Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Blackstars Revenge 2

Shocking images were popping up in the Grand Illusionary Land behind Su Changfa.

In the first image, a bunch of excited, crazy ordinary people were raising a young man, who was impaled on soul-suppressing nails and bound by icy chains, and marching to the crater of a volcano.

It could be vaguely seen that the young man’s bloodstained face was written with regret, misery, and pain, which was an obvious contrast to the insanity and delirium of the ordinary people around him.

It appeared that, at this moment, the young Cultivator’s belief in the path of the Cultivators had finally, completely crashed!

The second image was captured from the young man’s perspective. He seemed to be falling rapidly into a bottomless abyss.

Above him was the round crater. In the middle of the smoke, a circle of hideous heads were watching him dropping into the magma in entertainment and satisfaction.

In the third image, the young man was struggling in the magma. Most of his spiritual energy was locked, and his limbs, face, and torso were corroded by the magma nonstop into ash and nothingness!

The young man’s screams pierced Li Yao’s soul through the broadcast rune arrays. Li Yao felt that his blood was freezing and could hardly bear to watch it any longer.

In the fourth image, the young man, whose limbs were shortened and whose internal organs were serious damaged, finally got rid of the bondage of the chains and the barrier magical equipment. Driven by his survival instincts, he crawled to the place where the temperature was relatively low. Finally, he found a mysterious rune array on the half-frozen wall!

In the fifth image, the young man was in the middle of a silver, shining secret chamber that had calligraphic, complicated rune arrays on the walls. He was enveloped in colorful mystic rays, too.

It seemed that this place was the relic of the Star Ocean Imperium!

However, after the colorful mystic lights integrated, they sank into a black color that resembled the night sky!

The young man was so seriously eroded by the magma that the poisonous heat had deeply invaded his bones and cells and even corrupted his soul. It was impossible for him to repair the cells.

His crippled body and face that could not have been more twisted were delivered into a crystal suit that was as dark as ink!

It was a crystal suit, an artificial body, and a life-sustaining system for him!

Hu… Hu… Hu…

As the black monster slowly stepped out of the mystic rays, hoarse breaths that were uncannily deep and depressing echoed from the broadcast rune arrays!

It sounded like, because he had inhaled too much magma and sulfur in the volcano, his lungs were forever burning with infinite wrath!

Li Yao was secretly alarmed.

Although it was just an illusion that the Grand Illusionary Land had created, he could still sense that the young man’s crashed belief was quickly condensing into something different and much stronger under the motivation of hatred and fury!

The young man brought so much pressure to Li Yao that he almost could not help but summon the whole strength of the Nascent Soul Stage to resist it!

However, he vaguely had a feeling that, even if he activated the maximum strength of the Nascent Soul Stage, he still would not be able to compete with the black monster!

And it was still just an illusionary shadow!

Li Yao swallowed hard. He was more baffled than ever.

To build such an effect in the Grand Illusionary Land required a very precise simulation system made of magical equipment at the cost of tremendous crystals.

Why were the Immortal Cultivators doing that?

If it was just for brainwashing, were the stories of the previous three civilizations not enough?

Who was the young man, the last survivor of the Cultivators of the Martial Meritocrats Sector, really?

“The young Cultivator found a relic of the Star Ocean Imperium from the depths of the active volcano. He activated the medication equipment inside and stuffed his broken body into a special black suit, managing to save his life.”

Su Changfa seemed to have overlooked the bafflement on Li Yao’s face and continued unhurriedly according to his own pace.

“However, the Martial Meritocrats Sector and the Sand Primitive Sector were both occupied by the Chiyou Cult. The relic of the Star Ocean Imperium was not of a high level, either. It was just a tiny base where a small scout starship with not much firepower was stored.

“Fighting the entire Chiyou Cult with a small scout starship would definitely be madness!

“Besides, for the young man at that time, what he loathed most was not the Chiyou Cult at all, nor the Sand Primitive natives, but the ungrateful, depraved ordinary people!”

Li Yao understood it now.

What the young man found must have been a small starship that was similar to Sparkle. Such starships were highly automatic and could even cruise on their own, but they did not have a high combat ability. Their main purpose was exploration and reconnaissance.

A Sparkle was naturally far from enough to compete with all the people in two Sectors.

“The young man had no choice but to run away. With the extraordinary performance of the starship from the Star Ocean Imperium, he successfully avoided the hunting of the Chiyou Cult and dived into the depths of the sea of stars!”

Su Changfa’s voice was mixed with a hint of untamable excitement.

“Starting from the moment he escaped from the Martial Meritocrats Sector into the universe, the naïve, childish, and idiotic Cultivator in the past died, but a brand-new existence broke out of the cocoon and was born!

