Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 The Soul Searching Technique

Shou Yuxuan went to an airtight door at a corner of the medicine workshop.

Li Yao’s heart was pounding as he was faced with a tough decision.

Although Shou Yuxuan was a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, he was a research-type one, whose brain and soul was slightly different from those of the battle-type Cultivators and focused more on the depths of thinking and the ability of comprehensive analysis. His senses would not be very keen, and it was doubtful that he could discover Neltharion.

However, were there other battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the base?

Li Yao thought quickly and decided that the risk was worth it.

Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were not like chives that would grow up quickly after they were cut away. The Patriots Partnership was an underground organization after all. It was already a miracle that three to five Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had been recruited.

He had just crippled Ye Changkong, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, in the capital city. Therefore, there could not be many battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the base, and they should be fighting the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster right now. There was no way that they would still be lingering inside the base!

Gritting his teeth, Li Yao manipulated Neltharion carefully to follow Shou Yuxuan and fly into the channel.

They passed another four airtight doors. Perhaps because of the harsh environment and the fierce battle outside, the lights were flickering. All the defense rune arrays were disturbed and even shaking slightly every once in a while, which made it quite convenient for Neltharion to hide its traces.

Shou Yuxuan was a pure scholar. Never in his dreams would he have realized that something was following him right now.

They passed another airtight door and entered a rather spacious sterile room. Ivory brightness was spreading out from the walls of the room. At the center was a metal platform that appeared to be a combination of a surgical bed and an interrogation device. On the top of the platform was a headless body.

The headless body was pierced through by more than ten thick needles and fixed to the metal bed. Another hundreds of tubes were inserted into his internal organs, and all kinds of suspicious liquids were circulating in the tubes.

His head, on the other hand, was placed in a transparent box three meters away. Hundreds of soft tubes and crystal wires were stabbed all over it and extended forward to connect his body.

The hair on his head had been shaved, and it was entangled by countless wires. So, it was not easy to clearly see his face. But his face was gray, and his eyes were closed, indicating that he must have been dead for a long time.

For some reason, Li Yao felt that the dead body whose head had been cut off looked familiar. It must have left a deep impression on him somewhere before.

[What’s the meaning of this?] Li Yao pondered carefully. [The head was cut off. He has been dead for a long time, but the barriers deep in his internal organs are still kept at the highest level and can be triggered at any time. What’s the purpose? Are they scared that the corpse will become a zombie?]

There were many occasions where a dead body would turn into a zombie, but Li Yao felt that the body here was much more dangerous than a zombie.

The body was surrounded by more than ten workers wearing fully-enclosed suits and covering their faces with filtering masks. There were three battle-type Cultivators who were letting out an intimidating aura. They sat aside on alert while holding powerful storm bolters.

Li Yao’s heart was suddenly beating faster. He hurried to halt Neltharion midair and did not dare to move anymore.

Who was the body exactly? The battle was so fierce outside, and the three Core Formation Stage Cultivators were still guarding the place without any intention of reinforcing them. Were they scared that the body would suddenly jerk up and hurt anyone?

Li Yao observed the crystal wires on the top of the head, only to discover that the hundred wires were all connected to an unbelievable huge super crystal processor. Judging from the distribution of the cooling chips that was in the shape of the duck wing, it should be a certain upgraded version of the ‘Star River V’ mainframe crystal processor.

It was a super crystal processor that was only used by heavy warships or the headquarters of major sects. And now it was adopted to analyze the head of a corpse? That was rather wasteful!

Who was it that the Patriots Partnership paid so much attention to?

The more Li Yao observed, the more familiar the guy seemed. The name was on the tip of his tongue.

At this moment, one of the workers wearing white robe took off his mask, revealing a scarred, strange face.

Shou Yuxuan walked close and whispered to the scar-faced man. Li Yao heard nothing except”Everything is stable again. The interrogation can proceed.”

The scar-faced man nodded and quickly operated the light beam of the ‘Star River V’ mainframe crystal processor. In an instant, feeble spiritual waves circulated in the head and the body of the corpse along with the dense crystal wires. The liquids in all of the tubes were flowing at a much higher speed. Also, the face of the ‘corpse’ suddenly put on an extremely miserable expression, and his eyelids and lips were trembling.

[He is not dead yet!] Li Yao felt as if his blood was freezing.


The mainframe crystal processor immediately triggered almost a hundred light beams, most of which were displaying mottled shadows and broken data. However, an enormous light beam in the middle was occupied by a blurred figure that seemed to be struggling desperately in burning flames. It was screaming, splitting, condensing, and melting, and then the whole process would start again.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

When the shadow on the light beam was gradually frozen, the headless body cramped violently, only to be suppressed by the barriers made of dozens of iron needles and bounced back to the metal plate. The crash was so heavy that the bed was cracking and seemed to be falling apart!

Immense spiritual waves were unleashed during the entire process. Judging from the intensity of the data collected by Neltharion, the guy seemed to be a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!

