Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 New Crystal Suit


The howls each louder than the last induced a headache in Lei Lan. She found it impossible to think, and her short tail was straightened into a line, trembling together with the muscles all over her body.

She tried to recall the whole process of the outbreak of the virus in order to find an escape route, but her brain was utterly blank. She only remembered that she had completed the test and was purging in the south of the city together with her brother. After a day’s tiresome work, she had fallen straight to sleep after going to bed, only to be woken up by the explosions and fire soon.

At that time, the camp was in chaos. One of the devilish warships even collapsed right into the camp. Lei Lan was thrown up high by the crash and fell unconscious when she hit the ground.

When she woke up again, Gloomy Bone City had turned into a bloody hell. Broken limbs and terrifying ‘uncontrollable mutants’ were everywhere.

Huchi! Huchi! Huchi! Huchi!

Right then, Lei Lan heard suspicious panting noises above her head.

Burping in fear, she forced herself to look up, only to discover that a monster made of tentacles that looked like a sea anemone was craning its head.

In the middle of the ‘sea anemone’, there was a bloody gap from which hundreds of messy tusks were revealed. That seemed to be the monster’s mouth.

Lei Lan’s heart nearly stopped beating.

It was an ‘uncontrollable mutant’.

Although she had seen uncontrollable mutants countless times in the school and on her way here, they had all been locked in the biochemical slots in the hibernation state, and she had been protected by soldiers whose guns were all loaded.

This was the first time that she had ever encountered an uncontrollable mutant without any help.

After stopping briefly, Lei Lan’s heart suddenly had an outburst and was beating three times faster.

Gritting her teeth, she took out a dose of freezing drug from her pocket.

The drug could be spurted out by the jet syringe. Once it was injected into the body of the uncontrollable mutants, the low temperature would suppress any activity of the Demon God Virus and temporarily slow down their movement.


However, the uncontrollable mutant opened its bloody mouth and darted out a long, thorn-covered tongue, aiming at her right hand.

Caught unprepared, Lei Lan quickly retreated her hand. She was lucky enough to be not wounded by the uncontrollable mutant, but the freezing drug was blown away and fell into pieces on the ground, producing a small flower of ice.

Lei Lan’s heart seemed to have been enveloped by ice, too.

The uncontrollable mutant was chuckling dreadfully. Its sea anemone-like face was even more hideous before. It was opening its bloody mouth to such an extent that even the back of his head seemed to have been swallowed. Moving his body, the uncontrollable mutant was about to crawl into the cave.


A streak of brightness penetrated into one of its temples and stopped inside its head for a moment. Then, the monster’s sea anemone-like head exploded into pieces!

The headless uncontrollable mutant was still highly vigorous. Spurting out the stinky bodily fluids that carried the Demon God Virus, the controllable mutant did not lose strength and collapse to the ground until it had raged for quite a while.

A soldier wearing a fully-enclosed suit was lowering his body and looking at the inside of the cave.

“Ah Chuang!”

Lei Lan was overjoyed. It was her brother Lei Chuang!

The two of them struggled to leave the cave, but the outside world was in utter chaos.

“The Nether World Watch did this.” Lei Chuang revealed the latest news. “The Nether World Watch found out that Gloomy Bone City was our supply base. Therefore, they assaulted the city. At first, they detonated a warehouse of crystals. Then, they released a new variant of the Demon God Virus in the chaos. The new variant takes a very short time to break out. If not handled in time, those who contract the new variant will become ‘uncontrollable mutants’ in only several seconds!”

Lei Lan was silent.

With the scourge of the disease, the Demon God Virus now had almost a hundred variants. Some of them were manually produced by the Nether World Watch, but some of them had evolved on their own after infecting the demons of different clans and species.

The plethora of variants led to all kinds of bizarre-looking forms. The Pantheon of Demons had no time to produce antidotes and vaccines that corresponded to every variant of the virus. Therefore, they could only put all their hope on the Divine Blood of Chaos, the omnipotent reduction drug. It was a pity that the large-scale synthesization of the ‘Divine Blood Chaos’ had not succeeded yet. The number of drugs was growing at a much lower speed than the spread of the virus.

“You’ve been wounded!” Lei Lan exclaimed. She noticed that her brother’s left wrist seemed to have been bitten hard by a beast, and his entire left arm was more or less blue.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Lei Chuang simply took off the translucent, anti-germ helmet, which was barely of any use now, and ripped apart his suit on the left arm.

On the top of his left arm, three deep blue bandages had been bound to it. The upper half of his left arm was bright blue, and the muscles and veins there had been frozen.

With a grave face, he handed a gun over to his sister. Inside the gun was a venomous dart that had been smeared with super-corrosive nerve poison.

