Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224 Giant

However, on second thought, it was quite a plausible theory. Otherwise, it would have been unnecessary to build Kunlun right next to a pulsar.

“The surface of the Kunlun must’ve been less ragged in the beginning. It was definitely flat and suitable for living and training,” Professor Mo Xuan said. “Then, Kunlun suffered an overwhelming strike, and all the terrain was hence changed.

“The crash nearly tore Kunlun apart. The side on the point of impact was nearly all tossed into space, resulting into the ocean of star dust that surrounds Kunlun. Even the side opposite from the point of impact was crushed into layers of folds. The mountains and canyons we are seeing right now were formed at that time, too.

“However, as a planetary warship, Kunlun obviously boasts an excellent damage management system. Even though it has been reduced to such an extent, it is still functioning at the minimum efficiency in some sort of ‘hibernation’ state instead of complete death.

“Even the atmosphere and the ecological system on the surface of the planet have been maintained. So, chances are that there are better-preserved parts inside Kunlun that we can excavate!

“Seven hundred kilometers to our west is the center of metal reaction and spiritual waves on the surface of Kunlun. Something must be there. Let’s go and take a look!”

The three of them flew toward the west wearing their crystal suit, artificial body, and plant armor. After flying westward for four hundred kilometers, they landed on a fold that was fully covered with mosses.

They deployed a very inconspicuous attack formation in this place.

Li Yao planted a lot of crystal bombs as well as many attack rune arrays that could be detonated abruptly by his telepathic thoughts on the folds of the land.

The Fire Ant King, on the other hand, looked for soil in the canyon and sprayed numerous seeds.

The seeds of the demonic plants whose genes had been optimized after generations rooted and sprouted instantly. Their roots extended deep into the ground, and they would grow into vines full of venomous thorns in a few hours.

Even Professor Mo Xuan had deployed a few crystal cannons inside the crevices.

They had to consider the worst-case scenario in which they were forced to confront the Immortal Cultivators in Kunlun. If so, this place would the battlefield for their last attempt!

After finishing everything, Li Yao found a cave on a hill through Neltharion.

He retrieved the items prepared by Guo Chunfeng from his Cosmos Ring. Then, he placed the items inside the cave one after another. The cave was soon decorated into a messy, temporary residence.

He even found a place downwind outside of the cave, dug a canal, and poured some of the thoroughly-sealed feces into it.

The Fire Ant King and Professor Mo Xuan frowned and watched him deploying the trap suspiciously.

But Li Yao simply grinned at him. After finishing everything, he returned the empty containers and the wooden boxes into his Cosmos Ring. He slapped his hands in great satisfaction after making sure that there were no loopholes.

Right now, it appeared that the cave had been resided in for a year and a half, or even longer.

After everything was done, the three of them continued moving forward.

The metal reactions up front were getting more and more intense. Buzzes each higher than the last were echoing from Li Yao’s crystal processor, as if a high-quality, open-air mine had been discovered.

“Over the cliff in front of us, we will arrive at where the metal reactions and the spiritual waves are most intense. Take care, everybody!”

Flying in midair was too eye-catching. Li Yao, Professor Mo Xuan, and the Fire Ant King all landed and jumped forward while jetting.

The terrain there was even harsher than before, as if dozens of unprecedented earthquakes had taken place in a row. The cliffs were completely vertical, and the discrepancy in elevation was easily thousands of meters. The peaks of the mountains were hidden by the purple clouds, leaving everybody with the feeling that they pierced into space.

Placed in the middle of the broken folds, Li Yao felt that he was an ant finding his way out in a labyrinth constructed by the deities.

The precipices that protruded high from the ground were essentially walls as smooth as mirrors. History of millions of years had left ineffaceable traces on them. For many of the walls, the colors from top to bottom were obviously different because they belonged to different eras.

Like three mountain climbers, the three of them struggled to crawl over the folds, getting closer and closer to their destination.

There was only the last fold in front of them. It was almost ten thousand kilometers long, and one could not see the end of it. The altitude difference was more than seven thousand meters. It was quite overwhelming.

Li Yao was adjusting the mode of his crystal suit and planning the increase the output of the power rune arrays when Professor Mo Xuan suddenly exclaimed, “Look over there!”

Narrowing his eyes, Li Yao looked at where Professor Mo Xuan was point, only to discover that a guy seemed to be squatting and staring at them in silence several kilometers away from them.


Li Yao shuddered so hard that the bones all over his body were constricting. He unsheathed the Blood Moon Dragon Hunting Saber quickly and set the resolution of his crystal cameras to the highest before he observed carefully!

It was indeed a human-shaped object, but it was deeply embedded into the stone wall and seemed to have been dead for a long time.

