Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Jin Tuyis Threat

The brilliance beaming out of Jin Tuyi’s eyes seemed enough to detonate the entire warehouse of crystals. His gray face was replaced by excitement as he panted for a moment. “Your arrival, the secret hunting Jin Xinyue endured, and all the subsequent events made me gradually learn the truth of the Blade of Chaos, the secrets about the origins of the demons, the existence of another human world named the Flying Star Sector, and the threat of the Imperium of True Human Beings!

“I didn’t know that the Blood Demon Sector was so important in the history of the demon race. I had always thought that it was just a barren, desolate, insignificant Sector at the edge of the cosmos!

“Hehe. I should’ve figured it out earlier. The Blood Demon Sector was not as simple as that. Why else could the Blood Demon Sector survive to this day when countless worlds of demons in the three thousand Sectors have all collapsed?

“All in all, the tremendous valuable information flooded into my brain, allowing me to find a brand-new possibility, one that is more secure, flawless, and feasible than the old version of the Red Tide Plan!

“Therefore, over the past month, I’ve been fully upgrading the Red Tide Plan with the latest intelligence despite the escalation of my illness.

“Now, the first step of the Red Tide Plan has been completed. Although some minor issues occurred, everything is basically under my control. Elder Blood Robe, Elder Nether Spring, and their elite troops are no longer threats. I have finally gained the supreme power that I dreamed of, and I am able to implement the second step of the Red Tide Plan now!”

“But I’m afraid your cerebral sclerosis will not give you much time, will it?” Li Yao said. “Even if you keep it a secret, when your condition gets worse, you will not be able to cope with the tricky plans and schemes. You even risk turning into a moron right in front of the rest of the demon emperors. How are you going to complete the following procedures of the Red Tide Plan?”

“You are quite right. I don’t have much time left. The best I can do is hold on for a year and a half.” Jin Tuyi’s eyes turned passionate again as he stared at Li Yao with a smile. “Therefore, while I still know what I am doing, I have found the first suitable heir and the next master of the Red Tide Plan, who will pass on my knowledge and carry out the Red Tide Plan until it succeeds!”

Li Yao felt creepy when Jin Tuyi looked at him in such a weird way. His hair standing up, he raised his voice and shouted, “You’ve got to be kidding me! How can I be your heir and help you implement your goddamn Red Tide Plan!”

“Do excuse me, young man, but I was not referring to you.”

“Don’t stare at me in such an enthusiastic way if you are not referring to me, senior!”

“Although your excellence was beyond my expectation many times, and you completed many tasks successfully in unbelievable ways when I failed to figure out how you could, you and I are not the same type of person after all.

“I am not referring to the difference between a human being and a demon but the difference between a warrior and a politician.

“You are a warrior, and a fairly brilliant one, but you are never going to be a brilliant politician, or even a qualified one.

“It is not about your computational ability or thinking ability but decided by something beyond. More frankly speaking, this is not where your path leads you.

“Jin Xinyue is my ideal heir and the most suitable successor of the Red Tide Plan!”

Li Yao was amused. “Is it even possible? It remains questionable whether Jin Xinyue is willing to or not. But even if she is happy to, she is still too nave right now. In terms of capability, she is only a demon king or a Core Formation Stage Cultivator at best. How can she expect to rival the demon emperors who will swallow her without leaving any bones?”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “Yes. Jin Xinyue is still too nave right now, but everybody grows. I believe that she will be the one that the Red Tide Plan requires in the most appropriate time. Until then doesn’t she still have the best master?”

Li Yao was dazed.

“In terms of capability, her master’s combat ability is equal to the Nascent Soul Stage. He is also adept at the refinement of magical equipment, stealth, sabotage, ambush, assassination, and collection of intelligence. His personal combat ability is in the top tier of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sectornot counting the enhancement of his crystal suit.

“In terms of forces, her master controls Skyfire, a mysterious organization that has risen recently, in the Blood Demon Sector alone. The covert battles of late in the Gold Crow Kingdom are indicative enough of the potential of the organization.

“With regard to influence, her master is an Ultra-Level Federal Hero in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He is also the best warrior of Iron Plateau and the master of the Glorious Sunlight Group in the Flying Star Sector. His connections are far and wide!

“How can Jin Xinyue not rival the cunning demon emperors with such a master as her reliance? Moreover, before I become too ill, I will certainly tell Jin Xinyue the critical weaknesses of those demon emperors.

“With Jin Xinyue’s wisdom, I believe that she will learn very fast. Shockingly fast.”

