Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 The Last Kilometer

It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

In the parliament building in the central district of the capital city, the prolonged meeting was still going on.

Although the ‘expedition motion’ had been passed, and the federal army was carrying out drills in the Dark Desolate Domain at the north of the Grand Desolate Plateau, the federal army was merely part of all the armed forces of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. The Cultivators scattered in all the sects were the other strong pillar of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Without the support of the major sects, it was impossible for the federal army to secure the final victory alone.

Therefore, ever since the war machine was activated, the leadership of the top five hundred sects of the federation had all been making trips to the capital city. Together with the parliamentary representatives, they discussed how the sects should participate in the war, how to cooperate with the federal army, how to divide the fruits after the war, and other relevant issues.

Thus, at that moment, in parliament, other than all the representatives, there were also more than ten thousand experts, including the leadership of the major sects, the professors of the Nine Elite Universities, and the strong unaffiliated Cultivators!

All the ten thousand experts could influence the future of the federation!

Outside of the parliament building, in the central district and even the entire capital city, an unprecedented ‘triumph parade’ reached the climax after hours of brewing.

The representatives of the veterans from thousands of cities nationwide, together with students from all over the capital city and the citizens of all trades, gathered first in the Federal Square to mourn for the compatriots who had unfortunately been killed in the explosion here a few days ago. After declaring ‘the federation never gives up’, the crowd turned into scorching torrents that swept over every street and alley in the capital city.

After they completely turned the capital city into a simmering ocean of passion with their enthusiasm and their high-pitched songs, the crowd made of veterans, students, workers, small merchants, and regular citizens, raising tens of thousands of Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flags, congregated into a red river and marched to the parliament building from all directions.

The crowd would meet in the square before the parliament building and conclude the triumph parade with a soul-stirring battle hymn. In such a way, they would demonstrate the fury and determination of every federal citizen to the big shots attending the meeting in the parliament building!

What was ironic was that the Patriots Partnership helped a lot in organizing the ‘triumph parade’ so quickly into such an enormous scale.

The Patriots Partnership hoped to impose more pressure on the parliamentary representatives and the leadership of the major sects through the demonstration so that the war could break out as soon as possible and on as large a scale as possible!

However, when they bolstered the ‘triumph parade’, it never occurred to Lu Zui and the other ‘patriots’ that the zealous crowd like sweeping, seething magma would be a perfect disguise for three unattractive shadows who were marching quickly toward the parliament building under the dazzling banners and flags.

They were exactly Li Yao, Ding Lingdang, and Wu Mayan!

The cracked Jade Crystal Disc was in his pocket. Ding Lingdang and Wu Mayan were covering him some ten meters away. The three of them contacted each other through short-distance point-to-point communicators and would launch the critical strike on the Patriots Partnership together!

Professor Mo Xuan and Xie Anan were both pure refiners and did not boast a high combat ability. After cracking the Jade Chip Crystal, they lurked in the darkness and tried to reach out to the influential persons of both Sectors.


The decryption of the Jade Crystal Disc was much more complicated than they had imagined. Without the help of the super-large mainframe crystal processor, it took Professor Mo Xuan almost twenty minutes to finish the work despite his astonishing computational ability. Subtracting the time that they spent on the way to sneak in, there was not much time left for them!

The cracked Jade Crystal Disc contained Elder Nether Spring’s memories, which were as boundless as an ocean and extremely complex. It was impossible to upload all of them to the Spiritual Nexus in ten minutes.

Besides, the Patriots Partnership must be monitoring the Spiritual Nexus in the area and set up certain keywords. Once the data related to ‘Elder Nether Spring’ popped up on the Spiritual Nexus, they would certainly find out and cut off the connection immediately. Also, they might be able to trace the signal back to the Jade Crystal Disc!

Li Yao was well clear that, even if Guo Chunfeng sacrificed himself to buy him more time, the search on the scene of the explosion would still be completed very soon. Given Lu Zui’s intellect, he would not be delayed by Guo Chunfeng for long!

[Damn it. The Spiritual Nexus is being seriously jammed. The interference is not targeting me but all the wireless signals in the area. The virtual channels of the Spiritual Nexus have been blocked, and the net speed has hit rock bottom!

[At such a low speed, it is difficult to even upload pictures and videos to the Spiritual Nexus, not to mention large files that contain millions of telepathic thoughts!

[Lu Zui has finally realized what is going on. He guessed that our destination would be the parliament building. Therefore, he simply blocked the Spiritual Nexus in the entire area!

[Hehe has truly gone mad. This place is right next to the parliament building. Is he not scared that somebody will notice something wrong?

