Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 The Real Spirit Of The Federation

While the Hellish River Cannon was dealing with the hundreds of flying swords, the long boa in the Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit suddenly dashed out of the turtle shell and pecked Li Yao’s head brutally!

Caught unprepared, Li Yao activated the drill of mystic rays made of the seven dragon heads intuitively, which crashed into the head of the Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit!

Nobody won the collision, but the Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit had another four artificial arms!

The other pair of arms that Zhou Hengdao had been hiding on the two sides of his body finally showed up! Fourteen fingers, with seven fingers in each hand, moved quickly and performed almost a thousand gestures within a breath, which overlapped into a powerful, aggressive rune array!

Bolstered by the spiritual energy sent from the marrow crystals embedded inside the arms, the rune array was developed instantly and turned into a cluster of blue mystic rays in the shape of a tiger head!


The tiger-shaped brilliance hit Li Yao’s abdomen brutally!

Blood soared out of Li Yao’s body. His defense was finally crushed. Zhou Hengdao took the opportunity and slashed right at his head, knocking Li Yao hundreds of meters down into the mud on the ground!

Pu! Pu!

Another few rune arrays on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit exploded, burned, and perished. The crystal suit was as slack as the shell of an opened lobster. His body where blood was running out was revealed!

Zhou Hengdao descended slowly with a cold face. He opened his arms. Invisible air currents swept out from him. Deep below the ground, something seemed to be echoing with him!


Crack! Crack!

A weird thing happened!

In the middle of the fierce thunderstorm, the land in the dozens of kilometers nearby split apart. Broken metal slowly floated from the depths of the soil and staggered to gather around Zhou Hengdao as if they sensed his calling!

With a closer look…

Many metal scraps were carved with the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars pattern and the emblems of different troops. They were the clumsy, old-fashioned weapons and the debris of crystal tanks and warships!

This place turned out to be an ancient battlefield where the blades of the past were buried!

“Do you know what place this is?” Zhou Hengdao eyed Li Yao coldly from the high ground. “With the collision of the two worlds, this place has gradually become covered by furious spiritual energy and the edge of the Dark Desolate Domain. But two hundred years ago, this place was the Broken Wind Valley, center of the north of the Grand Desolate Plateau!

“Two hundred years ago, the remnants of the Far East Demon Kingdom, as well as the last forces of the Alliance of Demons on the Grand Desolate Plateau, gathered here. More than five million demon soldiers were concentrated in this place!

“The federation summoned all the forces nationwide, too. The federal army and the elites of the major sects had an epic battle with the demons in exactly this place!

“Human beings secured a glorious victory in the Battle of Broken Wind. The last organized demon forces were kicked out of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Since then, the Grand Desolate Plateau has been under the government of the federation, and human beings have occupied the entire Heaven’s Origin Sector!

“Those weapons, tanks, and warships were all left in the Battle of Broken Wind. Look. There are even teeth and claws marks of the demons on them now. Our ancestors’ undying souls are still around!

“For five hundred years, the pioneers have shed their blood and paid everything they had to banish the demons and establish a prosperous country that dominated the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

“It is the foundation of the Star Glory Federation to slay evil! I will not allow any scoundrel to tarnish the spirit of the federation, wreck its foundation, and destroy our motherland!

“Just look. All the souls of the martyrs below the sky will not allow you, either!” Zhou Hengdao roared crazily. The fire of his life was soaring to the sky. All the debris floating in the sky seemed to be encouraged by him and gathered around him quickly!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sabers ran into sabers, swords crashed into swords, firearms entangled with each other, and the broken crystal tanks pressed into the broken crystal warships. Like a snowball, they grew larger and larger still. Eventually, all the debris of war was concentrated into a super large saber hundreds of meters long!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Zhou Hengdao’s telepathic thoughts were transformed into electric arcs, which were flowing on the saber that was even more magnificent than a crystal warship, holding all the different parts of the saber together. His four arms were stretched out to the maximum before they suddenly slammed downward.

“Wake up, Li Yao!”


The super large saber made of the ancient weapons two hundred years ago, surrounded by an overwhelming aura almost a thousand meters long, flew toward the ground in such a brutal attack that it seemed as if the planet would be destroyed!

It was like a waterfall from the galaxy that had rushed close faster than light and blown everything around Li Yao to smithereens!

After a thunderous roar, the land hundreds of meters nearby was crumbled. The aura of the blade dashed out of the holes that looked like spider webs. Pillars of light were shooting at the sky from the earth!

Even the overwhelming thunder, clouds, and lightning were eclipsed by the brilliant of the attack!

After only one second, the attack pierced almost a hundred meters into the ground. Li Yao was completely suppressed and drowned deep beneath the soil!

The earth went peaceful again. His scent could no longer be sensed!

