Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 Secret Sword Bureau

Lu Zui’s image faded away, replaced by a mysterious and yet graceful badge.

Different from the popular patterns of guns, blades, or ferocious beasts, there was only a colorful cloud covering the moon on the badge. Only if one observed the flowing stripes that constituted the cloud would they be able to discover two crossed, almost transparent flying swords between the cloud and the moonlight.

It was the symbol of the Federal Bureau of Intelligencea colorful cloud, a silver moon, and secret swords!

Because of the uniqueness of the badge, the Federal Bureau of Intelligence was also known as the Secret Sword Bureau by most of the citizens of the federation.

Since its establishment five hundred years ago, the Star Glory Federation had not only been faced with the threats from the front. Demons in the disguise of human beings, demonic Cultivators who had embraced evil, Cultivators who committed felonies all of them were walking bombs. If they snuck into the federation, any one of them could have caused unbelievable damage to a populated town.

After all, the army was better at the large-scale, head-on wars on a regular battleground. In terms of ‘unlimited warfare’ that involved infiltration, intelligence, interrogation, sabotage, assassination, and capture, it was very troublesome for the army to deal with.

Therefore, fifty years after the federation was founded, the ten or so intelligence agencies in the past were merged into the Secret Sword Bureau, whose main task was to collect the intelligence in and out of the federation openly and secretly to provide support for the federal army and the government agencies. Also, a combat squad made of elite soldiers, known as the Secret Sword Agents, was established to cope with the threats of the demons, the extraterrestrial devils, and the evil Cultivators as well as to ensure the internal stability of the federation.

Because of the extraordinariness of Cultivators and high-level demons, one expert sometimes was as powerful as an entire army. On many occasions, the battlefield on the frontline was silent, but in the unknown battlefields deep inside the nation, the soul-stirring attacks and counterattacks never stopped!

Therefore, the Secret Sword Bureau had continued expanding over the past few centuries. Today, the Secret Sword Bureau had more than three hundred thousand employees and boasted its own magical equipment factories, training bases, and secret sources of investment. It was almost an impenetrable, independent kingdom!

There were three divisions under the Secret Sword Bureau, namely the Demon Execution Division, the Devil Elimination Division, and the Heart Purging Division.

The Demon Execution Division was responsible for the intelligence and threats that were related to the demon race. The Devil Elimination Division was responsible for handling crises of the extraterrestrial devils and suppressing the demonic Cultivators. The Heart Purging Division was responsible for capturing the evil Cultivators who were mentally deranged or committed felonies but had nothing to do with demons or devils.

In the hundreds of years of battles against the demons, the extraterrestrial devils, and the evil Cultivators, the Secret Sword Bureau had collected countless confidential techniques and raised a huge batch of Secret Sword Agents who were adept at infiltration, assassination, theft, or probe. The number of the registered Secret Sword Agents was already beyond thirty thousand, and there were countless Dark Sword Travelers whose files were not recorded at all!

In terms of assassination and counter-assassination, as well as infiltration and anti-infiltration, in the populated and complicated cities, the Secret Sword Agents might be tougher than any special force in the federal army!

Seeing the badge of the Secret Sword Bureau, Jin Xinyue noticed that her eyelids were twitching.

For a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, the Secret Sword Bureau was her natural opponent. Although she had never been to the Heaven’s Origin Sector herself, many of her companions had tried to infiltrate into it, but most of them did not return.

Jin Xinyue knew the horror of the Secret Sword Bureau clearly. The seemingly peaceful badge gave her a cold, creepy feeling as if it were a viper. Calming herself down, she continued. “If the Children of the Nether World are indeed lurking in the federation, the Secret Sword Bureau will be the agency to deal with them. They are the specialists in the regard. Even if you go to Jiang Hailiu, the Speaker, or Zhou Hengdao, the Iron Commander, it will still be the duty of Lu Zui, the director of the Secret Sword Bureau, to dig out all the Children of the Nether World leading his Secret Sword Agents!

“Lu Zui is 211 years old right now. He is a rarely-seen hybrid Cultivator who is talented in administration and research. He is the most respected authority in the fields of psychology, tracking, and investigation. He is also the president of the Association of the Registered Meditation Healers. You must have faith in his professionalism, Master.

“Lu Zui will be the one that can make the best use of whatever little evidence we have here.

“However, the guy has worked in the battlefield of darkness for his entire life. Naturally, demons are not his favorites. He is also an unwavering hawk. He is best at predicting what other people are thinking, and it will be much more difficult to persuade him than to persuade Jiang Hailiu or Zhou Hengdao.

“Speaker Jiang Hailiu, Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao, and Director Lu Zui, representing the government, the military, and the agency of intelligence respectively. Any of them will do. It’s your call, Master.”

“Wait!” Li Yao raised his hand. “All three key people are hawks? Are there any doves?”

“No.” Jin Xinyue shook her head and said, “Speaking of the attitude toward the demon race in the federation, there are only hawks, firm hawks, frantic hawks, and insane hawks. No doves.”

