Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Attacking Elder Nether Springs Nest

After ‘persuading’ the chief of the Phantom Saber Mantis, who was very influential in the Nether Spring Kingdom, Jin Xinyue appeared in the medical camp as the ‘saintess’, raising a round of cheers and exclamations. She was occupied until the dusk next day before she had the time to meet Li Yao.

“The Nether Spring Kingdom has suffered a lot.”

Li Yao had just finished the cleaning work of Gloomy Bone City. All the uncontrollable mutants and the soldiers of the Nether World Watch who were lurking in the darkness had been found. They had either been suppressed or executed.

However, the city that had been completely ruined made him frown and curse in anger.

Of the opponents that he had met before, such as Yan Xibei, Xiao Xuance, Bai Xinghe, or even Jin Tuyi, many were great villains and masterminds. However, they were mostly very straightforward, and their failure marked the end of their endeavor.

But Elder Nether Spring was different from any of them.

The destruction of the Eye of Blood Demon meant the complete failure of the Spore Stratagem.

In front of the fully-armed regular army, even the strongest virus could do nothing but get a few more victims killed.

There was no reason Elder Nether Spring would not understand the logic, but still, he raised the tides of plague with the Nether Spring Kingdom as the center!

This time, his target was no longer the elite troops but civilians. Therefore, he did not need to choose spores carefully. All he needed was to ask a few trusted subordinates to sneak into a town with portable cans that stored the virus and release the virus in the most populated area. With such a simple method, it was very likely that large-scale chaos would be caused.

Naturally, under the suppression of the army, such chaos died down as quickly as it started. It was impossible for them to reverse the situation.

However, for the civilians, the outbreak of plague often meant their doom.

Within the Nether Spring Kingdom, Elder Nether Spring’s homeland, dozens of towns were consumed by the plague overnight.

The epidemic spread like a forest fire. Half of the Nether Spring Kingdom was the land of the dead now!

Li Yao was as worried as he was furious. Elder Nether Spring’s madness had crossed the line. Nobody knew what else he would do if he were given more time.

Right then, they received a piece of intelligence from the frontline.

“Elder Nether Spring’s nest has been discovered!”

One day later, thousands of kilometers into the Nether Spring Kingdom, more than ten shark-like light devilish warships were sliding silently in the middle of the dark clouds.

The devilish warships accommodated the top-tier experts in the coalition army of demons, including nine demon emperors, who constituted an assault team that was as rapid as lightning.

They were carrying out the most crucial missionto attack Elder Nether Spring’s nest and, if possible, capture Elder Nether Spring alive!

Inside a devilish warship whose head was carved with the emblem of Skyfire, Li Yao, Han Tuhu, Suo Chaolong, and other elites of Skyfire gathered together and discussed the operation plan.

“Our destination is Bottomless City deep inside the Nether Spring Kingdom. Between Bottomless City and the area under our control is the epidemic area with a span of more than a thousand kilometers. If we want to attack the city on the surface, we will have to pass through dozens of highly infected cities and towns, which will be quite slow.

“Therefore, it has been decided that the best assault team made of nine demon emperors and hundreds of warriors will perform a decapitation strike!

“However, it is the Insect Clan’s habit to live below the ground. Bottomless City is such a city, constructed almost a hundred meters underground. Formed of dozens of natural caves, the terrain there is highly complicated.

“Elder Nether Spring’s secret nest, on the other hand, is in the deepest cave of Bottomless City, more than two hundred meters from the ground.

“The goal of our mission is to capture Elder Nether Spring. At the very least, we must control the main biochemical brains inside Elder Nether Spring’s secret nest in order to retrieve more files about Elder Nether Spring, including his other trump cards and secret bases.

“Therefore, speed matters most. We must have everything under control before the Nether World Watch destroy the main biochemical brains.

“Later, the nine demon emperors will attack Bottomless City from the front and attract the Nether World Watch’s attention, and we will march into Elder Nether Spring’s nest directly through earth penetrators from the back of the city!”

Very soon, the altitude of the devilish warships began decreasing.

The debris of quite a few cities appeared in the valley before them. According to the map, they were all big cities with a population of more than a hundred thousand. In the places that should have been illuminated by lights and as bright as daylight, there was nothing but darkness. The only specks of light that could be seen were the sparks that were shivering in the billowing wind.

At the end of the valley, another magnificent city was standing. The mountain, which was dozens of kilometers in diameter, was riddled with holes like a giant nest of ants. Glimmers were emitted from the holes, indicating that there was more to the city inside.

It was Bottomless City, where Elder Nether Spring’s secret nest was located!

