Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Sneaking Into The Inland

Li Yao was in the thunderstorm what a fish was in water. The wings of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit were opened to the largest extent. Every metal feather was adjusting its angle quickly, helping him to master the change of every air current. He was like the embodiment of the thunderstorm as he rushed and raged in the middle of the thunder and lightning!


Li Yao turned into a streak of brightness and dashed with lightning toward the Exos who were devastated by the thunderstorm!

The Exos were already dizzy enough after being swallowed by the tornadoes. Some of the less fortunate ones had even been hit by the lightning directly, which wasted many of the rune arrays and units on their crystal suits. There were only several minutes to go before they completely lost impetus.

Seeing that Li Yao was lunging at them like the craziest fiend, they were not able to put up much resistance except for yelling and shouting. But even their yelling and shouting soon died away under the scourge of the thunderstorm.


Li Yao bent his leg and kicked an Exo right in his breastplate, blowing him out of the tornado to the edge of the thunderstorm area.

The Exo’s limbs and internal organs were also paralyzed, and his crystal suit was torn apart. His heart nearly skipped a beat. Having no courage to enter the thunderstorm area a second time, he turned around and flew out.

Li Yao took the opportunity to hover in the tornado and accelerate to the highest speed with the centrifugal force. Then he charged at the second Exo and kicked him away mercilessly like autumn wind sweeping a fallen leaf.

The Exo withdrew from the battlefield awkwardly, too.

Li Yao was not killing anyone but saving them.

Most of the Exos were federal soldiers who were unaware of the truth and simply carrying out the orders they had been given dutifully. Naturally, Li Yao could not wait and watch them run out of impetus and be swallowed by the thunderstorm.

“Off you go!”

Li Yao was zigzagging like a streak of lightning, leaving almost ten blurred shadows behind him, while he kicked the dozens of Exos out heavily as if they were cannonballs.

Many Exos were deeply confused because they soon realized that he was not malicious. Some of the other Exos were opening fire randomly in their dizziness, but their bullets and flying swords were blown to nobody knew where by the violent force of nature!

At this moment, the only remaining heavy crystal warship was still persisting in the thunderstorm. The main gun on the head of the crystal warship was about to be fully charged. An extremely dazzling ball was shining there!

In the middle of the tornadoes, the heavy crystal warship activated its spiritual shield to the maximum. Trying to stabilize its posture, the main gun was moving up and down as it tried to lock onto Li Yao.

Li Yao sniffed and blinked to the top of the crystal warship as if he were capable of instant movement. The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber drew a distressing curve in midair and, as if a real blood moon had appeared weirdly, slashed toward the main gun of the heavy crystal warship!

“Listen to my explanation!”

With a bellow that eclipsed the thunder and made the ears of every Exo hum for a long time, the unstoppable blood moon flashed in front of the main gun, and the three barrels of the main gun were chopped off instantly!

“I am a f*cking good man!” Li Yao roared. The spiritual energy and demonic energy all over his body raged out like a flooding river, and he stomped on the head of the heavy crystal warship, his two legs turning into two shooting stars!


The spiritual shield at the front of the heavy crystal warship was left with two enormous holes. The strengthened plate armor that was made of super alloys and crystals had a dent several meters deep because of Li Yao’s attack. The heavy crystal warship was like an animal that had been shot right in the face and crashed to the ground!

Li Yao’s attack was much faster than the speed of sound. It was not until a moment later that the sound of metal being seriously twisted came over from the strengthened plate armor, as if the iron beast was moaning in pain!

The heavy crystal warship smashed into the sand and was unable to fly out again.

Suppressing a heavy crystal warship on his own with brute force!

The incredible scene dumbfounded all the Exos who were watching at the edge of the thunderstorm area.

Li Yao glanced at them coldly. The bloody cloak was flapping in the middle of the tornadoes unpredictable like a burning torch!

For half a minute, none of the Exos dared set foot in the thunderstorm.

Li Yao finally turned around. The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber became two wings again as he flew into the depths of the thunderstorm and disappeared amid the thunder and lightning, leaving the blood cloak that was drawing spirals behind him.

Soon, the spirals became a red spot before the red spot was gone several seconds later.

It was not until this moment that somebody finally stammered a few words, breaking the silence in the communication channel of the federal army. “Whatwhatwhat did the monster say just now?”

“Hehe is a good man?”

Three days later, south of the Giant Blade Pass, in the heartland area of the Star Glory Federation that had sterile soil and four distinct seasons, a tired traveler was walking on the street of a small city named North Tranquility.

His face was young, his eyes were clear, and he was wearing a plain but clean school uniform. The pattern on the back of the school uniform had more or less faded, but ‘Grand Desolate’ could still be vaguely seen, although the name of the specific school was obscure.

At first glance, it was a young man around twenty years ago and an immigrant from the Grand Desolate Plateau who could be seen anywhere inland.

Ever since the federal government implemented the leave-nothing-to-the-enemy strategy, countless natives of the Grand Desolate Plateau had been forced to migrate inland in whole towns and cities. North Tranquility City had accepted a lot of refugees, too. Such young men were not rare on the lively street.

