Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Do It Once

Chapter 1174: Do It Once!

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Ding Lingdang jumped onto the Flora Satellite IX carefully.

The surface of the Flora Satellite IX was full of tiny, smooth, pink dust, which made it look like a dreamy beach.

Ding Lingdang danced agilely on her tiptoes, leaving footprints that looked like peach blossoms on the ‘beach’.

However, the beach was not clear not enough for Li Yao to bring her to this place specifically.

Ding Lingdang pouted and looked at Li Yao in confusion.

Li Yao smiled and lay down on the pink dust on the Flora Satellite IX. With his hands as the pillow, he adjusted himself into a more comfortable position and said, “Look over there.”

Ding Lingdang looked where he was pointing at and found it difficult to breathe.

In the starry sky northeast was the Flora God Planet, the mother planet of the Flora Satellite IX.

The Flora God Planet was the biggest planet in the Heaven’s Origin Galaxy in the first place. It was dozens of times larger than the Heaven’s Origin Planet and much closer to the Flora Satellite IX.

When they looked at it from this particular perspective, the Flora God Planet swallowed half of the sky and seemed as if it would fall down at any moment.

The Flora God Planet was full of overlapping craters that could be hundreds of thousands of kilometers in diameter. They were as beautiful as blossoming flowers. It was also how the Flora God Planet had gotten its name.

In the planet’s orbit, there was the most magnificent ring of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

The glittering ring seemed to be made of billions of silver feathers whose radiance spread millions of kilometers away in ripples, almost brushing the tip of Ding Lingdang’s nose.

Despite her addiction to weapons, Ding Lingdang was still deeply awed by the beautiful view of the vast and splendid universe.

Li Yao, however, narrowed his eyes and looked at the sun, which was hiding behind the Flora God Planet far, far away. He then lowered his head and checked the portable crystal processor on his wrist, mumbling, “Ten seconds to go. Keep your eyes open and watch closely. Three, two one…”

The most incredible scene took place!

When the first ray of sunlight illuminated the ring of the Flora God Planet on the Flora Satellite IX’s side, the previous silver, bordering on transparent, ring was suddenly glowing in thousands of colors. All the colors were the richest, most brilliant, and most vigorous!

It was like ten thousand running rivers of different colors suddenly crashed into each other and congregated into the most magnificent river of all colors, which was rushing unstoppably toward their heads!

Yes, it was not an illusion. The colors were really charging at the two of them!

There was no telling what minerals exactly were stored inside the ring of the Flora God Planet. After reflection, the sunlight became a colorful ocean of light after it reached the Flora Satellite IX.

The Flora Satellite IX, which had been pink in the beginning, was immediately enshrouded in lights, shadows, and clouds. It was truly a paradise.

Li Yao and Ding Lingdang, soaked in the ocean of light made of billions of colors, stared at each other in silence below the glorious sea of stars and the grand planet ring.

No female creature could withstand the shock of such brilliance.

Ding Lingdang’s eyes were more or less wet. She extended her hands clumsily, trying to snatch the unpredictable rays of light, mumbling, “It’s so beautiful. I didn’t know that there was such a beautiful place in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. It’s much more enjoyable than the world fragments! How did you find such a gorgeous place?”

“My foster father told me.”

Looking at the brilliance that was erupting the depths of the planet ring, Li Yao smiled. “A long, long time ago, he once locked himself in his room after he was drunk and took out a picture of a woman. He wept in great sorrow while he stared at the picture. I accidentally noticed him crying through the window. So, I asked him what was going on and who the woman was.

“Not only did he tell me nothing, he also beat me up brutally. As far as I can remember, he barely beat me.

“However, he regretted it after he beat me up. Although he didn’t tell me the woman’s identity, he told me about this place.

“He told me that the Flora Satellite IX was the most beautiful place in the entire Heaven’s Origin Sector every time this year and that if I met a woman that I loved, I should try to bring her to this place and joy the ocean of light made of millions of colors.”

“Your foster father…” Ding Lingdang was at a loss. “I often hear you talking about him. What kind of person was he exactly?”

“I don’t know.”

Li Yao’s eyes looked hazy. A self-contradictory combination of slovenly and handsome, lazy and persistent, popped up in his head. The red spot at the center of the guy’s forehead was so scorching that Li Yao could not help but move his eyes. He shook his head and said, “When I was little, I always considered him to be an old drunkard who never got a chance to realize his ambitions. But now… the more I think about him, the more immeasurable he appears to me! Maybe one day, after everything about the Imperium of True Human Beings is settled, I will set off and search for his story.”

“It will certainly be an interesting story.” Ding Lingdang held Li Yao’s hand. “If we can blow up the Imperium of True Human Beings, I will go with you.”

The two of them looked at each other in a smile and stopped talking. Narrowing their eyes, they enjoyed the brief ocean of light.