Li Yao recalled the confrontation with Jin Xinyue in the cave outside of Heavenly Path City. He had to admit that Jin Tuyi was right.

His third disciple was much more terrifying than his previous two disciples, which was well beyond his expectations.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao carefully said, “Senior Jin, there is no need to flatter me. Give me a reason first. Why should I help you?”

Jin Tuyi raised his eyebrow. “Weren’t you the one who came to my door and asked for cooperation? Now, I am extending my hands to you sincerely, and you are going to regret?”

Li Yao frowned. “I didn’t know that you were so dangerous, Senior Jin. I am scared of you. I really am!”

Jin Tuyi smiled. “Alright. You want a reason. I’ll give you one.

“If you don’t help my daughter implement the Red Tide Plan, this is what will happen in the next.

“First of all, I have the coalition army of demons completely under my control now, and I will hold absolute power for at least a year and a half. Elder Nether Spring and the other jesters are not worth mentioning at all now!

“Secondly, after the loss of fourteen demon emperors and countless elite soldiers in the first wave of teleportation, the Blood Demon Sector has in fact lost the ability to attack the Heaven’s Origin Sector, probably permanently!

“We have lost the bargaining chips to make a wild gamble. Opening the Eye of Blood Demon again or charging at the Giant Blade Pass on the Grand Desolate Plateau through the Dark Desolate Domain will both be committing suicide. All the demon emperors will agree with that after carefully calculation and analysis.

“Then, in the upcoming half a year, I will change the guideline of the coalition army of demons from ‘quick battle’ into ‘total defense’!

“I will gather all the resources allocated for invasion and establish countless permanent bastions and underground fortresses throughout the Blood Demon Sector!

“I will also regroup the coalition army of demons into units that are smaller in scale and more agile. They will be trained for guerilla warfare in the harsh environments.

“In the meantime, the development of the biochemical technology and the production of demonic artifacts and magical equipment will also abide by the guideline.

“Hehe. You think that the strength of the Blood Demon Sector has been greatly diminished after the fourteen demon emperors were killed, don’t you?

“From the perspective of aggression, yes.

“But in terms of defense, once we make up our mind to give up aggression once and for all, the forces and resources that can be utilized for homeland defense have in fact been multiplied!

“Yes. I am going to build the entire Blood Demon Sector into an enormous war fortress, a hedgehog whose thorns are made of steel and poisoned!

“Of course, I will not be able to see the completion of the war fortress, but it doesn’t matter. All I need to do is set up a framework. I believe that the next commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, seeing that the Heaven’s Origin Sector is getting stronger and stronger, will not be so idiotic as to attack aggressively. He will certainly continue with my plan and continue strengthening the defense!

“Believe me, if the Blood Demon Sector stops attacking and shifts to homeland defense, not just fourteen crystal suit legions, even forty, a hundred, or two hundred will be far from enough to conquer the Blood Demon Sector!”

Jin Tuyi grinned hideously and waved his fists in midair. “When tens of billions of demons are determined to die with you, even if five hundred crystal suit legions come, we will still bury you in the forests and marshlands of the Blood Demon Sector with our tusks, claws, and bodies of flesh and blood!”

This was the first time that he had ever showed his dominance during his conversation with Li Yao.

Then, he coughed violently until that his tears were flowing out. He waved his hands toward Li Yao somewhat in embarrassment. “Do excuse me, young man. I lose control of myself.

“All in all, with such a strategy, I believe that the Heaven’s Origin Sector will not be able to conquer the Blood Demon Sector in decades.

“Even if you establish hundreds of crystal suit legions without caring about the cost and occupy the Blood Demon Sector with the bombardment of the crystal warships after paying a high price, so what?

“We will not leave any food or crystals for you. We will even burn the dead bodies of our companions. The only thing you will get is a wasteland that is full of venomous fog and debris.

“By then, the compensation for the federal soldiers sacrificed in the war will be enough to bankrupt the federal government. How are you going to cope with the expedition army of the Imperium of True Human Beings that will come soon?

“Of course, you can choose to ignore the Blood Demon Sector. You can simply stay behind your defense line after the two worlds have integrated and consider the Blood Demon Sector to be nonexistent. After all, the Blood Demon Sector is not likely to launch an attack again.

“Then, when the expedition army of the Imperium of True Human Beings does come, you will have to think about the worst possibility, which is that the Blood Demon Sector will surrender to the Imperium of True Human Beings in desperation!”

Shocked, Li Yao felt that his cold sweat was popping up nonstop.

“Don’t think that I’m joking,” Jin Tuyi said casually. “People can do anything for survival, or when they realize that they are dead for sure.”