However, when the puji critters, wearing the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars badge that suggested that they were property of the federal government, were patrolling on the street and scanning the citizens as a daily routine, the young man always evaded their crystal cameras at the perfect time as if he could predict their movement.

The young man was, of course, Li Yao.

Three days ago, he had successfully trapped several heavy crystal warships of the Dragon Horse Legion in the thunderstorm area. Many more forces had been diverted in a bid to rescue the heavy crystal warships.

Then, Li Yao detoured to the north under the cover the thunderstorm and joined Black Wing before they took a large turn and went all the way to the south.

He travelled prudently at night and rested during the day. When he passed defense lines that were heavily guarded by the federal army, he even resorted to the drill of mystic rays and passed them by digging underground.

The Grand Desolate Plateau was too vast and unpopulated after all. Boundless no man’s land constituted much of the plateau. No matter how many soldiers were dispatched on alert, they were like salt that was thrown into an ocean. It was impossible for them to keep every inch of the land under watch.

With Li Yao’s capability and the assistance of Black Wing and Neltharion, few people in the entire Star Glory Federation could stop his infiltration.

At dawn that day, he finally snuck into the heartland from the east side of the Giant Blade Mountain!

But his heart was still heavy.

Li Yao had detected quite a few enormous war bases on the Grand Desolate Plateau that were being constructed sparing no expenses. Countless assets were being shipped from the heartland and stored in the bases, too.

He also observed several high-level live-fire drills, which were clearly for the purpose of aggression and not pure defense.

They were all the omens that the federal army was going to shift from ‘strategical defense’ to ‘strategical attack’.

Right now, the demon race did not hold any land on the Heaven’s Origin Sector. The only target of the ‘strategical attack’ could only be an expedition to the Blood Demon Sector.

But on second thought, it was not a strange decision.

Three months ago, the capital city of the federation had been assaulted by the coalition army of demons. Apart from the heavy casualties, from the perspective of national honor, it was like a slap in the face that blew away several teeth.

If the federal government did not seek a tough retaliation for the assault, all the federal citizens would likely riot.

Also, if the Children of the Nether World and Abyss were fanning the flames, there would be even direr consequences.

I must stop the war!

Li Yao took a deep breath and secretly clenched his fists.

He knew about the situation of the Blood Demon Sector. Right now, plagues were breaking out everywhere, and the coalition army of demons was doing its best to stop the disease from getting out of control. If the federal army marched into the Blood Demon Sector right now and attacked the coalition army of demons, the only result would be that the plagues would sweep across the entire Blood Demon Sector. Many soldiers would contract the disease and bring it back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector when they retreated!

There would not be a second victor in the war other than the walking dead!

I have to reach out to Ding Lingdang, Professor Mo Xuan, and Luo Xingzi!

Li Yao did not know how many other Children of the Nether World were lurking in the federation besides Duanmu Ming and Guo Chunfeng, nor did he know how huge the dreadful dragnet that they had interweaved with Abyss and Elder Nether Spring was.

But thankfully, there were some people that he could absolutely trust.

Cultivators from the Flying Star Sector, Professor Mo Xuan, and Ding Lingdang, as well as Speaker Jiang Hailiu, were all people he could turn to.

I need access to the latest news to know where I can find Ding Lingdang!

When he thought of Ding Lingdang, Li Yao remembered the false intelligence that Duanmu Ming had told him again. He was in an intimate relationship with Jin Xinyue? H was very likely Jin Tuyi’s son-in-law?

What was that all about?!

Ding Lingdang wouldn’t believe it, would she?

Li Yao scratched his hair, which looked like a bird nest, feeling that he had been greatly wronged.

He seemed to be roaming on the street, but he was actually observing the wrists of every passer-by. Soon, he found a target.

It was a middle-aged man who had just talked to a friend through the crystal processor. He did not even turn off the light beam when he walked into a diner nearby.

Li Yao followed him and flicked a stream of spiritual energy into his spine.

The young man scratched his bottom. Mumbling, he went to the toilet.

Li Yao had observed through Neltharion that the toilet was empty. When the middle-aged man opened the door, he tailed him like smoke and pressed his neck softly.

The middle-aged man immediately collapsed onto the toilet lid and fell asleep.

Li Yao closed the door and lifted his feet into midair in case anybody noticed anything wrong from the outside. Then, he took off the crystal processor on the middle-aged man’s wrist.

Naturally, Li Yao had his own crystal processor that could connect to the Spiritual Nexus wirelessly at any time.

But his experience in the Flying Star Sector had told him that every crystal processor could be traced and locked onto when it was connected to the Spiritual Nexus.

Moreover, what he had brought from the Blood Demon Sector was a crystal processor without legal registration information. Connecting to the Spiritual Nexus through such a device was like reporting his specific location to the Secret Sword Bureau.

Therefore, he had been keeping himself away from the Spiritual Nexus while he was sneaking in from the Grand Desolate Plateau.

It was not until he arrived in the small city that he was finally given some time in such a way to search the Spiritual Nexus without raising any suspicion!