Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 The Truth Is Out

“Such a magnificent aura. A fellow Cultivator is condensing the Nascent Soul!”

In the sky, the three battle-type Cultivators were all shocked when they perceived that Li Yao’s spiritual energy, which was mixed with will and belief, was spreading out like unstoppable tides.

A new Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was about to be born!

There were less than a hundred Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in the entire Heaven’s Origin Sector. The birth of a new Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was a significant improvement on the comprehensive capability of the federation. It was something worth celebrating for all the Cultivators!

According to the Constitution of Cultivators, to increase the capability of the civilization of mankind, it was the responsibility of a Cultivator to protect their fellow Cultivators who were advancing into the Core Formation Stage or the Nascent Soul Stage from evilness at the critical moment!

Every Cultivator was obliged to improve the overall capability of the world of Cultivators!

Moreover, protecting an expert who was advancing into the Nascent Soul Stage was a gesture of friendliness, too. Even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator would not mind having a few more Nascent Soul Stage friends!

Therefore, when the three battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators sensed that a Cultivator was condensing the Nascent Soul and that the few crystal warships in the sky seemed to be malicious, they immediately stopped in the middle without caring whether or not the crystal warships belonged to the Secret Sword Bureau!

The sharp auras from the three battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators immediately locked onto all the crystal warships of the Secret Sword Bureau, forcing Lu Zui to abandon his crazy last resort.

However, the next second, all three battle-type Cultivators were dazed.

They all heard the crowd below them echoing the same name.

“Li Yao! Li Yao! Li Yao! Li Yao!”

The three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing exactly what was going on. Was it Li Yao who was condensing the Nascent Soul?

They had all retrieved tremendous proof from the Secret Sword Bureau and were aware that Li Yao had been possessed by the Blood Devil. The guy had also chopped off an arm from ‘Death Ray’ Ye Changkong.

This time, they gathered together for the single purpose of executing the Blood Devil and preventing it from brutalizing more people.

But they were utterly befuddled about the situation. Could the Blood Devil enter the Nascent Soul Stage?

What was going on exactly? Did Blood Devil Li Yao have a certain secret art that allowed him to bewilder tens of thousands of people? Or, was there another side to the story?

All three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were in a dilemma.

The hundreds of representatives and the leadership of the major sects who were floating in midair noticed the complicated situation in front of the parliament building, too, which was as untamable as a flood.

They were not as simple as the ordinary people, and they were thinking in the long term.

Some of the representatives were even the members of the Patriots Partnership themselves!

At this moment, their faces were all gloomy, and they were looked at each other, exchanging information and trying to find a loophole for the last struggle.

The simmering public and the silent leadership were like two poles, one scorching and the other freezing. The situation was rather weird.

Li Yao’s head was clearer than ever. He grasped what was on their minds keenly.

They are still not sure whether or not I am the Blood Devil. After all, it is too complicated an issue to be explained shortly!

If it were a moment ago, when he hadn’t seen through his heart, Li Yao might have burst into fury and felt wronged.

But right now, he felt that he more or less understood the powerful big shots.

Everything boiled down to his own actions. It was he who had gone separate ways with other people while returning to the Heaven’s Origin Sector. He even left a letter for them, claiming that there was a giant Blood Devil lurking inside his body and that whatever he said was not to be believed.

At that time, he had not figured out the truth about the Blood Devil yet, and he was not courageous enough to face the abyss in his heart. Or maybe, he did not trust everybody enough.

Right now, everybody was doing exactly what he asked them to in his letter. Was there anything wrong?

They were no bugs in his stomach, and they did not know what he had done in the Blood Demon Sector. Even if they did, they would not know his motivation and his attitude at all. How could they be one hundred percent sure that he was not possessed by the Blood Devil?

More importantly, to some extent, he was indeed possessed by the Blood Devil!

On his way to the Blood Demon Sector, during the space jump, he had executed the previous ‘Blood Stripe Virus’. But the pieces of the Blood Stripe Virus, mixed with the dark side of his soul, turned into a ‘mental devil’.

He, who was harassed by the mental devil, and Yan Xibei, who was manipulated by the Blood Stripe Virus, were fundamentally different.

But how could anyone else know that?

Li Yao tried to walk in their shoes. If he were one of the big shots who could influence the future of the federation, it would have been difficult for him to trust such a suspect of the Blood Devil under today’s circumstances, too!

Everything began because of me. Then, let me finish everything completely by myself today!

Li Yao grinned.

Today, he was going to execute the Blood Devil in front of everybody!

