Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Somethings Wrong

Inside the command center of the Spore Stratagem in the Nether World Watch’s secret base

If the place had been like an undersea graveyard when the Eye of Blood Demon was destroyed, it was like an undersea graveyard that had been abandoned for thousands of years now.

The picture sent to the retinas of the captains of the Nether World Watch through the wireless brainwaves made their faces more awful than ever.

As the peak hour of the tidal force gradually passed, the three bloody moons in the sky split apart, and the lake was now stable again.

The troops that were mixed together were setting up camps on the spot, building up iron gauze with high-voltage electric arcs and defense rune arrays.

The safety measures were meant to both stop the enemy from rushing in and the soldiers inside from running out.

Many soldiers were wearing flawless anti-chemical suits and breathing from cans filled with compressed air or through filters. Acid cannons were spinning nonstop, looking around at high alert.

Soldiers in anti-chemical suit and masks, under the lead of the demon emperors, looked for their trusted subordinates and demon beasts. Whenever they found a target, they would escort the target into Bloodborne, the medical warship, for examination.

All the demon emperors and soldiers kept their distance from the examinee and locked onto them with remote firepower, not giving them the chance to infect others.


Right then, the southwest of the crowd was in a mess. A tiger warrior soared into the sky and escaped at the highest speed. The demon emperor could not stop the deserter however loudly he shouted.


The demon emperor of the Claw Clan stopped chasing. Frustrated, he waved his hands. The devilish warships behind him immediately launched a barrage, swallowing the tiger warrior with acids, venom, and demonic rays. Then, demonic fire sterilized all the places where he had been so far.

“What an idiot!”

Despot, a captain of the Nether World Watch, was more than infuriated by what he saw. He slapped the table and shouted, “Why is he running? Isn’t that a confession?”

“It’s useless,” Swirl, the other captain, replied desperately. “Even if he didn’t run away, there would’ve been no way that he could pass the level-6 virus test. It is even likely that he would have told all our secrets in the deep hypnotization state.

“He is not the key to our problem, nor are any other spores hiding in the coalition army of demons. It was Jin Tuyi’s biochemical beast, the spore that was first detonated, that made the situation hopeless for us!

“Why on earth did the Scorpion-Tailed Gold-Winged Falcon mutate without reason and release such terrifying venomous fog?

“We did not modify the biochemical beast at all. It was Jin Tuyi’s favorite biochemical beast. Refining it into a spore was too risky. Therefore, we did not touch it at all!

“Besides, the symptom is totally different from the outbreak of the Demon God Virus!”

Swirl and Despot both looked at Elder Nether Spring in suspicion.

Staring at the picture for a long time, Elder Nether Spring did not burst into crazy laughter until more spores fled out of the coalition army of demons and were blown into smithereens by the cannon fire.

“Hehe. Hehehehe. Fooled. We’ve all been fooled!”

Elder Nether Spring laughed so hard that his eyes turned red. Every muscle on his face was twitching as he gnashed his teeth. “Don’t you see? Jin Tuyi’s Scorpion-Tailed Gold-Winged Falcon did not contract the Demon God Virus at all. God knows what the heck it was infected with! Perhaps another virus, a fatal poison, or cell activation drugs that were hundreds of times above the normal usage!”

Despot was dazed. He stammered, “Whowho did it? Why did the disease break out at the perfect moment, neither late nor early?”

“Who else could it have been except for Jin Tuyi himself?” Elder Nether Spring closed his eyes. The antennae on his forehead dangled down helplessly while he mumbled, “We were tricked. We were all tricked by the ‘moron’!”

Despot and Swirl looked at each other in bewilderment, and their face color greatly changed.

‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin reeled in horror so violently that his head almost retreated into his neck. The final judgement on Jin Tuyi’s cerebral sclerosis had been made by him!

For a moment, Elder Nether Spring’s killing intent soared to the maximum, as if he were going to slay every soldier of the Nether World Watch in the command center.

However, his muscles loosened again, and he waved his hands in depression. “Cut off the communication with the Eye of Blood Demon. The Spore Stratagem is done.”

“What!” Swirl and Despot were both surprised. “But we still have so many spies in the coalition army of demons who can monitor everything happening in the Eye of Blood Demon”

“What’s there to monitor right now?” Elder Nether Spring shouted in a bad mood. “When we are monitoring him, he is monitoring us, too!

“The spies have to send out wireless brainwaves in order to transmit the picture to us. Chances are that Jin Tuyi has already locked onto the brainwaves and traced them back to our secret base. He might even be going to teleport an elite troop to this place and fish up us once and for all!

“Quickly. Cut off all brainwave transmissions. Evacuate immediately!”

Swirl and Despot were both at a loss.

An hour ago, they had thought that they were truly going to be the ‘gods’ in Elder Nether Spring’s theory and become the dominators of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector.

But now? Everything was a joke!

