Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 Motivation And Tutelage

Su Changfa’s voice and face were more and more excited. In the end, when he uttered ‘Blackstar the Great’, he was almost shouting at the loudest of his voice with his face flushing, like the bombardment of the main gun of a starship. Smoke seemed to be popping up everywhere!

Together with his roar, an enormous spiritual puppet almost a hundred meters tall slowly crept out from the infinite sea of stars in the Grand Illusionary Land behind him!

The pure black spiritual puppet looked very similar to the black crystal suit that Wuying Qi had been wearing, but the aura around it was hundreds of times stronger. An everlasting cosmic storm seemed to be condensed around him as his cloak and his flag!

The black giant opened its hands and extended to the universe, almost occupying the entire Grand Illusionary Land. The suffocating oppression was slowly released to the world of reality from the Grand Illusionary Land. Li Yao felt that the gravity was dozens of times higher!


Although Li Yao had known the answer earlier, he still exclaimed in shock cooperatively.

To criticize the Cultivators’ belief that the ordinary people must be protected, the three examples in the beginning would be sufficient. The remaining part of the story was unnecessary for that purpose.

The fourth story, which the narrator had spent the most time on, was actually the chronicles of the founding father of the Imperium of True Human Beings. Through the ‘legendary rise’ of Blackstar the Great, the Cultivators were smeared again between the lines, the formidability of the Imperium of True Human Beings was better rendered, and the one being brainwashed would have a greater sense of acknowledgement for the Imperium of True Human Beings, the Immortal Cultivators, and Wuying Qi, Blackstar the Great!

Through the story-telling of Su Changfa that was mixed with hypnotization techniques, the immersion experience of the Grand Illusionary Land, and the original paintings and graphics created by the art masters among the Immortal Cultivators, normal people would be mired in the soul-stirring story and not be able to help but stand in the role of ‘Wuying Qi, Blackstar the Great’.

Once they accepted the setting, when Wuying Qi rose to the throne from nothingness and integrated into the Imperium of True Human Beings, normal people would not be able to distinguish the logical fallacies!

Li Yao pretended that he was utterly hooked. He was breathing fast, and his lips were trembling. There was nothing but admiration in his bulging, bloodshot eyes.

Su Changfa burst into laughter and said in satisfaction, “That’s right. This is the rise of the Imperium of True Human Beings. This is the ineffaceable legend of the ‘first citizen of the imperium’!

“Suppressed by the thunderous might of Blackstar the Great, the Covenant Alliance and the self-proclaimed legal government of the Star Ocean Republic were but vulnerable ghosts. He swept away all of the enemies!

“The center of the universe was reunited!

“This is the true unification! Not the strange bedfellows in the past but a sharpest alloy tank of the civilization of mankind that is made of metals and minerals of different categories that have been melted in a high temperature!

“The Imperium of True Human Beings today includes the hundreds of most prosperous Sectors at the center of the cosmos. The super experts in the Nascent Soul Stage and the Divinity Transformation Stage are as numerous as carps swimming in a river! The super heavy warships that can suppress a planet easily are also like stars in the night sky!

“The comprehensive capability of the country is more than ten times higher than that of the Star Ocean Republic!

“More importantly, this is a just, honest, vigorous, and hopeful country. All the obsolete traditions and formalities of the civilization of mankind in the past have been abandoned. Every citizen of the imperium is burning their life and soul and striving for the development of the civilization of mankind with their all!

“Anybody can be a hero regardless of their background. For an Immortal Cultivator, as long as they are strong enough, no matter what family they are born into, and whether or not they have committed any… unpardonable crimes in the past, they will be able to distinguish themself and rise to power in the Imperium of True Human Beings!

“Even if you were the humblest slave yesterday, as long as your spiritual root is awakened, with some battle credits, you will be granted citizenship. Then, you will be able to climb upward to be a general, a duke, and even the master of an entire Sector someday!

“Such examples of growing from a slave into a general or from a pawn into a Sector Master are anything but unusual in the Imperium of True Human Beings!

“Fellow Cultivator Li, think about it. Even Wuying Qi, the founding emperor of the country and the forever first citizen of the imperium, was not born in the center of the cosmos; he was an out-and-out foreigner!

“Then, why can’t an Immortal Cultivator from the Flying Star Sector make a career in the Imperium of True Human Beings and distinguish yourself in the sea of stars?

