Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Children Of The Nether World

One day later, the plague in Gloomy Bone City at the border of the Gold Crow Kingdom and the Nether Spring Kingdom had been brought up control, and the city was restored into a base of the coalition army of demons.

Deep inside the debris, dozens of meters below the underground, in a heavily guarded cage, ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin was soaked in an enormous biochemical slot that was filled with deep blue ice. He was entirely frozen from neck to toe.

His head was the only part that was out of the ice. Yet, it was held by a cold metal clamp. Even his eyelids had been forced apart by iron needles, and he could not even blink his eyes.

Complicated attack rune arrays were all over the walls around. Occasionally, electric arcs would splutter on them. Every hour of the day, at least one demon emperor was on duty supervising the highest leader of the Nether World Watch captured so far.

Even so, ‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin was still wearing a weird smile and staring frighteningly at Li Yao and the Fire Ant King, who were standing in front of him.

The Fire Ant King felt a bit creeped out. He sneered, “Lu Wuxin, the situation today is exactly like the interrogation chamber on the island of the Nether World Watch. However, you and I have swapped our roles. This is what we might call ‘every dog has its day’!

“I remember exactly how you tortured me and exploited every cell in my brain in the interrogation chamber even to this day.

“Today, I’ll have to invite you to taste the same treatment!”

‘Mad Medic’ Lu Wuxin was smiling even more brilliantly. He rolled his tongue, which was almost frozen, and announced in a funny voice, “It’s useless, Fire Ant King. Do you see the scars on my head?

“Other people call me ‘Mad Medic’ because I often do mad things. The maddest of all was that I plucked my own skull and performed a little surgery on my brain, burying quite a few strange gadgets in my head.

“Hehehehe. My brain is perhaps the most complicated maze in the Blood Demon Sector. If I don’t open it for you, there is no way that you can dig out the secrets that are hidden deep inside my head!

“In the meantime, if my brain nerves are put in too much pain, the ‘gifts’ that I planted in my head will detonate so that I die a comfortable, painless death.

“Therefore, if you really want me to cooperate with you, would you please at least change your attitude? I am definitely not the most loyal support of Elder Nether Spring. For a decent price, I’ll betray him completely!”

The Fire Ant King burst into laughter. “You mouth is rather tough before your death! Lu Wuxin, do you think that you are very valuable? The sixteen main biochemical brains inside Elder Nether Spring’s nest have been captured by us. A lot of files have already been parsed. Very soon, we will figure out every detail about the Spore Stratagem and the genomes of all the variants of the Demon God Virus!

“What makes you think that you are qualified for ‘cooperation’?

“As for the items in your head, whether they are truly there or simply made-up, we’ll definitely get them out with the wisdom of the entire Blood Demon Sector!

“By then, hehe Let’s put aside how many people you have murdered by helping Elder Nether Spring produce the Demon God Virus for a while. More than ten years ago, how many people were killed by you when you were still the ‘Mad Medic’? I would very much like to find out what will become of you if you are handed over to the families of the victims!”

“Haha. Hahahaha!” Lu Wuxin burst into such crazy laughter that he ran out of breath. Tears were flowing, and his face was red.

His eyes suddenly turned extremely mysterious, and he mumbled creepily, “You think that the sixteen main biochemical brains and the Spore Stratagem are all of Elder Nether Spring’s trump cards?

“You’ve thought too little of Elder Nether Spring. Too little!

“Believe it or not, some critical information, which has been by no means recorded in any of the main biochemical brains, is now still in my head. The top confidential files may concern the fate of the Blood Demon Sector!

“Hehe. You think that everything is over now that you’ve disrupted the Spore Stratagem?


“Death is awaiting not me, but you, every one of you, and even the entire Blood Demon Sector! Hahahaha!”

“What do you mean?” The Fire Ant King’s antennae stood up as he bellowed, “Where is Elder Nether Spring exactly?”

“How would I know?” Lu Wuxin stared at him in great satisfaction. “However, the most crucial thing right now is not where he is but what trump cards he has, isn’t it? Why don’t you loosen my restraints a little bit so that I can talk to you?”

The Fire Ant King glared. “You”

Li Yao, who had been observing aside, suddenly interrupted. “How would you like to cooperate?”

Lu Wuxin’s eyes suddenly shone. “Apparently, Vulture Li Yao is the more flexible one here. You’ve noticed something, too, haven’t you?

“Think about it. Jin Tuyi, who ranks the third in the four giants of the Blood Demon Sector, has prepared such a flawless and overwhelming scheme. Why was Elder Nether Spring, whose position is obviously higher, defeated so easily? It is completely unreasonable!”

“Tell me your conditions,” Li Yao said coldly.

“Very simple.” Lu Wuxin licked his lips and said, “I have never yearned for fame or fortune. The one thing I like best is academic research.