Li Yao stretched out his telepathic thoughts and perceived no sign of a living creature. More or less relieved, he looked at the Fire Ant King. The two of them grabbed their weapons and carefully drew close while protecting Professor Mo Xuan.

The stranger seemed close to them, but it took them almost twenty minutes to reach there.

They were actually dozens of kilometers away from the stranger upon their encounter. The reason the stranger had appeared close to them was that the human-shaped object was unbelievably huge!

It was a giant more than a hundred meters tall.

Most of his body parts were deeply buried into the rocks, making him look like a man who was drowned in mud. The body parts that were exposed to the air were either broken or dehydrated into dry mummies.

However, it was not difficult to fathom the awesomeness of the giant when he was alive based on the bones that were thicker than crystal trains and the skull that was full of holes and horns and looked like a super heavy crystal tank!

His bones were covered in a majestic armor, which was in a similar style to the armor of the ancient Cultivators. However, after studying the fractures of the armor carefully for a while, Li Yao found that there was more to it. At least thirty different types of metal had been added to the armor in different layers. Also, tubes that looked like capillary vessels were between every two layers. They could easily increase the speed of spiritual energy circulation by hundreds of times. There were also structures that looked like nerve endings. Li Yao could not discern their purpose at all.

“The armor that seems to be in a vintage style actually adopts many technologies that far exceed those employed in modern crystal suits. The tubes of spiritual energy and telepathic thoughts have been built into a system that resembles veins and nerve network, covering the entirety of the armor!

“The enormous armor looks like a huge beast, but its senses are extremely keen. The subtlest change to any part of the armor will immediately be fed back to the giant’s brain!

“What an incredible product!”

Li Yao was greatly amazed.

“The hands of this giant are particularly large. His fingers are all more than two meters long. It is similar to the ‘super finger’ that we scanned in space a moment ago. They must’ve been the same species!” Professor Mo Xuan was deeply impressed, too. “There are indeed many species of giants in the legends.

“For example, in the tale of Kuafu chasing after the sun, the giant ‘Kuafu’ was able to drink up a lake without stopping, and when he drank from the rivers, the rivers would be drained.

“If the hundred-meter-tall giant was a member of the Kuafu Clan, such a tale might not be too much of an exaggeration.”

After that, the three of them were caught in a weird silence while they stared at the giant who was believed to be a member of the ‘Kuafu Clan’.

Although they were well aware that the stranger was made of flesh and blood, too, and essentially the same as themselves, and that too enormous a body size was more of a burden than an advantage on a planet of a high gravity, they still could not hold back their urge to worship him when they were standing in front of the toe of the giant who was a hundred meters tall.

It was a natural instinct carved to their gene strands in the deepest part of their cells, which they had to resist with their strongest willpower.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The mystic rays that pierced into the stone walls gave back more information. Still more human-shaped and animal-shaped objects were embedded in the ground.

A long time ago, a fierce battle had taken place there. After the battle, with the passage of time, all the relics had been buried in the ground and sunk deeper and deeper.

It was not until recently when Kunlun suffered a heavy collision, which ripped apart the land and twisted the crust, that part of the battlefield was heaved to the surface again with the tectonic movements. It was why such an enormous ‘war fresco’ made of innumerous remains had been created!

To their surprise, the three of them discovered that the dead body of another giant was right inside the rock stratum behind the giant that they had found first.

The two parties seemed to be on opposite sides because the giant to the back was holding a weapon that looked like a drill and pierced it into the abdomen of the first giant, causing his internal organs to break apart!

After such a long time, the internal organs were, of course, no more, but the shocking cracks on the bones were indicative enough of the force of the strike!

“Was one of them a warrior of the Pangu Clan while the other a warrior of the Nuwa Clan who ‘betrayed’ them?”

The idea made their hearts pound. Operating in person, Li Yao shattered the rocks that surrounded the two giants and gradually exposed them to the air.

The two giants were actually hugging each other in a posture that suggested they had killed each other at the same time.

The giant at the back was smaller in size, approximately seventy meters tall, and he was fully buried in the rock stratum. That was why he had escaped their attention at first.

The ‘little giant’ was also covered in a vintage armor. The two sets of armor appeared to be in a similar style, except that the armor of the ‘little giant’ was more delicate and flawless. There was not any trace of a dead body at all.

“That’s not right!”

Under the strangle of the ‘big giant’, the ‘little giant’ was already twisted and deformed.

However, Li Yao never found anything similar to a dead body from the shocking holes. Wherever his eyes reached, he could only see metal components and transmission tubes that had been melted with the rocks.

Moreover, even on the fracture of the right arm of the ‘little giant’, which had been cut off from the shoulder, there was no hint of bones at all. The shoulder was filled up with magical equipment components.

“This… this is not armor!”