Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Brand New Patterns Of War

It was like a skyscraper that was wry, piled with mud bamboos, and in violation of all the accepted rules. The building seemed as if it would collapse as soon as anybody blew at it.

But when the lousy appearance was removed, it would be noticed that the skyscraper boasted the solidest framework and the most valid foundation. Also, all the seeming unacceptable parts were supported by the most delicate principles of mechanics!

After three minutes, after digesting the tremendous information that Li Yao had thrown out, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors were in great shock!

When one law worked out, a hundred subsequent laws would also work out. With or without the spiritual energy, the rules of the universe were the same. The most fundamental laws of nature were unchanged. The strong interaction, the weak interaction, the electromagnetic interaction, and universal gravitation all existed. Absorbing energy from crystals and absorbing energy from oil and coal only differed in efficiency. There was not any essential difference!

They were all the specialists in their respective fields and were only blocked from the new world by a closed window. Now that Li Yao had ripped open the window for them, the two systems were immediately broken through. All the participants felt greatly enlightened!

Many specialists were deeply fascinated. Their fingers turned into clusters of gray mist in midair, while they deduced the development of a certain field in the world without spiritual energy based on their own experience.

After their calculations were done, they discovered that the outcome was exactly what Li Yao had pointed out. They were all amazed and found it unbelievable.

Several demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector, who were most adept at condensing minerals into the blood of demon beasts to produce lethal venom or corrosive liquid, met absolutely no trouble when they studied the chemistry and biology of the world without spiritual energy.

Another few experts, who were best at theories of spiritual energy and the cosmology, found several of the most fundamental concepts in nuclear physics and astrophysics that Li Yao had raised and compared them with their own studies. They found absolutely no discrepancies and were even given new insights!

In short, after ten minutes of crazy calculation, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors had to admit that, if a world without spiritual energy did exist, the seemingly make-believe world that Li Yao had proposed was possible to be produced in reality and to be manipulated by trained personnel!

I didn’t know that the guy’s deduction ability is so immense. This is truly unbelievable!

Many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors were sweating hard and considered Li Yao to be a mysterious monster again!

They had not gotten in touch with Li Yao before and had only heard his name. After learning Li Yao’s life experience, many experts who were more than a hundred years old still had not thought too much of him. They had thought that the young boy was just lucky enough and happened to be involved in many great events wherever he went so that he could take advantage of the chaos and excavate many relics of the past.

Today, after finally meeting him, they had never expected the young man who was young enough to be their great, great grandson to propose any plan of strategic significance. It would be credible enough if he could come up with a creative tactic.

They did not know that the young man would put forward a purely imagined civilization!

Imagining the evolution of a civilization of more than ten thousand years was not difficult. One could think however they saw fit.

However, making sure that the sweeping subjects were all basically correct and every detail was so self-consistent that even two hundred Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and demon emperors could not find a loophole was a whole other issue. What kind of computational ability the guy must have!

Horrifying. This is too horrifying!

No wonder he is already a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator at such a young age. Leaving his combat ability and arts in refining alone, his deductive ability is definitely among the best of the three Sectors!

The seasoned experts all looked at each other in bewilderment, sweating and blushing for silently mocking Li Yao a moment ago.

Some other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, who were in better relationship with Li Yao, were anxious and worried for him!

As Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, they were well aware of the weight of the files. It was inferring an entire world from nothing!

They were all clear that Li Yao was not bragging when he said ‘burned my life and soul’. Such a deduction could only be made with one’s full attention and the best of one’s computational ability for an unbelievably long time!

The simplest example would be Jin Tuyi, who only inferred the integration of human beings and demons and the development of the two Sectors in the hundred years to come for his Red Tide Plan. However, as a result, his brain sclerosis escalated!

Li Yao had created a world from nothing and inferred everything that happened in ten thousand years. It was definitely much more difficult than Jin Tuyi’s work. He must have been thinking with his life!

Judging from the detail of the files, for a deduction of such complexity, if his brain had not exploded on the spot, his longevity must have been reduced by decades!

For a moment, the eyes of many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were wet.

“Li Yao!”

Mercury tears flowed out of Professor Mo Xuan’s metal face, as he held back his excitement and said, “You—you’ve sacrificed too much. This issue is indeed important, but you must take care of yourself, too. You have only just married. There’s no need to work so hard. Try to think more for your own happiness!”

