Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit Blood Demon Form

“Aooo! Aoooooo!”

The hundreds of uncontrollable mutants who used to be members of the Feather Clan flapped their wings and flew toward the expert in armor!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The expert raised his left hand softly, and the ten or so demon cores from the shoulder blade to the tip of his finger glittered at the same time, triggering sharp electric arcs that constituted a storm-like net in the middle of the clouds, shocking dozens of uncontrollable mutants and forcing them to collapse from the sky.


On his right side, the uncontrollable mutants were spurting out bright green venom toward him at the same time, but he simply raised his right hand and froze all the venom into an icy block!


Two wings more than ten meters long extended out of his back, and the black feathers darted out like flying swords into the chests of the uncontrollable mutants. The black feathers then suddenly expanded in size and tied the uncontrollable mutants up like invisible shackles. None of the uncontrollable mutants were able to move their fingers anymore.

Above him, the clouds were torn apart by dozens of small devilish warships that looked like sharks.

The same glamorous emblem was carved on the head of every warshipa furiously-burning flame on the crowns of three black trees!

“It is the flag of Skyfire!” Lei Chuang was overjoyed. “Our reinforcements have arrived!”

The shark-like warships were opened. Many soldiers walked out in a row and moved toward the temporary port, preparing to clear the port so that the following troops can land conveniently.

The mysterious expert who had suppressed a hundred uncontrollable mutants by doing nothing but wave his hands, on the other hand, landed near Lei Lan and her brother.

The helmet blossomed like petals, revealing a face that Lei Lan found familiar.


Hesitating for a moment, Lei Lan took a few steps back and held her mouth in disbelief. “It’s you!”

The mysterious expert was, of course, Li Yao.

Three months ago, in the fierce battle in the Eye of Blood Demon, his Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had been blown up by more than ten demon emperors including Jin Tuyi himself. It was so seriously damaged that it had been a total loss except for the mainframe crystal processor, which was still functioning.

The Blood Demon Sector did not have proper facilities for the maintenance of crystal suits. Whatever tools the Blood Demon Sector had were mostly captured or smuggled from the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Li Yao’s old Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, with the components of the Dragon King Battlesuit, had actually been modified in the best crystal suit center of the Flying Star Sector.

Many magical equipment units of the Flying Star Sector were incompatible with even the components of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, much less those in the Blood Demon Sector.

Therefore, the maintenance of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was put on hold.

Li Yao had thought hard for almost an entire month but came up with no satisfactory solutions. He could only increase the percentage of the biochemical materials in the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and repair it in a similar way to how a biochemical beast was produced.

In the meantime, the secret deal between Jin Tuyi and him was further settled.

Li Yao was certainly not a selfless saint. Now that Jin Tuyi counted on him to realize the Red Tide Plan, of course, he was not planning to do it for nothing. He took the opportunity to negotiate on other benefits, including the legalization of Skyfire.

Knowing that he did not have much time left and that Skyfire would be a great help for his daughter in the future, Jin Tuyi naturally supported the development of the organization. In some key fields, the two parties began to cooperate closely.

Skyfire boasted specialists such as the Fire Ant King and the legacy of Chaos. Also, they had the main biochemical brains that were looted from the Nether World. Thus, a lot of precious files from Elder Nether Spring were now in their hands.

Once their knowledge was combined with the best biochemical technology of the Gold Crow Kingdom and even the entire coalition army of demons, the energy that they could release would be unimaginable.

The maintenance of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was the first important project after the two parties joined hands.

While the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was being repaired, Elder Nether Spring indeed turned to his final, desperate play as they expected. He had the Nether World Watch spread the Demon God Virus in the Nether Spring Kingdom and wherever else they could in the Blood Demon Sector, triggering a plague.

The coalition army of demons and the Nether World Watch, after regrouping, fought quite a few hard battles, and Li Yao’s side had captured a lot of soldiers of the Nether World Watch. They had even demolished several secret bases of the Nether World Watch and received numerous files about the refinement of the soldiers. Therefore, they had a deep understanding about the technical issues regarding the stable output of demon cores.

Then, while the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was maintained, the technology through which the soldiers of the Nether World Watch were built up was adopted, too. A lot of demon cores of the best quality in the Blood Demon Sector were embedded in the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

Many demon cores were left by the strong demon beasts hundreds of years ago after they died. They were the collections of Jin Tuyi and other demon emperors!

After the job was done, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had been utterly reshaped. Except for the crystal processor, the spine, and other few components that were still metallic, the rest of the crystal suit was all made of natural or synthesized biochemical materials.

It was inappropriate to call the equipment a crystal suit now; it was more like a biochemical beast maneuvered in the way of a crystal suit.

Li Yao was very satisfied about the newborn Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

After being embedded with as many as ninety-nine demon cores, the newborn Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had been essentially plugged with super highly-compressed crystal reactors all over its body. The impetus was more than three times higher than before!