“I will tell you all of Elder Nether Spring’s secrets. Also, I will help you conduct the studies about the Demon God Virus. You must know that I’ve been the supervisor of the laboratory of the Demon God Virus for the past five years, right? With my help, you will be able to get the plague under control more quickly.

“As for my reward, I will be kept alive, and you will prepare a research room with all the necessary facilities for me.

“I can change my name and never show up in public anymore. You can claim that I have been executed.

“Such cooperation will do us both good, won’t it?”

Li Yao looked at the Fire Ant King and pondered for a moment. Then, he shook his head. “I am sure that, like a centipede whose feet are still moving when it is killed, Elder Nether Spring might have other plans even though his Spore Stratagem has failed. But a centipede is a bug after all. There is no way that a bug can raise much chaos. How can we know that you are not bluffing?”

“That’s very easy.” Lu Wuxin smiled. “I can tell you the general picture of the ‘Children of the Nether World’. You can determine its validity yourself.”

“Children of the Nether World?” Li Yao could not help but question that. “The Spore Stratagem hasn’t been concluded yet, and now ‘Children of the Nether World’ are popping up? What the heck is that?”

Lu Wuxin blinked and said with a smile, “The last time we met, Elder Nether Spring put a set of Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle on the Fire Ant King. It was a masterpiece of ‘Solar Eclipse’ Jiang Shaoyang, one of the best refiners of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

“At that time, both Elder Nether Spring and I thought that it was absolutely safe. Nobody can ever crack Jiang Shaoyang’s delicate work of genius.

“However, everything can go wrong. The magical equipment was cracked in the end, which led to the failure of our entire plan.

“Hehe. Who would’ve thought that Vulture Li Yao, who beat ‘Solar Eclipse’ Jin Xinyue ten years ago in the arts of refining, was lurking right beside us?

“However, Vulture Li Yao, have you never been curious about one thing?

“How on earth would a piece of magical equipment crafted by the best master of refining in the Heaven’s Origin Sector for the special purpose of confining a demon emperor appear in the Blood Demon Sector? Who was it exactly that smuggled the magical equipment over?

“It might not be a big deal for normal chainswords, crystal tanks, or even crystal suits to be shipped to the Blood Demon Sector, but such an ultimate treasure has also been smuggled. What does that indicate? How influential is Elder Nether Spring in the Heaven’s Origin Sector?”

The Fire Ant King’s eyes almost froze, and he let out a yelp in surprise.

Li Yao narrowed his eyes, and a drop of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Ever since he saw the Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle, the question had bothered him for quite a long time.

However, later, he had been too busy sabotaging the Eye of Blood Demon, helping Jin Tuyi seize power, leading Skyfire to rise, and controlling the plague. He had barely had any time to rest and simply put the issue aside.

Now that Lu Wuxin mentioned it, Li Yao felt as if a poisonous needle had pierced into the back of his head!

“Does Elder Nether Spring know someone in the Heaven’s Origin Sector?” Li Yao demanded.

Instead of giving a direct answer, Lu Wuxin said unhurriedly, “I’m told that Saintess Jin Xinyue has risen to fame in the Blood Demon Sector recently. Most of the low-level demons have been won over by her. Her experience of transforming from a demon into a human being is quite legendary, too.

“No matter what the idiotic country folk say, we are both clear that Jin Xinyue was turned into a human being because she swallowed too much Divine Blood of Chaos by accident, and the Divine Blood of Chaos that she took was actually stolen from Elder Nether Spring’s lab.

“Hehe. Here comes the question. Do you think that what Jin Xinyue took was the only bottle of Divine Blood of Chaos?

“It was indeed the last bottle of Divine Blood of Chaos. Elder Nether Spring kept it for the purpose of unraveling the mysteries in the blood and finding a way to manufacture it.

“However, his research had to be kept clandestine, which meant that he could not make use of the largest biochemical factories in the Blood Demon Sector. Therefore, the studies on manufacturing it didn’t make much progress.

“The fact is, Elder Nether Spring has discovered dozens of relics of Chaos over the past hundred years. Did he only find one bottle of Divine Blood of Chaos?”

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King both gulped.

With a sunny smile, Lu Wuxin concluded, “Now that Jin Xinyue has turned into a human being because the excessive Divine Blood of Chaos that she took reduced and stabilized her cells, it is possible that other demons will have similar transformations after they overly absorb the Divine Blood of Chaos, right? They will become pure human beings, and no test methods will ever detect anything wrong about them. Isn’t is so?

“What if I tell you that, perhaps decades ago, some of Elder Nether Spring’s trusted subordinates absorbed excessive Divine Blood of Chaos, transformed into human beings, and infiltrated into the Heaven’s Origin Sector without anybody knowing? What if, after their infiltration, they slowly made a career on their own, and those trusted subordinates are known as Children of the Nether World? Would you believe me?”