Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 How To Train Your Dinosaur

Everybody broke out in cold sweat.

The Fire Ant King slapped the table and rose up. “Yes! That’s more Elder Nether Spring’s style! He has always been good at manipulating other people, playing tricks, and stabbing other people in the back. But the only exception was the war against the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He devoted tremendous forces of the Nether Spring Kingdom crazily without a clear purpose!

“Before we ended on bad terms, I once asked him in private, but he always gave me excuses such as it was for the elimination of the dissidents.

“However, over the past few decades, he gradually seized complete power. Even Master Hollow Wind and his supporters, who were the traditional nobles of the Nether Spring Kingdom, never dared object to his face. Was there any dissent that he needed to quash?

“At that time, I was too busy planning the Blade of Chaos and did not think too much of it. But today, I’ve finally figured everything out!

“Elder Nether Spring regarded the forces of the Nether Spring Kingdom as nutrition for the seeds of his ambitions. Part of the seeds were the Nether World Watch, and the rest were the scarier Children of the Nether World!

“Although the beast tides all failed in the end and significantly consumed the resources of the Nether Spring Kingdom, the Children of the Nether World that he sent into the Heaven’s Origin Sector gained enough military credit and successfully infiltrated the leadership of the federal army and major sects!”

Han Tuhu suddenly shivered as if he was suffering a fever.

Everybody looked at him.

Taking a long breath, Han Tuhu said, “Something occurred to me just now.

“The Battle of Dawn two years ago was the first super-massive attack on the Heaven’s Origin Sector by the Blood Demon Sector. Regular armies of the Nether Spring Kingdom and the Kingdom of Lion Butchers almost swept across the entire Grand Desolate Plateau.

“Of course, the coalition army of demons failed in the end.

“The failure was apparently because of the mutiny of the low-level demons in the frontline, but in fact, the federal army was preparing to implement the ‘Giant Crab Operation’, in which the invaders’ rear would be cut off, and they would be swallowed as a whole!

“It means that, with or without the unexpected mutiny, the coalition army of demons was doomed to suffer a brutal failure.

“A brutal failure of the coalition army of demons would mean a glorious triumph of the Star Glory Federation. It’s been more than a hundred years since the federation last had such a huge victory. Naturally, everybody would have been rewarded according to their contribution and claim their military credit.

“Then, how many ‘amply credible’ officers and Cultivators would rise to higher places for the war to come? Would there have been a few Children of the Nether World among them?”

Nobody was able to answer the heart-freezing question.

“Don’t forget that there’s still the most dreadful Abyss!” Suo Chaolong gnashed his teeth. “Other Children of the Nether World, as long as they acted and had communication with Elder Nether Spring before, must’ve left traces. We will dig them out sooner or later!

“But Abyss, if Lu Wuxin’s words are to be believed, has never sent any intelligence to Elder Nether Spring or done anything that harms the interests of the federation. On the surface, Abyss will appear a model Cultivator who fulfils their duty by slaying the demons and defending the homeland.

“Besides, Elder Nether Spring must’ve paid special attention to Abyss, too. He must’ve created many favorable conditions so that Abyss could claim unimaginable military credit easily and grow into an influential person in the federation step by step!

“Chances are that Abyss is already a well-known hero of the federation right now who works in a key post of a core agency and has the capability to influence the policy of the federation!

“We don’t have any leads or concrete proof. How are we going to dig out such a terrifying Abyss?”

Seeing that everybody was getting more and more depressed, Li Yao quickly sorted through what was on his mind and rose up. “Thankfully, we have gathered the intelligence sent back by part of the Children of the Nether World. As long as we deduced the intelligence to the authorities of the federation in time and ask them to run a comprehensive analysis, most of the Children of the Nether World will certainly be fished up.

“The whole incident might not be as damaging as we think. After all, it’s been no more than a hundred years since Elder Nether Spring discovered the Divine Blood of Chaos. It means that the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who are more than a hundred years old in the federation can’t be the Children of the Nether World!

“As long as we find the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and prove the validity of the intelligence, the problem will be solved!

“As for Abyss, although we don’t have any leads, we can find a few suspects with simple deduction!”

Li Yao smiled. “First of all, seventy years ago, Elder Nether Spring couldn’t have foreseen that he would be implementing the Spore Stratagem in the future. At that time, he sent the Children of the Nether World for the simple purposes of smuggling and espionage. It is unlikely that he made up his mind to send Abyss, who would lurk for decades, so early, right?”

Everybody nodded.

“It was not until Elder Nether Spring had the Nether Spring Kingdom under control and began the development of the Demon God Virus and the preparation for the Spore Stratagem that he felt the importance of having insiders in the Star Glory Federation. He probably sent Abyss at that time, which was approximately thirty to fifty years ago.

“Hehe. Everything is simpler if so.

“In the recent thirty to fifty years, are there any superstars who suddenly rose to fame in the Star Glory Federation? Do any of them have no parents or impressive familial background but have experienced a lot of fortuitous adventures, their capability soaring incredibly like the protagonist of a novel?

