Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 Such Ugliness

Li Yao sensed Su Changfa open his hands and press on his skull in an extremely weird gesture with the thumb sticking to the center of his brow, which was the place where the ‘pineal body’ was located.

Five streams of extremely uncanny spiritual energy dived into Li Yao’s brain as Su Changfa’s fingers trembled violently. They looked for their prey like five sordid vipers.

It was the most dangerous moment. Li Yao’s every nerve ending was shivering like a flower as he was ready to burst out and kill Su Changfa at any moment.

He was very clear that Su Changfa was stimulating the part of his brain that was responsible for fear, hatred, regret, bloodthirst, and all other negative emotions. The guy was guiding the negative emotions to his shallow brain cells and displaying them in the form of a nightmare. Or in other words, Su Changfa was casting him into a nightmare in reality!

Li Yao’s countermeasure was to create a tiny zone inside his brain and filled it with the carefully-fabricated memories with his and the mental devil’s amazing computational ability, covering his real soul and memories.

On the crystal processors, there was a technology named ‘virtual machine’, which could simulate the performance of different crystal processors as a compression of telepathic thoughts that had been optimized.

In a similar way, Li Yao built a ‘virtual brain’ inside his head, waiting for Su Changfa’s invasion!

Never would Su Changfa have dreamed that he was facing such a monster-level opponent like Li Yao. He fell into the trap easily. After finding the ‘virtual brain’ that Li Yao prepared for him, he smiled and suddenly exerted his strength. Five telepathic thoughts pierced into the virtual brain and injected the lethal ‘venom’ into it!


Such a secret technique was a great burden for Su Changfa, too. He took a long breath in relief and loosened his fingers. Smiling, he said, “Let’s wait and see. What is the most fearful, guilt-provoking and ulterior thing at the bottom of our little brother’s heart?”

Very soon, Li Yao reacted.

His face gradually turned dark and then turned from dark into pale. He was breathing faster and faster while he raised his hands and waved crazily in midair, like someone who was unable to free himself from a deep quagmire.

His eyes were still closed, but his eyeballs were rolling fast. Sweat the size of beans leaked out of his forehead and was pouring down very soon, spreading into a pool around him.

He was now angry, now biting his lips, and now wearing a pitiful, adulating expression.

Hulu. Hulu!

His chest was fluctuating rapidly, as if somebody had stabbed him right in the lungs.

Li Yao was shuddering harder and harder. Eventually, he was cramping as if suffering from an epileptic attack. After cramping for more than ten seconds, his limbs suddenly tightened. His body shivered, and he opened his eyes.

Every vein on his face was protruding, as if it was covered in an ugly spider web. His eyes were deeply hollowed, but his eyeballs were appallingly huge, without the slightest vigor inside but covered in mist and blood, like an animal that had lost its soul. He was murmuring something to himself while saliva mixed with blood slowly flowed out of the corner of his lips. Yet, he did not seem to know how to wipe it away.

Like a real animal, he rolled on the ground and squatted, eyeing the surroundings while baring his teeth. When he saw the three Immortal Cultivators, his pupils obviously constricted, as if he had seen the most horrible things in the universe. His every muscle was twisted to the maximum, and he shrieked in fear like a eunuch.

“Old Lei, Brother Bai, Little Chen… Why—why are you here? You are dead. You are already dead! Don’t come here. Don’t come here!”

He shouted in a twisted voice while he edged back with lips as pale as those of a dead person.

“Don’t come close. Don’t come any closer! Old Lei, I didn’t kill you. It was Brother Bai who did it. He stabbed you in the back. I was forced by him! He’s right next to you. Go for him. Go for him!

“Brother Bai, I didn’t kill you, either. Little Chen did it. He fooled you into the gravity room and pressed you to death there! I didn’t eat much. I only ate half of your hand. Little Chen had the most. He devoured your two thighs!

“Don’t look at me like that! Don’t look at me! Don’t! Bai Kaixin, you were the first to feed on others! You were the one who butchered Fatty Gao and divided him for us! It’s just karma that you were eaten by us! It’s the karma from the heavens! If you want revenge, go to the heavens. Don’t come to me. Don’t come to me!”

Li Yao was in such fear that his face was covered in tears and snot. He collapsed to the ground as if he had no bones while he begged for mercy. “Don’t come close. Don’t come any closer! I didn’t have a choice. I only wanted to survive! We had little left on board. How could that be enough for so many people? Everybody would have died if it was all divided evenly! Bai Kaixin, wasn’t it the logic you told me? I was simply doing what you said!

“Please. Don’t kill me. I want to live. I want to survive! As long as you don’t kill me and eat me, I can do anything for you!

