Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 There's Only One Truth

Lu Zui was like a gambler who had wagered all his belongings only to lose everything. All his emotions other than frustration and desperation had flowed out of his body. The only thing that was left was an empty shell that was answering Guo Chunfeng’s questions mechanically.

However, behind the frustration and desperation, Li Yao vaguely sensed a hint tranquility.

Not the tranquility of gloom and giving up everything, but the tranquility of waiting before the arrival of a storm!

“Something is wrong.

“Lu Zui is too peaceful, desperate, and frustrated. He is a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. His belief should be unwavering. Would he give up so easily?

“He just suffered a brutal failure. In his eyes, the federation should be hopeless now. However, faced with such an outcome, he didn’t even struggle but simply confessed everything at the earliest opportunity. Is he watching the Patriots Partnership get demolished just like that?”

Looking at Guo Chunfeng, Li Yao said, “I want to meet him.”

When the two of them stepped into the prison cell, Lu Zui, locked up in barriers, was sitting cross-legged in a corner. He was absent-minded while staring at a dim light on the ceiling.

Several bugs crashed into the light, producing cracking noises, but they never retreated.

Lu Zui was completely focused on the few bugs. He did not even bother to greet Li Yao and Guo Chunfeng.

Now, time was on Lu Zui’s side again because Li Yao and Guo Chunfeng could not afford to wait. Guo Chunfeng could not help but ask, “Director, what are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at the future.” Lu Zui’s voice was both deep and slow, as if it was floating up from the depths of a swamp, with mud dripping from his every word. “The future a hundred years from now.

“In the decades to come, after the demon race surrenders and mankind secures a glorious victory, the capability of the federation soars quickly. Everybody dwells in the illusions of peace and prosperity, unable to free themselves. Li Yao and Guo Chunfeng, the two Cultivators who have facilitated everything, become the great heroes for the public!

“When the demons just surrender, they conceal their aggressiveness and pretend to be innocent lambs and hardworking horses. They sneak into the federation in the most humble and docile position, shouldering the most arduous and dirty work.

“With the joint efforts, the federation is flourishing. Everything seems to be developing to the perfect direction.

“However, good days don’t last long.

“Gradually, the population of the demon race grows larger. With their advantage in survival abilities, the demons spread out to all the resource planets in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector, and even the larger world.

“Human beings, in comparison, have a hard time immigrating into the Blood Demon Sector because of their weak bodies.

“As a result, there are more and more demons, and they are occupying more and more worlds. Over time, they seize the critical posts in the new federation.

“The war in the past is slowly forgotten as the two parties are more and more integrated. The activities of demons demanding their rights are gaining popularity. To stabilize the federation and to resist the imperium, the demon race, as the disadvantaged people, gets all kinds of privileges from the police makers. The rules, ethics, and even laws that have passed on for thousands of years are smashed into pieces because they are ‘biased’. Even the word ‘demon’ will become a taboo because it is not politically correct.

“Maybe demons by then will no longer be called demons. They will be ‘the physically extraordinary’ or ‘the federal citizens of Blood Demon descent’.

“Even so, the demons are still not satisfied. They are still pushing forward in every aspect. They replace our rules with their rules, they contaminate our culture with their culture, and they twist our history with their history! The heroes who sacrificed themselves on the battlefields to resist demons are no longer regarded as real heroes, and the dramas and movies with expert demons as protagonists will be aired blatantly!

“In the end, every human kid loses wariness of the demon race and forgets the hundreds of years of struggle of their ancestors. They are even ashamed of their natural-born suspicion!

“The changes will not happen in an instant but take place slowly and surely over the span of decades under the banner of ‘love, peace, and integration’.

“Nobody will realize that it is another invasion. The idiotic public will only be brainwashed by the media and the consortiums. The shrewd politicians, however, think that they can take advantage of the strength. Only the few people who are sober can see through the danger behind everything, but their voice is too low. Even if they say anything, they will be accused of being the remnants of the Patriots Partnership and be despised for ‘sabotaging the integration’.

“Eventually, when the stinky demons occupy our streets, steal our jobs, take away our women, and tarnish our flag, some of them will wake up in regrets.

“But it will be too late. The country will be like a patient whose cancer has proliferated to the entire body. There’s no way to reverse the illness at all.

“Maybe, at that time, the patient will regret not following the doctor’s advice in the beginning and cutting off all the cancerous organs with the sharp scalpel, no matter how important the organs appeared to be!

“This is everything I’ve seen, Supervisor Guo. No, that’s not right. I should call you ‘Director Guo’. The new director of the Secret Sword Bureau, are you interested in watching it together with me?”

Li Yao and Guo Chunfeng looked at each other and both felt tricky.

Guo Chunfeng sighed. “Director, do you know who he is?”

“Of course,” Lu Zui replied casually without even looking at Li Yao. “A retard who thinks he is smart. A moron who thinks that he is not corrupted by the Blood Devil when he fell victim to the evilness a long time ago.”