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

Above Bottomless City, countless Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes, Colorful Locusts, and Bloodthirsty Ants were hovering. Hundreds of soldiers of the Nether World Watch wearing finely-made armor and riding biochemical beasts were on alert, too.

The Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes, the Colorful Locusts, and the Bloodthirsty Ants were all five times larger than the usual ones and much deeper in color. They looked like a tide of colorful tides. The Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes formed huge giants and grinned hideously in the clouds.

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch were brimming with immense demonic energy, too. They looked much more handsome and strong, completely different from the regular soldiers.

The uncontrollable mutants were just the flawed products created by the Demon God Virus. The real purpose of the Demon God Virus was to accelerate the evolution of creatures and make them grow into the most perfect form!

The insects and the soldiers were all the lucky survivors who had passed through the uncontrollable state of the Demon God Virus. They were, according to Elder Nether Spring, the ‘perfect third life form’!

They were all more than ten times stronger than before!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

On the ground, rays of light and acid cannons were shooting at the sky rapidly like a storm. The strengthened external skeletons of the devilish warships let out cracking noises.

The ‘decapitation team’ had been discovered!

In the clouds, the giant made of the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes rushed close and extended an enormous hand toward the devilish warships. The soldiers of the Nether World Watch also regrouped into the tightest battle formation, not allowing the decapitation team to step forward at all!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Nine streaks of brightness rushed out of the devilish warships and instantly ripped the giant of Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes apart. Hundreds of experts in the level of demon king followed them closely, fighting a head-on battle with the soldiers of the Nether World Watch who had been strengthen by the virus.

Immediately, lightning broke out, thunder echoed, and blood flooded out in the clouds!

“Let’s go!”

The shark-like warship of Skyfire instantly accelerated. Like a shark that had smelt the stink of blood, it pierced through the giant made of the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes and darted toward the back of Bottomless City.

The ‘bloody mouth’ at the front of warship was opened quickly. Four streaks of brightness, one black and the other three red, dashed out!

They were Li Yao and three earth penetrators!

The three earth penetrators were made of demon cores and crystals in the shape of three enormous diamonds. Rotating at a speed of more than five hundred revolutions per second, they were raising a swirl of frigidness that seemed to be freezing the world!

All three bombs were more than five meters long. They were distributed in the shape of a triangle, with Li Yao at the center.

They were installed with a dual-core processing system, making using of both the crystal processor and the biochemical brain, which allowed them to be directly under Li Yao’s control with his telepathic thoughts. They were changing directions swiftly in midair as if they were Li Yao’s three clones!


The soldiers who had been strengthened by the Demon God Virus were much stronger and faster than before. Several of them caught up to the bombs and tried to stop them.

“Die now!”

After a roar, Li Yao triggered his telepathic thoughts. The three bombs were revolving at an even higher speed, forming three visible swirls of wind.

The soldiers who were swallowed by the swirls were minced into shreds before they had the chance to scream!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The three earth penetrators were finally done accelerating and darted toward the deepest part of Bottomless City together with Li Yao, breaching every line of defense!

They were falling down not vertically but at a certain angle to the ground in order to make sure that the empty caves in the underground would be pierced through and they could hit Elder Nether Spring’s heart precisely!


When they were a hundred meters below the ground, Li Yao’s eyes suddenly glittered. The three bombs changed their form from a triangle into a straight line as if manipulated by an giant, invisible hand and dived into the ground one by one!

The first bomb, which was responsible to dig open the tough shell, was the solidest one. The second bomb had the highest speed of rotation and a jet thrusting system, so it was responsible for pushing forward in the ground. The third bomb was loaded with the most demon cores and crystals and boasted the highest damage. Thus, it was responsible for raising a tsunami of destruction as soon as it reached the destination.

The three bombs pierced into the ground one by one.

A moment later, the earth was shaking. Scorching gray fog spurted out from the countless holes on the mountain.

The place from which the bombs broke in was like a crater of volcanic eruption. An orange channel where the temperature must have been more than a thousand degrees had been created, and melted rocks were dripping down.

Li Yao smiled and jumped down to the bottom despite the heat!

The underground was in an utter mess. The aftershock of the third crystal bomb was not over yet. He could see nothing except the burning steam.

Bo! Bo! Bo!

Li Yao activated the ‘Super Bat Probe Unit’ on the new Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and released high-frequency waves from the two sides of his helmet. Through the feedback of the supersonic waves, he scanned the terrain of the underground area!

A large batch of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch on the left side are still in shock. On the right side, there is a very large control room where there are at least sixteen main biochemical brains of the highest level. This is the place!