Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Special Force Of The Primeval Era

Li Yao and his companions searched along the concentric circles anticlockwise and found a lot of dead bodies and puppets that were embedded in the rocks.

Judging from the broken bodies that were still mauling each other after their death, it was not hard to imagine the ferocity and the terror of the primeval war millions of years ago.

The armor and magical equipment of the two parties had a similar style. It was sometimes even difficult to tell which group the dead bodies belonged to.

However, after scanning a hundred dead bodies, Li Yao was able to tell the subtle difference in the styles of the magical equipment of the two sides.

For one side, the spiritual stripes were square and solemn, leaving the impression of perfection. Yet, they were a bit less rigorous and more rigid.

The spiritual stripes of the other side preferred to employ waves and clouds. They were dispersing like supernova outbreaks, giving the feeling of energy and vigor, but they were sometimes chaotic and even excited.

The species of the two sides in the primeval war were also clearly different from each other.

The party with square and solemn spiritual stripes was all made of bizarre-shaped primeval species. Some of them had long tusks, some of them had three heads and six arms, and still some had the head of a human being and the body of a snake.

Most of the primeval species were not as impressive as the member of the Kuafu Clan who was almost a hundred meters tall. But on average, they were still around twenty meters tall and deserved to be called giants in any sense.

The party with vigorous and messy spiritual stripes mostly consisted of standard human warriors. They were wearing all kinds of war puppets competing with the deities that were far larger than themselves!

Still having not gotten rid of the super-large war puppet twenty floors high, Li Yao was eager to find a second one that was better preserved.

However, after searching for dozens of kilometers, although hundreds of war puppets were detected, most of them were around twenty meters tall. There was nothing bigger than that.

It seemed that the super-large war puppets seventy meters tall were rare treasures even in the primeval era when the war broke out.

It did make sense. Such super-large war puppets were produced for the purpose of slaying deities. Giants a hundred meters tall such as the Kuafu Clan were the minority after all.

Since most of the members of the Pangu Clan were around twenty meters, war puppets that were about the same height would suffice.

In fact, such war puppets were certainly not easy to produce, either, because even war puppets twenty meters tall were rarely-seen in the battlefield.

Most of the warriors of human beings were still wearing thin armor that resembled crystal suits and fought the deities with their bodies of flesh and blood!

Li Yao observed the warriors and their armor, which were about to turn into fossils.

A lot of the armor gave him a contradictory feeling of both primitiveness and excellent design. They looked like immature experimental products and were even not fully enclosed.

Although they adopted a lot of technology that Li Yao was unfamiliar with, their combat ability would not be too impressive based on their overall structure.

Li Yao vaguely felt that some of the armor looked familiar. Thinking quickly, he realized what the problem was.

The human beings were wearing basically the same armor as the warriors of the Pangu Clan did, except that theirs were much smaller in size. Their gears were some sort of ‘counterfeits’.

But the problem lay elsewhere. The Pangu Clan boasted amazing techniques themselves based on their bizarre appearance. Naturally, their armors were produced in correspondence with such naturally-endowed techniques.

The simple duplication, despite the preliminary modification, of course, could not yield products that worked well with the bodies of human beings.

An embossment-like picture that had been left on a cliff left Li Yao a very deep impression.

The main character of the picture was a warrior of the Pangu Clan who was more than thirty meters tall. His head seemed to be made of metal, and two wings grew out of his ribs. Sharp bone blades protruded out of his hands and feet. Heavy armor made of countless scales was covering his body, too. He was essentially a walking war fortress.

Those who were fighting him, however, were not war puppets twenty meters tall but more than ten insignificant human warriors who were wearing thin armor.

Even counting their foully-made ‘counterfeit armor’, the human warriors were still less than two meters tall. There was an obvious gap between them and the warrior of the Pangu Clan.

The flying swords in their hands were as funny as needles for the warrior of the Pangu Clan, too.

However, with the needle-like flying swords, they stuck themselves to the warrior of the Pangu Clan. Even if the warrior opened his giant hand and crushed the bones of the human warriors into pieces, none of them retreated. They died together with the enemy and perished into the dust of history.

For some reason, Li Yao suddenly felt that the human warriors wearing shabby armor were even taller, more magnificent, and more unwavering than the super-large war puppet seventy meters tall!

However, human beings were not at such a disadvantage in every battle.

Li Yao discovered the body of a human being that was deeply buried. There were not any enemies around the body, yet he was stabbing his flying sword at himself brutally in a twisted expression, as if he were trying to cut his own stomach open.

Li Yao scanned carefully and finally found several dead bodies only the size of fingers at most on the body.

Although they were miniscule, they were still wearing delicate armor and waving tiny sabers and swords. But after the corrosion of time, they had slowly turning into grey rocks and looked more like children’s toys.

“Did they belong to the Pangu Clan, too?” Li Yao was amused. The universe of the primeval era was truly mysterious and unbelievable!

Right then, he heard the Fire Ant King’s excited exclamation.

