Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 125

Chapter 125: An Overbearing Apology

Issuing deafening roars, a few dozen flying shuttles floated in the air. Such a group appeared overbearingly grand and imposing.

None of these flying shuttles were painted in the army-green color like the ones used by the federation army; instead, they were painted with alternating white and blue stripes, giving an appearance that looked like billowing rivers flowing towards the east.

On either side of the flying shuttle, every one of them had the word "Jiang" engraved upon it in a manner that was as flamboyant as flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

"Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!"

Over a hundred robust men wearing blue combat suits fiercely smashed onto the ground from a dozen meter high, thereby blasting pieces of stones in every direction and raising a cloud a dust.

In just the blink of an eye, over a hundred robust men had appeared around Li Yao.

The indifferent gaze, the gruesome temperament, and the straight look made them appear as if they were a group of puppets forged from metal.

The bodies of these people were surging with an overbearing, matchless, and awe-inspiring aura, whereas round after round of spirit threads coiled around their bodies, seemingly as if they simply had not even an iota of intention to retract them.

"Are all of them cultivators?" Li Yao's pupil suddenly contracted.

In just one breath, the Jiang Family had mobilized over a hundred cultivators. Sure enough, the Jiang Family was second to none when it comes to tyranny in the Wasteland.

"Little Black, can you do it?"

Li Yao shook the backpack a bit as an idea to slip away emerged in his mind.

He had never put his life in someone else's hand and had never let his life and death be at the mercy of others.

Although Guan Xiong had said the Jiang Family would not bother him, Li Yao had also refused to believe that the Jiang Family would have the guts to harm him, a "Class-1 Disabled Serviceman", right in front of the federation army.

However, he still had no intention to let himself be surrounded by over a hundred cultivators from the Jiang Family.

Once he was encircled, he would no longer be able to retreat, and the only possibility left for him was to allow himself to be trampled upon.

Thus, no matter the reason the opposite party had come here for, the first thing he should to was to step out of the encirclement.

If the other side truly had some malicious intentions, then he would never allow himself to be caught without putting up a fightit would be either them or him!

"Of course, I can do it!"

The Black Wing Sword in the backpack shook, eagerly wanting to give it a try.

At this moment, the group of over a hundred cultivators suddenly halted their footsteps. They did not form the encirclement but stood loosely, leaving Li Yao with a few dozen escape routes.


From a flying shuttle, an indistinct chunk of flesh and blood was thrown down and heavily crashed into the ground. From what seemed to be the "mouth" came a blood-curdling screech.

A young girl, who had an extremely cold and detached temperament and was dressed in an ice-blue battle suit, jumped from the flying shuttle and gradually arrived in front of Li Yao. She was floating 2 meters above the ground, looking at Li Yao from high above.

Her aura seemed to be as strong as Ding Lingdang, while her temperament that was as cold as ice and frost was somewhat similar to Si Jiaxue.

The only difference was that Si Jiaxue was like an iceberg, whereas she was like an ice pick which could not be stopped by anyone.

An iceberg could not kill people, while an ice pick could instead pierce the heart in the blink of an eye and was able to take a persons life.

"I am Jiang Bingyun, the roving supervisor of the Jiang Family. I am specifically responsible for supervising and punishing the descendants of the Jiang Family who have violated laws or regulations. To these degenerates of the Jiang Family, I impose the rules of the family upon them! Are you Li Yao?"

The ice pick-like girl asked in one sentence, but she didn't even take a glance at Li Yao.

She also didn't wait for Li Yao to reply and coldly said as she pointed right at the squirming mass of meat:

"This is Jiang Tao, who, as a cultivator facing a catastrophe, hesitated instead of pressing forward and had even wanted to use ordinary citizens as human shields so that he could escape."

"Afterward, not only did he not come to regret his actions, he had even verbally abused and insulted the heroic sacrifices of many cultivators."

"Our Jiang Family is an influential family in the Wasteland. Every bit of our family's glory was earned through the fearless sacrifices of countless descendants of our Jiang Family on the battlefield. Only through bloody battles was the glory of our Jiang Family earned!"

"Jiang Tao's actions had not only violated the bottom line of cultivators, but he had also violated the laws of our Jiang Family, bringing shame to the whole family."

"Because of this, I, as the roving supervisor of Jiang Family, will judge him according to the rules of the family and will waste his spiritual energy, returning to his true form, an ordinary person. From now on, he would forever be unable to cultivate!"

"Fellow Daoist Li, you are the witness of the entire thing and have witnessed Jiang Tao's poor behavior. Rumor has it that he had also used the Jiang Family's influence to threaten you, so I thought it would be best for you to witness his punishments."

Jiang Bingyun's voice was as cold as a mass of ice that had been frozen for ten thousand years. She simply didn't give an opportunity to intervene. Just as her voice faded away, with a flicker, she appeared next to the lump of flesh and blood.

The "lump" desperately squirmed and desperately cried:

"Jiang Bingyun, you can not do this to me! Can't you give me an opportunity, just one opportunity? I was wrong, and I will not do something like this again! I have truly realized my mistake!"

Taking out an exquisite and delicate-looking, completely rounded saber that was carved from emerald jade and was no longer than the length of a palm from her bosom, Jiang Bingyun calmly said:

"Since it's me, you should know there is no second chance!"

Jiang Tao begged for a long time before suddenly roaring madly:

"Jiang Bingyun, don't you dare! I am from the High Forest Branch of the Jiang Family, while you have long been separated from the Sky Mist Branch. Although you are a roving supervisor of the main branch, you don't have the qualifications to make a move on me, who is from another branch. Only the roving supervisor of the High Forest Branch can judge me!"

