Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Come On The Final Battle

The ‘patriots’ who leapt out of the ocean after Diwu Jian saw the most shocking scene.

Right before their eyes that were about to burst out of their sockets, the dark clouds, the surging tides, the superstorm, and the tsunami almost seemed to come to a brief halt, as if they had become a painting!

At the center of the painting, the waterspout that connected the sky and the earth collapsed all of a sudden, turning into billions of shining pearls that were splashing everywhere!

Diwu Jian, in his golden heavy suit, was like a kite whose string had been cut off. He fell out of the air helplessly. His heavy suit had been shredded as if it were made of paper. His right arm, right leg, and the entire right side of his body had all been minced into a mess!

There was not the slightest scent of spiritual waves from Diwu Jian’s body now.

It was not until this moment that the frozen tides and storm were alive again.

The ‘patriots’ were so devastated that they failed to react for quite a few seconds. When they narrowed their eyes and looked at the sky, the only thing that they saw was a tiny black feather that was flying in the sky amid the rushing clouds, vanishing into thin air in the blink of an eye.

“Li Yao! Hehehe has blown up the waterspout together with Diwu Jian!”

The ‘patriots’ looked at each other in bewilderment. The distressing fact dumbfounded each and every one of them.

Inside Lu Zui’s private house in the capital city of the Star Glory Federation, Lu Zui looked outside through the somewhat ragged window.

Another dawn was coming. The deep night sky was slowly devoured by the bloodstained clouds.

Brightness and darkness were replacing each other on Lu Zui’s face.

“President Diwu was heavily wounded.”

Behind Lu Zui, a middle-aged man was standing respectfully.

His name was Lu Feng. He had not been sent away for any business, so he was not famous in the world of Cultivators. But he was Lu Zui’s most trusted and reliable foster son, as well as a pillar of the Patriots Partnership.

Lu Feng turned on the crystal processor and activated a light beam, which he snapped to Lu Zui like a piece of paper.

“The right half of President Diwu’s body has been so seriously wounded that it is beyond repair,” Lu Feng said. “Although his life has been saved, I’m afraid that he will have to count on artificial arms to move around in the future.”

Leaning against the window, Lu Zui watched the blood red morning sun emotionlessly, but the corner of his eyes that was bouncing nonstop indicated the anxiety in his heart.

The circulation of spiritual energy for a Cultivator was a whole. Not just an arm and a leg, even the loss of a finger could serious affect the entire circulation.

Even the best artificial limbs were still fake ones. However hard one tried to adapt to them, they would never be even 70% as functional as the real limbs!

Now, almost half of the body needed to be replaced with artificial limbs, which meant that he would be a second ‘Iron Commander’. Even if he could still maintain the level of the Nascent Soul Stage with arduous efforts, his peak combat ability would never recover.

Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao had less trouble. As the commander of the military, there was no need for him to fight on the frontlines. It did not matter that his combat ability had been lowered as long as his strategic view and his commanding abilities were fine.

But Diwu Jian was different.

He had been dedicated to his sword for his entire life, and he was the purest fighting. Was there any difference between losing an arm and a leg and killing him directly?

“This is the combat data collected from the remains of President Diwu’s crystal suit. Also, here are a few combat videos restored from the broken crystal processor.”

Lu Feng handed a jade chip over.

Lu Zui analyzed carefully for a moment without saying anything. Then, he sighed and came to a conclusion, “Brother Diwu could’ve avoided the attack.

“Brother Diwu has been the famous Sword God for a hundred years. He was also wearing the incredible ‘Thousand Sword Flowing Gold Battlesuit’. Although he was tricked by Li Yao and missed the opportunity of attack, he could’ve dodged most of the damage if he had tried his best to escape. At the very least, he wouldn’t have been so heavily wounded or lost his hundred years of Cultivation!”

“Yes,” Lu Feng said, “President Diwu asked me to forward a message to you. He could’ve dodged Li Yao’s fatal attack. The worst outcome would have been losing one of his arms. Like Ye Changkong, he could have undergone a ‘limb replantation’ procedure. After a year and a half’s training, he would have completely recovered.

“However, if he had done that, he would have been pushed back into the ocean. One to two seconds was more than enough for Li Yao to flee unharmed with the Jade Crystal Disc!

“Therefore, President Diwu did not back off. He completely gave up defense and chose to attack Li Yao with his all!

“President Diwu said that, although he was heavily wounded and lost all his Cultivation, he successfully blew the damage of ‘Five Disintegrations of Heavens and Human’ into Li Yao’s body!

“At this moment, Li Yao won’t be any better than himself!”

Lu Zui was greatly moved.

In the world of Cultivators, there were several highly dangerous minerals that boasted immense radiation, such as uranium and plutonium.

Such dangerous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures could release uncanny rays that could penetrate through the body deep into the cells, directly destroying the gene strands. Not just ordinary people, even regular Cultivators were not willing to touch them.

The ‘Five Disintegrations of Heavens and Human’, a secret art that Diwu Jian invented himself, adopted a different approach. He embedded the materials such as uranium and plutonium into his sword and trained with them. Eventually, he was able to concentrate the force of radiation and unleash the radiation in a fierce fight!

Even the deities in the sky, should they be pierced through by the rays of radiation from his sword, would still disintegrate from the inside and perish!

That was the mechanism of the ‘Five Disintegrations of Heavens and Human’!

