Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Vultures.. Death

Guo Chunfeng smiled and drew a tissue from the box hanging on the wall next to the basin. Wiping his face unhurriedly, he said, “You’re finally here.”

Behind him, the owner of the pair of sharp eyes replied, “Yes. Haven’t you been looking for me? I’m feeding myself to you now.”

Guo Chunfeng rolled the wet tissue paper into a cluster and threw it into the dust bin. He observed with mixed feelings, “I vaguely had a feeling that you wouldn’t be captured so easily. Therefore, I’m surprised at all that you won’t be showing up in the Red Dream Dragon Mall.

“However, I have to admit that you showing up in the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau all of a suddenly is indeed a surprise for me, Li Yao!

“Names may be given wrong, but nicknames are never. You truly deserve your nickname. You are as brutal, insane, and bodacious as a vulture!”

“Don’t misunderstand,” Li Yao said, “I don’t intend to kill you.”

“You can’t, either,” Guo Chunfeng replied. “You are not regarding me as one of the workers who sits in the office all day long, are you? Your breath is rather unsteady. What caused your wounds?

“I am very, very curious how superlative the so-called ‘superlative height of the Core Formation Stage’ is, and whether or not a Cultivator in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage can kill a Cultivator who has reached the limits in every aspect of the peak of the Core Formation Stage.”

“Don’t move.” Li Yao opened one of the buttons on his coat, revealing the glittering crystals and components on his chest. “You’ve hunted me long enough to know what business I like best, haven’t you? I am certainly not unprepared now that I have broken into the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau when I am already heavily wounded!

“Now, I am wrapped in the most powerful crystal bombs, which are all made of the marrow crystals and demon cores of the highest quality. At such a close distance, I guarantee that you will not have a chance to summon your crystal suit or establish your spiritual shield of the highest density. The chances of us dying together will be above 95%.”

Guo Chunfeng was amused. “Hey, Li Yao, you don’t think that people of my trade are scared of death, do you? Being blown up by crystal bombs is quick and painless. It is almost a way of death that all the Secret Sword Agents dream about!”

Li Yao smiled, baring his sharp teeth. “Perhaps you are not, but while I was infiltrating this place, I planted numerous crystal bombs in every corner of the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau.

“You must know that all the best agents of the Secret Sword Bureau are hunting after me outside. Only the strengthless admin-type and research-type Cultivators, most of whom are crystal processor specialists and data analysts, are left in the headquarters. What are their odds of survival if hundreds of crystal bombs are detonated at the same time?”

Guo Chunfeng narrowed his eyes. “Do you think I’m a three-year-old? The headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau are heavily guarded. It is already your limit to sneak in without alarming anyone. How could you have possibly planted crystal bombs everywhere? Do you think our defense system is a sifter that has nothing but holes in it?”

Li Yao smiled. “I don’t care. I have done what I should. Now, it’s all up to you. You may take your chances.”

Guo Chunfeng was silent.

Li Yao waved his hands and showed a ring on one of his fingers. “You may think that the very inconspicuous interphone on you can send out the conversation that we are having right now, right? It won’t. I am wearing a piece of magical equipment that can jam the spiritual waves of communication magical equipment. In the next couple of minutes, you won’t be able to send out any message.

“You’d better make a decision soon. If somebody enters the restroom right now, it will be quite unlucky for us and the federation because I will detonate the crystal bombs immediately and blow myself, you, and the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau up into the sky!”

Guo Chunfeng took a deep breath. “What do you want?”

“I have evidence that suggests that the explosions in the Federal Square were committed by not the demon race but your boss Lu Zui, director of the Secret Sword Bureau,” Li Yao replied quickly. “I would like to show you the evidence!”

Guo Chunfeng’s eyelash shivered. “Alright. Show it to me.”

“The evidence is locked in a Jade Crystal Disc. Bring me to Professor Mo Xuan,” Li Yao said. “I know that he is definitely not in the Red Dream Dragon Mall but locked somewhere in the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau! Ask the professor to crack the Jade Crystal Disc, and you will have all the evidence!”

“Why you I believe you?” Guo Chunfeng sneered.

“Because you will in no way suffer a loss. If the evidence is true, you will have made the correct choice to save the entire federation.

“If the evidence is false, I will still have been brought to the prison in the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau, and it will be much more difficult for me to escape.

“Your biggest loss will be a waste of several minutes of time, but you will have the chance to reveal a great scheme. Isn’t it the fairest deal?”

“You seem to have a point,” Guo Chunfeng remarked.

“Yes, I do have a point.”

Right then, the door of the restroom was opened. Two Secret Sword Agents walked in. They both stood at attention when they saw Guo Chunfeng!

Li Yao’s pupils constricted all of a sudden. He watched them coldly aside.

Guo Chunfeng wiped his face and waved at them. “As I have said millions of times, do not salute me when you see me in the restroom. Will you salute me, too, when you are holding you dick?”

Both of the two Secret Sword Agents laughed and were relieved.

Guo Chunfeng smiled, too, and said to Li Yao, “Let’s go. It suddenly occurred to me that I have to ask Professor Mo Xuan about something important.”

