Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 A Hundred Year Plan

“Is she a demon or a Cultivator?”

As Jin Tuyi’s daughter, Jin Xinyue was quite famous in the coalition army of demons. Many demons had at least heard her name before even if they had never seen her in person.

However, the spiritual waves spreading out of Jin Xinyue’s body were quite a shock.

Demons were as sensitive about spiritual waves as Cultivators were sensitive about demonic energy. For a moment, all the demons were looking at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what was going on.

Very soon, a rumor was disseminated among the soldiers.

Jin Xinyue transformed herself into such an appearance willingly in order to fight against the Spore Stratagem. Although she looked like a Cultivator, her blood had the power to suppress the Demon God Virus.

She was the real ‘saintess’ that could save everyone!

The rumor was not exactly the truth.

However, most of the soldiers of the best troops were still staring at Jin Xinyue with hundreds of times more hope and admiration!

On the medical warship Bloodborne, Jin Xinyue stood in front of more than ten demon emperors neither too humbly nor too proudly, allowing them to observe her with great curiosity.

She had just passed dozens of tests to confirm her identity as Jin Tuyi’s daughter. In the meantime, she had proven herself to be an out-and-out human being!

In terms of capability, the demon emperors were all many times stronger than her. They were all warlords of certain areas.

However, faced with such a test report and such an undeniable fact, they were all wearing complicated expressions.

Some of them were in a trance, some in fury. Some were confused, and some were at a loss. When Jin Xinyue looked at them with her pure eyes, many demon emperors even moved their heads away, not having the courage to have eye contact with her.

A demon had been completely turned into a human being. It was not as simple as ‘polymorphing’ but a fundamental rebirth!

What did the irrefutable fact mean for the Blood Demon Sector?

Despite the amazing computational ability of the demon emperors, they could not figure it out.

They only had a vague feeling that the sky of the Blood Demon Sector was collapsing and would never be fixed again. In the decades and hundreds of years to come, the Blood Demon Sector was destined to be faced with surging tides. The entire race would be utterly different from the past!

Deep inside Bloodborne, in the fully-closed prison cells, several ‘uncontrollable mutants’, whose skin had turned into gray, covered in pustules from which tentacles were growing out due to the Demon God Virus, were staring at a certain point on the wall without moving at all.

Before they smelt the scent of the living, to extend the longevity of the cells, the uncontrollable mutants would enter the half-hibernation state.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Doses of ‘Synthesized Divine Blood of Chaos’ which were just produced by Skyfire were darted into the bodies of the uncontrollable mutants!

In a moment, the uncontrollable mutants all bulged their eyes, in which two forces, one dead gray and the other bright green, were fighting each other at loggerheads.

They were screaming at the top of their voice, with foam flooding out of the wounds all over their body!

While they were trembling violently, the foam turned into bright green smoke. As the smoke popped up nonstop, the pustules slowly withered, and their skin regained their original color and appearance.

However, their distinctive features of demons before, namely the tusks, the sharp teeth, and the fur, were also gradually disappearing under the foam.

Eventually, what was lying on the ground in a coma seemed to be normal human beings with the least features of the demon race.

The best military medics and biochemistry specialists, holding back their astonishment, recorded the dazzling data during the transformation.

The data and the videos in which the uncontrollable mutants were controlled and turned into human beings were sent to the demon emperors as quickly as possible.

The demon emperors, who had been too shocked to process everything, were wearing even more complicated when they received the new information.

While most of the demon emperors were dwelling in the paradigm-shifting test reports and experiment data, Jin Xinyue walked into the garden at the front part of Blood Demon in the setting sun.

Waiting for her in the evening glow was her father and the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, Jin Tuyi.

Two days ago, in exactly the same garden, Jin Tuyi had talked with his eldest son Jin Wuyi and named him his heir before he sent his eldest son to his death without even batting an eye.

Jin Tuyi’s and Jin Xinyue’s eyes collided in midair. They both noticed that the brilliance in each other’s eyes was a hundred times more intense and determined than the video chat when Jin Tuyi was still in Heavenly Path City!

This was perhaps the first time that the father and the daughter had ever let go of all their camouflage and talked to each other frankly!


Jin Xinyue bowed and greeted him.

“Has your master told you everything?”

Jin Tuyi observed her daughter’s new appearance with great interest. What attracted him was not the fact that her daughter was now a human being but the intimidating aura spreading out of her bones which was beyond ‘demonic energy’ and ‘spiritual energy’!

“Yes, Master has told me everything. It never occurred to me that Father has done so much for the future of our race,” Jin Xinyue said calmly. “But I wonder, what do you need me to do for the Red Tide Plan? For the record, I will forward everything that you say to me to Master later.

“On one hand, I am still too young to lie to Master.

