Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 Li Yao's Grand Strategy

Last time, the Ice God Project had been disapproved because of the time cost and the huge investment.

After all, the Flying Star Sector was a relatively loose civilization made of starships. Every starship was a small government itself. When so many governments were added together, nothing could be organized.

Without a powerful central government to concentrate the necessary resources on the projects that were really important, how could a piece of stellar magical equipment such as a planetary warship be built?

Besides, the threat of the space pirates had been right next to them and need to be addressed within a couple of years. There was no time for them to develop slowly.

Therefore, the Cultivators of the Flying Star Sector had chosen the Grand Illusionary Soldiers Project, which apparently had a lot of hidden problems, not because they were unaware of the problems but because their ability limited them to produce smaller magical equipment such as the Grand Illusionary Soldiers. They could only hope to build enough ants to bite an elephant to death.

But right now, everything was different.

The Star Glory Federation had a very powerful central government and a highly-efficient resource planning and utilization system after five hundred years of bloody wars. Besides, the expedition army of the Imperium of True Human Beings would not arrive until at least a hundred years later. They had a whole century to develop slowly. It was exactly the time that the production of a planetary warship required!

A warship the size of a planet, even if it was the smallest planet, would still be intimidating in the universe!

It was hard to tell whether or not there were planetary warships in the homeland of the Imperium of True Human Beings, but the expedition army was unlikely to drag a planet on their long journey.

Therefore, as long as the Ice God Project worked out, in the battle of resistance in the future, the federal army would even surpass the expedition army of the Imperium in regard of tonnage!

Thirdly, the Super Crystal Beast plan!

It was proposed by a specialist of the Blood Demon Sector who was adept at the refinement of demon beasts.

As was known to everybody, human beings and demons had different approaches regarding the usage of animals in a battlefield.

Demons preferred to stimulate the growth of the animal’s cells and trigger their mutation through the biochemical technology, thereby transforming the animals into ferocious demon beasts.

Human beings, on the other hand, liked to implanted chips into animals and build them into crystal beasts that could be controlled remotely.

The demon beasts were more brutal and boasted a higher combat ability, but sometimes, they could be disobedient or even attack their masters when they went mad.

The crystal beasts were highly controllable. They could carry out complicated orders, but in terms of animality, they had retrograded even compared to the regular wild animals. Therefore, such crystal beasts were only suitable for reconnaissance and transportation missions but not head-on battles.

If the two types of beasts could be combined by implanting chips that were written with complicated tactical orders into the central nerves of the demon beasts, super crystal beasts, which were stronger than crystal beasts and more controllable than demon beasts, would be made!

There were no theoretical obstacles as to how to implant the chip into a demon beast. As to the technology to write complicate tactical orders into a chip, the demon emperor found the answer from the Flying Star Sector.

“About the crystal suits in the Flying Star Sector, there is a technology named ‘skill card’. As long as a skill card is inserted into a crystal suit and activated, the crystal suit will be able to automatically respond and allow ordinary people to perform an expert’s ultimate skill!” the demon emperor said. “If we can create a few additional slots on the super crystal beasts that can be inserted with control chips or the skill cards, the super crystal beasts will be able to perform the ultimate skills, too. Their combat ability will be greatly improved!”

The plans of the experts that were full of imagination fascinated Li Yao. He greatly enjoyed himself. However, he was indeed dumbfounded by a few Nascent Soul Stage experts who were too imaginative and did not know how he should comment on them.

A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator from the Flying Star Sector, perhaps because of the enlightenment of Iron Plateau, proposed a plan named the Barbarian Plan!

The specific content of the plan went like this.

Go to explore new Sectors immediately and locate a desolate world without too many resources near the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector.

If the existence of a civilization and the quantity of resources were not required, such a desolate Sector would be not hard to find.

Then, a batch of loyal soldiers would be shipped over and set up settlements there, pretending to be a civilization of barbarians who had lost all the heritage after the collapse of the Star Ocean Imperium but then redeveloped from the scratch on their own.

The warriors of the primitive civilization had a healthy body and a simple mind. They were the best materials for cannon fodder.

“Anyways, you can imagine it to be a bigger Iron Plateau!”

It was exactly what the Cultivator from the Flying Star Sector said.

On the ‘larger Iron Plateau’, some of the debris of magical equipment from the Star Ocean Imperium, which could send out spiritual waves to the outside world incessantly, would be placed intentionally to make sure that the barbaric world would be discovered by the expedition army of the Imperium first.

“The expedition army of the Imperium has to finish a journey of a hundred years. By logic, they will not bring too many low-level troops, and even the high-level troops will be tired after the trip!

“At this time, if they can suppress a primitive world and ask the barbarians to be the cannon fodder and their vanguard, it will definitely be the best choice for the expedition army of the Imperium!

