Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Red Tide Rises Again

“Wait. Wait,” Li Yao said. “My head is a mess right now. I have to think about too many questions. I’m a bit confused.

“Until I figure everything out, it is impossible for me to tell you the headquarters of Skyfire and the secrets about the antidote.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jin Tuyi confidently said. “Take your time to consider. After all, I have to clean up this mess, repair the Eye of Blood Demon, and find out the unstable factors mixed in the coalition army of demons first.

“However, are you really going to be enjoying a night of cold wind here?”

Li Yao licked his lips and grinned. “The air here is excellent.”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “Cut the crap. Blood Demon is my flagship. I know its formidability much better than you do. Ten seconds is far from enough for you to plant crystal bombs on every key location. Do not lower the level of our game with such petty tricks.


His eyes turned cold and cruel. “Even if you have packed Blood Demon with bombs, do you think that I am the type of person who cares about a particular warship or legion?

“Come on. If you really need to think, why don’t you pick a room inside Blood Demon where you can detonate your nonexistent crystal bombs at any time and take your time to think?

“Even if you don’t believe me, you should at least believe in your own deduction and judgement. In the current situation, you are not only my companion to fight against Elder Nether Spring but also the most crucial bridge for our communication with the Heaven’s Origin Sector. There is no reason I would kill you at this moment, is there?”

Li Yao stared at Jin Tuyi for a long time before he solemnly observed, “I find that I seem to have fallen into your trap.”

Ten minutes later, after dealing with Li Yao, Jin Tuyi dismissed his subordinates and returned to his secret relaxation chamber.

The moment he closed the door of the cabin, he could not hold it any longer and fell to his knees, supporting himself with his hands. However, after only half a second, his two hands turned into noodles, and he leaned forward and collapsed to the ground like a pile of mud.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The excruciating pain inside his brain, which felt like a volcanic eruption, made Jin Tuyi’s eyeballs bulge out, and his eyes ripped apart. Veins were protruding all over his face, and every orifice was bleeding. Sweat was flowing out incessantly like a spring.

He gritted his teeth so hard that he almost crushed them. The nerves on his gums rubbed against each other and caused insufferable pain.

However, even the insufferable pain on his gums was only less than one percent of the pain deep inside his brain!

The commander-in-chief of demons was sobbing in pain!


Jin Tuyi was both crying and sweating. Like a skinned dog, he was struggling in the ocean of pain and shouted in a completely twisted voice.

Paji. Paji. Paji. Paji.

A demon beast, which was fat, furry, with two short and stupid wings, flew over. It looked like a little pig that had grown wings.

While flapping its wings and waving its long tail, the little pig uttered in a cute voice, “Master, as your personal medical assistant, Little Dot feels that the pain of your brain is because of the overactive state of your brain cells. Therefore, other than injecting the pain killer, it will be best to also inject the braincell suppressant to cool down the brain a little bit. Otherwise, the excruciating pain cannot be cured.”

The voice of ‘Little Dot’ sounded somewhat similar to Jin Xinyue’s.

“Painkiller, now!”

Jin Tuyi was writhing on the ground in pain, his feathers scattered all about. He roared thunderously and even condensed a stream of demonic energy, slashing toward Little Dot. The demon beast creaked and quickly sent over a dose of highly-compressed pain killer with its tail.


A long, narrow needle extended out of Little Dot’s tail. After all the pain killer had been injected into Jin Tuyi’s spine, the commander-in-chief was finally relaxed after cramping for a further ten seconds. He stretched out his arms and legs and took a long breath in relief.

His face was soaked in blood, tears, and snot, and yet he did not even have the strength to wipe them off.

“Little Dot, inject another four units of the brain cell activation drug.”

“Master, your cerebral sclerosis is now in the middle phase. In the middle phase, it is best that you adopt the conservative therapy and suppress your thinking ability to below 70% with the braincell suppressant.

“You cannot use your thinking ability at the maximum anymore, much less bringing it beyond 110% with four units of brain cell activation drug. It is like a patient of a serious heart disease participating in a short run after injecting too much exhilarant. It’s too dangerous!

“All in all, according to Little Dot’s deduction, the overloading in the recent half year has already put master’s brain on the verge of collapse. If you don’t treat your brain well, you might become a moron at any moment, Master.

“You are Little Dot’s creator, Master, and you are father to me. How can Little Dot stand by and watch Master turning into a moron?”

Jin Tuyi stared at the demon beast coldly. “Little Dot, turn off the artificial intelligence simulation mode and switch to enforced excitation mode. Shut your annoying mouth!

“Four units of the brain cell activation drug, and 1.5 units of the slow-release pain killer. Inject now!”

“Yes, Master.”


Two doses of deep, bluish drugs were pushed into the back of Jin Tuyi’s head steadily. His bulging veins slowly turned blue. Even the deepest part of his pupils seemed to have been dyed an azure color.