“On the other hand, since Father is suffering a terminal disease, it is unlikely that you can protect me for long. In the next years or even decades, Master will be the strongest and most dependable force that I can rely on. For the sake of my interests, I cannot betray my reliance easily.”

“Rest assured.” Jin Tuyi waved his hands, gesturing for his daughter to come close to him. “You can tell your master what I am going to say next exactly as it is. I don’t intent to play tricks. Faced with such a dangerous person as ‘Vulture Li Yao’, tricks are meaningless, too.

“What we are going to play is an open game. Everybody puts their cards on the table and compete with each other frankly!

“However, before I inform you of the following procedures of the Red Tide Plan, read this piece of intelligence first.”

Jin Tuyi handed over a vintage jade chip.

Jin Xinyue took over the jade chip and stuck it to her forehead. After browsing for a moment, her beautiful eyes constricted violently. “Anomalies in the Nether Spring Kingdom? Epidemic in several major cities? Elder Nether Spring must be mad!”

“Of course he is,” Jin Tuyi said calmly. “Elder Nether Spring’s scheme has been completely revealed. Did you think he would simply wait to be killed? As a man of the time, he certainly has backup plans, too. Other than the spores in the coalition army of demons, he must’ve hidden a lot of spores in the Nether Spring Kingdom and even the entire Blood Demon Sector.

“Having no other choices, he could only activate the spores as a last struggle.

“The Nether Spring Kingdom is just the beginning. I estimate that alarms of more serious epidemic will come over in the next couple of days. The Blood Demon Sector is destined to embrace a catastrophe with huge casualties!”

Jin Xinyue held the jade chip in her hands and pondered the consequences of the event for herself, for her master, and for Skyfire. A moment later, brilliance beamed out of her eyes as she remarked, “Father, Elder Nether Spring’s last struggle is within your calculations, too, isn’t it?”

Her father smiled but did not answer. He changed the topic and asked, “Would you like to hear my thoughts about the future of the demon race in the next hundred years?”

Thinking about the question, Jin Xinyue realized that the so-called Red Tide Plan was a huge project with a time span of more than a hundred years!

Holding the handrail, Jin Tuyi looked at the ever-changing crimson clouds far away, which were crushing the struggling setting sun like unstoppable red tides.

His voice was both remote and hollow, as if it came not from his chest but from somewhere beyond the sky.

“In the beginning, Elder Nether Spring, in his dying struggle, insanely projects a lot of spores to several major cities in the Blood Demon Sector. The virus quickly spreads out and transforms countless demons into uncontrollable mutants and his slaves, raising an unprecedented disaster in the Blood Demon Sector!

“In the disaster, the old system of the Blood Demon Sector, the four demon kingdoms, the twelve demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons, and everything else will be destroyed. The obstinate nobles and their interest groups will disperse as dead bodies.

“In the fight against the disaster, a new organization will rise and quickly fill the vacancy of power because of the savage of the Demon God Virus, establishing a new order!

“In order to suppress the Demon God Virus, all kinds of drugs which are based on the ‘blood of the saintess Jin Xinyue’ will be produced. But all such drugs have the same serious side effect, which is that the demons will appear more like human beings after taking them.

“Most of the demons will certainly not be happy about their new look, but under the threat of the Demon God Virus, they can only deal with it no matter how disgusting the side effect is.

“This is the first phase, which will probably take one to three years.”

Jin Tuyi paused for a moment to observe his daughter’s reaction. Seeing that she was listening carefully without any surprise, he nodded in satisfaction and went on.

“In the second phase, when the disaster is over, the Blood Demon Sector will be devastated by the disease and lose the capability to launch another world war.

“Also, the transformation between demons and human beings will make most of the demons reconsider the relationship between demons and human beings and the origins of the demon race.

“At that time, the obstruction for the peace negotiation will be minimized.

“In the end, the Blood Demon Sector will end the hundred-year war with the Heaven’s Origin Sector in a ‘conditional surrender’. The Blood Demon Sector, the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and the Flying Star Sector will establish a diplomatic relationship and establish an agency to cope with the threat of the Imperium of True Human Beings.

“Over the past hundred years, the Blood Demon Sector has caused tremendous damage to the Heaven’s Origin Sector. We are the out-and-out ‘invaders’. Even if it is a ‘conditional surrender’, I’m afraid that the punishment of war criminals and a huge amount of reparations will be mandatory.

“But it doesn’t matter. Agree to them. Agree to all their conditions!

“It doesn’t matter how large the reparations are. After all, we don’t have any crystals to offer at all!

“Eventually, we will agree to pay the reparations with labor work. A lot of demons will be sent to the resource planets of the Flying Star Sector to collect the resources, and the reparations will be paid off slowly in the next thirty to fifty years.”