"I guess you're right! It is reasonable to say that it should be the roving supervisor of the High Forest Branch who should decide on your matter. However, they have been... intercepted by a group of 'desert pirates' on the way. Currently, they are preoccupied with them. If I have to guess, they would not arrive for another 2-3 hours, so you are left with me."

Jiang Bingyun said without hesitation.

Jiang Tao's pair of eyes were opened so wide they almost fell out of their sockets. His voice became incomparably desolate:

"Jiang Bingyun, you actually dare to intercept the roving supervisor of my High Forest Branch?! You are too audacious! Don't you dare waste my spiritual energy! This father will definitely not let you go!"


Jiang Bingyun unenthusiastically reacted as her jade saber flew and whizzed around Jiang Tao in circles before ruthlessly stabbing into Jiang Tao's spiritual root!

"Chi chi chi chi chi chi!"

A large amount of spiritual energy gushed out from the back of the jade sword. It was like a pipe that was drawing all the spiritual energy out from Jiang Tao's body and releasing it back into the heaven and earth!


Jiang Tao's wails resounded throughout the sky. It very much sounded like an evil spirit of netherworld struggling for its life in the netherworld

Jiang Bingyun flicked her little finger as a soundproof barrier enveloped Jiang Tao, immediately blocking his screams.

All Li Yao could see were the movements of Jiang Tao's lips and his eyes turning white. His whole body twitched, and foam came out of his mouth. He was like a person who was struck by lightning over and over again; his body kept on twitching constantly as he lost control over his bladder and bowel.

Even Li Yao, the "vulture" who grew up in the magical equipment graveyard since childhood, felt his scalp tingle and could not bear to watch.

The whole thing lasted enough for half a minute. Only when blood began to trickle down from Jiang Taos eyes, nose, and ears did Jiang Bingyun withdraw her jade saber.

What was strange was that Jiang Tao's forehead was as smooth as a mirror. His forehead was completely intact, and there was not a single trace of a jade saber having pierced his forehead.

Steam was constantly rising from his body. Besides the eyes that were occasionally moving, he held no semblance to a living person.

"Give him to the touring supervisor of the High Forest Branch. If Jiang Hong, that old devil, has anything to say, let him come see me!"

Jiang Bingyun spoke a few words before flying back to Li Yao. She still looked from high above, looking extremely cold and proud.

"Fellow Daoist Li, we have let you see the embarrassing side of our Jiang Family. As the saying goes, there is always a black sheep in every flock. Our Jiang Family has been developing in the Wasteland for hundreds of years. Besides the main branch, there are also eight major branches. It would not be strange to find a few degenerates in some of these branches."

"I would like to thank you for acting in a just and generous manner by helping the Jiang Family teach this scum a lesson as well as expose his ugly side to the world!"

"You don't need to worry. The High Forest Branch of the Jiang Family would not come looking for revenge. If Jiang Tao's elders dare to even move even a single strand of your hair, then they would be looked down upon by my main branch!"

"In the future, if you need anything for cultivation, you can come to my Jiang Familys Sky Mist Branch. This is my contact number..."

Getting straight to the point, Jiang Bingyun waved her hand as a ripple immediately appeared in the air. It was a spiritual crane messenger number.

"Splitting the air to form characters?" Li Yao was terrified.

All he could do was produce ripples if he punched the air.

However, to be able to actually form a string of numbers from the ripples in the air such accurate control over her power was too horrifying.

Jiang Bingyun did all this as if it was a normal occurrence for her. Nodding her chin, she turned around without even taking a glance at Li Yao.

After a moment, over a hundred well-trained cultivators from the Jiang Family uniformly whizzed away.

Leaving grand and imposing tails of flames behind in the air which gradually spread open.

"Jiang Family..."

"For them to even apologize so ferociously and overbearingly the influential families from the Wasteland sure are marvelous!

Looking up to the sky, Li Yao heaved a long sigh.

God knows what year and what day it would be when I would be able to gather such a vast amount of force that would allow my, Floating Spear Citys Vulture Li Yaos, family name, Li, to resound throughout the Heaven Origin Sector.


After half a day, the inspection was finally finished. The crystal train had also been repaired, the defensive array glyphs were once again filled with spiritual energy, and a new armored coach was attached to the back of the train. Moreover, a few battle-type cultivators had been arranged to accompany them on the journey ahead.

The passengers who were full of complaints finally turned lively; the desolate train station was now filled with cheers of laughter.

They were about to leave. Traveling through the starry night without stop, they would directly reach their destination.

Ding Ying and Wei Qingqing came to see Li Yao off.

At the beginning, everyone's destination was the Wild Waves City, but as humans and ghosts were completely opposite, they would have to part ways now.

Li Yao would continue his journey to the Wild Waves City, while the two would have to follow the other spectral cultivators to a school specially dedicated for spectral cultivators and would begin to learn how to become an ideal, moral, faithful, and loving ghost.

"Student Li Yao, you don't need to be sad. Once we have learned how to be a ghost, we will still have the opportunity to meet again. Perhaps one day, we will fight side by side with each other!"

A heroic laughter came from Ding Yin's spirit prosthetic body before he took out a jade chip from his bosom and inserted it into a port on the left side of his metal skull.

Only to hear a "buzzing" noise coming from inside the metal skull as the radiance of the jade chip also flickered.

After a moment, Ding Yin removed the jade chip and put it in Li Yao's hand.

"Student Li Yao, I have read your information. I know you are Floating Spear City's Champion of College Entrance Examination and also had the opportunity to enter Deep Sea University, but instead chose the Grand Desolate War Institution... Be that as it may, this type of courage and righteousness has made me admire you! I have nothing to give you, but this jade chip contains some of my notes from the time when I was researching weapon refining techniques. You can use them as reference. They should be very helpful when learning the basics."