Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Broken

Looking at the pictures sent back by the crystal cameras, which suggested that the remains of war were getting denser and denser ahead, the Fire Ant King observed with an awful expression, “In such a case, Senior Gui Suishou might be correct that the Pangu civilization is kind of hostile to us! It seems that the journey to Kunlun will prove to be dangerous.”

“We have to go however dangerous it is,” Li Yao said solemnly. “This place is too close to the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector. It’s like a time bomb that is right next to our bed. The more dangerous this place is, the more necessary it is for us to find out the truth. Otherwise, we won’t know how we are killed should it ‘detonate’ one day!

“Besides, the Immortal Cultivators of the Imperium of True Human Beings are now marching toward Kunlun. We cannot just sit by and watch them steal the relics of the Pangu civilization from Kunlun, can we?

“The corpse of the warrior of the Pangu Clan was exposed in the universe for too long and suffered the radiation from the pulsar for hundreds of thousands of years. That is why it was so feeble and collapsed at the first touch.

“But better-preserved bodies of the Pangu Clan might be found on Kunlun, as well as the marvelous weapons of the Pangu Clan. If we have access to such weapons, they will significantly improve our capability of resisting the Imperium. But if the Immortal Cultivators get them, we will be doomed!”

Professor Mo Xuan and the Fire Ant King nodded simultaneously.

“Exactly.” Professor Mo Xuan’s metal voice sounded more resolute than ever. “Whatever the soul-stirring war in the primeval war was, we know the result. We’ve dominated the three thousand Sectors for more than a hundred thousand years, during which time the Pangu Clan was nowhere to be seen!

“It suggests that we are the last victor and beneficiary of the war!

“Also, Senior Ba Yanzhi explored Kunlun forty thousand years ago. Not only did he return in one piece, he also managed to bring a dead body of the Pangu Clan back to the Blood Demon Sector for research!

“Fellow Cultivator Fire Ant was quite right before we left. Neither Pangu nor Nuwa are ungrounded deities or devils but creatures made of flesh and blood like human beings. We are all carbon-based lifeforms. What’s there to be scared of?

“Let’s continue marching toward Kunlun!”

Behind them were the expectations of the Star Glory Federation and their compatriots of all the three Sectors. No matter how difficult and dangerous the path ahead was, it was not going to stop them from exploring the new world!

Li Yao, Professor Mo Xuan, and the four star spirits worked together. Finally, in three hours, the spiritual shield and the power rune arrays were all repaired.

In the meantime, Sparkle had also dragged a lot of star dust from space and run a thorough analysis on it. A lot of super alloy elements, with the same constituents, were found in the dust.

Therefore, it was not hard to assume that most of the scraps used to belong to a certain monolithic object.

Three hours later, Sparkle continued moving forward.

This time, they slowed down a little bit and scanned the space nearby carefully for human-shaped debris.

But they never met a second vivid, well-preserved body. All the ran into were bizarrely-shaped broken limbs that were blood-freezing and devastating.

What left the deepest impression on Li Yao was a cylinder more than half a meter in diameter and almost three meters long.

Judging from the scanning, it did not seem to be metal but looked more like part of a body of flesh and blood.

At first, Li Yao thought that it was a torso whose limbs were cut off or that it might be just a limb that was relatively thicker.

It was not until they studied carefully for a long time and discovered spirals on it that looked like growth rings that they came to the realization that the object was a finger.

A finger more than three meters long and half a meter wide, which was even larger than Li Yao.

Everybody stayed in front of the finger for a long time. After enough data was collected, they pushed forward without any hesitation.

“The star dust in front is reducing. The pulse storm is stabilizing, too! That’s odd. We are getting closer to the pulsar instead of moving farther away. Based on the astronomical parameters, this place should be where the pulsar storm is most intense, but why is it so quiet?”

“This is not a real storm. Then, where is the ‘eye’ from at all?”

“Immense spiritual waves and metal reactions are coming from the front. The mystic rays that we shot out feed a very enormous celestial body back!”

“All fifty-one features marked on the Star Map of Kunlun fit. We are arriving at our destination!”

The four star spirits reported the latest updates of the voyage.

The drill of mystic rays was revolving at the highest speed. The debris and the star dust on the primeval battlefield were all drilled into powder. Sparkle finally jumped out of the annoying ocean of meteoroids like a dragon!

The celestial body in front of Sparkle, however, rendered all seven of them dumbfounded and unable to calm down for a long time.

