Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 The Good Always Triumphs

At ten o’clock in the morning, together with a bunch of veterans, Li Yao entered the capital city again on a short-distance shuttle bus from a city not far away.

After the great explosion took place, the Secret Sword Bureau was focused on the suspicious targets within the city. Also, a lot of agents had been sent underground to chase after him. The examination on the passengers entering the capital city was much more sluggish.

Besides, almost a million veterans were now entering the capital from everywhere in the federation. Many of them had shocking scars on their face or wore crystal cameras or masks. Their appearance was utterly different from the record in the database.

It was also unrealistic to ask the aged, seasoned, and bad-tempered old men, who all had almost ten badges on their chests, to stop time and time again and receive thorough examinations.

Therefore, Li Yao did not meet much trouble when sneaking into the capital city this time.

Seeing the energetic, passionate crowd around him, he almost could not hold back the urge to shout out the truth.

However, he still lacked the most critical evidence.

He had no doubt about Lu Zui’s craziness. If Lu Zui had a chance to kill him, the guy would not hesitate to kill ten thousand or even a hundred thousand innocent victims!

I’m afraid all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the federation have seen the picture of me heavily wounding Ye Changkong. I have no evidence to prove that Ye Changkong is a member of the Patriots Partnership. So, it is going to be difficult to explain.

Now, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators consider me the most dangerous criminal. They won’t let me approach them. When they discover me, they will certainly attack mercilessly!

The Jade Chip Disc is in my hands, but it is locked by a barrier. I can’t find a random crystal processor specialist to crack it, partly because I can’t find a capable one, and partly because they won’t trust me even if I can!

I can only go to Professor Mo Xuan in order to crack the Jade Chip Disc and retrieve Elder Nether Spring’s memories inside!

Only with the undeniable proof can I blow the scheme of the Patriots Partnership into smithereens!

He found a cable and reached out to the professor through the electric network, a method that they had agreed upon earlier.

Li Yao typed into a twenty-digit random number on the crystal processor.

Very soon, another twenty-digit random number was fed back.

It was the confirmation code that Professor Mo Xuan and he had agreed on earlier.

The two of them had prepared a hundred pairs of numbers in total. The numbers in every pair corresponded with each other. Each of them remembered half of all the numbers.

The one initiating the conversation would type a random number. The other one had to type in the corresponding number to prove their identity.

If the other one typed in an incorrect number, it would represent different situations, such as exposed, captured, or some member of the team was dead.

The hundred pair of numbers, and even the subtle changes inside a certain number, represented different information. In such a way, the most abundant information would be transmitted through the feeblest spiritual waves in the shortest amount of time.

Li Yao stared at the number. His eyelids suddenly twitched when he saw the last few digits of the number.

Taking a deep breath and calming himself down, he typed in a line of words.

Almost a hundred specialists were gathered in the command center of the Demon Execution Division, and yet, the atmosphere here was like that in a bankrupt mortuary house. All the specialists were staring at the words on the light beam, with faces as gloomy as the dead.

On the light beam, Li Yao wrote, “Professor, there is something very important that I must give to you. Meet me at the gate of the ‘Red Dream Dragon Mall’ in an hour.”

Almost all the specialists jumped to their feet upon reading the message!

After losing Li Yao’s trail for two days and two nights, they had finally caught the tail of the Blood Devil again!

“Excellent. He hasn’t noticed that Professor Mo Xuan is under our control yet!” Guo Chunfeng wiped the greasy sweat off his face hard and shouted, “The tracing team will pursue the source of the spiritual waves!

“Operation Team One will go to set up ambushes near the Red Dream Dragon Mall immediately. It is one of the liveliest business centers. You must be careful!

“All other operation teams will stay here in case the enemy changes the rendezvous! The air surveillance team will redistribute the computational ability of the crystal processor and analyze everybody around the Red Dream Dragon Mall!”

Everybody was as busy as a bee in the command center.

After almost half a month’s competition, everyone had been pushed to the limits by the wretched Blood Devil. Many of them had not closed their eyes for almost ten days, and their eyes were as red as the burning charcoal!

However, the explosion that had taken place in the Federal Square a few days ago was still twisting their heart like a scorching chisel. To capture the criminal, everybody burnt their soul and gritted their teeth again!

Very soon, the surveillance on the Red Dream Dragon Mall was in position.

The Crystal Camera Monitoring Center of the capital city also summoned dozens of mainframe crystal processors to analyze everyone’s facial information in the five square kilometers nearby.

But it was still difficult to confirm the source of the signal. After all, the point-to-point communication between Li Yao and Professor Mo Xuan was established by changing the intensity of the electric currents in a cable. It was a whole different matter from tracing the signals of the wireless Spiritual Nexus.

All the real-time information was transmitted to Hidden Star, the crystal warship of the Secret Sword Bureau that Lu Zui was on.

