Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 Loopholes Of The Storm

Beep! Beep! Beep!

On the route behind him, quite a few shuttles were caught unprepared by Guo Chunfeng’s sudden stop. Their horns blared in protest. Some of them even rolled down their windows and cursed him aloud when they passed by him.

Guo Xiaohe was thrown forward, only to be pulled back to her seat by the safety belt. The egg pie that she had just eaten came back up her throat again. She held her chest and asked, “Dad, what’s wrong with you!”

With a complicated expression, Guo Chunfeng stared at the word ‘superstorm’ so angrily that his eyes seemed to be tearing the light beam into shreds.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled the steering wheel abruptly. The supermarket shuttle went straight down hundreds of meters and reached a place only half a meter off the ground!

Guo Xiaohe was frightened by her father’s uncanny behavior. Her head went blank, and she forgot to consider why her usually circumspect father had such marvelous driving skills!

“Get out now,” Guo Chunfeng said softly. “Take a taxi and find your mother. Rest well at home. I won’t be back for the next couple of days. Pay special attention to your safety. If your mother is willing, ask her to take you to your grandpa’s hometown.”

“What!” Guo Xiaohe almost couldn’t believe her ears. She scratched her hair hard and shouted, “Whatwhat’s wrong with you? Your wife is divorcing you. Do you not know it?”

“I do.” Guo Chunfeng closed his eyes and mumbled, “However, a highly dangerous superstorm is moving toward the capital city right now. If it reaches the capital city, a lot of people will die. A lot.”

“Cut the cr*p!” Guo Xiaohe was truly infuriated. Her tears flowed out of her eyes beyond her control as she cried, “Have there ever been any terrifying superstorms in the history of the capital city? Even if it is happening right now, what can a minor weatherman in the Bureau of Meteorology do? It is your wife who needs you most right now. Do you know it? Do you?”

Guo Chunfeng was silent for a moment. Then, he opened the door of the shuttle and handed a bank card to his daughter.

Guo Xiaohe was dumbfounded. Looking at her father, her eyes gradually turned from an angry scarlet to a desperate gray. She knocked away the card in her father’s hand hard and jumped out of the supermarket shuttle without looking back.


Guo Chunfeng finally could not hold it any longer. He extended his greasy head out of the shuttle window. With complicated emotions in his swollen eyes, he said solemnly, “Look after your mother well. Don’t do anything stupid yourself. Maybe you will know it one day.”

Guo Xiaohe gnashed her teeth. “Know what?”

“You will know why there has never been a superstorm in the capital city,” Guo Chunfeng said.

Guo Xiaohe was dazed. She asked back subconsciously, “Why?”

Guo Chunfeng replied, one word after another, “Because they were all blown up by me before they took shape.”

Guo Xiaohe was dumbfounded. After gazing at her father for several seconds, she suddenly made an extremely vulgar gesture and shouted, “Go to hell!”

The cool girl with a tattoo of the emblem of the federation on her face left without looking back, disappearing in the corner of the street.

Looking at his daughter vanishing, Guo Chunfeng sighed. He typed in a secret rune on the left bottom corner of the light beam. The seemingly unattractive supermarket shuttle immediately began uttering the roars of a beast.

Du! Du! Du!

Right then, somebody knocked the window of his shuttle.

It was a traffic policeman in a fancy uniform.

“Hello. Temporary parking is not allowed here. Please turn off your power rune array and show me your driving license.”


The low roars turned into violent howls. The surface of the supermarket shuttle suddenly put on a layer of glamorous brightness as if it had grown dozens of shining wings. The license plate at the back of the shuttle immediately turned dark gold, the highest rank of government license plates!


The supermarket shuttle turned into a streak of brightness and rushed forward at a speed higher than super racing shuttles. It cut into a gap between two shuttles in midair and disappeared after only 0.1 seconds!

The only thing that was left was a stunned traffic policeman whose facial muscles were all blown to one side!

Ten minutes later, the supermarket shuttle stopped at the Federal Bureau of Meteorology at the east suburb of the capital city.

On the surface, it was just another underappreciated government office in the suburbs of the capital city. The low, gray-and-white buildings, which looked rather dilapidated, stood like small hills. The black waterproof glue was exposed to the sunlight directly. Since there was no budget to renovate them, all the buildings were still in the same clumsy architectural style as they had been built in a hundred years ago. Even the janitor at the front door seemed lethargic and not as proud as the janitors of other bureaus.

However, right below the dull buildings, it was one of the largest underground fortresses in the capital city. The owner of the underground fortress was the Federal Bureau of Intelligence, or rather, the Secret Sword Bureau, a devastating name for all demons and devils!


When Guo Chunfeng walked into the command center of the first division with a gloomy face, hundreds of tough-looking Secret Sword Agents with intimidating auras all stood up and bowed to him respectfully.

Most of the Secret Sword Agents were blushing with unease. There was half anxiety and half excitement in their eyes.