“After all, it was what Xiao Xuance thought years ago. He planned to instigate the ‘barbarians’ of Iron Plateau to fight the space residents, saving the Immortal Cultivators the trouble!

“I don’t think the expedition army of the Imperium will think too highly of the uncivilized barbarians. They will even offer magical equipment to the barbarians and arm them to the teeth so that they can fight us better!

“We can even fabricate some tales, in which the barbaric civilization is described as the loser in the competition of the three Sectors and that they were banished a long time ago and hate our guts.

“It’s just like the tale between the Iron Plateau natives and the space residences, with some minor adjustments.

“In such a case, the expedition army of the Imperium will be even less suspicious. They will definitely be hoping to drive the tiger to attack the wolves and to settle the problem without getting their own hands dirty.

“But they don’t know that the ‘barbaric civilization’ is with us. Among the seemingly uncivilized barbarians, our best warriors, most knowledgeable scholars, and top experts of reverse engineering are hidden!

“After the ‘barbaric civilization’ sends back tremendous intelligence about the Imperium so that we can crack the magical equipment and the tactics of the Imperium, and after they bring the expedition army of the Imperium to a trap, we will attack from the outside, and they will attack from the inside. The expedition army of the Imperium will be settled once and for all!”

The Nascent Soul Stage from the Flying Star Sector talked rather enthusiastically, but most of the listeners, including Li Yao, looked at each other in bewilderment with a weird expression.

It was indeed… an impressive scheme. But was it not too wishful? For such a complicated, highly-dependent plan to work out, some luck was definitely necessary, and should it fail, all the elites would be wasted for nothing!

If the plan was too complicated, then the next plan was a bit too ‘magnificent’.

It was a plan named Universal Cannon, whose content was as awesome as its name.

The integration of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector was triggering the immense spiritual energy hidden deep inside the two worlds. So, if the spiritual energy was accumulated through certain magical equipment, an unprecedented cluster of spiritual energy would be gathered after one to two hundred years!

If the accumulated spiritual energy was to be shoot out by a certain ‘cannon’ floating in space, would it not be an invincible weapon?

Not just an expedition army of the Imperium, even an entire planet would be crushed into pieces like an egg under the bombardment of such a cannon!

Such a creative idea rendered Li Yao and a few other refiners in the Nascent Soul Stage amused and speechless.

Yes, it was theoretically possible.

However, how could the spiritual energy dispersing in the boundless land of the two Sectors be captured? How could the energy be collected without missing any? And what kind of container could store such spiritual energy and ensure its stability in the next hundred years?

In the end, how could such energy be triggered controllably, steadily, and precisely, instead of blowing up the expedition army of the Imperium together with the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector as a super large universal bomb?

Too many critical problems regarding material science, the studies of spiritual energy, and cosmology were involved. Such obstacles were barely conquerable.

Even if the federation was on steroids every day for the next hundred years, it was unlikely that the researchers would achieve any breakthroughs!

If the technological advancement had been accomplished, there would also be no need to produce a ‘universal cannon’ at all. They could simply establish a fleet and march to the homeland of the Imperium to settle the problem from its source!

However, everybody understood the anxiety of the speakers. No matter what they were actually thinking to themselves, they all applauded for the speakers warmly.

Very soon, it was Li Yao’s turn.

Today, he brought a whole new plan, too.

The ambience in the hall was immediately somewhat different from before. All the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors held their breath, curious to find out what kind of extraordinary plan Li Yao, the youngest and most special Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator in the three Sectors, would present.

Would it be a realistic plan like the Wind Sail Plan, or would it be windbaggery with no consideration of the actual situation like the Universal Cannon?

If it were any other young man at his age, they would have felt that their legs shaking and their blood freezing when they were gazed at by more than two hundred Nascent Soul Stage experts.

However, after being hunted by dozens of demon emperors, Li Yao felt that such a speech was as easy as the cool breeze at a summer noon.

He smiled and connected his jade chip to the crystal processor. The file inside was displayed, but the first page was nothing except darkness.

In the darkness, he said unhurriedly, “Greetings, Fellow Cultivators, allow me to briefly introduce to you—the Black Hole Project!

“Let me begin with an ancient catchphrase. Don’t ever argue with a moron because he will drag your intelligence to his level before he defeats you with his abundant experience.

“Just now, I’ve heard a lot of presentations from my fellow Cultivators. Many plans and proposals are incredible eye-openers for me!

“However, it appears to me that almost everybody is hoping to make us stronger than the Imperium in a certain aspect.

“Then, can you think from the other perspective? Instead of making us stronger than the Imperium, can we drag the Imperium to our level and make it as weak as us?”