Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Hellish River Cannon

Strengthened by the Demon God Virus in every aspect, the soldiers of the Nether World Watch were much stronger than before. They came back to themselves despite the savage of the powerful earth penetrators. Noticing the existence of an intruder, they all exclaimed and lunged at him!

The newborn Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was covered with a highly-sensitive membrane on the surface. By detecting the disturbed air waves, Li Yao locked onto the dozens of soldiers in an instant and translated the decision to attack into intuitional reactions in the next 0.01 seconds!


Behind Li Yao, the pair of wings suddenly split apart into more than ten chains made of black feathers that darted into the hazy mist in various directions. They hit the most important demon cores on the soldiers precisely and twisted brutally!

The demon cores were all detonated. Highly unsteady demonic energy was circulating inside the bodies of the soldiers, making them expand like abnormal balloons until they were blown into pieces amid desperate screams!

Li Yao smiled. As if alive, the black chains were withdrawn like vipers. They entangled his right arm, their tips extending forward, forming an unstoppable saber!

The saber was as curved as the crescent moon. It was more like an enormous scythe than a saber.

Dense runes had been carved on every black feather that constituted the weapon. Spiritual energy and demonic energy were flowing vaguely on the edge of the runes, forming crimson stripes from which vague killing intent was spreading out.

It was the upgraded version of the Feathered Dragon Saber, which Li Yao had renamed the Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber. It was now the main melee weapon for the new Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!


Li Yao dashed toward the control center like a bolt of lightning, dragging the black, giant scythe.


However, he was stopped by a soldier of the Nether World Watch who was more than three meters tall.

The soldier was like an infuriated gorilla and blocked the entire pathway without leaving a single gap.

The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber raised a devastating mist that swept past the chest of the soldier. The dozens of demon cores glittering on the soldier died down abruptly like candles in the wind. His bulging muscles and veins withered in an instant. Shrinking from more than three meters into less than two meters, he kneeled before Li Yao like a dry tree!


The moment the soldier kneeled down, a streak of brightness darted out of him toward Li Yao’s face like a shooting star!

Li Yao’s pupils constricted violently. A few ripples spread out of his helmet as he detected that it was an expert in the demon emperor level!

The expert had been hiding behind the muscular soldier of the Nether World Watch under the cover of his demonic energy. Taking the opportunity of the gap when the soldier was killed, he launched a critical attack!


The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber broke apart instantly, turning into thousands of black feathers and forming a rapidly revolving shield in front of Li Yao. He managed to block the attack in the end, but hundreds of feathers were blown away and lost connection with him!

It was indicative enough of the formidability of the expert!

Appearing in front of Li Yao, as it turned out, was a captain who was less than two meters tall, covered in black shells, and had a light, graceful figure.

But the pair of horns soaring to the sky and the eyes that were full of hatred made Li Yao realize who he was immediately.

He was Despot, one of the two captains of the Nether World Watch and the fourth most powerful man in Elder Nether Spring’s group!

Despot had been a muscular man more than four meters tall in the beginning and looked like a black tower.

However, Li Yao had heavily wounded him in the battle on the island of the Nether World. One of his arms had been cut off, and even his heart had almost been blown apart. But for some reason, his body size had now been reduced by a half, his arm had grown out again, and he was much stronger than before. Every sign indicated that he was stably in the demon emperor level now!

“Look at my new body. You didn’t see this coming, did you?” Despot chuckled. “This is your gift. After I was heavily wounded and nearly killed, I had to inject a huge amount of Demon God Virus to myself. I didn’t expect that I would survive the disaster and arrive at the peak of evolution. I am now the perfect form!

“You want to capture Elder Nether Spring? In your dreams! Elder has not failed yet!

“Very soon, Elder will rise again. Just wash your neck and prepare to be beheaded!”

Grinning hideously, Despot strode forward. Dazzling balls of lightning were condensed between the two horns. Hundreds of electric arcs were triggered. Like dancing snakes, they spread to his entire body and quickly clad him in a suit of lightning!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The shield of feathers in front of Li Yao split apart again. A few delicate flying swords were formed when the feathers connected each other’s tails. Then, the flying swords were thrown toward Despot!

The balls of lightning on Despot’s head, however, unleashed dozens of electric whips and hit the flying swords precisely.

The electric arcs and the feathers crashed in midair, raising explosive noises and hundreds of waves of brilliant fireworks between them.

The soldiers of the Nether World Watch who were relatively weaker and the warriors of Skyfire who had broken in with Li Yao could see nothing but blankness!

Despot grinned. He opened his hands. This time, two balls of lightning popped up even inside his palms, not just between the horns above his head. Thousands of electric arcs were spluttering out of every ball of lightning, giving birth to electric weapons such as sabers, spears, swords, and axes!

