Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 God Slaying

Li Yao and Professor Mo Xuan looked at each other and reached the same conclusion.

The two of them were both experts of crystal suits. However, such an obvious conclusion could be drawn by any ordinary person with functional eyes.

An armor was always worn on a body. They were essentially clothes made of metal. Of course, they had to be hollow. Otherwise, where could the body be stuffed?

Even the super heavy armor that was relatively thick, say, the ‘Ares Extensions’ that the Cultivators plugged outside of their crystal suits, had to be hollow, however thick they were!

The limbs and torso of the ‘little giant’, however, were utterly occupied by all kinds of magical equipment components. There was absolutely no room for a body.

Such a structure indicated that it was not armor but a certain super-large metal puppet or artificial body.

“Are you serious? Such a huge war puppet?”

Li Yao was greatly amazed. If every floor could be considered to be three meters high, a war puppet seventy meters tall would equal to a build of more than twenty floors.

It was far beyond the imagination of the two refiners. Such a size was so unbelievable that it seemed more fit for a movie.

“How was such an enormous war puppet maneuvered anyway?”

Li Yao and Professor Mo Xuan became ever more curious. They dug deeper into the rock stratums. Thankfully, after the violent collision, the crust of Kunlun was seriously twisted, and the rock stratums were not solid at all. Very soon, they dug the torso of the little giant out of the rocks.

It was not until this moment that they got a clear view of the fight of the two giants.

While the weapon on the little giant’s left arm, which looked both like a drill and a knuckle, impaled the big giant’s chest, the big giant extended his hand into the chest of the little giant and ripped everything inside apart.

Broken metal components could be seen from the twisted gaps. The transmission tubes were also in such a mess that they looked like broken veins and nerves.

“Huh. This part is empty. There’s a space here!”

Li Yao discovered a very irregular gap on the chest of the little giant, which did not seem to be caused by external force but looked like a structure resembling a hatch. It was now slightly open because of the twisted structures nearby.

Li Yao tried opening the hatch, but the little giant had been fully melted into the rock stratum and lost its activity. If he used any more strength, it might have broken apart.

Li Yao did not dare to crawl into the gap recklessly, either. So, he deployed Neltharion to investigate on behalf of him and then projected everything that its crystal cameras captured to the midair.


In feeble light, Neltharion rushed here and there inside the chest of the little giant. Very soon, it entered a secret chamber. After the scanning of the mystic light, what appeared in front of them was an egg-shaped seat, and the one sitting majestically inside was…

A human being!


Li Yao, the Fire Ant King, and Professor Mo Xuan exclaimed at the same time!

They could not be mistaken. It was definitely a human being!

Because of the eons of burial in the rock stratum, under the scourge of spiritual waves and minerals, he had gradually decayed like the ‘little giant’ outside.

However, the features of all his bones, including the skull, spine, ribs, and pelvis, were almost identical to those of modern human beings!

Everything that could suggest his identity, including his clothes, had been vaporized into powder. Inside the secret chamber, there were no controller or levers at all other than the egg-shaped seat.

The guy was merely sitting cross-legged and raising his head to the ceiling in a weird posture.

From his extremely twisted jaws, they seemed able to see the fury and magnificence from when he had still been alive!

The scene struck Li Yao and the rest of them into bewilderment like lightning. For three minutes, not only were they unable to utter a word, it was even barely possible for them to breathe!

“A human being less than two meters tall, who was a real compatriot exactly like us, piloted a super large war puppet more than sixty meters tall and killed a dominating giant almost a hundred meters tall who was wearing heavy armor!”

The fact made their eyes bloodshot and their hearts race. Their blood was flooding crazily inside their veins and was almost pouring out of their pores!

The Pangu Clan! The legendary deities who founded the universe and who could change the stars!

But they had been killed by an insignificant human being!


That was real god-slaying!

For a moment, Li Yao remembered the resolute, thought-provoking, proud declaration again.

“Human beings are the strongest fighting species in the sea of stars!”

In that moment, Li Yao could not have felt prouder that he was a member of the civilization of mankind. Hot liquid filled his eyes for reasons he did not know.

We are human beings. When we are on a rampage, we can even kill a deity!

Crazy roars echoed at the bottom of Li Yao’s heart!

“I never expected that I would see something so incredible one day!”

Professor Mo Xuan was not back to himself until three minutes later. Staring at the super-large war puppet, which was twenty floors high, he mumbled, “Before, I always thought that crystal suits were the most perfect single magical equipment in a battlefield and that war puppets more than ten meters tall meant nothing!