“Elder, what do we do next?” Swirl murmured.

“Activate the final solution,” Elder Nether Spring said gloomily. “Even if we are cursed, thousands of demons will die together with us!”

Around the Eye of Blood Demon, in the camps of the coalition army of demons

If the mutation of Jin Tuyi’s Scorpion-Tailed Gold-Winged Falcon was only a bit suspicious, the fact that more and more spores were fleeing in a hurry before they received the test further proved the existence of the Spore Stratagem.

It was especially so when a spore activated the Demon God Virus inside his body in desperation when he had nowhere to run. The scarlet venomous fog contaminated almost ten soldiers nearby and transformed them into horrifying ‘uncontrollable mutants’. After that, nobody had any doubt about Li Yao’s words!

Thankfully, the coalition army of demons had entered the level-6 quarantine state earlier. Most of the soldiers had put on the anti-chemical suit and the masks, and they were highly vigilant.

Before the ‘uncontrollable mutants’ caused any greater damage, they were burnt to ash by the demonic fire.

The scenes were all captured by the biochemical eyes and projected to the sky so that all the soldiers could see what was going on.

As a result, the demon emperors and the soldiers who were secretly complaining about the arrangement were all sweating in shock, having no objection to Jin Tuyi’s commands anymore.

However, it would take quite a few days to perform a strict examination on the hundreds of thousands of soldiers present.

It was destined to be the longest night in history.

However, even the longest night would be over sooner or later.

Dawn, even one stained with blood, was certain to come.

Above Blood Demon, the flagship of the coalition army of demons, Jin Tuyi and Li Yao confronted each other in silence, ten meters away from each other.

They were the only two in the hundreds of square meters nearby.

“Thirty-two spores have been discovered. Twelve of them detonated themselves and infected almost a hundred soldiers. Most of the victims were annihilated, but nine ‘uncontrollable mutants’ were captured alive,” Jin Tuyi said casually. “After a lengthy discussion, all the demon emperors have agreed unanimously that the Spore Stratagem is real. Therefore, as a representative of all the demon emperors, we can have a proper talk now.”

Li Yao sat cross-legged and scratched his burnt hair, grasped by a feeling of anxiety.

He had been confident that everything was under his control.

However, since the mutation of the Scorpion-Tailed Gold-Winged Falcon, the whole event seemed to have undergone subtle changes.

Jin Tuyi’s reactions were too fast, weren’t they?

In just one hour, the sanitation work of hundreds of thousands of soldiers had been completed, and all the follow-up measures had been settled in an orderly fashion, as if the whole thing had been rehearsed hundreds of times!

Besides, had he not been a bit too edgy a moment ago? For a cold-blooded hero who would not bother batting an eye when he heard his daughter’s patricide plan, would he have been so greatly disturbed when he learned of his son’s death?

Just now, Li Yao had been too focused on convincing the coalition army of demons of the existence of the Spore Stratagem to care about these ‘minor issues’.

But right now, he was more or less relaxed, and he was finally able to spare part of his computational ability. Immediately, he noticed that something was wrong.

His eyelash bouncing, Li Yao mumbled, “Is Elder Nether Spring a moron?”

Jin Tuyi was unmoved. “What did you say?”

“Elder Nether Spring’s first spore was rather weird!” Li Yao found it more and more perplexing. “If he had indeed planted the Demon God Virus in your biochemical beast and set it to be detonated at a certain time, there is no reason he would let the virus break out so early!

“Without me as the unexpected factor, you would’ve successfully passed through the wormhole. That would have been too early a time for the virus in the Scorpion-Tailed Gold-Winged Falcon to break out!

“It would only have been several minutes since you entered the capital city. Chances are that you wouldn’t have moved to the downtown area and met the Cultivators.

“But the virus broke out. That seems too rash!

“Why didn’t it lurk for a day and a half, when you and all the Cultivators were exhausted, before it exploded? Wouldn’t that be a much safer approach and boast a higher chance of infection?

“Even if the Demon God Virus must be activated so early, all the spores should’ve been detonated together. Was there any particular reason one of the spores should have exploded earlier than others?”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “You do seem have to have point.”

Li Yao eyed him up and down for a long time. “The first time I saw you, you were casually preparing to kill one of your daughters. The second time I saw you, you burst into fury because of the death of your son. Now, only one hour has passed, and you are talking and laughing casually again?”

“All those are the details that do not matter,” Jin Tuyi said peacefully. “What counts right now is that there is finally reason for our cooperation.

“You mentioned that the Divine Blood of Chaos is flowing inside Jin Xinyue’s body and that you are trying to duplicate her blood and synthesize the Divine Blood of Chaos as an antidote for the Demon God Virus.

“Now, my soldiers have contracted the Demon God Virus and turned into uncontrollable mutants. Even more soldiers are faced with the threat of the Demon God Virus right now. I need the antidote.”