[Or maybe, he has no other options except to turn to this last resort. As long as he can capture me and get the Jade Crystal Chip, the short-time blockage of the Spiritual Nexus will be explainable!

[Can I run away?

[Maybe I can. The capital city is too large, and it is very chaotic right now. It won’t be difficult to run away. I can figure out a way and send out the evidence of Lu Zui’s crimes slowly after I escape out of the capital city!

[No. That will waste too much time. Lu Zui will not be dealt with cleanly and neatly. With the profound connections of the Patriots Partnership, it definitely won’t be a problem for them to delay it ten to fifteen days!

[Right now, the war is being prepared busily on the Grand Desolate Plateau. Ten to fifteen days are more than enough for the federal army to march into the Blood Demon Sector on a large scale. Should a bloody battle between the federal army and the coalition army of demons break out, everything will be doomed!

[Therefore, we are left with no alternatives except to fight a final battle with Lu Zui here and now!]

Li Yao was surrounded by crowds as fervent as an erupting volcano, but his eyes were as cold and firm as the ice that was dug out from the deepest part of the South Pole.

The Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flag and the emblem of the federation could already be vaguely seen flapping on the top of the parliament building.

Li Yao accelerated and strode toward the flag and the emblem, barely having any time to care about his identity now.

[Guo Chunfeng has fulfilled his promise and really bought half an hour for me. The most important half an hour!

[I’m only three kilometers away from parliament!

[I must live up to my promises. Even if I have to die, I must die inside the parliament building, after I deliver the Jade Crystal Chip to all the representatives and the experts!]

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Above the crowd, in the middle of the skyscrapers, more than ten swirls of wind were rushing close. Li Yao, Ding Lingdang, and Wu Mayan had the feeling that they were locked onto at the same time.

“Master, it is the hunting team. They are planning to shoot you. You go first. I’ll take them down!” Wu Mayan roared in the communication channel and dashed to a building next to him on the street, quickly running toward the commanding height.

“Ah Yan!” Li Yao bellowed. He was well aware of the capability of the hunting team. Despite the loss of ‘Death Ray’ Ye Changkong, they were still terrifying assassins!

“Don’t worry, Master!” Wu Mayan shouted. “On Iron Plateau, everybody believed that my foster father Xiong Wuji was a murderer, but you trusted him and proved that he was innocent in the end.

“Today, I will help you to prove your innocence, too!

“Believe me. I was the number one training genius on Iron Plateau, I ranked top in the Ten Most Distinguished Adolescents of the Flying Star Sector, and I am your first disciple!

“But more importantly, I’ve been tortured brutally by Masteress for more than half a year. Can those b*stards be more brutal than Masteress? I highly doubt it!

“Move forward, Master. Believe me!

“Scumbags, come on. Open your eyes and observe. This is the legendary 150th level of the Refinement Stage!”

Wu Mayan’s shrieks were eclipsed by the surging spiritual waves. The intimidating auras from the skyscrapers were suddenly disordered.

Li Yao’s nose suddenly flapped. There was no telling whether he was crying or laughing. Moving faster, he mumbled to himself, “I believe you, Ah Yan. I absolutely believe you!”

He and Ding Lingdang were getting closer and closer to the parliament building. There were only the last two kilometers!

In the sky, several crystal warships of the Secret Sword Bureau were rushing close from afar like shooting stars!

Four streaks of brilliance dashed out of the largest crystal warship of them that looked like a shark. Before they arrived, their daunting aura had locked Li Yao instantly from thousands of meters away!

Li Yao’s disguise was too hasty after all. The area around the parliament building was also the area where the Patriots Partnership paid most attention to. Under the scanning of thousands of crystal cameras, Li Yao was exposed with nowhere to hide after only several minutes.

Not far behind him, Ding Lingdang suddenly stopped.

Dozens of meters in between, the two of them looked at each other despite the blockage of the crowd.

“They are four experts at the peak of the Core Formation Stage,” Li Yao said.

“Believe me,” Ding Lingdang replied.

“ Alright. I believe you. I believe every one of you!”

His eyes were filled by something clear and watery, to the extent that the road ahead of him was suddenly blurred. However, he did not slow down at all. Even when he sensed that dozens of flying swords were charging at his critical parts on his back from various angles, he did not change his direction or speed!

As he expected, a moment later, he sensed that all the flying swords were consumed by a burning flame. Deafening roars were echoing in the communication channel. “Who dares touch my husband? Get in line and die!”

Li Yao laughed to his heart’s content. At this moment, there was only the last kilometer between him and the parliament building!