Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Lu Zui's Belief

Li Yao felt that his blood was freezing when he heard that part, as if billions of tons of seawater were pressing his body. He was almost suffocated!

He was finally certain that Lu Zui had gone mad!

Before, the guy had assassinated the Speaker of Parliament and killed tens of thousands of innocent people in order to raise the fury of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Now, he was trying to kill at least a hundred thousand citizens of the Flying Star Sector through the Demon God Virus in order to trigger the Flying Star Sector’s hatred of the demon race that was thin if not nonexistent. He hoped to disrupt the collaboration between mankind and the demon race in such a way!

Jin Tuyi was quite right. Lu Zui had been completely swallowed by his own hatred, selfishness, and ambitions and turned into an enormous Abyss that was even more dreadful than the Broken Vein Trench several hundred kilometers away!

[Everything makes sense now.

[Elder Nether Spring was a smart guy, too. After the Spore Stratagem failed, he must’ve considered and inferred the goals of me and Jin Tuyi.

[Then, after he fell into the hands of the Patriots Partnership, my intention was immediately learned by Lu Zui!

[He knew that I would certainly return to the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He also knew that I was here to submit the ‘instruments of surrender’ of the demon race and to realize peace. But such peace is absolutely unacceptable for Lu Zui and the Patriots Partnership!

[Therefore, he set up a flawless trap with the Patriots Partnership, the Children of the Nether World, the military, and some of the ignorant workers in the Secret Sword Bureau. As long as I appeared on the Grand Desolate Plateau, the trap could immediately be activated!

[The elements such as the memorial park for Martyr Li Yao and the existence of Duanmu Ming were perhaps arranged by Lu Zui carefully in advance and were nothing more than his chess pieces. Their sole purpose was to shock me so that I would trust nobody. Eventually, I was led to the final stage step by step according to his pace, namely the Federal Square, where I assumed the role of ‘assassin’!

[He almost succeeded!

[If Ding Lingdang hadn’t trusted me and supported me without any complaint, I might’ve turned into a real Blood Devil at this moment and completely become his chess piece!]

Li Yao took a long breath in cold sweat.

He basically understood Lu Zui’s intention right now. The tremendous Demon God Virus and the antidote that were under the control of the Patriots Partnership could indeed change the intensity and the outcome of the plague.

For example, if a few elite squads of the Patriots Partnership were hidden among the troops that were to march into the Blood Demon Sector and sprayed the virus there, their efficiency would certainly be much higher than Elder Nether Spring’s Nether World Watch.

The Blood Demon Sector was at its weakest in its thousands of years of history in the first place. It would be difficult for them to resist the triple attacks of the federal army, the warship of the Flying Star Sector, and the Demon God Virus.

As soon as the main force of the coalition army of demons was crushed, Lu Zui would be able to control the plague with the antidote and get a lot of demon slaves.

He could even conquer the demon race with the antidote as a lure!

Those who were willing to be his slaves would be given the antidote and live. Those who were not would turn into the walking dead and uncontrollable mutants, dying the most miserable death!

In such a way, he would have a high chance to occupy the Blood Demon Sector without paying a high price. Also, after seizing the Blood Demon Sector, he would be able to keep a lot of demon slaves who could be sent to the resource planets for mining.

It was truly a very enticing plan.

However, how was Lu Zui’s Patriots Partnership able to manufacture the antidote earlier than his Skyfire did?

Li Yao thought quickly and realized that the reason was too simple!

The so-called ‘antidote of the Demon God Virus’ was in fact the synthesized Divine Blood of Chaos, which Skyfire had duplicated by studying Jin Xinyue’s blood.

There was only one Jin Xinyue, and it was impossible for Skyfire to have pumped away all her blood for research. They could only take a syringe occasionally. Naturally, their progress was slow.

But the Patriots Partnership had more than a hundred Children of the Nether World under their control, all of whom had transformed by swallowing the original Divine Blood of Chaos. Therefore, their blood had exactly the same effect as Jin Xinyue’s!

Lu Zui would definitely not be courteous toward those Children of the Nether World. He would not hesitate even if half of their blood was to be pumped out.

Li Yao had no doubt that Lu Zui would not even bother to blink if the blood of the Children of the Nether World, who were too obstinate to betray Elder Nether Spring, had to be drained!

Li Yao’s confusions were resolved one by one. He was more determined to stop Lu Zui than ever!

Voices came over from the cable again. Shou Yuxuan was asking, “To expedite the production, I have to know where the ‘Type-B Demon God Virus’ will be released. City, wilderness, underground, or sealed space? In the Heaven’s Origin Sector or the Blood Demon Sector? The virus must have minor adjustments according to the environment to maximize the effect with the minimal dose.”