“I was bitten by accident, but it was probably not the latest variant of the virus. It will take a longer time for the virus to break out.

“I have controlled the spread of the virus with frost for now so that I can try my best to bring you out of here. If if I cannot control it any longer, you know what to do, sister!”

Lei Chuang pointed between his eyebrows.

Lei Lan’s lips were trembling, but she did not say anything.

After everything she had been through over the past few months, she was no longer the innocent little girl from the mountain village.

Holding back her tears, she nodded hard.

“Let’s go to the east. There’s a temporary port in the east of the city. By the order we received, everybody will be evacuated to the east of the city!”

Lei Lan and Lei Chuang went all the way to the east of the city. They ran into another two uncontrollable mutants on their way. Thankfully, the two mutants were mutated civilians and not very strong. They got rid of the obstacles quickly and finally reached the temporary port half an hour later.

But their hearts turned cold when they saw the port.

Almost ten devilish warships were lying on the ground, awry and apart, writhing in flames.

Thick, black blood and broken arms and legs were all over the ground. A lot of uncontrollable mutants were crouching on the ground, devouring the food in creepy noises. The scene was too gory to look at.

A huge batch of uncontrollable mutants had attacked the place before they arrived!


Lei Lan pointed the sky in the southwest.

The last devilish warship soared into the sky and staggered out of the city.

However, more than a hundred uncontrollable mutants were clutching the shell of the devilish warship. They were tearing the strengthened external skeleton with their abnormal claws and teeth.

Even the shell of the warship itself was growing more and more pustules and tentacles that looked like weird boas.

During their production, the devilish warship would be implanted with a lot of living cells, which could be infected by the virus and undergo mutations, too.

Finally, with the mutants’ joint effort, a tiny gap was ripped open on the strengthened external skeleton of the devilish warship!

The hundred uncontrollable mutants immediately flooded into the warship like a black tide!

What happened inside the devilish warship was too appalling to be pictured.

A moment later, the devilish warship could not keep a stable trajectory anymore. Shaking violently for a while, it plummeted from the sky and exploded!

“More and more uncontrollable mutants are being attracted to the place. Let’s get out of here!”

Lei Chuang took his sister’s hand and turned around, only to come to an abrupt halt.

In the debris behind them, another hundred uncontrollable mutants had crawled out. In the hazy mist, they were greedily sniffing for the scent of fresh meat.

“Hiss. Hiss!”

Dozens of uncontrollable mutants locked onto the scent of Lei Lan and Lei Chuang simultaneously. Brutal brilliance beamed out of their dirty eyes while they split apart their mouths from which stinky saliva was dripping.

The brother and sister looked at each other in bewilderment and were both grasped by desperation. Lei Lan held his gun hard. There were four darts inside his gun, enough for the use of the two of them.

Right then, a long shriek echoed from high above. It sounded like an eagle, but it was more like a creature that was more brutal than the eagle!

Lei Chuang and Lei Lan both felt that blueness flashed in front of their eyes before the entire world was enveloped in blue. Cracking noises were ringing nonstop around them. When they opened their eyes again, a circular wall made of ice appeared exactly around them. The dozens of uncontrollable mutants that were coming at them were all confined in the ice wall!


In the night sky where countless uncontrollable mutants were hovering, a streak of brightness that appeared to be an amalgamation of a hundred dark golden bolts of lightning showed up!

When the uncontrollable mutants attacked him, the lightning exploded at the same time, ripping the uncontrollable mutants into shreds while revealing a magnificent shadow in the middle!

Lei Lan was so deeply attracted by the shadow that she almost forgot breathing.

She had never seen something so elegant and yet strong before!

At first glance, it seemed to be a fully-enclosed black suit. However, it did not give a cold, metal feeling at all. Instead, it seemed to be made of translucent, black crystals and covered by a layer of muscles and membranes that were also translucent.

Below the bright black shell, countless bright veins, nerves, and fibers seemed to be flowing, fluctuating and changing color, as if the armor was alive!

There was not the slightest pattern or adornment on the surface of the armor. However, on each of the forehead, chest, scapula, abdomen, and all the critical body parts, a demon core as glamorous as night pearls had been embedded.

Lei Lan had never seen such huge demon cores before. Every one of them was larger than her fist. They were in the most perfect shape, flawless and devoid of impurities. After the refinement of the specialists, the intertwining stripes inside the cores formed sophisticated rune arrays!

All the demon cores were connected to each other by the dark golden ‘nerves’ and constituted a seamless system. Together, they were glittering and wreathing the expert in a halo that felt like a real thing. A second armor made of the unpredictable demonic energy was spreading out like waves and ripples.


Thunder echoed nonstop!

In her trance, Lei Lan felt that the mysterious clouds turned into a huge swirl, and in the middle of the swirl was a giant a hundred meters tall!