Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 You Are On The Wrong Path

In the storm, a super heavy crystal tank rushed out and smashed into the mud, raising dirty tides and making the earth fulminate together with its power rune arrays!

Dozens of meters above the tank was an armed shuttle with a pair of crossed wings. The cabin of the shuttle was round, which made it look like a flying behemoth!


Chi! Chi! Chi!

Electric currents were dashing between the corresponding rune arrays of the armed shuttle and the heavy crystal tank. Like flashing chains, they dragged the two vehicles together!

The electric arcs were expanding nonstop. The sparks and the brilliance were dancing together. A ball-shaped electromagnetic field almost ten meters in diameter was formed between the shuttle and the tank. The pouring rain was hitting on the edge of the electromagnetic field, only to be disintegrated into hazy mist, adding to its mysteriousness!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

The lower side of the shuttle was slowly opened. Several artificial arms delivered the components of a crystal suit.

In the meantime, the turret of the heavy crystal tank was slowly moving backward, too, revealing the most precise mechanical structure as it pushed the other part of the components upward.

The two parts of an unparalleled crystal suit were about to be joined flawlessly.


Iron Commander leapt into the electromagnetic field without caring about the tearing force of the electric arcs. With his bellow, the artificial arms on his body were all shattered apart. What was left was his broken body, which had only one arm left and whose parts below the chest had been almost entirely removed!

In the thunder and lightning, such a broken body looked insignificant and vulnerable.

However, the endless flame of light bursting out of the body was rising up like a magnificent mountain. It was higher and higher, giving the feeling that he was going to blow up the heavens!

“Connect the crystal suit!”

The dominating components, pulled by the electric arcs, were connected to his broken body. Without the restraints of arms and legs, the special crystal suit for the Iron Commander, designed by nine masters of crystal suits in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and produced over five years, was able to make use of the wildest imagination possible!

At first glance, the crystal suit that was revealing its scaring appearance amid the crystal arcs was far taller than normal heavy crystal suits. It was unbelievably five meters tall. Thick with heavy armor, it looked like a tortoise that had stood on its feet!

On the top of the ‘tortoise shell’, a head more than ten meters long, which could be extended and retracted freely, was installed.

In general, the crystal suit looked like a boa that had crawled into a tortoise shell. It was both aggressive and defensive without any openings!

Two arms extended out of each side of the ‘tortoise shell’. The artificial arms for combat, built with metals, might not be as agile as the natural hands. But the advantage in number and the almost hundred pieces of attack magical equipment hidden in the arms made up for the shortcoming perfectly!

Boom! After the last module was successfully connected, the crystal suit was now emitting a chilling deep blue color. A mystic ray slowly popped up from the center of the breastplate, painting the pattern of the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars. One second later, it broken into sparks and sprayed to every part of the crystal suit!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Every rune array on the crystal suit was roaring like a ferocious animal. Even the soldiers nearby could not help but take a step back, finding it difficult to breathe.

It was the Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit, an ultimate crystal suit based on Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao’s body condition, with consideration of the characteristics of the crystal suit and the Ares Extension, produced by making use of the most cutting-edge technology of the federal army!

“Come, my saber!”

Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao’s voice echoed from deep inside the Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit. The arm on the front right side of his body suddenly extended to three meters and snatched nearby.

A crystal tank rushed close. The cap of the tank split apart, and an overwhelming saber three meters long and weighing 13.3 tons, which was made of meteorite, was heaved!

The saber was so heavy that the iron arms that were supporting it were squeaking nonstop, indicating that they might collapse at any point.

Stains of blood, as well as the traces of acid corrosion, were still left on the saber. Dozens of dents could be found on the edge of the saber, too, telling the glorious and yet gory history of the weapon.

Five raging tigers were painted on the body of the saber in the most barbaric, primitive style. Despite the corruption of the demon blood, they were still wreathed in such an intimidating aura that they seemed to be jumping out into the storm!

It was the Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber, a legendary blade that had followed the Iron Commander for almost a hundred years and had greatly contributed to the execution of the countless demons that he had slayed!

When the saber slashed down on the ground, it was even able to cut hell in two and kill all the demons and devils inside. That was the true meaning of the weapons’ name!

Zhou Hengdao gazed at the saber for a long time. Every dent on the weapon turned into an ineffaceable memory in his eyes, but his hands stopped in midair and could not grip the saber.

After a long time, he demanded in a low voice, “Change the saber!”

The well-worn saber slowly sank into the tank, replaced by a new one that was immaculate and as smooth as mirror.

However, compared with the old Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber, the new saber, which seemed more perfect, was short of something.

Perhaps it was the experience of killing gained through mountains of dead bodies that the new weapon was lacking!