“Director!” Guo Chunfeng raised his voice. “With everything coming to this point, do you still not regret what you did at all? Li Yao saved the federation time and time again. He is a well-deserved federal hero, but in order to achieve your goals, you vilified him in such shameless ways and even involved Ding Lingdang, Professor Mo Xuan, and so many other people!”

“I didn’t vilify him,” Lu Zui said calmly. “The accomplishments in the past cannot make up for the wrongdoing today. At this moment, I still maintain my opinion that the real Li Yao died in the Blood Demon Sector and that the one who is alive is but a devil residing in Li Yao’s shell. The devil is going to ruin the federation eventually!

“I tried to stop the devil, but it is too cunning, too strong, and too good at taking advantage of the weakness of humanity. Therefore, I failed in the end.

“Do I feel bad? Of course!

“But do I regret? Hehe. I’m not sorry for what I did. I don’t regret!”

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and confronted Lu Zui for the first time. “You don’t regret, and yet you confessed the nests of the Patriots Partnership. The organization is now falling apart, and the ‘patriots’ are being captured. Why?”

“As I said, when you take a gamble, you must brace for failure,” Lu Zui replied lazily. “I didn’t kill Guo Chunfeng on ‘Hidden Star’ because our organization was doing everything not for personal grudges but for justice and the future of the federation!

“Killing Guo Chunfeng would only have made me feel better, but the country would have lost an excellent director of the Secret Sword Bureau, which was against my belief. So, I didn’t do it.

“By the same logic, now that we’ve failed with no possibility of a comeback, is there any necessity to struggle in vain and waste the federation’s resources?

“Now that I’ve failed, I might as well admit my failure quickly. Consider it the last bit of dignity I save for myself!”

Li Yao scratched his head. He was not an interrogation expert. Lu Zui’s theory sounded rather self-consistent without many loopholes, but why was he feeling more and more puzzled?

“You are not admitting your failure!” Li Yao suddenly bulged his eyes and stared at Lu Zui. “You still have possibility of a comeback! Everything you are doing right now is the same as what Guo Chunfeng did on ‘Hidden Star’. You are buying time for someone else!”

Lu Zui’s eyes were hollow, devoid of any feelings. He smiled and continued studying the moths that were darting toward the light.

“No! No! No!”

Li Yao thought so hard that he felt that his brain was exploding. He retrieved the locations of the nests of the Patriots Partnership that Lu Zui had confessed again. Finally, he found the source of his uneasiness.

“Lu Zui, in the past twelve hours, you’ve confessed thirty-seven nests, but thirty-one of them are located in the south of the federation or in the East Ocean!

“The few most important bases of the Demon God Virus, which are protected by the experts, are even at the southmost part of the country!

“What is the meaning of that? Does regional discrimination prevail in the Patriots Partnership and you only recruit southerners?”

Lu Zui simply closed his eyes in silence, but he gradually put on a scornful smile.

Guo Chunfeng was a top-tier interrogation expert. He had not been able to see the truth because he was too involved. Now that Li Yao had reminded him, he immediately realized what was going on. “Are you suggesting that he is distracting us?

“The thirty-seven nests he confessed are all of paramount importance. The toughest members of the Patriots Partnership are gathered there!

“To demolish those nests and to capture all the members, not only are the local Cultivators on the move, the experts in the north and the central part of the federation are also marching toward the south on crystal warships!

“Right now, most of the Core Formation Stage Cultivators and the Nascent Soul Stages in the federation are concentrated in the rainforest in the south and on the ocean to deal with the Patriots Partnership. It is impossible to get them back soon!

“Li Yao, you are not suggesting that there is someone behind Lu Zui, who is another leader of the Patriots Partnership on par with him, if not in a higher position, are you? Everything that Lu Zui has been doing is exactly like what I did for you. He is buying time for the guy so that the guy will be able to activate the backup plan!”

With a solemn, Li Yao nodded. “Don’t you find it odd, Brother Guo? Now that I think of it, to set me up, Lu Zui made use of a lot of connections and resources in the military, the circle of politicians, and the world of Cultivators. Isn’t it too much for the identity of ‘the director of the Secret Sword Bureau’?

“Also, our victory this time has come too easily, hasn’t it? The Patriots Partnership has planned carefully for such a long time taking all the factors into consideration. Have they not prepared a ‘Plan B’ as their desperate resort when their primary plan fails? Are they going to be suppressed just like that?”

Guo Chunfeng was having goosebumps all over his body. He bulged his eyes. “Another leader of the Patriots Partnership? Whowho are you suspecting?”

“Tearing off all the disguises, there can only be one truth!”

Li Yao pressed his temples. The deep brilliance in his eyes was unbelievably sharp and mysterious while Li Yao said, one word after another, “Jiang Hailiu, the Speaker of Parliament!”