Having the chance to compete with the legendary Vulture Li Yao, and not the original one but the strengthened Blood Devil version, was perhaps the greatest glory for a Cultivator of the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

“Big Cat.” Yawning, Guo Chunfeng called a fat young man. “I have three missions for you. First of all, help me send a bouquet to Professor Xue of East Sea University. Also, pick an acceptable demon core from our trophies of the last month and deliver it together with the bouquet. Apologize on my behalf and ask for Professor Xue’s forgiveness so that we can get the trouble over with.”

The young man immediately understood the situation. “Sister Xiaohe again? Should I reveal your identity?”

“No. Just like before, say that she is your sister.”

“Alright!” The young man grimaced. “I’ve been her brother almost twenty times. I know what to do.”

“Second mission: send a few more guys to my wife’s office. She has been in a bad mood recently. Don’t let her hurt herself.”

“Understood.” Big Cat saluted sloppily.

“The third mission”

Looking at the roomful of Secret Sword Agents who could not have been more excited, Guo Chunfeng frowned and said, “Who issued the command that everyone must report for duty? Inconsiderate!

“Right now, nobody can confirm that our opponent is the real Li Yao. Even if he is, he can’t reach the capital city so quickly and easily!

“If you are now jumping up and down as if you are high on drugs, your energy will definitely run out very quickly. What will you do when he really comes to visit us? Nap while fighting?”

“Cancel the previous order immediately. Eat and sleep as usual. Get your ass out of here when it is time to get off work and be with your family!

“Those who are on duty, don’t be so anxious. It’s just a Vulture Li Yao. Does he have three heads or six arms? Is he in the Divinity Transformation Stage? What are you so nervous about?”

“Go now, Big Cat. See what food the cafeteria is offering today before you leave. Ask them to prepare for a few more good dishes today. It is time to cook all the precious ingredients that they have treasured for forever. Appetite is combat ability. What better timing to have them than right now?”

Big Cat’s eyes shined. He rubbed his hands and said, “Really, boss? All our brothers here have been coveting the few Purple Flame Ice Polar Bear Paws for more than half a year, but the director never allowed us to touch them.”

Guo Chunfeng smiled. “Find a way to get them out first. I’ll ask for permission from the director later. If we can really destroy the Vulture superstorm, what’s the big deal if we steal a few bear paws from the old man?”

“Understood!” Big Cat left, drooling. The rest of the Secret Sword Agents also went to rest or work normally according to Guo Chunfeng’s arrangement.

The intense atmosphere caused by the arrival of Vulture Li Yao was mostly resolved by Guo Chunfeng.

The command center, which had been teeming with people a moment ago, was immediately cleared.

“Mosquito, tell me about it. What’s the situation now?”

Guo Chunfeng made a cup of decent tea and sipped it unhurriedly. Then, he seated himself on a dirty stool at a corner of the command center.

That had been his habit for decades. Instead of sitting on the seat of the supervisor, which was at the center of the command center, he always preferred to crouch in a corner napping and thinking at the same time.

The one whose code name was Mosquito was a short, young, female Cultivator whose arms and legs were particularly narrow and long, making her look like an agile mosquito.

Mosquito looked at Guo Chunfeng in the most admiring way and exclaimed, “Boss, that was truly incredible of you. As per your orders, we investigated the misdemeanors in the few towns south of the Giant Blade Pass. We have indeed found something!

“Boss, how did you know that the target would commit crimes in the towns?”

Guo Chunfeng did not even bother to lift his eyes. Apparently uninterested in the boring question, he replied briefly, “It’s simple. The target does not have a legal identity, which makes it almost impossible for him to travel inland. If he is really Vulture Li Yao, with his habit, he would certainly try to fabricate his identity for infiltration.

“To fabricate his identity, he must get a few ID cards. So, we would certainly find something if we investigate the misdemeanors in the frontier towns.”

Mosquito nodded vigorously. “Precisely. Our discovery began with a regular fight case.

“Two days ago, a fight took place in a diner in North Tranquility City. The cause was two people fighting for a toilet. The first stayed in the toilet for half an hour without getting out. The one waiting outside got angry and bashed the door, only to find that the guy inside was sound asleep. The two of them quarreled and then got into a huge fight.

“The fight was not strange per se. What was strange was that, according to the interrogation record of the first guy, he fell asleep the moment he sat down on the toilet and he didn’t know why.

“We checked his records. The guy lived quite a healthy life. He never worked overnight, nor was he lacking energy. It was quite uncanny for him to sleep for more than an hour on a toilet without a good reason!”

“The guy was not a Cultivator, was he?” Guo Chunfeng asked. “An ordinary person without any background?”


“Then, we will have to investigate the record of the guy’s crystal processor,” Guo Chunfeng said casually. “It is very possible that the target knocked him out in the toilet and searched for intelligence with his portable crystal processor.”