A tough hunting squad made of the members of the Patriots Partnership, including three snipers in the Core Formation Stage, also lunged toward the Red Dream Dragon Mall like hungry wolves.

Of course, they were not as strong as ‘Death Ray’ Ye Changkong. However, after suffering from Diwu Jian’s ‘Five Disintegrations of Heavens and Human’, it was impossible for Li Yao to remain at his peak state. His ability to dodge the attack must have been greatly reduced because of the heavy wounds.

This time, Li Yao would not be able to run away once he was exposed!

Fifty-five minutes later, five minutes before the pre-arranged meeting, more than two hundred tough agents of the Secret Sword Bureau, and three battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who had been asked to help, were surrounding the Red Dragon Mall.

However, three minutes later, Li Yao’s angry words popped up on the point-to-point communicator.

“You betrayed me!”

All the Secret Sword Agents jumped to their feet.

But Guo Chunfeng was unmoved. “Don’t be anxious. Everybody, stay where you are. Do not act recklessly. This is just the test of our enemy. He must be observing in secret right now. If all the members of the operation team jump out and search for him, we will really be screwed!”

There was nothing but silence in the command center. Everybody eyed Guo Chunfeng suspiciously.

Guo Chunfeng did have a point, but what if he was wrong? Would they not be abandoning the best opportunity to capture Blood Devil Li Yao?

It must be noted that Blood Devil Li Yao was very likely to be somewhere near the Red Dream Dragon Mall right now!

This was the most soul-stirring competition between predator and prey. It was also the time when the computational ability, the analysis ability, and even the willpower of a commander were tested!

Guo Chunfeng crossed his hands and put them under him nose. Two bloodshot eyes were revealed through the gaps of his messy hair while he gazed at the light beam.

The trembling veins on his hands indicated that his heart was not as calm as he appeared to be.

Five minutes later, the hope of fire for every Secret Sword Agent was ignited by the words that were jumping out on the point-to-point communicator one after another. “Alright. Professor. It’s all clear. I will be at the shuttle parking lot on the minus seventh floor.”


At this moment, all the crystal processor specialists and the data analysts could not suppress their excitement anymore and jumped to their feet!

The most quick-minded of them immediately realized the sordidness of Li Yao’s move.

Li Yao had intentionally sent out a message, pretending that he knew that he had already been exposed.

Then, if the ambushers were alarmed and began searching for him, Li Yao, who must have been lurking in the darkness, would certainly notice something wrong!

If it were any other commander, when Li Yao typed in ‘you betrayed me’, they certainly would have been shocked and asked all the agents to take action immediately.

Then, Li Yao would have fled without any hesitation when all the agents on the spot were exposed!

However, evil would never prevail over good. Guo Chunfeng completely grasped what was on Li Yao’s mind. He restrained his subordinates from moving at all. Finally, Li Yao was convinced that there were no ambushes around the Red Dream Dragon Mall, and he was free to show up!

Guo Chunfeng took a long breath in relief. “Alright. He should be appearing in the Red Dream Dragon Mall and won’t be sending more messages. Otherwise, he will risk exposing the source of the signal.

“All operation teams, surround the five square kilometers around the Red Dream Dragon Mall. Ask the three battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators to be prepared, too. This time, he is not going anywhere!”




The squads of tough Secret Sword Agents approached the Red Dream Dragon Mall quietly.

The hunting team directly under Lu Zui’s command, including the three snipers in the Core Formation Stage, moved in on the Red Dream Dragon Mall, too.

Guo Chunfeng struggled to his feet and staggered out of the room. One of the Secret Sword Agents meant to give him a hand, but Guo Chunfeng simply pushed him away. “I’m going to the toilet. Are you hoping to hold my dick?”

Everybody was amused. They all understood how heavy the pressure on their boss’s shoulders must have been. If it were anybody else, they certainly would have collapsed a long time ago in the same situation.

However, in the battle of wisdom and bravery against the Blood Devil, it was still their boss who laughed to the end!

Inside the toilet of the commander center, in front of the faucet, Guo Chunfeng filled the basin with water and soaked his entire big head into it, cooling it down for five seconds.

The flushing noises and door being opened from a booth nearby could be heard.

Guo Chunfeng raised his head and narrowed his eyes, rubbing his big face that was full of wrinkles. He noticed the standard boots of the field agents of the Secret Sword Bureau with the corner of his eyes, but he did not think too much of it.

The owner of the boots went out and stood behind him. However, the guy did not open the door to the cubicle.

Guo Chunfeng was slightly dazed. He lowered his hands and looked at the Secret Sword Agent behind him in the mirror.

Guo Chunfeng recalled that he was a Secret Sword Agent whose code name was Black Panther.

However, the guy had a pair of eyes that were hundreds of times deeper, thousands of times sharper, and millions of times more dangerous than the eyes of Black Panther!