Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Virus And Cell

I am a doctor and a virologist, Shou Yuxuan said calmly. I am very clear that, of the thousands of medicines to kill viruses in the Star Glory Federation, none target the infected cells alone.

Many viruses lurk deep inside the cells and even take on the form and attributes of the regular cells. With our current knowledge, it was impossible to distinguish them.

Most highly-efficient anti-virus medication annihilates a lot of healthy cells while they kill the infected cells and the viruses.

Some of the treatments even cause serious damage to the body, such as nausea, loss of hair, reduction of immunity, femoral head necrosis, and other symptoms.

As a doctor, I do not want my patient to suffer. I do not want the healthy cells in their body including the guardian cells such as leukocytes, which fight against the virus and defend the health of the bodyto be killed on a large scale.

I often have no other choice!

On many occasions, if radical treatments are not adopted for fear of the temporary healthy condition of the patient, and the healthy cells are not killed together with the infected cells in the patients body, the only outcome will be that the virus savages in the entire body and causes them to be killed!

That is the only reason I am willing to take your side, Brother Lu.

The compatriots who died miserably in the Federal Square were of course innocent. But like the healthy cells that are killed by a certain anti-virus medicine, it was a price we had to pay for the survival of the entire body.

Vulture Li Yao may not be a devil. He may be the most hardworking leucocyte inside the body.


For the health of the body, and for the great federation, he must be sacrificed!

Lu Zui was deep in thought. Brother Shou, I have never considered the issue from such a point of view. Thank you for sharing. I feel that my belief is firmer still now!

Shou Yuxuan smiled and said, Integration. Integration. Those guys in parliament are talking about the necessity of the integration of the Heavens Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector every day.

But they are two Sectors that have been kept apart for ten thousand years. The customs, habits, and social systems are entirely different. They are like two intact, well-functioning bodies. How can you expect them to be integrated in just a few years?

There is only one way for a fast integration. Cut two gaping, bleeding wounds on the two bodies with a sharp scalpel, aim the wounds at each other, and sew the two bodies together!

In such a way, their blood will be forced to meld, and their bodies will grow together forever!

Let the Patriots Partnership be the sharpest scalpel!

Lu Zui laughed out loud. Well said, Brother Shou. With such judicious fellows such as Brother Shou and thousands of real patriots, there is still hope for our country!

Shou Yuxuan smiled and said, Alright. Ive disturbed you long enough, Brother Lu. Get some rest. We still count on your head for our moves to come! The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster has already been slain by Brother Diwu[Note: Diwu means fifth.]. When the weather gets better, I will have the Jade Crystal Disc that stores Elder Nether Springs memories delivered to the capital city.

Li Yaos heart suddenly skipped a bit.

Diwu was a very rarely-seen surname. There were not many Cultivators in the Heavens Origin Sector with such a surname.

Even fewer of them were qualified to be called brother by Lu Zui and Shou Yuxuan, who were both Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, and had the capability to slay the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster.

A name quickly jumped out of Li Yaos head. Diwu Jian[Note: Diwu Jian means the fifth sword literally.], deputy president of the Exos Association of the Star Glory Federation!

The president of the Exos Associate was an honorary title that was similar to lifetime achievement award. The post was usually assumed by a well-renowned senior.

The deputy presidents, on the other hand, were the true top experts in the circle of Exos of the Star Glory Federation!

Diwu Jian, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, was also a seasoned expert who had been famous for more than a hundred years, just like Death Ray Ye Changkong.

Ye Changkong was a great sniper, but Diwu Jian was adept at melee combat. He was known as the Sword God in the federation!

Diwu used to be his surname. However, after he advanced into the Nascent Soul Stage, the Sword God began to use his real name as his nickname.

Even the most brutal demon beasts and the strongest enemies could never escape from the hunting of his Five Swords of Heavens and Human. He never needed to perform a sixth attack!

[As I expected. The Patriots Partnership has been lurking in the darkness for too long. Ye Changkong isnt the only battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator in the organization. There are bound to be a few others. Diwu Jian is another one!

[Ye Changkong has been carrying out missions outside, and Diwu Jian is responsible for the defense of the most critical undersea base!]

Realizing that a highly-dangerous Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was on alert not far away from them, Li Yao did not even have the courage to berate Shou Yuxuans shamelessness now. Cold sweat was popping out of his body, and he did not dare move at all.

Now that the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster had been killed, Diwu Jians attention could be shifted to the surroundings again. It was possible that the opponent would discover him even if he did nothing but fart once!

In a one-versus-one battle, Li Yao was definitely not scared of any battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the Heavens Origin Sector, including Diwu Jian. However, the guy was with dozens of Core Formation Stage Cultivators and several fully-armed crystal warships!