Huchi! Huchi! Huchi! Huchi!

The Iron Commander breathed heavily in midair. His four arms, because of the excessive spiritual energy, seemed to be melting as if they had just been picked up from a furnace.

“Hehe. Hehehehe. As it turns out, my path…”

Before he finished, Zhou Hengdao’s smile was frozen.

He clearly sensed that, under the suppression of the super large saber, an uncanny force was rising higher and higher, getting stronger and stronger!

Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!

The super large saber was pushed up inch by inch from underground!

“It’s impossible!” Zhou Hengdao roared. His Basaltic Fighting God Battlesuit turned into a cannonball as he stomped on the grip of the super large saber.

His spiritual energy surged out and almost burst the legs of his crystal suit. The super large saber pressed downward again, only to be held back by the uncanny force after it descended only one inch!

Soaring upward from the gaps of the saber along with the force was Li Yao’s burning resolution!

“You’re wrong, Iron Commander!

“I never tarnished the spirit of the federation. I never violated the vows the pioneers made. Everything I have been doing is to defend the country and the spirit of the Star Glory Federation!

“You think that slaying evil is the spirit of the federation? You are terribly mistaken! Slaying evil is just an approach. ‘Protect the homeland and all ordinary people’ is the true spirit of our nation!

“You and Lu Zui are both lost in the approach. You consider the ‘approach’ as the ‘purpose’ itself!

“Of course, I remember the war where the pioneers marched to the Grand Desolate Plateau and how they shed their blood and killed the demons in the Battle of Broken Wind!

“But I remember the purpose of the expedition more clearly. It was much more than for the expansion of territory. Most importantly, hundreds of millions or ordinary people were living in the demon caves and demon cities on the Grand Desolate Plateau, enslaved!

“We marched to the Grand Desolate Plateau to save those ordinary people!

“It is recorded as such clearly in every history book of the federation. It is also believed by every citizen, every federal soldier, and every Cultivator of the Heaven’s Origin Sector! At the very least, I have no doubt about it!

“The Star Glory Federation was founded to protect the ordinary people and to preserve humanity! Even when we were at the weakest moment after the country was just established, our predecessors never thought to stay safe in their territory but cast their eyes to the entire world!

“Our predecessors’ weapons were directed toward wherever there was slavery and oppression. They never hesitated to rescue ordinary people, even if it meant a war against the Far East Demon Kingdom, the strongest nation at the time!

“Don’t you understand, Iron Commander? In the eyes of our predecessors, the federation does not have a boundary, and there are no limits for our citizens, either. Ordinary people in the heartland, ordinary people on the Grand Desolate Plateau, and the ordinary people in the Blood Demon Sector are the same! All of them are the targets that our predecessors aimed to liberate and protect!

“That is the real spirit of the federation!

“Since you are aware of the ‘same-origin theory’, you should know that the millions of low-level demons, namely the ignorant black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons, were all transformed from ordinary people in the beginning! Are they any different from the ordinary people enslaved by the demons of the Grand Desolate Plateau in the past?”

“Shut up!” Zhou Hengdao roared. “How are the bizarre-shaped b*stards in the Blood Demon Sector even qualified to be compared to the ordinary people of the Grand Desolate Plateau in the past? The Heaven’s Origin Sector belongs to the federation and mankind. I will not allow any foul creatures to corrupt her!”

“You mind is too narrow, Iron Commander!” Li Yao’s voice was louder and louder; even the bombardment of the super large saber and the thunder could not stop it. It exploded right inside Zhou Hengdao’s brain clearly. “If you insist on ‘those who are not my people will certainly betray me in the end’, if you only pay attention to the ordinary people on our planet but turn a blind eye to, if not loathe, the ordinary people in other places, then our federation will be confined in this tiny world forever until we breathe our last breath!

“When the stronger forces crush over, we will be destined to doom if we are alone. In the end, we can protect nobody!

“This minor world at the edge of the cosmos should in no way be a shackle for the federation. Instead, it should be a starting point for the federation! The destiny of the Star Glory Federation should be the broader universe and the entire sea of stars!

“The federation has succeeded in protecting the ordinary people of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Now, we will rescue and protect all the ordinary people in the Blood Demon Sector. Then, united, we will explore more worlds and liberate more ordinary people who are enslaved and oppressed under the ideology of our pioneers!

“One day, when we do encounter the Imperium of True Human Beings, we will also rescue the billions of ordinary people in the Imperium of True Human Beings. We must awaken their strength and count on them!

“Only in such a way can we defeat the strong enemy while we are significantly weaker. We will dissolve the Imperium of True Human Beings from the inside and illuminate the center of the sea of stars with the brilliance of the Star Glory Federation!

“And the foundation of our cause is the real spirit of the federation, the ideology that ordinary people must be protected!”