Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Primeval War

When Li Yao spoke that sentence, his soul seemed to be completely controlled by the soundwave, and even his countenance was as gloomy as the face of the warrior of the Pangu Clan.

The short sentence was like a bucket of freezing water that poured on Sparkle. Everybody’s heart and head were cold.

There was no sound inside Sparkle, except for the magical equipment being maintained.

Staring at Li Yao, Professor Mo Xuan hesitated. “Are—are you sure?”

Before Li Yao replied, he waved his hands heavily. “Never mind. Based on everything we’ve seen, the basic meaning of the sentence must be quite accurate.

“There is too much information in the sentence. After all, the maintenance of the spiritual shield and the examination of power rune arrays will both take some time. I suggest we calm ourselves down for ten minutes and sort through the mess. We’ll come back and discuss the issue in ten minutes. How does that sound?”

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King both agreed to the suggestion.

Having seen such a weird scene and heard a furious roar from millions of years ago, they indeed need some time to regain their composure.

Ten minutes later, the three of them gathered again. It was hard to tell anything from Professor Mo Xuan’s appearance, but both Li Yao’s and the Fire Ant King’s faces were wet, which had been obviously soaked in icy water.

“It appears that we have indeed found a battlefield of the primeval era.”

Professor Mo Xuan was the first to open his mouth.

“However, it was not a battlefield of the Pangu Clan and the alien species of the universe, but one of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan. That was a civil war of the Pangu civilization!”

Li Yao turned to the Fire Ant King. “The demon race considers themselves to be the descendants of Pangu and Nuwa. Your studies about the primeval era are more profound than ours. What do you think of the civil war within the Pangu civilization?”

Both the civilization of mankind and the civilization of demons considered themselves to be the heirs of Pangu and Nuwa. There was no doubt about that. Legends had it that Pangu founded the universe and Nuwa’s feats included ‘patching the paradise’ and ‘creating human beings’.

However, on the civilization of mankind’s side, because of the thirty thousand years of the Great Dark Age, the inheritance of the ancient Cultivators forty thousand years ago was mostly disrupted and degraded into absurd folklores. The legends were not of much value for reference.

The demon race, on the other hand, to justify their legitimacy of ruling over the universe, described the Pangu Clan as the ‘Twelve Ancient Demon Clans’. In the thirty thousand years, their historians and archeologists excavated, explored, and researched ancient texts, finally constructing a complete theory regarding the civilization’s development.

Although ungrounded tales and exaggerations were still not entirely avoidable, they were much more reliable than the pure legends on human beings’ side.

The Fire Ant King pondered for a moment and said, “The Legends of Ancient Demons, our popular history reader, states that, before the universe was born, when the stars and galaxies were still nonexistent, everything was highly compressed in a tiny point that is known as the Primordial Beginning. Metaphorically, it was also known as the Celestial Venerable of the PrimordialBeginning 1 !

“The Primordial Beginning turned into three thousand rules in a big bang that is beyond our imagination. Together, the rules constructed an ever-expanding universe. In the original universe, order and turmoil competed with each other, and two opposite creatures were thus born, namely Pangu, who abided by the rules and built up the order, and Chaos, who despised the rules and destroyed the order!”

The Fire Ant King had founded the Blade of Chaos. The ‘Chaos’ here was in honor of ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi. However, ‘Chaos’ had not been invented by Ba Yanzhi in the beginning but referred to a primeval species that was the Pangu Clan’s sworn enemy millions of years ago.

In the concepts of both human beings and demons, the Pangu Clan was always considered to be righteous, and the Chaos Clan, evil. It was also the reason that the Ultimate One Demons, Ba Yanzhi’s enemies in the old days, gave him the nickname ‘Chaos’.

On the other hand, Ba Yanzhi’s constantly-changing, unstable form after his cells collapsed was indeed similar to Chaos in the legends.

“The Pangu Clan and the Chaos Clan fought for nobody knew how many years. After all three thousand Sectors were destroyed, they were both drained. At that time, the Nuwa Clan, which was the last to join the Pangu civilization, was given the task of recovering the three thousand Sectors, which was also known as ‘fixing the paradise’. In order to ‘fix the paradise’, they created the tiny creatures that were human beings and sprayed them to every corner of the three thousand Sectors with the force of the galaxy arms!

“However, ‘human beings’ were polluted by the Chaos Clan the moment they were born. Instead of taking orders from the Pangu Clan, they considered themselves the masters of the three thousand Sectors and even eventually rose up to resist the Pangu Clan!”

The Fire Ant King took a deep breath and said, “This is what is recorded on the ‘Legends of the Ancient Demons’. Maybe, you thought that it was a rhetoric of demons to vilify human beings. But from what we’ve seen here, such a theory definitely has its origins even if it is vilification.”