How could he expect to fight all of them at once?

He might as well cringe at the bottom of the ocean for a while longer!

Hardly had he made up his mind when Lu Zuis voice in the undersea cable was suddenly raised. What do you mean? The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster?

Yes, Shou Yuxuan said. The base was under the attack of a Nine-Headed Ocean Monster, which was probably stimulated by the eruption of the undersea volcano. But it is not a big deal. Only part of the anti-pressure shell at the edge was broken. 88% of the damage has been repaired. The Nine-Headed Ocean Monster was executed by Brother Diwu.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Lu Zuis voice was more and more anxious. He did not sound so concerned even when he heard the news of Elder Nether Springs death a moment ago. A Nine-Headed Ocean Monster attacked the base, damaged the defense system, and cracked the shell of the base, and a lot of seawater poured into the base?

Yes, Shou Yuxuan replied, but just the periphery. Is there a problem?

And Elder Nether Spring died soon after the Nine-Headed Ocean Monsters harassment?

Shou Yuxuan thought for a moment and answered, Seems so, but I doubt that they are related.

They may be related, and they may be not, but it doesnt matter.

Lu Zui gnashed his teeth. What matters is that the base is very likely to have been

Before he said compromised, the two parties lost connection to each other because Li Yao had chopped off the undersea cable brutally with one slash!

Before they contacted to each other again with a second cable, he had earned himself a few seconds to react!

Li Yao cursed loudly in his heart. He did not know that Lu Zuis computational ability was so terrifying that he could sniff out danger from nothing but the weird arrival of the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster!

Thankfully, Lu Zui had planned too many plots and schemes recently, and his head was at a low point. He had been trying to recover. That was why he was more sluggish than he should have been!

If Lu Zui had been at his peak state and his head was clear and agile, he might have caught traces at the beginning of their conversation!

[Ive definitely been exposed!]

Li Yao gritted his teeth. Without concealing his scent anymore, he rushed upward like a cannonball.

He could have chosen to escape silently. With his speed, it was almost impossible that Diwu Jian and the Core Formation Stage Cultivators could have stopped him!

However, after hearing such a big, insane scheme of the Patriots Partnership, how could he just get up and leave?

He had to get the Jade Crystal Disc that stored Elder Nether Springs memory data, which was the key to crack the scheme!

Come on, the Blood Demon Form of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, unleash the most formidable strength! Li Yao roared. Bubbles spread out of his body, and a blast rippled out, triggering an enormous undersea swirl!

At the center of the swirl, a shadow that was as deep as the night sky, as red as blood, and as eye-catching as the shining stars showed up splendidly!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Around Li Yao, the shield mixed by the spiritual energy and the demonic energy continued expanding, enveloping him like the most dazzling ball lightning. All the seawater inside was evaporated and popped up to the surface of the ocean as bubbles.

Li Yao, on the other hand, stood in the middle of the ball-shaped space. He stabbed his hands into his chest and opened the breastplate to the two sides quickly, revealing the brilliant demon core at the center of his chest!

It was the Hellish River Cannon, the upgraded version of the Cell Obliteration Cannon, which was the most powerful remote weapon on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit right now!

Just burn, my cells!

The power of Li Yaos soul surged out. All the cells inside his chest seemed to be exploding and releasing infinite energy, which was congregated and enhanced by the demon core. A small sun seemed to be rising slowly from the bottom of the ocean, illuminating the darkness of the environment!

Theres an intruder! He is very likely to be Li Yao!

Lu Zuis voice finally passed over through the other cables and was echoing in the entire base!

Diwu Jian, the battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator guarding the base, as well as countless Cultivators of the Patriots Partnership discovered Li Yao!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Hundreds of flying swords, mystic rays, and cannon attacks bombarded the hundreds of meters around Li Yao like a storm and smashed his spiritual shield until it was shaking, dimming, and about to collapse!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and swallowed all the blood. Before the blood slid into his stomach, it was already transformed into the purest energy by the obliterative power of the cells!


A sword aura that was as fast as lightning pierced through thousands of meters of seawater like an invisible line and slashed open his spiritual shield directly!

It was the Five Swords of Heavens and Human, Diwu Jians ultimate technique and the most terrifying sword art of the Heavens Origin Sector!

After only one attack, tens of thousands of red threads split from the aura and enshrouded Li Yaos spiritual shield, shattering it instantly. They even constituted a weird barrier that prevented him from condensing a second spiritual shield within the next few seconds!

Without the protection of spiritual energy, the enemys attack was unstoppable and was about to reach the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

However, the moment his spiritual shield exploded abruptly, Li Yao already burnt his soul, cells, and life to the maximum and shot out the Hellish River Cannon toward the heart of the undersea base furiously!