Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 Unstoppable Blade Aura


Hundreds of colorful blasts appeared on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and proliferated like cancer. The destructive force threw Li Yao hundreds of meters away.

The bright pillar of light blown out by the Hellish River Cannon, on the other hand, ripped apart all the defense rune arrays in the undersea base and pierced through the core of the base.

It was the place where the medicine workshop and the sterile room were located according to Li Yao’s observation and Neltharion’s scanning.

At that moment, a series of ear-splitting explosions was raised at the core of the undersea base. Shocking alarms were echoing nearby. The seawater was flooding crazily. The base was in utter chaos!

The sterile room where Elder Nether Spring had been interrogated happened to be hit precisely by the Hellish River Cannon. Caught unprepared, the Cultivators were all sent flying, colliding and struggling in the blast!

Neltharion had been lurking in a corner of the sterile room and observing where the Jade Crystal Disc was kept. It took the opportunity to release almost five tiny smoke grenades, making the sterile room that was already messy enough even messier.

The tiny drill of mystic rays in the front being activated to the maximum, Neltharion turned into a streak of brightness and pierced through the super crystal processor that had been used to analyze Elder Nether Spring’s brain!

The Jade Crystal Disc was stored right inside the super crystal processor!


Neltharion extended two tiny, long claws from the front, grabbed the Jade Crystal Disc, and snatched it out from the preservation rune arrays!

Li Yao had also been planning to capture the main storage chips of the super crystal processor. However, at the same time, he sensed that a second unstoppable blade aura had rushed to the front of his face!

For an unparalleled expert such as ‘Diwu Jian’, even Li Yao could not clearly see how the guy performed the attack.

When he sensed that an attack was coming, the aura of the sword was already less than a hundred meters from him!

This battle was different from the one against ‘Death Ray’ Ye Changkong.

That battle had taken place after hours of consideration and planning. Both parties had spent tremendous computational ability on the preparation for the battle. It had been a battle that had been decided before it started.

Li Yao had calculated every detail in advance. Therefore, he had finished Ye Changkong and barely hurt himself.

But this battle was an unexpected encounter. Neither party was prepared at all. It was a pure competition of combat ability devoid of any tricks!

Li Yao bellowed. The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber dyed the seawater hundreds of square meters nearby crimson. Attached to the aura of the saber, the crimson seawater went at the aura of the sword like a whip of bloody hundreds of meters long!

The sword aura versus the saber aura!


The furious force resulting from the collision of the weapons vaporized the seawater near the point of impact. From liquid to gas, the volume of the seawater expanded by dozens of times, raising a soul-stirring great explosion instantly.

As if a hundred bombs had been detonated below the ocean at the same time, a barrier of chaos erected and temporarily blocked Li Yao from the hunters, including Diwu Jian!

That was exactly Li Yao’s purpose.

To achieve the purpose, he had even slightly dispersed the aura that the Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber triggered. As a result, one tenth of the force entailed in Diwu Jian’s attack penetrated in and lunged at his chest.

Affected by Diwu Jian’s first attack, he had not been able to form a spiritual shield in those few seconds. The one tenth of the force could only be resisted by the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and his body of flesh and blood.


An enormous gash immediately appeared on the right side of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit’s breastplate, through which one could see the flesh and bones inside clearly!

His internal organs seemed to have been stabbed, ripped, and tied by hundreds of tiny swords, which cast him into excruciating pain.

But Li Yao did not even have the time to grunt. He turned around and fled instantly while triggering the crystal bombs that he had stuck to the shell of the undersea base earlier.

For such a crazy bomber like himself, he would have felt sorry for himself if he had not installed a few hundred crystal bombs after he discovered the enemy’s secret base.

A series of fireballs and blasts formed a dazzling ribbon of light on the shell of the base.

Although the bombs were not enough to destroy the base, because they were too dispersed and the base boasted the most advanced defense rune arrays, it was enough to make the Cultivators inside the base work hard to deal with the emergency for a while. His pressure could be somewhat reduced.

At the same time


Neltharion escaped out of the base carrying the Jade Crystal Disc that stored Elder Nether Spring’s memory pieces.

Diwu Jian launched the third attack.

The ‘Sword God’, who was still deep inside the water and had not met Li Yao, sensed the existence of Neltharion keenly and also calculated that something was wrong with the streak of brightness that was dashing out of the base.

The third attack went directly toward Neltharion!

Inside Li Yao’s brain, Neltharion’s alarm system was shrieking crazily.

If the attack hit the target, Neltharion would be more than 55% damaged and basically lose the ability to move!

Li Yao sniffed and raised his right arm. Seven mystic rays rushed out and congregated into a highly-revolving drill of mystic rays in the sea water. As the speed of revolution was higher and higher, the drill was gradually taking the shape of a dragon!

Diwu Jian might have a chance to hit Neltharion, but the Electric Viper Drill would pierce through his chest, too.