“Right. I know that three persons are hiding on board. As long as you don’t eat, I’ll bring you to them and eat them all! There’s an old man, a woman, and a fatty. The fatty has a lot of meat. He probably weighs more than two hundred kilograms. There will be enough food for days!

“They are all yours. Just leave a few bones to me, and I will be fine. I will be fine…”

The Immortal Cultivators had been observing coldly. It was not until this moment that they finally put on a disgusted look.

“The guy’s memories are all mixed up. The three people that he mentioned are us, right?” Tang Qianhe giggled. “It never occurred to me that such an unattractive guy would be so shameless. No wonder he was carrying four Cosmos Rings. They must be trophies after cannibalism!”

“The universe is full of disasters, and this is nothing unusual after a disaster,” Su Changfa remarked casually. “Anyone who survives a cosmic storm, especially if he is the only one alive on board, must have more stories than he cares to admit!

“It’s almost like raising insects. If hundreds of insects are kept in the same cage, how can the last surviving one be kind in nature? He is definitely a great scoundrel!

“However, for us, the more shameless, the better. It will be easier for our ‘cooperation’ later. Hahaha!”

“Wait a moment,” Kou Ruhuo said coldly, “the guy is up to something.”

Before he concluded his sentence, the pores all over Li Yao’s body had constricted while he spurted out the spiritual waves that far exceeded the Building Foundation Stage. He lunged at the three of them after a bellow!

Kou Ruhuo sniffed. He took a step forward and blocked Su Changfa and Tang Qianhe. Raising his right arm, he summoned his spiritual energy and condensed it into an enormous hand, clutching Li Yao as if he were a fly. Li Yao was unable to move forward at all!

Li Yao waved his hands and struggled hard with the ugliest face. Utterly different from the obsequious guy a moment ago, he laughed. “You didn’t see this coming, did you? I am not in the Building Foundation Stage; I’m in the Core Formation Stage! Hahaha. While you idiots are fighting each other exhaustedly, I will take advantage! I will eat all of you. All of you!

“Nobody can stop me from living on! If you like the escape capsules so much, I might just as well give them to you and send you to hell. Haha. Hahahaha!

“I must live on! I must live on! I must live on!”

He was foaming at the mouth, and his eyes seemed to be melted in the clots of blood, which seemed to be a red mast on his face. It was obvious that the veins on his face were exploding because of the intense blast of spiritual energy!

“Not good. He is going to be mentally deranged!” Tang Qianhe exclaimed. “The guy is still useful. He cannot die!”


Kou Ruhuo strode forward and kicked Li Yao right in the chest.

The kick seemed to be fast and unstoppable, but the force entailed was actually gentle and neutral, scattering the furious spiritual energy that was raging inside Li Yao’s body.


Vomiting a mouthful of stinky, black blood, Li Yao stepped back and, leaning against the wall, slowly collapsed.

The blood on his face ebbed, and the fire of spiritual energy around him slowly died down. He was like a withered cabbage that had been scorched in the sunlight for an entire day.

Kou Ruhuo moved forward and opened his mouth, pouring a dose of high-nutrition drug into it before he pushed the drug into his internal organs with spiritual energy.

“I didn’t see this coming.” Tang Qianhe was quite amazed. “He is actually in the Core Formation Stage. We were almost fooled by him. What a cunning man. Chances are that he was really planning to eat the three of us!”

“You didn’t see it coming, but Master Su did,” Kou Ruhuo said briefly.

“Hehe. I didn’t see it. It’s just that I have quite a lot of experience touching bones after living for so many years.” Su Changfa smiled. “All Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage have a mass at the end of their spine. It is the place where their ‘core’ is at. Whatever secret techniques they employ to conceal their aura and suppress their level, it is impossible to fully cover the protrusion. Only after you enter the Nascent Soul Stage can you slowly disperse it into every part of your spine and completely integrate it into your body!

“The guy didn’t know us, yet he told us that he was in the Building Foundation Stage honestly upon our encounter when he did not know whether we were friends or foes. Wasn’t it a bit too naïve?

“Only the young adults who have just stepped into society without any experience in dealing with other people would be so innocent, right? How can anybody who lived on his own on a planet of a foreign land for such a long time be so childish?

“The only answer is that he was intentionally misleading us!

“Therefore, when we got in touch with him, I paid special attention to the end of his spine, and I did notice the anomaly.

“Not simple. The guy is truly not simple. I have analyzed his skeletal age carefully. Judging from his bones, he is in his thirties at best, but he has advanced into the Core Formation Stage!

“Such an amazing training speed at such a desolate land. No wonder the crew members who were on the same starship as him were fooled and ended up being the food in his stomach!”