Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Time To Go Home

Lu Wuxin had died a quick death.

His body had collapsed on the iron seat, still tied up. His hands and feet were still bound by the barriers. His eyeballs, one large and one small, had turned pale white. Every scar on his ugly face had dimmed, but his lips were still in a gloating smile, as if he were mocking those who were studying his body.

Although there were not any injuries on the surface, his brain had been melted into a cluster of half-frozen venom. All of his brain cells and nerve endings had been corroded. His self-awareness and his soul had perished instantly. Nobody in the entire universe could save him right now.

In order to demonstrate his sincerity about the cooperation, after offering half of the intelligence he knew, Lu Wuxin had begun to describe the experiment files of the Demon God Virus. Many pieces of the key data that he provided had yet to be grasped by the coalition army of demons. They would be very helpful for the control of the epidemic.

Even so, nobody relaxed around him. His every finger and toe were closely bound by barriers, unable to move at all. He could only input the information he knew into a crystal processor specially modified by Li Yao through telepathic thoughts while a demon emperor was standing by and watching.

The defense was so heavy that there was no way that Lu Wuxin could escape!

However, he had died an uncanny death right in front of Wei Tianqing, a demon emperor of the wolf clan!

Half an hour later, the autopsy was completed, suggesting that Lu Wuxin had committed suicide.

In the deepest part of his brain, a thin shell, which was probably the debris of a certain venom gland, had been found out.

He had not been lying. It was true that he had performed many little surgeries on his head and inserted a lot of stuff into it.

The ‘venom gland’ could be manipulated by his telepathic thoughts. When his brain waves were strong enough, he would be able to activate the gland at will and release the venom contained inside, thereby killing himself neatly and quickly.

The autopsy report froze everyone’s heart.

“We’ve been fooled.” The Fire Ant King was rather depressed. “Since the very beginning, Lu Wuxin never planned to negotiate with us, nor did he really consider working for us. The only motivation for his quick confession was our nutrition drug, which could restore his brainwaves to an extent where he could manipulate the venom gland to kill himself.”

“But” Han Tuhu had not thought it through. “Why did he kill himself without a good reason?”

“Because he was very clear that, even if he told us everything, we still wouldn’t let him walk away,” Jin Xinyue said coldly. “Mad Medic Lu Wuxin has been infamous in the Blood Demon Sector for almost a hundred years. He made too many enemies. Also, as the supervisor of the laboratory of the Demon God Virus, he killed countless innocent victims and devastated their family. It was impossible for him to survive. If he fell into the hands of his enemies, he wouldn’t even be able to die.”

“Indeed.” The Fire Ant King sighed and said, “There are too many methods in the Blood Demon Sector that can torture someone for years without killing him. Lu Wuxin was an expert in that regard himself. He knew the miserable feelings best, and he did not wish to end up like that.

“I assume that he prepared to kill himself a long time ago. However, when he was just captured, his brain was suppressed, so his brain waves were not strong enough to activate the venom gland. That was why he negotiated with us and waited for an opportunity patiently. Finally, he found a chance to get away from the excruciating torment!”

Suo Chaolong bashed the desk hard and said, “It doesn’t matter whether he is alive or dead. But there is still much precious intelligence in his head. Is there any way we can dig it out?”

Jin Tuyi coughed lightly and said, “Lu Wuxin’s brain has been seriously sabotaged. It’s almost impossible to retrieve any valuable information from there. Moreover, I think that Lu Wuxin already confessed most of the things he knew. He couldn’t have concealed much intelligence from us.

“He only started working for Elder Nether Spring ten years ago. The Children of the Nether World project and Abyss had nothing to do with him. All the information he told us was collected in secret. It is already impressive enough that he knew so much about the two projects. But how could he know more details about the two projects?

“It is exactly because he was aware that the little information that he knew about was absolutely not enough to trade for his life that he killed himself so quickly!”

Everybody pondered for a moment and had to admit that Jin Tuyi did have a point. Lu Wuxin was not directly involved in the Children of the Nether World project. What he had access to would only have been the tip of the iceberg.

“Anyway, I have to go back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector as soon as possible and deliver all the intelligence to the leadership of the Star Glory Federation, to prove the existence of the Children of the Nether World and establish a channel of dialogue between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector,” Li Yao said.

“Right now, we don’t have any clue what is going on in the Star Glory Federation. If the Children of the Nether World are truly stirring trouble or even instigating a massive attack against the Blood Demon Sector, everything will be too late!”

There had never been a smooth channel of communication between the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Before, some of the spies of the Blood Demon Sector were scattered in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. However, because they could not conceal the dispersion of their demonic energy, it was impossible for them to sneak into the leadership of the federation. They could not even enter the big cities, which were usually heavily guarded. Therefore, they could only hide themselves in fear and send the most rudimental intelligence back.

Since the capital city was invaded by the demon race three months ago, the federation had raised its vigilance, too. The spies had almost all been dug out and eliminated now.