“It’s—it’s alright. For the future of the three Sectors, I think I can burn myself a little bit. I’m totally fine.” Li Yao scratched his hair, somewhat in embarrassment. He had not deduced a nonexistent world from nothing in the first place; he was merely copying his own memories, which was not exhausting at all.

To be honest, even the competition of beliefs with Ding Lingdang had been much more exhausting than the preparation of the files!

Li Yao coughed for a moment and changed the topic. “What I have deduced is just the most fundamental framework. As for the technological details and the cutting-edge theories, I really don’t know much about them. I’m hoping that the seniors here can perfect the new energy utilization system together with your own specialties so that the weapon that I’ve imagined can be manufactured in the real world!”

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” Professor Mo Xuan said. “I have basically read through the weapons you imagined. The rifles, panzers, and plans you mentioned are apparently based on the weapons of spiritual energy in our real world, except that the power source is changed from crystals to gunpowder, coal, and oil.

“It is hard to say whether or not nuclear weapons can be produced, but the panzers, the planes, and the artilleries are absolutely not a problem. They can be manufactured as long as we slightly modify the assembly lines of our magical equipment right now!

“Fellow Cultivators, do you agree?”

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators all nodded.

They had also noticed that the weapons that Li Yao had imagined had their prototypes in reality despite the different power source and the different ways of manipulation. But generally speaking, the new weapons were much more simplified than the existing ones.

After all, such weapons were designed on the premise that even the ordinary people could produce and manipulate them with their wisdom. How hard could it be?

“Compared to the production of such weapons, I am more concerned about the military theories!” Professor Mo Xuan said. “A new weapon means a new strategy, but right now, we have an amalgamation of hundreds of new weapons!

“How should a large-scale war be fought in a world without spiritual energy? We don’t have the slightest experience in the regard. It is certainly not going to work out if we simply copy our experience in the weapons of spiritual energy!”

Professor Mo Xuan was a grassroots refiner who was deeply associated with the military. Therefore, he was particularly sensitive about how the weapons could be utilized in the war.

“There’s no need to worry about that.”

Li Yao smiled and said, “While I was imaging such weapons, I also deduced the wars in different eras of the world without spiritual energy, especially those after the oil, coal, and nuclear energy were applied on a large scale. I have clipped four episodes of my deduction for your reference!”

Behind Li Yao, a torrent of steel, a swarm of bombers, and a rising mushroom was displayed.

“The four wars are respectively World War I, World War II, Desert Storm, and Oriental Sunset.

“Of them, World War I and World War II are two planetary wars in the world without spiritual energy that I’ve inferred before nuclear energy is applied on a large scale. From them, we can learn the overloaded manufacturing of single weapons, the national mobilization including women and children, the large-scale movement of regiments through trains, and the guerilla warfare to resist the enemy without surrendering even after the main force is crushed.

“Desert Storm is a thunderous, unstoppable local war after nuclear energy and electromagnetic energy are generally applied. We can learn how to fight a cubic and electronic war without spiritual energy and crush an enemy who is weaker than us!

“Oriental Sunset takes place more than thirty years after the Desert Storm. It is a local war fought by two superpowers who have both mastered nuclear energy and electromagnetic energy, taking place offshore from one of the superpowers.

“In the war, both parties deploy the most state-of-the-art weapons, including nuclear supercarriers, nuclear submarines, strategic fighters, fifth-generation fighters, and even outer space weapons. They are the best I can imagine!

“Of course, because of the size of the two parties, the war has been fought in the most restrained way. Most of the nuclear supercarriers and nuclear submarines do not have a head-on clash. But still, we can learn much from the war, including how to implement a strategic nuclear attack on an object in the orbit of the planet out of the atmosphere without resorting to spiritual energy!”

Li Yao sent the files of the four ‘fictitious wars’ to the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. Very soon, gasps were echoing nonstop in the hall again.

The reactions of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were within Li Yao’s expectation. He said calmly, “I think that, in a hundred years, if we develop a ‘backup war system’ that does not rely on spiritual energy, we can at least reach the World War II level, can’t we? If we dedicate more resources, and if we are lucky, we can develop to the level of Desert Storm and even that of Oriental Sunset, with nuclear supercarriers, nuclear submarines, and strategic nuclear weapons!

“With my personal computational ability, of course, the four wars that I’ve deduced must be crude and shabby in details, but I believe that the basic moves and strategies implemented in the wars should be correct. We can always hone the tactics or even have live drills. Are we really worried that we will not accumulate enough war experience?”