“Once a war puppet is more than ten meters tall, it will be faced with a bunch of tricky problems. Its own framework may not be strong enough; it will be discovered and barraged by the enemy easily; then there are the dynamic conductibility issues, the issues about the transmission, and feedback of telepathic thoughts… All in all, it is just a super large pile of garbage. The larger, the worse!

“Therefore, except for in movies and virtual games, we have never developed war puppets more than ten meters tall but always regarded crystal suits as ‘kings of magical equipment’!

“But right now…

“Hehe. Seeing such a big guy here, I feel that I was wrong. I have lived my life for nothing!

“What kind of ‘kings of magical equipment’ are crystal suits? Such super-large war puppets, which can be maneuvered by one human beings and yet blow up a deity, better deserve to be called the kings of magical equipment that dominate the sea of stars!”

Li Yao did not know what he should say.

The material science, studies of spiritual energy, and theories of structure that were involved in such a super-large war puppet far exceeded the knowledge of the Star Glory Federation and even the Star Ocean Imperium. It was completely different from the war puppets that they had developed before.

However, he found empathy in Professor Mo Xuan’s declaration that he had lived his life for nothing.

After discovering that such a twenty-floor-tall war puppet, which could even kill a deity, had actually been maneuvered by an insignificant human being, Li Yao found it impossible to contain his own desire. He could not help but fantasize about how incredible it would be if he could be its pilot and thereby become a king of destruction that slayed everybody and everything standing in his way, dominating the universe!

Compared with such a war puppet, any crystal suit would be… too thin!

I’m definitely going to pilot it!

Li Yao’s eyes were burning with lust, like a hungry wolf that was coveting a yummy chicken from the other side of the iron gauze. He roared in his heart, I will be piloting such a real king of magical equipment one day!

As if affected by his excitement, itching feelings came over from the Cosmos Ring. Little Black was calling him.

Li Yao was dazed for a moment. Then he set Little Black free from the Cosmos Ring.

The lazy fatty was quite unusual today. It rolled around in midair for a moment. Then, after it saw the ‘little giant’, it was suddenly glittering in brilliance, as if it had been refreshed.

Eagerly, it flew to the little giant and extended several sticky tentacles from its round body, jabbing and poking. It even took a circle the control capsule in the chest of the little giant.

While Li Yao was greatly baffled, it returned slowly as if in frustration.

“Little Black, you haven’t seen such a thing before, have you?” Li Yao asked in disbelief.

Little Black gave no reply but simply waved its tentacles, as if it was saying to him, “Unplayable. So boring.”

Then, the guy slithered into the Cosmos Ring and went back to sleep again.

Li Yao blinked hard. The super-large war puppet had already been completely ruined in the fierce battle, and it had been buried for nobody knew how many years in the rocks. Too rusted, of course, it could not be activated.

But did Little Black know how to operate a brand-new war puppet such as this one?

“We don’t have much time. Let’s push forward now!”

Professor Mo Xuan finally calmed himself down. His voice slowly shivering, he said, “This is only the outmost area of the intense metal reactions. Let’s study it later after we’ve figured out exactly what is inside!”

After all, the giant who was suspected of being a member of the Kuafu Clan and the super-large war beast had been embedded to the rocks for millions of years. They could not become much worse in such a short time. After recording the coordinates of their whereabouts, they flew upward along the stone walls.

Very soon, they reached an altitude of five thousand years and crossed the folds.

Looking at the horizon, they discovered the clouds were surging, and clusters of smog were mauling and swallowing each other like shining beasts. Dull thunder could be heard, too.

Passing the last obstacle, they found themselves on a rarely-seen plateau on Kunlun. There were shining stripes that looked like ‘ripples’ here. The ‘ripples’ on the Plateau did not have much elevation difference and were in the distribution of concentric circles.

At the center of the ‘concentric circles’ that were hundreds of kilometers in diameter was a deep, dark well.

“Intense metal reactions have been detected. Human-shaped objects scattered in the rock stratum have been scanned by the mystic rays!”

“Spiritual energy is spurting out of the deep well incessantly. This is almost a spring, no, a volcano of spiritual energy!”

“Look. The few weird mountains on the horizon do not appear to be mountains. They are warships! The debris of the warships that crashed into Kunlun!”

The more they talked, the more excited they got, because they knew that they were onto something invaluable. Judging from the intense metal reaction and the distribution of the debris, this place was the relic of the main battlefield of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan on Kunlun!