“According to President Diwu, Li Yao’s crystal suit was very strong,” Lu Feng said. “He might’ve also grasped some secret arts that could recover his body quickly. The guy was very vigorous!

“Also, President Diwu attacked in a hurry and failed to perform the best of the ‘Five Disintegrations of Heavens and Human’. Therefore, Li Yao was not killed instantly.

“But in the next couple of days, Li Yao’s capability will definitely plunge. He will have to spend his spiritual energy on resolving the damage of the radiation. He will not be able to keep himself in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage anymore.

“President Diwu was very sorry that the Jade Crystal Disc that stored Elder Nether Spring’s memories was lost. He blamed it all on himself and hoped that his endeavors could make the situation slightly better for us.”

Lu Zui closed his eyes and mumbled to himself, “Brother Diwu, you’ve been troubled!

Lu Zui clenched his fists and suddenly widened his eyes. “Rest assured! Brother Diwu, you destroyed your Cultivation willingly for the single purpose of wounding Li Yao and buying a few days of precious time for us.

“I will not disappoint you. Your sacrifices will not be for nothing!”

“Father,” Lu Feng said, “the undersea base was seriously damaged. The production of several medicines might be delayed. More importantly, Li Yao has stolen the Jade Crystal Disc. What do we do now?”

“It doesn’t matter!” Lu Zui waved his hands and said coldly, “Our Jade Crystal Disc has been deployed with the most advanced barrier ‘Spiritual Treasure Mystic Dark Lock’. As long as it is pulled out of the crystal processor by force, the barrier will be automatically activated. How can Li Yao crack that? If he can’t, the Jade Crystal Disc is just garbage for him!

“In another few days, when the teleportation arrays in the Dark Desolate Domain are ready, our army will march into the Blood Demon Sector. Everything will be settled. He will not be able to instigate any trouble!”

“Perhaps, he can look for a crystal processor specialist to crack it,” Lu Feng said.

“There are few specialists in the entire Heaven’s Origin Sector who have the skills to crack the barrier,” Lu Zui remarked. “Most of them are involved in the operations of the Secret Sword Bureau to capture the Blood Devil. Where can he find another crystal processor specialist so quickly?”

Then, the father and the son looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, “Mo Xuan!”

As a special spectral Cultivator, Professor Mo Xuan was indeed capable of cracking the Spiritual Treasure Mystic Dark Lock.

Pondering for a moment, Lu Zui said quickly, “Firstly, analyze the database immediately and list all the specialists who have the ability to crack the Spiritual Treasure Mystic Dark Lock. Find out where they are now!

“Secondly, Burning Prairie is now in a drill on the Grand Desolate Plateau. Track Li Yao and stop him from reaching out to the Cultivators of the Flying Star Sector.

“Thirdly, capture Ding Lingdang immediately! Throw out all the evidence we prepared earlier that proves that she is a Child of the Nether World! With that as an excuse, ask Professor Mo Xuan and Li Yao’s two disciples back to help the investigation. Lock them up!

“Remember, do not hurt Professor Mo Xuan, Wu Mayan, and Xie Anan. Cater to their every need. Other than freedom and news from the outside world, all their demands can be satisfied.

“Right. Try to irritate Ding Lingdang during the capture. The girl is a powder keg. It will be better if she fights back in public.”

Lu Feng nodded quickly. “Understood. I’m on it. It will certainly be an unappealable case!”

“Go now!”

Narrowing his eyes, Lu Zui watched the coastline in the east. The upper half of his face was illuminated into redness by the morning sun, but the lower half was still soaked in darkness.

In the darkness, his lips curled as he grinned hideously. “Vulture Li Yao, you may have the Jade Crystal Chip now. But so what? Everyone that you trust and everyone that trusts you is under my control!

“You are now a blind person riding a blind horse. How can you fight me with zero help?”

When the same morning sun illuminated the capital city, the eastern coastline of the federation embraced the light, too.

On a patch of pointy reefs, Li Yao was lying with his limbs stretched out. He squinted and enjoyed the massage of sunlight.

His left hand opened one syringe of medication drug after another and poured all of them into his stomach.

But his right hand clung to the Jade Crystal Disc without letting it go.

This place was only six hundred and fifty kilometers away from the capital city. With a Cultivator’s speed, they would arrive in no time if they were rushing at top speed.

Li Yao was very clear that he had been exposed. His wounds were not a secret. With Lu Zui’s cunningness, he must have prepared a lot of traps in the capital city.

“Come on then!”

Li Yao licked his lips and struggled to his feet. Looking at Black Wing, which was full of cracks, he felt that his eyelids were twitching and put Black Wing back to his waist.

“Little Black Even you are supporting me without caring about anything at the critical moment. Is there any reason I shouldn’t persist in fighting!”

This was the final battle.

Even if only one of his fingers could be moved, he would still be the final victor because he was backed by Ding Lingdang, Professor Mo Xuan, Black Wing, Wu Mayan, Xie Anan, the entire federation, and most of the people in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector!

As long as the truth was released to public, Li Yao had no doubt that 99% of his compatriots and 99% of the Cultivators would take his, and the truth’s, side!

The red sun was rising higher and higher on the East Ocean. The glow seemed to have covered Li Yao in an invincible golden armor. Taking a deep breath, he marched toward the capital city on the shining, golden road!