“Iron Commander?” Zhou Tieyi, the captain of his guards, was confused and asked in a low voice, “Why are you changing your saber?”

Although the old Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber covered in damage and tiny holes, it had served Zhou Hengdao for decades. After days and nights of accompaniment with each other, they had melded into one a long time ago.

The new Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber had been made recently in case the old one broke apart. Although it adopted more advanced technology, better framework, a more elegant shape, and stronger rune arrays, the weapon would be very strange to the user before it was wielded for decades and echoed with the user’s soul.

Zhou Hengdao picked up the brand new Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber and waved it randomly for a moment before he stabbed it into the sheath hanging on his waist. He said casually, “The old saber has worked for me for eighty-one years. It has killed thirteen demon kings, hundreds of demon generals, and innumerable demon soldiers! Every stripe on the body of the saber is suppressing billions of unrested demon souls!


“It has never been stained by the blood of a human being. Not once.

“It is a saber born to slay evil. I don’t want it to touch the blood of a human being!


He hesitated for a moment but still continued. “Even if Li Yao is greatly wrong, he shouldn’t be killed by this saber and die like a demon!

“Alright, Captain Zhou, carry out my orders!”

Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao roared and grabbed his saber. His magnificent body turned into a blue streak of lightning and soared into the sky, disappearing into the dark clouds in a moment!

To the south of those same clouds, Li Yao was rushing at his highest speed, breaking the thunder and lightning!

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was on the verge of destruction. The biochemical membrane on many parts had been burnt, showing the hideous strengthened external skeleton below. Damage and scratches appeared on almost every metal feather. Some of the feathers had even dropped off, making the wings seemed rather bare, like those of a sick bird.

Li Yao’s wounds were not recovered in the first place. After rushing tens of thousands of kilometers on the flying sword and breaking through three defense lines by brute force, he was already drained.

What was odd was that, the weaker his body was, the hotter the fire in his soul became. A new strength seemed to be flowing out of his abdomen and circulating inside his body, integrating him into the wind, the rain, the sky, and the earth!

[Little Black, hang in there. We’re nearly there!]

After the new strength was generated, the connection between Li Yao and Little Black was even more keen and tight than before. He seemed able to feel that the soul sealed inside Black Wing, which was as stubborn as himself, was nodding its head solemnly at his call!

Licking the blood on his lips, Li Yao grinned. His telepathic thoughts spread out like tides as he searched the storm quickly.

[Burning Prairie is dozens of kilometers long. The spiritual waves that it spreads out must be as overwhelming as an ocean! Calm down. I’m going to find it in no time!

[Huh. I’ve sensed it!

[Such tremendous spiritual waves. It must be Burning—

[Not good!]

As he sensed the unmistakable intent of killing in the spiritual waves, Li Yao’s pupils constricted to the minimum instantly. Black Wing shrieked and drove the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit to perform twenty-three small-scale movements in midair, dodging the aura of a blade in the appearance of dozens of blue lightning perfectly!

The aura of the blade, which was almost a hundred meters long, brushed past Li Yao and crashed into a mountain hundreds of meters behind him. After a crack, it split a huge rock at the peak of the mountain that was more than a hundred meters in diameter!

The giant rock rolled down from the peak thunderously in two halves!

In the middle of thunder, lightning, and pouring rain, two shadows confronted each other in silence.

Immense flames of light and electric currents were flowing around both of them, which were expanding unstoppably and enshrouding them in their own domain. They even attracted the thunder and lightning and absorbed the natural power to increase their own intimidation!

The electric arcs around Li Yao were as red as blood—scorching, passionate, and furious.

The electric arcs around Zhou Hengdao, on the other hand, were as cold as iron—solid, determined, and unwavering!

Before the two parties were engaged, the electric arcs under their control had already marched toward the enemy as vanguards. Spluttering noises were echoing nonstop in midair, and light balls that were as brilliant as fireworks were erupting!

In that moment, even the thunderstorm in the ten square kilometers nearby seemed to have turned feeble, awed by the two of them. The wind and the rain could not enter their domains but were only disintegrated into red and blue mist at the periphery. The mists were colliding, swallowing, mauling, and melting, too!

Zhou Hengdao raised his meteorite saber slowly. The telepathic thoughts condensed in the electric arcs and exploded right in front of Li Yao’s face one word after another. “Vulture Li Yao, you are on the wrong path. Go back now!”

Squinting and grinning, Li Yao bared his sharp canine teeth and raised his saber inch by inch. “I don’t intend to go back now that I’ve embarked on this path. Moreover, it is you who is on the wrong path, Iron Commander!”

The Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber versus the Five Tigers Hell Cutting Saber!

Vulture Li Yao versus Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao!

With the sky and the earth as the battlefield, the lightning as the banner, and the thunder as the drums, the competition of the righteous path was begun!