Also, in terms of the speed of transmission of telepathic thoughts, the synthesized nerves were faster than the crystal wires, making the new crystal suit like a second skin on the body of the Exo, who would be able to perceive the subtlest changes in the air.

In the end, Jin Tuyi even optimized the metal wings of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit for Li Yao personally!

Jin Tuyi was not a refiner, but he was the leader of the Feather Clan. For the Feather Clan, wings were the most important organs. Their studies about aerodynamics and bionics were definitely as impressive as the best professors of the field in the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

After Jin Tuyi’s optimization, the highest speed of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit when airborne was improved by yet another 4%, and the minimum rotation angle was reduced by 5%. The sonic barrier when the crystal suit surpassed the speed of sound would cause less interference now. All the adjustments made it easier to accelerate, decelerate, and reaccelerate. The overall efficiency in an air fight had been improved by more than 2.4%.

For a Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that was quite mature in every aspect in the first place, such an improvement was practically a ‘rebirth’!

Except for the 50% drop of speed of implementation, because the cells inside the biochemical materials had to be activated when the crystal suit was retrieved from the Cosmos Ring, the specifications of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit in every regard had been significantly improved. It was a very successful upgrade.

In fact, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit right now had barely anything to do with the original Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit except for the bottom-level architecture.

However, Li Yao still preferred to consider it as the latest derivative model of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. He called it

Blood Demon Form of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

‘Mystic Skeleton’ was perhaps the only association between him and the Heaven’s Origin Sector right now.

Li Yao was rather surprised to meet Lei Lan and Lei Chuang, too.

He did not forget his experience when he first arrived in the Blood Demon Sector.

The sister and brother, as well as other villagers in the Dry Leaf Village, had given him a new lesson about the demon race for the first time.

Li Yao smiled and was about to greet Lei Lan, when Lei Chuang grunted next to her and vomited a mouthful of dark green liquids. The bandages that tied up his left arm all exploded, and the veins there expanded instantly, crawling along his shoulder and neck toward his head like vipers!


Not knowing what to do, Lei Lan moved to the front of her brother subconsciously, fearing that Li Yao would kill her brother ruthlessly.

“Don’t be scared!”

Li Yao clenched his fists and locked Lei Chuang’s limbs. “The manufacture of the reduction drug has succeeded. We have brought a huge amount of Divine Blood of Chaos!”

Outside of Gloomy Bone City, in a temporary camp that was guarded by the elite soldiers of Skyfire, a lot of civilians who fled out of the city were sheltered.

Although cries and screams were still echoing in Gloomy Bone City, the civilians were no longer as panicked as before and started to feel hopeful again because they had just learned a piece of shocking news.

Saintess Jin Xinyue had arrived in Gloomy Bone City and was right next to them!

Also, she had brought countless serums and vaccines with her!

As long as the drugs were injected in time, not only would they be immune to the Demon God Virus, the carriers of the disease would also be cured. Even the ‘controllable mutants’ had a slight chance to be recovered, too!

“Saintess is here. Saintess is finally here to save us!”

“We will never be infected by the dreadful virus after injecting the vaccines. Let’s inject now!”

“Where is the saintess? Something’s wrong with my daughter. She has a high fever. Help me save her, saintess!”

In the medical warship above the temporary camp, the suspected carriers and the uncontrollable mutants were all sent there for the injection of the serum.

Most of the suspected carriers of the virus were all overjoyed upon knowing that the antidote had been produced. They could not wait to inject the serum and could not care less about the side effect.

However, the injection of some patients did not go so well.

In a secret chamber deep inside the medical warship, a silver-blood noble, who had distinctive features of beetles, was tied up to a surgical bed, struggling and screaming.

Jin Xinyue was still wearing white, linen clothes. Covered in a vague, comforting halo, she looked like a real saintess that had come to everyone’s salvation. She was looking after the patient while he was cursing aloud.

“Chief Dao, your tests are back. You have contracted the No. 102 variant of the Demon God Virus,” Jin Xinyue explained patiently. “It is one of the latest variants. We don’t have the corresponding antidote. Therefore, we can only inject a large dose of Divine Blood of Chaos to keep your cells stable. It might be a little bit painful. Please try to deal with it.”

“I won’t inject it! Not until I die!” the chief of the Phantom Saber Mantis, a branch of the Insect Clan, screamed miserably. “You think I don’t know it? After injecting your goddamn Divine Blood of Chaos, my features of the demon race will be gone, and I will be like a human being like you!

“I am the offspring of Pangu. I am the child of Nuwa. I am the proudest demon. I will not turn into your wretched appearance unless you kill me!”

“I’m afraid there’s a misunderstanding here, Chief Dao,” Jin Xinyue replied peacefully. “I turned into a complete human being because of the excessive absorption of the Divine Blood of Chaos. But the Divine Blood of Chaos we are giving to you right now is, firstly, not the original liquid but synthesized, and secondly, a limited dose. You will not be deprived of your form as a demon.

“But of course, your appearance will certainly have ‘minor’ changes after the injection. But I believe that it is a price worth paying in order to keep you alive. What do you think?”