It was a bright-gold planet larger than the moon. The planet seemed to have just been hit by an asteroid not long ago, indicated by the super large scar that covered almost half of the planet’s surface. A lot of materials had been ripped apart and thrown into the space, turning into the ocean of meteoroids that they had just seen.

Even right now, a lot of materials were still spurting out of the interior of the planet and into space, making the planet look like both a geyser and a beast with a weird tail that extended to the ocean of cascades.

If it were a random planet, after such a blow, the broken planet would certainly have collapsed inwardly because of the revolutions and slowly turn into a small sphere.

However, the bright gold planet maintained the incomplete, half-sphere shape, like a gold apple that had been bitten and was still decaying.

Looking at the inside through the ‘wound’, one would be able to see the internal metal structure that was more complicated than a maze and a core covered in dazzling brilliance that did not appear natural at all!

The planet turned out to be hollow. Inside the planet were buildings that constituted underground cities.

Despite the thick rocks on the surface that formed an extremely solid crust, it was still an out-and-out artificial celestial body!

“Is this Kunlun, the Pangu Clan’s super warship?” Professor Mo Xuan mumbled to himself, his voice shivering in excitement.

Like Li Yao, he was also a super magical equipment fan. Although the refinement of starships was not their specialty, such an authentic ‘planetary warship’ was still making their souls bouncing in joy.

Particularly, because of the fatal strike the planetary warship suffered, its shell was completely torn apart, and the sophisticated internal structure was revealed clearly.

They greatly enjoyed the incredible view and almost couldn’t move their eyes away.

“Click! Click!” Sparkle’s crystal cameras immediately started shooting crazily.

“After we establish the space communication system and send the pictures back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, Leader Si is definitely going to be overjoyed,” Li Yao said amusingly.

Si Koulie, the proposer of the Ice God Project and the leader of the Star Fighter’s Alliance, was one of the best starship specialists in the three Sectors. It had been his dream to build a ‘planetary warship’.

If he had the files about ‘Kunlun’, a super warship of the Pangu Clan, even though they were nothing but the appearance of the warship, it would still be a great inspiration on his project.

“The spiritual waves of this area are very stable. The interference from the pulsar is weak, too. It is very suitable to deploy the star beacons and the space communication facilities here.”

Professor Mo Xuan calculated for a moment and continued. “However, we did not expect that Kunlun would be so ragged that it was spurting out tremendous materials every second. Such materials become space garbage and might be a threat to the star beacons and the communication facilities when pushed by the pulse storm.

“To guide such a super warship as Burning Prairie with dozens of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Core Formation Stage Cultivators to jump over, the star beacons and the communication facilities must be unfolded to the maximum. Then, it will be a very tricky issue to avoid the scourge of the space garbage!

“If we deploy defense rune arrays first, which will generate an immense twisting force field, before we unfold the star beacons and the communication magical equipment, it will take at least seventy-two hours for us to finish the work.”

Li Yao nodded. “Alright. Let’s stick to our original plan. My four senior brothers will maneuver Sparkle to finish the deployment of the star beacons and the communication magical equipment, send back the astronomical parameters to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and clear an area where Burning Prairie can land.

“The three of us will go to ‘Kunlun’ and explore it first. If the Immortal Cultivators arrive in advance, we can be better prepared!”

It was the plan that they had made before they left. They were not behind on their schedule yet.

The three of them examined their Cosmos Rings and magical equipment one last time. Li Yao summoned the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold and embedded the few Cosmos Rings on it. The Fire Ant King put on his plant biochemical armor. Professor Mo Xuan crawled in the artificial body that looked like a metal octopus.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three capsule-like single assault cabins were spat out by Sparkle and darted toward Kunlun.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Crouching inside the cabin, Li Yao heard the sound of metal being twisted and saw the fire out of the window. He was secretly surprised.

It was a sign that the cabin was having intense friction with the atmosphere.

But how was that possible?

Kunlun was obviously half broken. Even if it had an atmosphere in the beginning, the atmosphere should have split apart and escaped after it took such a heavy blow.

How did the Pangu Clan manage to cover a ‘planetary warship’ with a man-made atmosphere that was still concentrated without dispersing despite such serious damage?

Where was the energy that supported the atmosphere from? They were right inside the crab nebula where there was no sun at all!

Li Yao was once more greatly impressed by the technology of the Pangu civilization. However, it did not mean that he was scared; he was simply even more eager to explore and study.

Very soon, all three assault cabins broke into Kunlun’s atmosphere and landed on the surface of the planetary warship!