“My compatriots, my friends, please calm down and listen to me!”

There was an uncanny, intimidating aura in Li Yao’s voice, which pacified the tens of thousands of seething people in several minutes.

All the citizens, veterans, representatives, and Cultivators held their breath and pricked their ears, looking at him full of expectation.

“I want to tell you two things!

“Firstly, the criminal who caused the tragedy in the Federal Square a few days ago has been found. I have tremendous evidence on my hands to prove that he is guilty!

“Secondly, to answer the friends who are curious where I have been in the past year since I wasn’t dead, I was in the Blood Demon Sector! I reached out to the leadership of the demon race. Now, I’m back with the declaration of surrender from the Pantheon of Demons! The demons have surrendered. We have won!”

A thunder seemed to have broken out in the sky!

His two statements, especially the second one, raised a riot both among the ordinary people and among the Cultivators!

Even the calmest Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were greatly shocked and nearly fell from the sky!

“The demons have surrendered?”

“We’ve won the war? Howhow is it possible? The war hasn’t been fought yet, has it?”

Seeing that the crowd was about the seethe again, Li Yao roared again to control the situation. He shouted, “I know that everybody has a lot of suspicions. All the evidence is in my hands, but the evidence can only be displayed through the powerful mainframe crystal processor. Therefore, I am going to enter parliament with all the representatives and show them the evidence!

“I understand your enthusiasm, everybody, but there are too many people here, and it is too chaotic. If some ill-intended guys are still lurking in the crowd waiting to raise another riot, everybody’s safety will be threatened!

“There are a lot of seniors around you. Many citizens came here with their kids, too. For the safety of the old and the young, please calm down and evacuate slowly in an orderly fashion!”


The representatives and the experts in the sky felt that the situation was tricky, too. A crowd of so many excited citizens was like a powder keg that was put under the scorching sun. One spark was enough to detonate it!

In that moment, a lot of experts flew toward the crowd and helped to maintain the order. They were also looking around warily, in case someone jumped out in desperation.

“Li Yao!”

In the crowd, the old artillerist Zhang Danao squeezed out. He was sweaty, and one of his eyes was swollen. His friends and him were supporting each other to walk forward, but his spirits were higher than ever as he shouted, “We’ll go with you. We can prove that you saved us just now. You saved hundreds of people!

“Yes. Vulture Li Yao is a veteran, too. We will not let them wrong you as long as we are here!”

Li Yao smiled from the bottom of his heart.

To this moment, he still did not know the uncle’s name. However, if it were not for him, the future of the entire federation might have been vastly different.

On second thought, fate was truly an incredible thing. More than ten years ago, when he took part in the College Entrance Examination, it was the veterans of Floating Spear City who had brought justice to him.

Now, ten years later, it was still the lovely veterans who stood up at the most critical moment and showed him the strength that was far more powerful than the spiritual energy.

“Thank you, uncle.” Li Yao bowed deeply to Zhang Danao and the other veterans. He said earnestly, “Thank you, everybody, for standing up and helping me!

“I appreciate your kindness. But please rest assured. There are hundreds of representatives here as well as the leadership of the major sects. Some of the representatives are veterans and ordinary people, too. Everything will be alright with so many eyewitnesses!

“I can tell that many uncles here are wounded. Take a rest aside and let the doctors treat you!”

Zhang Danao sniffed. “They are not wounds at all. Years ago, when I”

“Zhang Danao, I knew it was you who stirred all the trouble!”

A representative suddenly leapt down from the sky and hugged Zhang Danao hard. Their bodies were equally dry and as wrinkled as the skin of an orange. The tattoos on their arms and chests were also equally intimidating!

In the system of the Star Glory Federation, to ensure the benefits of the ordinary people, a certain proportion of the representatives could only be elected from the ordinary people.

Some of the representatives were veterans themselves. After they retired from the army, they took part in politics and continued their service to the country.

Just now, the noises outside had been blocked by rune arrays. They did not know what had happened at all outside. Now that they understood the situation, naturally, they all stood out and reassured the public.

“There’s no need to worry, everybody. This is too important an issue that has attracted too much attention from the public. Everything will definitely be revealed very soon!

“We will not wrong any good man, and we will never let go of any scumbag who is shameless enough to attack innocent people!”

Countless pairs of sharp eyes were focused on ‘Hidden Star’, which was still docked in midair.

Watched by three battle-type Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and almost a hundred Core Formation Stage Cultivators, even a heavy warship of the federation army would not be able to get away, much less ‘Hidden Star’, which was designed for the city battles, and therefore did not boast a very high speed or thick armor!