In the meantime, on the Grand Desolate Plateau, Jin Tuyi did not want more conflicts with the federation. He ordered that all the armies of demons retreat to the Blood Demon Sector. Without his command, not even a cockroach would jump to the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Therefore, for them right now, the Heaven’s Origin Sector was a complete black box. They had no idea what had happened there over the past three months!

The longer they delayed, the more unpredictable factors would emerge. Li Yao had planned to return to the Heaven’s Origin Sector from the moment he learned the whole truth of the Red Tide Plan. However, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had not been repaired at that time, and his cooperation with Jin Tuyi had only just begun. Therefore, he had to postpone his departure.

Today, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had been fixed, and the new Skyfire had also taken shape. Jin Tuyi and Jin Xinyue had basically got the control of the Blood Demon Sector. Li Yao was now able to go home without worries!

“Let me go back with you!” Han Tuhu said in a hurry. “My voice is not low in the federation army. Also, I know a lot of leaders in the military. They will certainly believe the information if I am there!”

Han Tuhu was the supreme commander of one of the sixteen crystal suit legions of the federation. Naturally, he had a lot of connections and boasted tremendous influence in the federal army.

It had been more than one year since he had been to the Blood Demon Sector by Elder Nether Spring. He could not wait to go back to his motherland, which was now in great peril!

However, Li Yao shook his head after considering for a moment. “I think that it will be better if I go back alone and figure out the situation first.”

Han Tuhu was surprised. “Why?”

Li Yao glimpsed at Jin Tuyi and said, “If Elder Nether Spring is really trying to raise a world war between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, the most crucial task for him is to cut off the communication between the two Sectors! Only if there is no direct dialogue between the two Sectors will he be able to fan the flames in the middle and escalate the situation!

“Therefore, assuming that the Children of the Nether World have already taken action, they must be prepared for everyone who’s going to jump from the Blood Demon Sector to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, especially the guys such as us!

“From the intelligence we have, we can infer that the Children of the Nether World have infiltrated the federation to a shocking degree. Even the commander of one of the crystal suit legions might be one of them. They will certainly try everything they can to stop us and even wipe us out!

“The hatred between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector is too deep. It cannot be resolved with a few empty words. Also, General Han, your current appearance happens to be”

Dazed, Han Tuhu put on a bitter smile.

Suo Chaolong and he had been the most important experiment subjects for Elder Nether Spring. In the depths of the Nether World on the Gloomy Wind Islands in the North Pole, they had both gone through one year of devastating experiments. The cells in their bodies had greatly mutated. Eventually, he had become more and more like a demon, and Suo Chaolong had become more and more like a human being.

After the Serum of Chaos was successfully manufactured, Han Tuhu and the soldiers of the Flying Tiger Legion had volunteered to take the first shot, but the effect had not been very satisfactory.

It was because the Serum of Chaos was based not on the original Divine Blood of Chaos but Jin Xinyue’s blood.

Although Jin Xinyue turned from a demon into a human being because of the excessive Divine Blood of Chaos, her blood was still different from the original Divine Blood of Chaos. Therefore, the effect could not possibly be the same.

Moreover, they were not planning to duplicate the purest Divine Blood of Chaos, at least not for now.

The venomous fog in the Blood Demon Sector was not suitable for the normal human beings. After she was transformed into a Core Formation Stage Cultivator, Jin Xinyue could resist the hazard with the immense spiritual energy. But if regular demons were transformed into the purest human beings, they would no longer be adapted to the venomous fog. The procedure would be killing them instead of saving them.

Therefore, in the first batch of serum, the reduction of the cells was kept to a certain degree. Features of the demon race were more or less removed, but a lot of primeval cells remained in their internal organs.

Han Tuhu and the other soldiers of the federal army were the survivors of the repetitive experiments. They had undergone deep mutations. The primeval cells in their body were deeply rooted, so they could not be restored after one or two injections.

After taking three shots, Han Tuhu was no longer the hideous demon he used to be, but the features of the demon race were still obvious. Pure natural shells covered his critical parts, and the long bone tail was still wagging behind him.

He would not be able to defend himself at all if the Children of the Nether World smeared him after he returned to the Heaven’s Origin Sector in such an appearance.

In fact, Li Yao had similar problems, too.

Although he could maintain the appearance of a standard human being with the help of the mental devil, the primeval cells that had been completely activated could not be restored to their original state.

It meant that he could barely pass the test for demons when he was back.

However, his manipulation over the demonic energy was defter than Han Tuhu’s, and it was more difficult to smear an Ultra-Level Federal Hero than to smear the commander of a crystal suit legion.

Besides, with the combat ability of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, his ability to survive in the Heaven’s Origin Sector was much higher than Han Tuhu’s, too.

“It’s decided then. I will go to the federation to gather intelligence. After I make sure that everything is fine, General Han and the other soldiers will come back home. It will be safer this way. What do you think, everybody?”

Li Yao suddenly rose up. As he glanced over the crowd, his eyes that were as sharp as blades. He did not flinch at all when he met Jin Tuyi’s eyes!