all the best troops of the demon race!