After less than twenty minutes, because of the angle and the orbits of the sun, the planet, and the satellite, the ocean of light slowly ebbed, and the ring of the Flora God Planet regained its silver color.

However, the brilliant ocean of light that was etched into their brains would never fade away.

“You—” Li Yao looked at Ding Lingdang but hesitated.

“You want to ask me about the Patriots Front, don’t you?” Ding Lingdang said straightforwardly. “It’s almost done now. I thought about establishing a party in the beginning, but after studying the regulations, I discovered that the rules and requirements to establish a party are too many. The timing is still not right. So, I registered a fund named ‘Patriots Front’ for now and threw all my savings from the past twenty years into it. It will just be participating in activities as a fund for the time being.”

“Then…” Li Yao scratched his head. “How do you plan to move further and recruit… the ‘new patriots’?”

“It’s simple!” Ding Lingdang said. “I plan on calling for a press conference in a few days. I will declare to everybody in the federation that I, Ding Lingdang, do not trust the demon race very much and that I have established an organization named ‘Patriots Front’ to supervise the integration between human beings and demons in case they have ill intentions. Anyone sensible who is suspicious about the demons is welcome to join me and build up the organization!”

Li Yao frowned. “So simple and straightforward?”

Ding Lingdang glanced at him. “It’s not like we only met today. Do you not know that I always like the simple and straightforward approaches?”

“Well… don’t move your hands yet. Under such circumstances, isn’t it a little bit too eye-catching for you to name your organization Patriots Front? People are definitely going to reproach you!”

Ding Lingdang snorted. “So what? Do I look like someone who cares about what other people say?”

“In fact,” Li Yao said, “Brother Guo has told us the whole thing. You know that Lu Zui intentionally provoked you, so why bother?”

Ding Lingdang sneered. “Of course it is provocation. I felt that something was wrong on my way home. Lu Zui was an almighty Cultivator in the high level of the Nascent Soul Stage, and he had been working in the Secret Sword Bureau for two hundred years. That old fart should have been more than cunning, yet he stammered and was lost for words in front of me? It was simply impossible!

“However, no matter what he was thinking exactly, he wasn’t wrong. The century of integration of human beings and demons will not be easy. Some Sword Grabbers are obliged to stay in the darkness as the last defense line!”

Li Yao sighed. “You don’t believe that the integration of human and demons will go well?”

Ding Lingdang shook her head solemnly. “Wrong. I don’t believe that human beings and demons ‘can’ be integrated.”

Narrowing his eyes, he snatched Ding Lingdang’s hand, which was moving on his body. “It appears that there is a minor disagreement between our beliefs, isn’t there?”

“Exactly!” Ding Lingdang smiled aggressively. “Also, our beliefs are both very firm, and neither of us is likely to convince the other.”

Li Yao’s eyes were deeper and deeper. “Then, we are left with no choice but to have a competition of beliefs, right?”

Ding Lingdang licked her full, red lips and bared her sharp teeth. “A competition? Fellow Cultivator Li, I’ve waited for you alone for ten years. Are you shameless enough to say ‘a’ competition?

“Let me tell me. We’re either having no competition or doing ten!”

Li Yao’s pupils constricted violently. “Ten?”

“What? Is your belief not firm enough and you feel that you are incapable?”

“Says whom? My belief is as tough as iron and invincible. I am just worried that your belief is too naïve to have seen the ferocious beasts and the surging tides and will suffer a crushing defeat after only several rounds!”

“Hey, stop bragging about yourself. It’s not like I have never seen your belief before. Ferocious beast? Hahahaha. What a great joke! Let me tell you, even a real ferocious beast will be savaged and suppressed under my belief!”

“Excellent, Ding Lingdang. You have succeeded in infuriating me. Come, let’s see whose belief is going to suppress and whose belief is going to be suppressed until it is begging for mercy!”


Flames of spiritual energy rushed out of their back like hurricanes at the same time and soared hundreds of meters high. In their excitement, all the flames were condensed into the shapes of the raging animals.

Dragons, lions, tigers, wolves—everything could be seen.

However, the animals formed by Li Yao’s spiritual energy were all male, while those condensed by Ding Lingdang’s were all female.




The dragons tied each other up, the lions rolled together, and the tigers mauled each other. A pink mist was raised on the surface of the Flora Satellite IX because of the overwhelming spiritual energy. Li Yao and Ding Lingdang disappeared into the mist, too.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deep inside the mist, dull noises as if a meteor shower had hit the satellite were erupting. The feeble earth of the Flora Satellite IX could not withstand the heavy bombardment every second. The rocks rose up high, and the dust turned into smoke. The smoke popped up into the sky in the form of a mushroom and did not disperse for a long time.

Centered at the spot of the ‘competition of beliefs’, a new crater more than one kilometer in diameter was slowly taking shape!

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