Leaving the restroom, the two of them walked to the lift, one at the front and one at the back, talking in a low voice like a regular boss and his subordinate.


Several Secret Sword Agents saw Guo Chunfeng and were all a bit surprised, wondering where Guo Chunfeng was going instead of staying in the command center to supervise the situation.

“Mind your own business. I am going to bring Professor Mo Xuan to the command center!” Guo Chunfeng said. “After Li Yao shows up, he will probably ask the ‘false Professor Mo Xuan’ some sensitive questions. Without the real Professor Mo Xuan giving him guidance, he will likely give himself away!”

He was the supervisor of the first division and the chief commander for the operation to capture the Blood Devil. When Lu Zui was on Hidden Star in the sky, he was the highest official in the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau. Naturally, nobody was suspicious about him.

The prison where Professor Mo Xuan was locked up was on the minus thirteenth floor.

On the two sides of the pathway where cold wind was blowing were transparent prison cells that were blocked by tempered glass. People outside could clearly see what the prisoners were doing inside.

Professor Mo Xuan, Ding Lingdang, Wu Mayan, and Xie Anan were locked up in four different cells. The glass was transparent from only one direction and could block all the spiritual waves.

Everything inside could be clearly seen from the outside, but all that could be seen from inside was a blinking mirror.

Seeing that the four of them were tied up in barriers and that Professor Mo Xuan, whose real body was just liquid metal, was being suppressed by the rune arrays that were unleashing ultrasound waves, Li Yao was suddenly breathing heavily.

Guo Chunfeng had the door of Professor Mo Xuan’s cell opened and walked in with Li Yao.

Professor Mo Xuan was dazed for a moment, but he seemed to realize something when he saw the mysterious eyes of the Secret Sword Agent next to Guo Chunfeng. “You”

Guo Chunfeng raised his head and looked at the surveillance cameras on the wall. Moving his lips, he said without a sound, “I’ll give you ten minutes at most.”

Li Yao nodded. Adjusting the interference ring on his middle finger, he jammed the surveillance cameras to freeze the picture to a moment ago.

He walked up to Professor Mo Xuan, retrieved the Jade Crystal Disc from his Cosmos Ring, and was about to hand it over when

Professor Mo Xuan suddenly shouted at the top of his voice, “Dodge!”

Li Yao’s pupils, pores, nostrils and every other hole on his body all shrank to the minimum at that moment as he felt his internal organs being minced into pieces by an invisible saber!

He turned around, only to see Guo Chunfeng’s hideous face, and a sword aura that was hundreds of times more dazzling than a flash of lightning!

On Hidden Star in the sky of the capital city, more than ten core members of the Patriots Partnership were sitting next to Lu Zui. Almost a hundred light beams were floating in front of them, displaying the surveillance pictures of the Red Dream Dragon Mall clearly.

On a corner of the light beams, there were the surveillance pictures in the command center in the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau, too.

The time of Li Yao’s appearance was drawing near. All the members of the hunting team were in position. The three snipers in the Core Formation Stage finished preparing the settings of hundreds of shooting parameters, too!

Even Hidden Star and the other few warships of the Secret Sword Bureau had approached the Red Dream Dragon Mall, ready to fill in any possible vacancy and kill Li Yao at any cost!

His eyebrow furrowed, Lu Zui gazed at the crowd on the light beams.

However, his eyes were unfocused as if he was absent-minded. A moment later, he suddenly shivered. “Where is Guo Chunfeng?”

Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what Lu Zui meant. Should Li Yao not be their center of attention? Guo Chunfeng was of course in the command center on the ground.

Lu Zui suddenly rose up. He snapped his fingers in midair and enlarged the surveillance pictures of the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau. “Something is not wrong. Guo Chunfeng hasn’t sent any messages for a long time. Where did he go?

“It’s also strange that the interphone on him is now also jammed. There’s only background noise!

“Hurry up. Ask the voiceprint analysts to diagnose the noise. Find out what Guo Chunfeng heard and said just now!

“All ‘patriots’ around Guo Chunfeng, report the status right now. Where is Guo Chunfeng? Where is he?”

Very soon, the voiceprint analysts removed all the interference and retrieved Guo Chunfeng and Li Yao’s conversation from a moment ago.

“You’re finally here.”

“Yes. Haven’t you been looking for me? I’m feeding myself to you.”

The color of the faces of Lu Zui and all the ‘patriots’ changed!

The surveillance cameras in the Secret Sword Bureau also clearly captured Guo Chunfeng entering the underground prison with a Secret Sword Agent named Black Panther.

It was definitely abnormal!

“Vulture Li Yao has snuck into our headquarters and kidnapped Guo Chunfeng!”

Lu Zui’s face was utterly twisted, and he shouted desperately, “Hurry up. Ask all the ‘patriots’ in the headquarters to go to the underground prison immediately and kill him. He must be killed!”

Hardly had he issued the order when fulminations were echoing from the broadcast rune arrays. Almost all the surveillance pictures from the headquarters were shaking!

Judging from the data sent back several seconds later, an overwhelming explosion had taken place in the prison cells on the minus thirteenth floor of the headquarters of the Secret Sword Bureau!