Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Into The Dirty Water

The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was a variation of a certain prehistoric octopus. After the continent rose up from the surface of the ocean due to tectonic movements, they still lurked in the trench almost ten thousand meters deep, which essentially made them living fossils.

Taking the nine tentacles into account, the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster could easily be a thousand meters long. They were also naturally talented at the utilization of the spiritual energy of the water class, which allowed them to freely manipulate the undercurrents and condense them into pillars, arrows, or walls. They could even spurt out high-pressure ‘sonic sabers’ with the water, which could be unstoppably sharp!

What was more terrifying was that the cellar structure of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was different from the species of the present day. They boasted an impressive ability of self-recovery. Chopping off one of its tentacles was utterly useless. A new one would grow out in only several minutes.

Their dreadful abilities, their sturdy body, and their astonishing vitality made them the absolute dominators in the ocean. They had been considered gods by the folks on the ocean in the past.

In the Star Glory Federation, legend even had it that the souls of the demon soldiers, demon generals, and demon emperors of the Far East Demon Kingdom, which had been completely demolished years ago, were attached to the body of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monsters, which was why such monsters in the ocean were so appalling.

Of course, it was pure nonsense.

However, the biochemical technology of the Far East Demon Kingdom had been quite developed at that time. It was quite possible that they had captured some Nine-Headed Ocean Monsters for refinement, and those experiment subjects had prospered

Anyway, the Nine-Headed Ocean Monsters were certainly not something that Cultivators of the Heaven’s Origin Sector were willing to encounter in the ocean.

Thankfully, their range of activity was usually the trenches more than ten thousand meters deep, where they fed upon the enormous whales. They hardly ever came to the shallow ocean because their pressure of the seawater was too little. It was a highly uncomfortable environment for their enormous body size.

As long as the Cultivators of the Heaven’s Origin Sector did not try to be heroes and go to hunt them in the trenches thousands of meters deep, such monsters would usually not jeopardize the lives of ordinary people. The two parties stayed in their respective zone and lived in peace for hundreds of years.

But today, Li Yao lured a Nine-Headed Ocean Monster out of its nest with bait.


The spurts hidden on the wrinkles around the body of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster shot out pillars of water in intimidating aura!

Li Yao smiled and, aiming at the ‘sea anemone’ on the head of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster, shot yet another magazine of bullets.

The fluorescent hair on the head was the organ to release pheromones for the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster. The biggest usage of the pheromones was to attract females.

In other words, the ‘sea anemone’ was actually the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster’s genitals!

Li Yao’s bullets were like kicking the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster right in the groins. Although all the bullets were slapped away, the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster still burst into fury.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was like a walking undersea volcano that was smashing at Li Yao brutally!

“Let’s go!” Li Yao shouted and fled toward the undersea mining base immediately.

The arrows of water brushed past him, leaving clear marks on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. However, Li Yao did not even bother to look back. He jumped up and down, dancing in the middle of the undercurrents and the water arrows while he calculated the distance between him and the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster as well as the weather condition on the ocean.

At this movement, the tsunami raised by the volcanic eruption, the thunderbolts caused by the superstorm, and the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster that had gone completely mad were all charging toward the undersea mining base at the same time!

Li Yao had calculated the time precisely. When he escaped to the nearby of the undersea mining base, it happened to be the moment when the tsunami and the superstorm were most furious and the spiritual energy below the ocean was most chaotic!

In that moment, thunder and storms were raging on the ocean with surging tides, and the earth was shaking violently, leading to violent undercurrents. The undersea mining base was at the center of the turbulence, and its perception about the environment was reduced to the minimum.

But no matter how inert it was, it could certainly detect that a Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was drawing close.

By Li Yao’s estimation, since the undersea mining base was not far away from the Broken Vein Trench, the ‘patriots’ in the base were certainly aware that enormous animals such as the Nine-Headed Ocean Monsters lived in the depths of the trench.

Then, it was perfectly normal for those monsters to be disturbed by the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes and pushed to the shallow ocean.

As he expected, a moment later, Li Yao perceived that intense spiritual waves were coming over from the undersea mining base. It was clear that the defense rune arrays had been adjusted to the highest level. Certain powerful attack rune arrays were activated, too. Countless Exos and crystal warships were coming out!

Li Yao, on the other hand, stowed the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit into his Cosmos Ring before they charged out and put on a membrane suit that boasted high stealth ability like a slippery fish. He reduced his heartbeat and breath to the minimum and sank to the bottom of the ocean quietly.