Deep in thought, Professor Mo Xuan said, “Leaving the absurd tales alone, I believe that this is a more reasonable explanation. First of all, the Pangu civilization was an ancient civilization living in millions of years ago, but it was not made of a single species but an alliance of multiple clans and civilizations.

“In the legends, there are the Pangu Clan, the Kuafu Clan, the Gonggong Clan, the Zhurong Clan, and so on, each of which boasted unique features. For example, the Zhurong Clan liked to live in scorching worlds where the temperature was hundreds of degrees high and established their civilization by absorbing magma and geothermal energy. The Gonggong Clan, in comparison, was clearly an aquatic clan whose favorite living environment was undersea.

“It is very hard to imagine that they were two forms of the same species. They were probably two species that originated from different planets.

“The Zhurong Clan’s mother planet must’ve been a planet very close to a star. The planet was hot all year round, with abundant magma and geotherm resources. Volcanic eruptions were anything but unusual. Therefore, a species that was adept at the utilization of fire and heat was born, which was the Zhurong Clan.

“The Gonggong Clan, at their earliest state, must’ve lived on a planet whose surface was fully covered in water. That was why they developed technologies to exploit the ocean, make use of seawater, and retrieve energy from it.

“Although their living environments were vastly different, they were all carbon-based life forms made of flesh and blood. They had a head, a torso, and several limbs. From the perspective of the grandness of the universe, their civilizations were alike to each other. Then, after the two species got in contact with each other, it is possible that they formed an alliance!

“It was probably also the case for the rest of the species in the Pangu civilization. In the end, ten or so species joined the ‘alliance of the Pangu civilization’. Collectively, they called themselves the ‘Pangu Clan’!”

Li Yao and the Fire Ant King nodded quickly. Professor Mo Xuan’s deduction was quite reasonable. There was nothing too extraordinary. It was probably the truth.

Li Yao admired ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi very much, and somehow found the ‘Chaos Clan’ in the primeval era less detesting. Thus, he could not help but ask, “Then, what exactly is the ‘Chaos Clan’, the Pangu Clan’s enemy?”

Professor Mo Xuan shook his head. “It is hard to tell due to the lack of files, but apparently, there is a theory that believes that the ‘extraterrestrial devils’ nowadays are the descendants of the Chaos Clan in the primeval era. If it is true, we can possibly infer the form of the Chaos Clan from the extraterrestrial devils!”

Li Yao thought for a moment and asked with great interest, “Are you suggesting that it is a civilization of pure energy?”

The extraterrestrial devils had no real entities and lived on a type of energy known as ‘tenebrum’. They were versatile and unpredictable. In the history of mankind, they had always been one of the most dreadful enemies, sometimes even more dreadful than demons.

Other than the extraterrestrial devils, there were also other pure-energy lives in the universe. For example, the Blood Stripe Virus that Li Yao once swallowed was a pure energy-based life form.

More straightforwardly, Professor Mo Xuan and the four star spirits were sort of energy-based life forms, too. They could live without a shell, except that they would perish very soon because of the interference and radiation.

“Very likely!” Professor Mo Xuan nodded and said, “If that is the case, the so-called Pangu Clan was actually a great alliance of the carbon-based life forms, while the Chaos Clan was a coalition of the energy-based life forms. The two types of civilizations existed in vastly different ways, and the living environments that they required must’ve been different from each other, too. It would have been quite normal for a heated war to burst out between them.

“Leaving the ungrounded tale that the Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning founded the three thousand rules aside, it is almost certain that the Pangu civilization and the Chaos civilization had a great war millions of years ago. It was likely a competition of ‘carbon-based life forms’ versus ‘energy-based life forms’. Both parties were hoping to modify the universe into an environment that were suitable for their survival and reproduction. However, the war did not seem to end well. Both parties suffered great casualties and were about to go extinct.

“The Pangu civilization was at a slim advantage. It spared the Nuwa Clan, one of the species in the alliance, to carry out the Paradise Patching Plan. They were asked to repair the three thousand Sectors that had been destroyed and modify them into what were suitable for the survival of carbon-based life forms.

“The Nuwa Clan must’ve participated in the primeval war, too, and wouldn’t have too many forces left. Since it was impossible for them to complete such an enormous project alone, they created human beings, highly fertile creatures, to implement the task.”

Then, the professor paused for a moment. Solemnly, he mumbled, “According to the Legends of the Ancient Demons, human beings were just ‘tools’ that the Pangu civilization created to fix the three thousand Sectors. Before, we always considered such a theory to be a shameless lie, but now, with the last words of the warrior of the Pangu Clan…

“Is it true that the Nuwa Clan, part of the Pangu civilization, and human beings, the brand-new species created by the Nuwa Clan, betrayed the Pangu civilization together?

“At the very least, the warrior of the Pangu Clan seems to believe so from his perspective!”