“Fine.” Li Yao scratched his nose. “Forget it. Please continue.”

Jin Xinyue made another gesture. Right below the cloud-moon-sword badge, next to Director Lu Zui, another middle-aged man who was a bit fat appeared with a smile.

He was holding his belly, and his delight seemed to be flowing out of the light beam.

He looked like a harmless, middle-aged fatty who would not know how to burst into fury even if somebody else took his seat in a theater.

However, Jin Xinyue was even more scared to see him than when she saw Lu Zui.

Taking a deep breath, she introduced him as calmly as she could. “Guo Chunfeng, an expert at the peak of the Core Formation Stage, is the deputy director of the Secret Sword Bureau and the supervisor of the first divisionthe Demon Execution Division. He is directly responsible for dealing with threats of the demon race. In the past twenty years, almost all the demons who infiltrated into the Heaven’s Origin Sector have been captured by him. He is certainly a terrifying man!

“As the director of the Secret Sword Bureau, Lu Zui has to take care of all the affairs in the agency. Guo Chunfeng is actually the guy who deals with threats on the frontline. It is very likely that you will run into him when you are back in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, Master. That’s why I picked him out and introduced him to you.”

Li Yao was dazed. “Core Formation Stage?”

Not that he was looking down on anybody, but after chatting casually with Xiao Xuance, a Cultivator in the high level of the Nascent Soul Stage, in the Flying Star Sector, and being hunted and attacked by dozens of demon emperors in the Blood Demon Sector, he did feel that his disciple was making a fuss by picking out a Core Formation Stage Cultivator.

Observing Li Yao’s face, Jin Xinyue immediately understood what he was thinking. Solemnly, she said, “You must be careful, Master. The Secret Sword Bureau has developed countless cruel and cunning secret techniques after hundreds of years of bloody battles. The capability of the experts raised by the Secret Sword Bureau cannot be judged by their stage easily. Their real combat ability is often levels higher than their stage.

“Naturally, Guo Chunfeng has his own merits since he was appointed as the supervisor of the most important first division when there are so many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the federation.

“He is perhaps the only hybrid-type Cultivator in the history of the Star Glory Federation who covers all four fields. He has a profound expertise in battle, creation, administration, and research!”

Li Yao was dumbfounded. “What!”

What was the universe lacking most? The compound geniuses!

The hybrid-type Cultivators who had double talents were already extremely rarely-seen and targets that major forces were dying to recruit!

If one had an additional talent other than the talent of fighting, his combat ability would be more than doubled in a fierce battle where all the tricks were allowed. Li Yao, as a Cultivator both talented in fighting and creation, knew that fact better than anybody else.

All the way here, he had blown through many traps and dilemmas with his crystal bombs when he was caught by desperation!

Double talents were already tantalizing, but Guo Chunfeng covered all four fields? What a monster!

No wonder Jin Xinyue was so serious about the guy although he was merely in the Core Formation Stage!

Li Yao found it strange. “There is actually such a tough man in the federation? Why have I never heard about him before?”

“The Secret Sword Bureau works in secret in the first place,” Jin Xinyue said. “Guo Chunfeng, as the supervisor of the most important division in the agency, is the target that countless demons try to assassinate. Therefore, he is much more famous in the Pantheon of Demons than in the federation. He is a bigger threat for us than many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators are.

“Many demons whetted their blades and went to kill Guo Chunfeng. But after decades, Guo Chunfeng is still as alive as ever, and the assassins’ bodies have all dried up!”

“Interesting.” Li Yao licked his lips. The fighting will in his eyes surfaced as he mumbled, “I am in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, and he is the most dreadful Core Formation Stage Cultivator in the Heaven’s Origin Sector who spans all the four fields. I wonder, who will be the winner if we fight each other?”

Jin Xinyue frowned. “Master”

“Rest assured. It’s just a joke.” Li Yao grinned. “In fact, I’ve made a thorough plan regarding the whole issue. If my plan goes well, the problem will be resolved without me touching my blade!”

Jin Xinyue beamed with joy. “What’s your plan, Master?”

Li Yao snapped his finger and said, “With my level, I will certainly cause unusual phenomena and immense spiritual waves when I am teleported to the Heaven’s Origin Sector. The federal army will likely find me.

“When the federal army arrives, I will stand in a high place and reveal my face, showing to them that I am Vulture Li Yao, the legendary Ultra-Level Federal Hero!

“With my fame in the federation, all the soldiers will certainly admire me, worship me, and listen to everything that I say. The media will come to interview me in a hurry, too!

“Then, I will take the opportunity to propose a direct dialogue with Jiang Hailiu, Zhou Hengdao, and Lu Zui!

“An Ultra-Level Federal Hero who can walk on his own! That’s a wonder that has never been seen in the five-hundred-year history of the federation! They are not going to ignore me, are they?

“When they all come, the four of us will shut the door and study the document together. Crisis solved!”

“This is your plan, Master?”

“Yes. This is my Plan A.”

“So, there is a Plan B?”

“There is. It’s very simple. Play it by ear!”