The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster lived at the bottom of the ocean which was devoid of any sunlight. Its optical organs had long retrograded, and the animal mainly detected the enemy by analyzing the seawater and the spiritual waves with its skin.

If the spiritual waves that Li Yao shot out a moment ago was a tiny firefly, the undersea mining base, which had brought its defense to the maximum in preparation for the bad weather, was like a burning torch in the animal’s perception!


The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster had lived in the undersea abyss all the time and never knew anything beyond its range. Now that the dignity of the dominator of the deep sea had been insulted, the animal went crazy and charged toward the undersea mining base!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Almost twenty dazzling mystic rays shot out of the undersea mining base. So much spiritual energy had been condensed in the mystic rays that even the seawater nearby was decomposed into dreamy arcs of light. They slashed the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster like blade auras, cutting wounds dozens of meters on its body. Even one of its tentacles was chopped off, too!

But the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster seemed to feel none of it. The wounds were recovering at a visible speed. Flesh was flooding out of the fracture of the broken tentacle. Very soon, a new tentacle took shape.

The nine tentacles waved like wind and slapped away two crystal warships. Spurting currents of water, the animal turned into an undersea shooting star with the counterforce and crashed into a corner of the mining base!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The defense rune arrays around the mining base triggered tremendous electricity, which formed a lightning barrier, only to be ripped apart by the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster easily. Also, the corrosive bodily fluids splashing out of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster’s wounds even left giant holes on the shell of the mining base!

Seawater immediately poured into the base!

Hundreds of elite Exos were fighting the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster hard, raising the mud at the bottom of the ocean and making the ten square kilometers nearby a world of mess that was barely invisible. The scanning of spiritual energy was seriously jammed, too. Everything was chaos!

Hiding below the sand, Li Yao observed the fierce fight quietly.

His guess was correct. As the most important secret base for the Patriots Partnership, the place was truly heavily defended. Several Exos were displaying the capability of the peak of the Core Formation Stage. There was no telling whether or not any Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were supervising the placeperhaps they were waiting for an opportunity to give a fatal strike to the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster!

However, the vigorous Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was not so easy to kill, either. Before it completely died in the end, it should be able to buy him enough time.

Li Yao smiled. Holding his breath, he made use of the blast in the battlefield with the tiniest body movements and floated to the damaged regions on the shell of the mining base along with the current.

Everybody’s attention was attracted by the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster. None of them realized that, in the dirty seawater, a monster that was even more scary than the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was sneaking into the mining base through the holes!

Li Yao successfully entered the undersea mining base!

But he did not have much time.

After the guards killed the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster, repaired the defense system, and returned to the undersea base, his zone of activity would be greatly reduced.

He had to act fast!


The tentacles of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster were still bashing the shell of the undersea base hard. The entire base was shaking slightly. Tremendous seawater was pouring in through the damage, drowning quite a few pathways and space. The base was now in chaos. Everybody was busy dealing with the hazard.

As a result, the defense system was disrupted and showing all kinds of flaws.

Li Yao released Neltharion and set it into the stealth mode. He followed a few urgent workers and found a guy who appeared to be a captain. Then, he zigzagged and tailed to the guy depths of the base.

If the undersea mining base could be compared to an enormous crab, it was the ‘pincers’ that were in a riot right now. The core of the base, like the abdomen of the crab that was protected by multiple layers of shell, was still safe and sound.

Passing through a few airtight doors, Neltharion was now in front of a vast medicine workshop. Almost a hundred chemists, who were wearing white, fully-enclosed suits and filtering masks, were busy doing their job on the desk.

They were producing a certain drug with bright green fluorescence.

The medicine workshop was very quiet. The noises of fighting outside were barely audible. Few of them were talking to each other, either.

[What’s this?] Crouching in the gap of an air circulation unit, Li Yao pondered curiously. [Is this the ‘medicine’ that Lu Zui mentioned? It appears that the medicine can already be manufactured. What’s the use of such a ‘medicine’?]

The captain talked to an old man who appeared to be the director of the medicine workshop. He seemed to be explaining the situation outside.

The old man nodded and gestured for him to go back and continue his job. He then walked to another gate in a corner.

Li Yao’s pupils shrank violently.

For all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, even if he did not know their every detail, he knew the appearance and the basic files of every one of them.

Therefore, it was not hard for him to tell that the white-haired, kindly-looking old man, whose name was Shou Yuxuan, was a research-type Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage. He was the deputy president of the Capital Medical College, one of the Nine Elite Universities, and a renowned specialist in biochemistry and virology!