Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 Evilness Rises Again

In the south of the capital city, in a temporary medical camp dedicated to the lightly wounded

According to later statistics, more than five million people were gathered in the Federal Square and the ten or so blocks nearby. Even more people lingered in the blocks further away.

The explosion of the crystal bombs turned the gathered citizens into panicked bees. Everybody pushed, stepped on, and crashed into each other. The number of casualties soon surpassed twenty thousand.

The heavily wounded were sent to the major hospitals in the capital city. As for the ‘lightly wounded’, who had nothing more than broken bones, there were not enough medical facilities to accommodate them at all. They could only be treated in the temporary medical camps by part of the medical staff and the civilian volunteers with some knowledge of first aid.

The unprecedented disaster in fact facilitated Li Yao’s escape.

So many people were killed, injured, or missing after the explosions. Still more people covered their faces with bandages after getting hurt.

As for loss of language ability and even temporary amnesia, they were perfectly normal phenomena.

Most of the police officers were deployed to maintain the order of the central area. They had no time to bother with the blocks in the suburb, either.

Li Yao picked quite a few portable crystal processors in the chaos and managed to remember the faces of a few civilians. He then covered half of his face with bloodstained bandages and snuck to the medical camp with the crowd.

On one side of the medical camp, dozens of light beams were floating, displaying the latest updates of the situation and soothing public anxiety.

To aid in the rescue work, the government did not cut off the Spiritual Nexus on a large scale. The civilians gathered in the temporary medical camp could still get the news through the Spiritual Nexus.

Most of the media did not elaborate on the horror of the explosions but paid attention to the reactions of different parties after the Speaker was assassinated, including the speech of some tough representatives and the actions of the federal army.

Crouching deep inside the medical camp, Li Yao felt that his body was burning and his heart had been minced.

The scent of a scheme seemed to have turned into a black swamp that was about to swallow him.

“Fooled. We’ve been fooled!”

Deep inside his brain, the mental devil desperately shouted, “It’s a trap! We’ve been set up, and now, everybody thinks that we assassinated the Speaker! Plot! A shameless plot!”

The mental devil expanded incessantly in roars. Bloody hurricanes blew out of its body and shook Li Yao’s brain hard.

“Don’t you understand, fool?” The mental devil heartbreakingly declared, “We were wrong since the beginning! Our enemies were not Elder Nether Spring and his Children of the Nether World, at least not just them!

“Elder Nether Spring is nothing more than a stray dog. Even if he has swallowed the Divine Blood of Chaos, changed his appearance, and fled to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, he won’t have any supporters here at all. How could a few Children of the Nether World plan such a great scheme? How could they kill the Speaker without anybody foreseeing it and blame it on us?

“Think about it. The sniper in the Nascent Soul Stage who shot us!

“I can feel that he is not far away yet. He is waiting for us right here to blow up our head!

“A Nascent Soul Stage sniper must be at least a hundred years old. How can he be Elder Nether Spring’s subordinate? Absolutely impossible!

“Throwing away all the interferences, there can only be one answer. It is not Elder Nether Spring who set us up but the federal government! Only the federal government had the capability to make today happen!”

Li Yao was trembling and breathing hard. The dangerous redness in his left eye was gradually infiltrating his right eye!

Deep inside his brain, he struggled to resist. “It was a scheme but not made by the entire federation. Some of the bad guys in the federation at best!”

“Face reality and stop fooling yourself. We’ve been abandoned!” the mental devil sneered. “The federation does not need a living Ultra-Level Federal Hero. A dead hero is the best hero! Right now, the greatest blame is on our head. Nobody is going to believe us!

“Not worth it. Not worth it at all! Think about it. We went through life and death and saved the entire federation, only to be sacrificed immediately when we are no longer needed!”

Li Yao gnashed his teeth. “Somebody must be behind the curtain, but they cannot fool everyone! Ding Lingdang will trust me, Professor Mo Xuan will trust me, the people of the Flying Star Sector will trust me, and 99% of the federal citizens will trust me!”

“Do they? Then, where they are now? Where were they when we were framed, hunted, and shot?” The mental devil grinned hideously. “Didn’t you say that Ding Lingdang loved you? Weren’t you training yourself hard for ten years because you wanted to meet her again back in the Heaven’s Origin Sector? What’s the result of your wait? Where is she when you need her most?

“People of the Flying Star Sector? Hehe. When you were in the Flying Star Sector, you helped them without hesitation. But now? Their warship activated the self-defense sword array of the highest level, a clear sign that they did not want you in.

“Don’t be silly. Ding Lingdang, Mo Xuan, and all the other people of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector nobody will trust you. In their eyes, you are the Blood Devil. The most horrid Blood Devil!”