“Right. The guy might not hold a high social position, but he can influence the federation to some extent. Also, he has probably received secrets arts of the ancient Cultivators from forty thousand years ago that Elder Nether Spring excavated from the relics of Chaos. Therefore, he must be a person who is adept in the ancient arts of refining!

“Whoever meets the conditions will be Abyss!”

Li Yao bashed the desk hard and declared, “Think about it, everybody. Is there such a guy? Everything will be settled as soon as we have him under control!”

Enlightened, everybody nodded and reflected on the Cultivators of the Heaven’s Origin Sector that met all the conditions.

Very soon, almost at the same time, everybody raised their head and looked at Li Yao.

Cold sweat popping up, Li Yao stammered, “Is is there a problem?”

Jin Xinyue coughed and tugged on Li Yao’s sleeve before she said in a low voice, “Master, the guy that you described seems to be yourself.”

Li Yao blinked. “Does he?”

“Yes, he does,” Jin Xinyue said. “You were an orphan whose parents passed away early, and you grew up in the magical equipment graveyard. So, nobody can prove where you came from. Later, you rose miraculously and advanced into the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage in less than twenty years. Your combat ability is now equal to the Nascent Soul Stage.

“Also, you are an Ultra-Level Federal Hero, and you boast tremendous influence in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector. You are certainly a game-changing factor in the situation.

“As for the ancient arts of refining, as I recall, your skills in refining are inherited from ancient Cultivators, and your most famous skill is traditional manual forging, right?

“Huh. The more I talk about it, the more you fit the description. Think about it carefully, Master, are you really not Abyss?”

Everybody nodded upon hearing Jin Xinyue’s words, but then they shook their heads hard. “That’s just kidding. It’s impossible for Li Yao to be Abyss. If he were Abyss, why would he have destroyed the Eye of Blood Demon and disrupted the Spore Stratagem?

“Also, it was impossible for Elder Nether Spring to predict the space jump to the Flying Star Sector. The odds of survival were too low. It’s impossible. Absolutely impossible!”

Li Yao scratched his head and said, “I wish I were Abyss. If so, when Elder Nether Spring comes to find me, I could blow up his head in one punch and shout to his face ‘I quit’. Problem solved!”

Everybody laughed in amusement. Finally, the air was less intense.

His antennae shivering slightly, the Fire Ant King found another person from his memory. “Li Yao is unlikely to be Abyss, but I have a better candidate here!

“She was born in the Grand Desolate Plateau. She lost her parents in a beast tide outbreak when she was young. She has always been a genius in training and was once known as one of the youngest Building Foundation Stage Cultivator in the federation. In the past decade, her capability has soared exponentially after back-to-back fortuitous incidents. Now, she is the youngest Cultivator at the peak of the Core Formation Stage, the strongest expert in the younger generation, and an idol for billions of teenagers!

“She has been roaming about the Grand Desolate Plateau for the last ten years. Even after the federation retreated and burnt everything to the ground, she was still fighting and hunting on her own in the depths of the Grand Desolate Plateau despite the lack of supplies!

“Her unpredictable routes, her overwhelming techniques, and her ruthless style have frightened quite a lot of demons and gained her unparalleled fame inside the federation!

“It is said that many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators have high hopes in her and offered all their knowledge to her. Before Li Yao returned, she had been built into the image of the federation by the government as a well-deserved hero!

“She is Ding Lingdang, also known as ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’, the captain of the First Assault Team of the Grand Desolate Legion!”

Suo Chaolong bulged his eyes, with a hint of fear beaming out. “Indeed. The woman is the bane of the demons on the Grand Desolate Plateau. Her brutality and callousness are truly appalling! Many demons said before their march that they would rather be faced with a crystal suit legion of the federation than run into the ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’!

“You can know how savage she is from her nickname. Ten years ago, she was known as ‘Inferno Witch’. However, after witnessing her ruthlessness, all the demons agreed that she was not a woman at all but a ferocious tyrannosaur. Therefore, she became known as ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’!”

“” Li Yao.

“However, her familial ground seems to be clean,” the Fire Ant King said. “Her father was a soldier of the federal army, and her mother was a teacher in the Grand Desolate War Institution. Evidence is thorough.”

“The familial background can be faked.” Suo Chaolong countered. “Wasn’t she the only survivor in the beast tide in which her parents were killed? Chances are that the real Ding Lingdang died and the fake Ding Lingdang snuck in!”

“It does make a lot of sense now that you mentioned it,” the Fire Ant King agreed. “This ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’ is one of the firmest hawks in the younger generation. She is shouting to demolish the Blood Demon Sector every day. Many young, passionate Cultivators have gathered around her. Their influence cannot be underestimated. If we make a list of the potential obstacles for the peace negotiations, she is definitely on the top! She does have the ability to influence the policy of the federation!”

“That’s right!” Suo Chaolong slapped his thighs hard. “The one thing that Elder Nether Spring wants most right now is for the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector to attack each other furiously so that he can take advantage. Therefore, the dreadful ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’ must be Abyss! If we want the peace negotiations to work out, we must stop the she-dinosaur from sabotaging everything! President Li, do you agree?”