The blue color flashed and quickly disappeared. Jin Tuyi’s eyes were mysterious and unpredictable again. He casually said, “Little Dot, test the keenness of the synapses on the nerves in my brain and calculate my thinking ability. What is my status right now?”

“Yes, Master. According to my measurement, after injecting four units of the brain cell activation drug, your intelligence level has returned to 99% of your peak state.

“However, your brain has been too seriously damaged to maintain this efficiency for long. It will retrograde in three to five days. Large doses of the brain cell activating drug will be required by then. But the odds of a brain crash and loss of self-awareness will be much higher, too.”

“Got it,” Jin Tuyi said calmly. “If I really turn into a moron, you know what to do.”

“I do,” Little Dot said. “Once it is determined that master’s intelligence is less than 50% your peak state, the artificial intelligence simulation mode and autorun mode will be immediately activated. I will find master’s daughter, Jin Xinyue, and inform her of the whole content of the Red Tide Plan and the roadmap. She will be appointed as the next implementer of the Red Tide Plan, and I will help her complete the following procedures of the Red Tide Plan.”

Jin Tuyi struggled to shake his head and tried to stand on his feet, but the aftershock-like pain deep inside his brain made him treble violently again. It was not until five seconds later that he managed to stand straight again.

“Several of your vital signs are seriously abnormal. You should take at least an hour’s rest in the medical cabin.”

“Don’t think that I do not know you have activated the artificial intelligence simulation mode in secret when you pretend to speak in a calm voice,” Jin Tuyi snarled.

“I am going to take a shower, Little Dot. Prepare something to eat for me. I can rest for ten minutes at best.

“It is going to be a long night. The dawn is still far away!”

Twenty minutes later, in his office on Blood Demon, Jin Tuyi put on a fresh, white robe. Together with his dustless wings and the high crow on his head, which was knitted with feathers, he looked more elegant and unworldly than ever.

He never gave out the feeling that he was a commander-in-chief. He was more like a chess player who considered the universe his board and the stars his chess pieces!

Jin Tuyi crossed his hands in front of his chest while he stared at the unattractive, middle-aged member of the Feather Clan before him.

The member was the cook that he had kept in his company since he was in his hometown. Every night, when he was enjoying the Red Fire Star Spotted Oysters, the two of them would spend five minutes alone.

The cook who was particularly good at making seafood was also the head of the ‘Dark Clothes Society’, a special force responsible for espionage, assassination, sabotage, and intelligence under Jin Tuyi’s command.

One might also say that he was the head of Jin Tuyi’s personal agents.

“I didn’t know that the Spore Stratagem was real and that Elder Nether Spring had planted so many spores in the coalition army of demons. Even the chief’s ride was infected. It was a serious mistake on our side,” the head of the Dark Clothes Society said nervously. “Thankfully, we’ve got the situation under control. We are definitely going to search for Elder Nether Spring’s spies and eliminate every single one of them!”

“A thorough search is indeed necessary,” Jin Tuyi said emotionlessly. “Even my mount was compromised by them. I do wonder, how many people around me, or rather, in the entire Feather Clan, can I trust?”

“Rest assured, chief!” The head of the Dark Clothes Society wiped off his cold sweat and gnashed his teeth. “The Dark Clothes Society will take action immediately. We will try to filter all the best soldiers of the Feather Clan and locate the spies in three days!”

“Filter, we must,” Jin Tuyi said. “However, the Dark Clothes Society will be relieved of the trouble for the mission.”

The head of the Dark Clothes Society was dazed. He stammered, “Chiefchief, who else do you want to complete the task if not the Dark Clothes Society?”

Right then, door knocks that were neither too heavy nor too light echoed.

Jin Tuyi smiled. He drew a pattern in midair, and the cabin door was opened slowly.

Three muscular soldiers wearing the uniform of middle-level officers walked in in a row.

Their enormous body size, the vague scent of the wilderness, and their scorching eyes instantly filled the not-at-all-small office. The head of the Dark Clothes Society was squeezed at the center.

There was a pair of thick horns above all the three officers, either straight or as curved as a saber.

“Shen Tubo, captain of 101 Snow Yak Transportation Team, reporting for duty!”

“Lu Feidu, captain of 337 Reindeer Logistics Legion, reporting for duty!

“Yang Rui, captain of ‘Black Antelope’ Mountain Special Force, reporting for duty!”

“This is”

The head of the Dark Clothes Society was shuddering in confusing and fright.

Although the three young officers were from different troops and their appearances were vastly different, they had one thing in common.

There were five main clans in the Blood Demon Sector, namely the Feather Clan, the Claw Clan, the Sea Clan, the Insect Clan, and the Horn Clan.

The three officers were all from the Horn Clan, the only one of the five clans that did not have their own kingdom!