After he was heavily wounded, nobody in the entire base would be able to stop Li Yao from picking up the Jade Crystal Disc and running away!

As he expected, Diwu Jian realized the logic, too. The third attack and his own scent vanished in a moment. He seemed to have melted into the ocean.

Without any hesitation, Li Yao turned around and swam upward at the highest of his speed. He met Neltharion halfway and threw the Jade Crystal Chip into his Cosmos Ring!

He was extremely fast. The Core Formation Stage Cultivators, who had been exhausted because of the fight against the Nine-Headed Ocean Monster, were not able to catch up with him at all. The cannons of the crystal warships could not do anything except light up fireworks behind his bottom, either.

In an instant, he dashed dozens of kilometers away.

However, his heart was heavier and heavier, as if it was falling into the bottomless ‘Broken Vein Trench’!

Too quiet. The ocean was too quiet. No undercurrents, no shoals, not the slightest ripples. The entire ocean seemed to have been frozen!

The next moment, hundreds of invisible blades shot out from all directions, like thin, transparent mica plates soaked in the seawater that could not be seen at all. They constituted a fatal array and minced Li Yao brutally!

Diwu Jian’s control over his sword was so amazing that he had compressed the seawater with his hundreds of sword auras and reduced its size to one hundredth. The softness and resilience of the liquid was maintained, and the essence of the undersea currents was absorbed, while the compressed seawater attacked Li Yao’s critical parts from unbelievable angles!

It was an unavoidable trap.

The only way to dodge the attack was to retreat.

However, behind Li Yao, there were both the formidable opponent Diwu Jian and the hundreds of fearless warriors of the Patriots Partnership.

Brainwashed by the fanatical ideology, they could cause great trouble for Li Yao even if they were not as strong.

Therefore, Li Yao had no choice but to stride forward!


Even Black Wing seemed to have unleashed all its potentially. A pair of wings of spiritual energy almost a hundred meters long was triggered. The wings were then folded, enveloping Li Yao into a big, black ball, before Li Yao broke into Diwu Jian’s fatal array!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Li Yao was connected to Black Wing and could sense the pain when the auras of the sword were cutting Black Wing.

He gritted his teeth through it together with Black Wing!

Some of the auras crawled in through the gaps on the wing shield that Black Wing had created, only to be crushed by Li Yao quickly and heavily!

In half a second, Li Yao broke through the fatal array of sword and soared up from the ocean!

Black Wing, which had accompanied him for more than twenty years, now had almost twenty shocking cracks. The whole sword seemed to be about to crumble at any moment!

His eyes bloodshot, Li Yao glared at the bottom of the ocean before he narrowed his eyes and observed the surface of the ocean around him.

The ocean was raging with surging tides. The superstorm and the tsunami were savaging right around him. Not far away, there was a waterspout thousands of meters tall, spurting seawater weighing billions of tons into the sky!

Li Yao turned into a streak of blackness and dashed into the waterspout.

Behind him, a streak of dark golden brightness rushed out of the seawater, too, and sprinted into the super waterspout hundreds of meters in diameter only 0.1 seconds later!

It was Diwu Jian, one of the strongest battle-type Cultivators in the federation!

He did not expect that Li Yao would be so tough as to pass through his fatal array by brute force without even reducing the speed or that the guy would crawl into the waterspout!

[The super waterspout is more than five hundred meters in diameter. The wind speed at the center can be more than eight hundred kilometers per hour. Within a breath, one can be brought to the sky!

[You want to run away through the waterspout? Not so fast!]

Without thinking, Diwu Jian launched the fifth attack right toward the sky the moment he flashed into the waterspout. The strong strike, which was a concentration of the expertise of his entire life, seemed enough to stab a hole on the sky!


He saw a pair of eyes.

Eyes that were bloodshot, burning and ripping apart the crystal suit!

The owner of the eyes was lurking right next to him quietly in the gale, whose speed was almost a thousand kilometers per hour, at a place even lower than his.

Diwu Jian was greatly shocked. He had never expected that Li Yao, who had been running away all the time, would not run away when he found such a perfect method to escape like the waterspout. Instead, the guy fell to the bottom of the waterspout and waited for him right there!

Diwu Jian hurried to change the target. It took him only 0.01 seconds to change the direction of his fifth attack and shift it toward Li Yao!

But it was too late.

Faced with such a frightful opponent like Li Yao, giving him 0.01 seconds was no different from standing still and being terribly beaten for one minute.

The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber hidden behind his back uttered roars like a ferocious beast. Even though it was in the depths of a furious waterspout, all the noises around were still eclipsed.

In that second, all the natural disasters, including the waterspout, the superstorm, and the tsunami, seemed to be swallowed by the Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber. Together with Li Yao’s fury, they congregated into an unstoppable saber aura!

While he was watching the saber aura that was coming at his face, an abrupt thought suddenly popped up in Diwu Jia’s head.

[Such an attack is enough to cut the galaxy in half!]