The Fire Ant King had found an area of weird corpses.

At the center was what appeared to be a member of the Pangu Clan. He was more than ten meters tall, and his upper body was that of a standard human being while his bottom half was a snake.

But it could be vaguely seen that a lot of patterns of waves and clouds had been applied to the armor he was wearing, which were leaving a strong sense of vitality even after such a long time.

He was surrounded by more than ten human warriors. It appeared that they were not fighting against each other but fighting side by side!

Li Yao thought of something. “Is he a member of the Nuwa Clan?

“If so, the two parties involved in the primeval war that took place on Kunlun are obvious now. One side was the alliance of the Pangu civilization, including the species such as Zhurong, Gonggong, and Kuafu. The other side was the Nuwa Clan, which betrayed the alliance of the Pangu civilization, and human beings that the Nuwa Clan created.”

It did make sense. After all, legend had it that Nuwa created human beings. The Nuwa Clan was essentially the birth parent of mankind. If the Nuwa Clan really ended on bad terms with the alliance of the Pangu civilization, human beings definitely would have been on the Nuwa Clan’s side!

“I’m not asking you to look at that. Here. Look at this corpse!”

In delight, the Fire Ant King gestured Li Yao and Professor Mo Xuan to look at one of the human beings.

Li Yao observed and immediately noticed something wrong.

The warrior was around two meters tall. He was also wearing vigorous armor of spiritual stripes and fighting side by side with other human beings and the warrior of the Nuwa Clan. However, his appearance was different from his comrades’!

The flesh and blood had been corroded and broken apart, but the bones, after absorbing too many minerals, were preserved basically perfectly.

It was obvious that his arms were much longer than the arms of regular human beings. There were also talons as sharp as sabers on the fingers.

What was even more obvious was that his jawbones protruded forward and reduced in size in the front, forming a sharp triangle that reminded Li Yao of the beak of a bird. Also, the joints of his legs bent forward, too, exactly like many birds!

Two branches could also be found on the two sides of his spine. However, the bones there were so weak that they had long perished. It was hard to tell whether or not they were organs such as wings.

All in all, he was like a combination of a human being and a bird, not a regular human being in any sense.

However, judging from the attitude of the human warriors nearby who were fighting side by side with him until they all died, they were all close comrades without any grudges with one another.

Li Yao looked at the Fire Ant King suspiciously.

“Don’t you understand?” The Fire Ant King was almost crying. “This is a demon. A demon warrior!”

Li Yao was greatly enlightened. Judging from the bone structure, he was definitely an out-and-out demon, and probably an ancestor of the modern Feather Clan!

“This explains a lot. I get it now.” Professor Mo Xuan pondered for a moment and said, “Senior Ba Yanzhi retrieved a batch of Divine Water of Kunlun forty thousand years and created the first demons as we know.

“But in fact, since the Divine Water of Kunlun was passed on from the primeval era, there must’ve already been demons in the primeval era!

“Maybe it was the Nuwa Clan who produced the Divine Water of Kunlun for the purpose of getting warriors of different units.

“Think about it. Cultivators are better at remote attacks with spiritual energy, while demons prefer to train their body with spiritual energy first and have melee combat later! Aren’t they like two different units?

“The cooperation of different units matters most on a battlefield. The Nuwa Clan created human beings first. Then, they discovered that there were certain flaws in human beings that made the warriors unused to the relatively extreme battlefields. So, they produced the Divine Water of Kunlun and transformed part of the human warriors into experts of melee combat, or a ‘special force’ that was better adapted to a harsh battlefield if you will. That must be the earliest origin of demons!”

The assumption made a lot of sense. With the integration of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector, the idea could be publicized as a theoretical foundation of the New Federation. Since human beings and demons had fought side by side in the primeval era, it would only be natural that they joined hands again!

Click! Click!

Li Yao took photos of the relic where primeval human beings and primeval demons fought together from various perspectives.

It was not hard to imagine that the photos would be a hit when they were sent back to the three Sectors.

“Huh. There are words here.”

Li Yao discovered that two words were carved on the left chest of the demon warrior’s armor in the place of the heart. They were not spiritual stripes but an ancient language.

The heritage of a written language was much more stable than that of a spoken one.

Every Sector had a lot of different dialects. People might speak differently when they were only ten kilometers away from each other.

However, after words were carved on rocks and metals, it was difficult for them to change or vanish.

Li Yao immediately recognized that it was an extremely ancient font named ‘Tortoise Writing’, which was used forty thousand years ago for fetial and augury purposes.

The two words were ‘Thunder Striker’.

“Thunder Striker?”

Li Yao repeated the phrase. Since it was carved on the chest of the armor, it did not seem like the name of the person but more like the name of the troop that he belonged to.

The armor of other human beings barely had any words on it, so this seemed to be a privilege of an elite troop!

It appeared that Professor Mo Xuan’s guess was correct. The beak-mouthed guy was indeed from a special force of the primeval era named ‘Thunder Striker’!