“It will be released in a sealed space. Or more exactly, inside Burning Prairie,” Lu Zui said casually. “The Heaven’s Origin Sector alone cannot conquer the Blood Demon Sector at the minimal cost within the shortest amount of time. Therefore, the Flying Star Sector must get on the tank, too!

“What we need is more than a Burning Prairie and two hundred thousand Grand Illusionary Soldiers. What we need is thousands of warships of the Flying Star Sector, millions of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, and the countless warriors of the other world!

“It is a pity that the Flying Star Sector is unwilling to fight another war after the serious internal strife.

“Besides, the human compatriots of the Flying Star Sector haven’t tasted the vileness, evilness, shamelessness, and brutality of the demon race for themselves!

“The forty-thousand-year-old bloody grudge between mankind and the demon race has been gradually forgotten over the past thousands of years. Faced with the demons, they are cowardly, timid, and full of impractical illusions!”

Shou Yuxuan sighed and said, “That’s not entirely their fault. Human beings are a species that is good at forgetting and self-deception. Not just the citizens of the Flying Star Sector who haven’t fought the demons for thousands of years, even in the heartland of the federation, haven’t many of our compatriots of the Heaven’s Origin Sector eased their wariness and fantasized the peace that will never come true, just because they haven’t experienced the war for more than a hundred years after the Grand Desolate Plateau was conquered?

“Even the leader of the country, Jiang Hailiu, who has deep grudges with the demon race and has the future of the nation on his shoulders, chickened, softened up, and backed off. He was nave enough to think that there was possibility of peace between mankind and the demon race!”

“That’s the weakness of humanity,” Lu Zui said coldly. “If they can’t overcome it themselves, we will give them a hand!

“Right now, through the assault in the Federal Square, we have successfully awakened all the inert compatriots in the federation who were dwelling in the illusions of peace. We have ignited their pride and made them realize that it is their mission to slay evil as human beings!

“Now, it will the human compatriots of the Flying Star Sector’s turn!

“Burning Prairie is the unique, dream warship of the Flying Star Sector. The countless marines responsible for manipulating the crystal behemoth are the best warriors of the Flying Star Sector, too. Their families and sects boast tremendous influence in their world!

“If the dream warship is assaulted by the demon race after it marches into the Blood Demon Sector, and the sordid demons kill most of the soldiers on board with the Demon God Virus while refining the survivors into biochemical weapons hehe, how will the citizens of the Flying Star Sector react when the news arrives?”

Shou Yuxuan smiled. “The Flying Star Sector will certainly burst into fury. Instead of recovering the wounds of the civil war, they will march out without caring about the cost and annihilate the evil demon race together with us!”

Lu Zui laughed. “Exactly. As long as they have the tiniest dignity and pride as human beings, they will definitely fight side by side with us sparing no resources of the Sector!

“The Flying Star Sector wants to learn how to establish a country. Let me give them a lesson


“To establish a country, the easiest way is to find enormous hatred!

“Five hundred years ago, the common hatred against the demon race allowed the nine major sects of the Heaven’s Origin Sector to join hands and set up the Star Glory Federation, our great motherland!

“Today, the common hatred toward the demon race will make the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector collaborate. In the war against the demon race, we will be integrating at the highest speed. A new federation that is much more powerful will be founded!

“Hehe. The soft bone Jiang Hailiu and the little devil Li Yao want integration of the three Sectors, too.

“But Jiang Hailiu is too conservative. He wants everything to be done slowly through negotiations. How much longer will it take before the two worlds are finally assimilated?

“The little devil Li Yao is even more unrealistic. The participation of the demon race will add countless unstable factors to the federation later. Eventually, the country will collapse before the enemy arrives!

“Ours is the only way to integrate the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector as quickly as possible. By removing all uncertainty, the resources will be concentrated in the steadiest form. An invincible federation will be founded on blood, steel, and fire in order to fight against the Imperium of True Human Beings!

“This is the only path! No matter how many more obstacles are out there on the path, we must crush and eliminate all of them mercilessly!”

Shou Yuxuan’s voice sounded like he was trying to suppress his volcano-like passion. He said, one word after another, “I understand. I will produce enough ‘Type-B Demon God Virus’ as soon as possible!”

“Thank you very much, Brother Shou!” Lu Zui’s voice was suddenly mixed with a hint of gratitude. “When I established the Patriots Partnership, I thought that my firmest supporters would be the hawks in the military.

“It never occurred to me that the one who agrees with my belief most and who is willing to fight with me until the last moment would be you, the deputy director of the Capital Medical College, a scholar instead of a soldier!”