“The young man killed his past self. He also gave him a new name, Wuying 1Qi, as a reminder for himself not to forget the great hatred and humiliation that he and all the other Cultivators had suffered in the Martial Meritocrats Sector!

“Wuying Qi swore that he would return to the Martial Meritocrats Sector one day and seek his vengeance in ways a hundred times crueler!”

Li Yao swallowed hard again.

It appeared that the ordinary people of the Martial Meritocrats Sector and the Sand Primitive Sector would not meet good ends, either.

“A very advanced hibernation system was installed in the small starship of the Star Ocean Imperium that Wuying Qi discovered. In the long journey, he entered long dormancies through the hibernation system and would not be awoken by the crystal processor until valuable relics and worlds were detected so that he could explore and travel.

“In such a way, he trained himself in the boundless sea of stars and polished himself in the craziest methods!

“As for Wuying Qi’s history of training in space, where exactly he went to and what benefits he got, debates have remained unabated.

“Some say that he was once in the Sectors controlled by the demons. He was even captured and ended up being a slave. But after games of wisdom and bravery, he successfully escaped.

“Some say that he visited a world governed by the demonic Cultivators and even went to the home of the extraterrestrial devils. On the battlefield of the extraterrestrial devils, he fought millions of devils and successfully tamed countless of them!

“There’s even another theory stating that Wuying Qi once explored the mausoleum of the Supreme Emperor, the strongest expert of mankind in the past and the founder of the Star Ocean Imperium. Not only did he receive the Supreme Emperor’s legacy, he also found a few volumes of the Book of Revelation!”

“Ah!” Li Yao’s heart was pounding again.

The Book of Revelation, which stored the essence of the Pangu civilization, was actually found by Wuying Qi?

Li Yao was more and more curious about the young man who was locked in a black shell!

“All in all, with the hibernation system, and through his adventures in multiple Sectors, Wuying Qi finally reached an unbelievable level after wandering in the sea of stars for hundreds of years.

“At that time, navigated by the broken star maps he retrieved from different Sectors, he finally arrived in a new Sector and encountered another civilization of mankind that was led by Cultivators!”

Behind Su Changfa, a star map that was dozens of times vaster and more prosperous than the Martial Meritocrats civilization popped up.

Interconnecting transportation routes and dense light spots that represented habitable planets formed a glittering and lively ocean. A torch seemed to be burning furiously in the dark, bleak space!

Li Yao could not help but grow suspicious in his heart.

Didn’t the guy say that he would tell the stories of the destruction of three civilizations? What’s a fourth civilization doing here?

However, Li Yao vaguely had a feeling that Curly Dragon, Medicine Fork, and Martial Meritocrats were just appetizers. The fourth civilization was Su Changfa’s real focus and the key point of the ‘true path of immortality’!

“It was not until he reached this particular civilization of mankind that Wuying Qi finally understood that there is no limit in the universe! He had thought that the Martial Meritocrats civilization was the strongest, most advanced force of human beings in the universe. He had never expected that the force at the center of the universe, after absorbing the heritage of the Star Ocean Imperium, included dozens of resourceful core Sectors. Its influence radiated to the hundred Sectors nearby. There were indeed as many experts and warships as drops in an ocean. It was truly an invincible civilization!

“For such a civilization that spanned multiple Sectors, it was certainly inappropriate to name it after a certain Sector. Since they claimed that they were the ‘rightful successors of the Star Ocean Imperium’, and they adopted a parliamentary republic regime under the lead of the Cultivators, the country had been named the ‘Star Ocean Republic’.

“The Star Ocean Republic was unquestionably the strongest country in the entire universe at that time!

“Wuying Qi’s hometown was already occupied and tarnished by people whom he loathed the most. He had also been travelling alone in the cold universe for hundreds of years. Everywhere he went, he had been fighting against demons, devils, and monsters with his wisdom and courage, risking his life. Occasionally, when he ran into another civilization of human beings, they were either uncivilized or catching their last breath like the Curly Dragon civilization and the Medicine Fork civilization. He was already too exhausted to move any farther.

“Naturally, Wuying Qi was fascinated by the opulence and advancement of the Star Ocean Republic. He decided to stay in this place, partly to learn the advanced techniques, technology, and magical equipment of the Star Ocean Republic, and partly to establish his own force so that he could march back to his hometown one day!

“The Star Ocean Republic was a superpower at that time. All the distinguished persons in the Sectors nearby yearned to join it.

“The Star Ocean Republic was quite open, too, and did not reject anyone who had special skills.

“Wuying Qi’s Cultivation was extremely high, and he brought many secret treasures with him. Soon, he was embraced and granted citizenship of the Star Ocean Republic.

“Wuying Qi’s hometown had been ruined, but he considered the Star Ocean Republic to be his ‘second hometown’. He sincerely hoped to integrate into the country and fight for the prosperity of the civilization of mankind!”