Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Pangus Covenant

“All in all, Fellow Cultivator Li Yao’s foster father wasn’t lying. He truly believed that because of the limitation of his life experience. However, as citizens of the federation, we must make a judgement sensibly on our own,” Xie Youxuan concluded very confidently. “A force a hundred times eviler than the Imperium? I really can’t figure out what that could be like!”

His deduction was very reasonable. Even Li Yao did not find too many loopholes after thinking for a moment.

It was quite right. What would a society that was a hundred times eviler than the Imperium, where lives were already regarded as no better than weeds, be like?

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators whispered and discussed with each other. They were more or less relieved hearing what had been said just now.

They had a preliminary understanding about the Imperium of True Human Beings. If the Covenant Alliance was similar to the Imperium, it would not be devastatingly strong, and they would still have a slim chance of counterattack.

Right then, low, slow laughter echoed at a corner, as if a conch was just blown.

It was the demon emperor Gui Suishou, the oldest expert of the Nascent Soul level in the three Sectors!

Jiang Hailiu, as the host of the meeting, immediately felt a headache.

The cr*ppy old man, whose whereabouts had always been unknown, had not been invited to the Meeting of the Nascent Soul Stage in the first place because he often acted on his own and hibernated for decades deep inside an ocean. He was almost a person that transcended time. Nobody knew if he was alive or where he was.

Also, Jiang Hailiu had organized the meeting for a simple purpose. He wanted to gather everybody, cheer them up, and assure them of their final victory. The real solutions of the crisis were naturally on the agenda, but they were definitely not the focus.

All in all, this was supposed to be a meeting of unification, triumph, and optimism.

Gui Suishou, as a stubborn pessimist, was in obvious violation of the spirit of the meeting.

However, the guy had popped up out of nowhere and volunteered to join the meeting, and he had been spreading his pessimism and escapism theories even before the meeting began. It was clear that he was there to frustrate everybody and shatter their faith!

Jiang Hailiu did not want such a pessimist to join the meeting at all. However, given his seniority and capability, it was inappropriate to forbid him from joining the meeting, and it was even more inappropriate to forbid him from speaking.

“What are you laughing for, Fellow Cultivator Zhou?” asked Jiang Hailiu with a frown.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Everybody cast their eyes to the old tortoise.

Not just the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector, even most demon emperors in the Blood Demon Sector had never seen Gui Suishou with their own eyes before. All very curious about the legendary person, they pricked their ears up, ready for his insights.

“No biggie. I just feel that everyone is focusing on the trivial details and neglecting things that are really important!” Gui Suishou shook his head mysteriously.

Squinting, Jiang Hailiu said, “Then, what do you have to enlighten us regarding the Covenant Alliance?”

“I don’t have anything to enlighten you, except for my distressing pessimism and escapism theories.” Gui Suishou smiled. “However, if you think that what I am scared of are simply the Imperium of True Human Beings and the Alliance of the Holy Covenant, you are greatly wrong. The Imperium and the Covenant Alliance, strong as they may be, will not be as good as the Star Ocean Imperium ten thousand years ago. They are not enough for me to firmly believe in my absolute pessimism!”

“Oh?” Jiang Hailiu asked, “So to speak, Fellow Cultivator Gui believes that there is something other than the Imperium and the Covenant Alliance that is much more dreadful and irresistible for us? What is it exactly?”

Whispers were echoing in the hall again. Even Li Yao was gazing at Gui Suishou in astonishment.

The Imperium and the Covenant Alliance were already great headaches. What kind of existence could be even more scary than them?

“I am not certain about it. I’m only saying that it is possible. The answer lies in the name of the Covenant Alliance,” Gui Suishou said slowly. “The name of a country often gives a hint about the ideology and the origin of the country.

“The country of the Immortal Cultivators is named Imperium of True Human Beings because they believe that only the Immortal Cultivators are the true human beings. The ordinary people whose spiritual roots are not awakened can barely be called ‘human beings’.

“The Alliance of the Holy Covenant, as its name suggests, is an alliance formed by multiple Sectors because of a certain ‘holy covenant’. Such an understanding is perhaps very close to the truth, isn’t it?”

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the demon emperors all frowned. Gui Suishou was talking nonsense and wasting their time!

Without bothering to raise his head, Gui Suishou continued speaking slowly. “What is this ‘holy covenant’ exactly? We have found answers from the last words of Fellow Cultivator Li Yao’s foster father, too.

“There are two key phrases in the last words, ‘Path of Ultimate Benevolence’ and ‘Pangu’s Covenant’!