Li Yao sniffed and snapped his finger. Thirty-six Floating Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Cannons emerged behind him!

Weapons of lightning versus a storm of bullets!


The battle between two experts in the level of demon emperor was definitely a catastrophe for the soldiers around them who were much weaker!

Explosive tides spread out one after another. Both the soldiers of the Nether World Watch and the warriors of Skyfire were running away, holding their heads. Still, the tide was rushing faster than them. They were all tossed into the air by the blast and crashed into each other while waving their limbs crazily!

Li Yao and Despot, on the other hand, continued stepping toward each other against the lightning and the bullets shot out by the enemy until they were right in front of each other!

Li Yao’s left arm suddenly expanded. The demon cores embedded to the surface of the crystal suit all turned blood red, and the Cell Obliteration Cannon was ready!


But Despot howled and hit Li Yao’s left hand brutally with his right fist, which was mixed with exploding electric arcs, smashing the Cell Obliteration Cannon back!

“I knew you would play the move. We’ve studied your every play, Vulture Li Yao!”

Despot burst into laughter.

“Did you?”

Li Yao licked his lips. Then, his breastplate suddenly blossomed like a flower, unveiling a bloody demon core that was even larger than a basin!

The demon core had been collected from the body of a Hellish River Giant Crocodile that ravaged the Gold Crow Kingdom more than three hundred years ago. Since it was too large in size, the chief of the Feather Clan at that time could not bear to put it into use. The demon core had thus been passed on generation after generation until it became the greatest treasure in Jin Tuyi’s personal collection.

After the two parties reached the deal, Jin Tuyi offered the demon core to Li Yao generously as a gift of gratitude for being his daughter’s master.

According to the tradition of the Cultivators, after Li Yao accepted such a valuable gift of gratitude, it would be his official acknowledgement for the master-disciple relationship. As long as the disciple did not violate any rules or betray him, the master would be obliged to support the disciple until the end whatever happened in the future.

Li Yao embedded the demon core into the chest of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. He also asked the specialists in Skyfire to modify it profoundly. Together with the series of magical equipment units he devised himself, he had transformed the demon core into a demonic energy enhancer.

When Li Yao burnt his life, exploited the potential of the cells in his chest, and shot out the Cell Obliteration Cannon, the damage would be five times greater with the enhancement of the Hellish River Demon Core!

This was now Li Yao’s most formidable remote weapon, which he had named the Hellish River Cannon!

Zi! Zi!

When the Hellish River Cannon was activated, there was not a deafening sound. The only thing that could be heard was the feeble sound of the air being torn apart. The next moment, a streak of blood red brightness flooded out of Li Yao’s chest and hit Despot!

The streak of brightness seemed to be plain, yet it boasted an uncanny attraction force that froze Despot and made him unable to move at all.

However densely he constructed the lightning armor on his body, he was not able to stop the streak of brightness from leaking in.

In the river of hell, one step meant life, and another step meant death. The streak of red was like a hellish river that could decide the life and death of a creature. It infiltrated into the deepest part of the cells where it sabotaged the nuclei and even broke the gene strands, destroying the enemy on a fundamental level!

On Despot’s chest, around the part that was hit by the brightness, his body cells were quickly withering, melting, and vanishing, turning into shocking holes. The bleeding wounds seemed to have been corroded by the flesh-eating bacteria and soon expanded to his internal organs!

Confusion was written all over Despot’s face. He still did not understand what was going on.

It was not until he lowered his hand that he finally put on a devastated expression. But he had lost all the strength to fight back. He kneeled slowly before Li Yao, and the electric arcs that had been raging around him like dragons a moment ago turned into half-dead ‘earthworms’.

Li Yao canceled his techniques and retrieved a blue ball from his Cosmos Ring. He smashed the ball at Despot, and it immediately transformed into dozens of flowers of ice and enveloped Despot’s body, freezing his brain instantly.

The guy was an important leader of the Nether World Watch. Dead or alive, a lot of important information could be extracted from his brain.

Then, Li Yao raised his voice and shouted in a thunderous sound, “Despot is dead. Surrender, survive!”

There was absolutely no stopping nine demon emperors, together with such a formidable being high above regular demon emperors, from demolishing the secret base of the Nether World Watch.

After Despot was killed, most of the remaining soldiers of the Nether World Watch lost their nerve. It did not take long before they all surrendered. All the main biochemical brains were kept intact, too.

The decapitation strike was almost a complete success, but it was a shame that Elder Nether Spring had not been captured.

However, when the battlefield was cleaned, a piece of good news came over. ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin, the supervisor of the laboratory of the Demon God Virus and the second most influential person in the Nether World Watch, had been captured while trying to flee Bottomless City in disguise!