“Ding Lingdang” Li Yao felt that his head became a container of magma. He could not tell reality from illusions anymore. He snatched the air, only to grab nothing. “She just doesn’t know it yet. After she knows the truth, she will certainly find me and fight with me!”

“Give me a break!” the mental devil rebuffed. “At a time like this, the only one who will fight with you is me!

“Wake up, fool!

“Mercilessness for mercilessness! Now that everybody has abandoned us, we must abandon them. Chop off everything from the past and be reborn!

“No more hesitation. No more concessions. No more petty kindness!

“Whoever wants to kill us, we will kill them first! After the two of us are melted, who in the three Sectors will be a match for us?”

Li Yao struggled. “Most people don’t know anything. They were fooled. I cannot attack them!”

The mental devil sneered, “It is their problem that they don’t know anything. They were fooled because they were idiots. One must pay a price for their idiocy!

“There is no road ahead of you. Come on. Let go of the body and try my path!

“Didn’t you want to save the federation? How can you save it when you are so soft-minded?

“Let me take your place. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill everyone until heads are rolling on the ground. Maybe, we can make a strong empire that is a union of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector, and we will be the supreme dominator of the empire! That is the only satisfying way of life!”

Li Yao cramped hard. His left hand bounced up beyond his control. His right hand clutched it so hard that the fingers pierced into its flesh, and yet it could not be stopped!

Half of his right eye turned crimson. Blood stains were even leaking out of the bandages covering his left eye. It was truly a devastating view!

The mental devil grinned hideously. “Start with the Nascent Soul Stage sniper. Set up a trap here and take him down!”

“No. Too many innocent civilians are here. Thousands of people will die if we fight here!” Li Yao shouted, but his voice was becoming weaker and weaker.

“Idiot, how can you defeat them if you are always indecisive? Wars always come with sacrifices. Some people might die, so what? After we succeed, the majority of the people will be saved!” The mental devil expanded to the maximum, raising an overwhelming tsunami of blood that swept across 99% of Li Yao’s brain. Only 1% of it was still illuminated by Li Yao’s shining belief.

However, the glimmer was also dying like the candle in the wind!

“Yes. That’s right. Painful as it is, one has to face the reality in the end. Everybody has abandoned you!

“If you refuse to change, your head will be shot through by a bullet, and you will be dead forever in humiliation! Nobody will pity you! Nobody will care about you!

“Come on. Let me settle everything. Let’s be completely melted. Let’s be the most brutal vulture and the most magnificent dominator!”

Li Yao crouched and covered his eyes hard, shuddering violently.

It was a shame that there were many more patients than medical staff in the camp. Nobody noticed him at all.

Just when his soul was about to be completely swallowed by the mental devil, a thunderous roar suddenly burst out not far away.


Li Yao was so shocked that he jumped up from the ground.

It was Ding Lingdang’s voice!

Holding his head that was about to explode, he staggered to the source of the sound, only to discover that a guy was watching a video with his portable crystal processor.

“What’s this? What’s this?”

His eyes bloodshot, Li Yao was acting like the craziest lunatic.

The patient was scared by his creepy appearance and explained in fear.

Ding Lingdang was a celebrity in the world of Cultivators, too, and she was on the spot of the explosions. When the situation was stable again, naturally, a lot of reporters went to interview her.

As it turned out, right in front of dozens of media, she lost control over her emotions and burst into tears, yelling and shouting.

As an expert in the peak of the Core Formation Stage and one of the best young Cultivators, she lost control of herself in public, which immediately became the focus of the media. The interview was soon uploaded to the major video websites.

Ding Lingdang in the picture was waving her arms, her hair messy, and roaring at the camera like a crazy woman. “*sshole! Just wait for it! I will find you soon and blow up your head!”

Li Yao watched the video three times.

He smiled at first. Then he grinned. Eventually, he was laughing so hard that he was holding his stomach, and his tears were flooding out!

Deep inside his brain, his belief suddenly shone, and the bloody tsunami dispersed like snow under the scorching sun!

“What has happened? What are doing now? Why is your strength suddenly so overwhelming?”

“Didn’t you see the video?” Li Yao asked. “Weren’t you saying that the whole world distrusts me and has abandoned me? But that is not the fact. At the very least, Ding Lingdang still trusts me!”

The mental devil was angry. “She said that she will blow up your head!”

“Idiot,” Li Yao mocked. “Do you not know that beating is love in disguise? The key part is ‘Just wait for it. I will find you soon.’ Ding Lingdang has realized something. She is sending a message to me in such a way!”

“Youyou must be overthinking!” the mental devil shrieked drily. “She only wants to blow up your head. Nothing more. Nobody trusts you. I am the only one who can help you here. OnlyAhhhh!”

Deep inside Li Yao’s brain, his soul released dazzling lightning that looked like a saber that could break the universe, slashing the mental devil into countless pieces brutally!