“The Path of Ultimate Benevolence must be a certain ideology of the Covenant Alliance and the belief for the Cultivators of the Covenant Alliance. Literally speaking, ultimate benevolence does not sound bad, but we don’t know the true meaning behind those words yet.

“But the second keyword is much more interesting. Pangu’s covenant? Pangu?

“Fellow Cultivators, whether you’re from the civilization of human beings or demons, we all agree that Pangu is our mutual ancestor. It is not just a myth but an undeniable fact proved by our respective historians and archeologists!

“In the civilization of demons, there are more detailed descriptions about how Pangu created the universe and how Nuwa created living souls. Naturally, some of them are exaggerated, but most of the content is reliable and at least reflects part of the truth.

“The Pangu Clan was an advanced civilization, or an alliance of the advance civilizations, billions of years ago. Under the banner of the ‘Pangu Alliance’, there were different civilizations such as the Pangu Clan, the Kuafu Clan, the Houyi Clan, the Zhurong Clan, the Gonggong Clan, and the Nuwa Clan, which were either the different branches of the same species or the combinations of different alien lives.

“The civilization of mankind, on the other hand, was enlightened by the Pangu civilization, or even directly created by it. The Pangu civilization is the father, and the civilization of mankind is the son.

“It is needless to mention the civilization of demons. You’ve already excavated the last relic of ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi and unveiled the truth of demon’s origins.

“Demons were created after human beings drank a certain gene transformation drug left by the Pangu civilization and had mutations from inside to outside.

“If you think about it, the universe is so vast, and different species on different planets are in different life forms. How could there possibly be one drug that ‘happened’ to stimulate the gene strands and trigger such delicate mutations in human beings after being sealed for billions of years?

“Such a coincidence is simply too unbelievable!

“The only answer is that the Divine Water of Kunlun, discovered by ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi, which could transform human beings into demons, was specifically designed for human beings by the Pangu civilization!

“The appearance of demons was not a coincidental mutation but a careful calculation of the Pangu civilization after countless experiments!

“This is the only way to explain why so many primeval cells can be activated inside our body, to the point that we are violating the laws of nature, while our body functions remain stable and we still boast high vitality and reproductive ability!”

Gui Suishou’s words suddenly heaved everyone’s mind to the vast universe in a scale of billions of years. The impatient Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors all calmed down and listened to his analysis.

“The demon civilization highlights the importance of body training. We focus on breaking the gene locks and unleashing the force deep inside our cells!

“When our experts broke the gene strands and observed the deepest part of the cells internally, they occasionally saw the primeval memories hidden at the end of the gene strands, where the charm of the Pangu civilization in its glory billions of years ago was partly revealed!

“But I’m not sure if any Cultivators have seen such anomaly before.”

Li Yao hesitated for a moment.

He had seen the anomaly Gui Suishou described before.

When his soul dived into the deepest part of the nucleus of his cell, and when he was marching to the source of the gene strands, he had gone back to the primeval era in a trance. He had witnessed the Pangu civilization, whose members were as tall and mighty as dinosaurs, creating lives. The sky-blocking super warship ‘Kunlun’ had left a deep impression on him, too.

Before he could respond, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator not far away from him stood up first and said, “Yes. When I was almost mentally deranged during one of my training sessions, I saw the legendary primeval era while my head was dizzy!”

It was ‘Iron God’ Yan Ba!

‘Iron God’ Yan Ba was a body fundamentalist who focused on the training of his body and rejected all magical equipment. He had once offered a precious spiritual seed to Li Yao, which helped him defeat the ferocious Skeleton Dragon on Boneyard!

Body fundamentalists did not count on any tools but specialized in the improvement of their body and soul. When their Cultivation reached a certain point, their genes would go through mutations, too, decorating them with features of the primeval beasts. It was similar to the demons’ training methods.

It was not strange that Yan Ba, a body fundamentalist in the Nascent Soul Stage, had once triggered the cellar memories of the primeval era before.

Li Yao stood up and nodded at Yan Bu from the distance, greeting the senior who had offered him great help selflessly, before he said, “Like Senior Yan, I saw the Pangu civilization in the primeval era, too, during my training!”

Some other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators also stood up after considering for a moment and claimed that they did have fuzzy memories of the primeval era. But they were not certain whether the memories were illusions or real heritages hidden deep inside their cells.

“Alright. In such a case, I believe that everybody admits that we were created and enlightened by the Pangu civilization. The Pangu civilization is to our civilization a parent to a child.”

Gui Suishou smiled, but his wrinkled face was somewhat chilling. “Then, if we look back at the Alliance of the Holy Covenant, and the key phrase ‘Pangu’s Covenant’, we will have a lot to think about.”