[Nascent Soul Stage!] Li Yao was becoming more and more confused.

It was impossible!

He knew the appearances of all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector. The body was none of them.

Besides, the death of any Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was big news in either the Heaven’s Origin Sector or the Flying Star Sector. In the Heaven’s Origin Sector, if a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator passed away, the Speaker and the parliamentary representatives would all pay respects and offer condolences to their family. It was even possible that a state funeral would be held!

Powerful as the Patriots Partnership was, it was impossible that they could capture a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator for interrogation without alarming anyone and even kill him!

Who was he exactly

At that moment, Li Yao shuddered as if he had been hit by lightning because he realized who the guy was.

He was Elder Nether Spring, one of the four giants of the Blood Demon Sector, the master of the Nether Spring Kingdom in the past, and the planner and enforcer of the Spore Stratagem!

Elder Nether Spring had indeed swallowed excessive Divine Blood of Chaos and snuck into the Heaven’s Origin Sector with the appearance of a human being!

However, before the stray dog had a chance to bite anyone, he had been captured by the Patriots Partnership and ended up like this!

If so, it would not be hard to tell what the Patriots Partnership was doing here.

At this moment, Elder Nether Spring was in the most devastating agony. The specialists of the Patriots Partnership had connected his brain to the mainframe crystal processor. By the stimulation of drugs and magical equipment, they would be able to retrieve tremendous information from his brain cells and even most of Elder Nether Spring’s memories.

In the words of the ancient Cultivators forty thousand years ago, they had confined Elder Nether Spring’s soul and were now interrogating him by searching his soul!

Of course, the modern biochemical technology, modern magical equipment, and studies about brain were much more complicated than the crude ‘soul search technique’ from ancient times.

Other than Shou Yuxuan, the other workers should be specialists of interrogation and Meditation Healers who were the experts of the brain. Now that so many people were gathered there, 99% of the secrets in Elder Nether Spring’s head would certainly be exploited!

On the enormous light beam, the human shape that was struggling hard in the invisible fire collapsed time and time again. Eventually, it congregated into a colorful big face, which was filled with hatred, fury, frustration, desperation, and even a hint of begging.

Dry voice came over from the broadcasting rune arrays on the two sides of the mainframe crystal processor as if it was from the deepest level of hell. “Kill me Kill me Kill me”

Li Yao believed that Elder Nether Spring had ended up like this for his own wrongdoing and was not worthy of his pity at all.

However, he was truly baffled by the Patriots Partnership’s actions.

[So, the Patriots Partnership captured Elder Nether Spring a long time ago and retrieved tremendous intelligence about the Blood Demon Sector by exploiting his brain cells. No wonder they know so much about the things in the Blood Demon Sector, including the relationship between Jin Tuyi and me!

[However, why are they holding him in secret instead of publicizing the news?

[What’s Lu Zui up to exactly?]

Inside the sterile room, nobody was moved by Elder Nether Spring’s screams.

Shou Yuxuan, the most renowned professor of virology, smiled and tapped the light beam of his portable crystal processor. Glancing at it, he said, “Fellow Cultivator Nether Spring, the biochemistry and the virology of the Blood Demon Sector are indeed much more advanced than those of the Heaven’s Origin Sector! As for yourself, not only are you a specialist in those fields, you have also received the legacy of chaos. Your brain is too incredible a treasury to be wrecked easily.

“One conversation with you is worth ten years of reading books. The communication with Fellow Cultivator Nether Spring has been a great enlightenment for me. Truly an enlightenment!

“Just now, we discussed the stimulation and the mutation that ‘sodium taurocholate polypeptide replacement’ can trigger on the latest version of the Demon God Virus, but we were disrupted by the bad weather outside. Now, let’s proceed. Please tell me everything about the subject, Fellow Cultivator Nether Spring!”

Li Yao’s heart was racing. What was the meaning of that? Judging from his tone, the Patriots Partnership was bettering the Demon God Virus on the basis of Elder Nether Spring’s work?

The biochemistry and virology of the Heaven’s Origin Sector were indeed too underdeveloped to study the Demon God Virus independently.

However, it was not entirely impossible if they had all the memories and data of Elder Nether Spring, who was the ‘father’ of the Demon God Virus, and upgraded the virus based on his work!

On the enormous light beam, Elder Nether Spring’s big face twisted. Heartbreaking sounds were still echoing from the broadcast rune arrays. “Kill me Kill me I’ll tell you if you kill me”

After months of exploitation, his thinking ability had been seriously compromised.

However, on the dozens of light beams nearby, the pictures of his memories about the studies of the subject, along with endless, cascading data, were popping up.

That was the thing about the ‘soul searching technique’. Shou Yuxuan’s question imposed a strong stimulation on Elder Nether Spring’s brain. Even if Elder Nether Spring did not want to tell the answer consciously, his brain cells would trigger all the information about the question because of natural intuitions.