“Disaster is often bliss in disguise. You have survived all the tough tests and luckily run into us. Maybe, this is the will of the universe and an opportunity that has been bestowed upon you. A great cause is waiting to be achieved by you!”

Li Yao gulped again and again in shock. He seemed to have devoured twenty eggs in a row, and his drool was almost flooding.

“Well…” His eyes shuddering, he asked carefully, “What exactly is the life of the ordinary people, or the so-called ‘hominoids’, in the Imperium of True Human Beings? They must be taking up more than ninety-nine percent of the whole population, right? Are they all slaves?”

“Of course not!” Su Changfa was amused. “Although the slavery system is kept in the Imperium of True Human Beings, we clearly know the shortcomings of such a system. From the perspective of boosting productivity, increasing labor enthusiasm, and even ensuring stable and sustainable development, a monotonous slavery system is never the best choice!

“In the territory of the imperium, most of the hominoids are not slaves but free folk. They are also burning, working, and striving for the civilization of mankind with pride!

“We only keep the slavery system in a limited range. Even in those fields, our sociologists, psychologists, and zoologists have been improving and optimizing the traditional slavery system after hundreds of years of studies!

“All in all, the true human being’s attitude toward the hominoids is not slavery but motivation and tutelage!”

“Motivation and tutelage?” Li Yao was confused.

“Exactly. In fact, such a policy is in the hominoids’ best interest, too!” Su Changfa nodded and said solemnly, “We all know that the hominoids are human-shaped animals driven by their natural instincts. They do not have a soul. Their empty brain is filled with arrogance, jealousy, laziness, greed, desire, and lust!

“If they are allowed to do whatever they want without any discipline, their desires will be magnified indefinitely, and they will be addicted to virtual games, hallucinogens, sex, and all the other meaningless entertainment. Their life will be wasted!

“Even if they realize that such a life is not right and want to think, they will only be brainwashed repetitively by scheming media outlets and schemers because they do not boast the ability of independent thinking at all!

“They think that they are capable and can make a certain choice of their own free will, and they even feel an abnormal sense of gratification from it.

“But in fact, they are just the dandelions in a wild wind. They seem free, but they cannot control themselves at all. They are not flying with their own strength!

“The bottom line is, such animals must be disciplined!

“They are like the burning wildfire. If you leave them alone, they are likely to burn the world to the ground. However, if you make use of them carefully, they can also provide immense impetus for the development of the civilization of mankind!

“They are our close relatives and incubators, and the high-level animals closest to us, after all!

“With proper motivation and tutelage, they will be able to get rid of their disgusting, low-level interests and understand the significance of honor and responsibility. If you activate the strength of the ‘jealousy, greed, and desire’ in their head to the maximum in a skilled way, they can also be the best workers, farmers, and soldiers, tiny but qualified components in the enormous machine that is the civilization of mankind!

“Even the laziest dog, after proper training, can grow into an excellent army dog and launch a suicidal attack without fear. This is the same logic.

“Maybe, for the vast majority of the hominoids, their spiritual roots can never be awakened for them to become true human beings however hard they are disciplined. Yet, we will try our best to raise them into ‘ninety-nine percent human beings’ so that their body and spirit can be purged and perfected to the greatest extent!

“For those ignorant hominoids, such a life is truly a bliss that they must’ve earned through the good things that they did in their previous lives!”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough.” Li Yao coughed hard. “It does sound not bad. However, do the hominoids… have no complaints?”

Su Changfa raised his eyebrow and asked in surprise, “Why would they? We give them the opportunity to get rid of the decayed, degraded, meaningless life and dedicate themselves to a new one that is positive and meaningful. We have turned them from rotten cr*p into what look like human beings!

“They cannot wait to express their gratitude to us. Why will they complain?

“Fellow Cultivator Li, let go of your remaining prejudices. Do not mistake the slavery system in the world of the ancient Cultivators tens of thousands of years ago, which you perhaps caught in the history fantasies, for our advanced, civilized, modernized slavery system. In fact, after our motivation and tutelage, even the humblest slaves in the imperium have far better physical and mental conditions than many free folk in the desolate space zones do!

“We have conquered the desolate space zones and captured the aboriginals there for tutelage because we are trying to help them, enlighten them, and save them so that they can realize what an honor and glory it is to be part of the civilization of mankind!

“After motivation and tutelage, the hominoids, who are ‘ninety-nine percent human beings’, are the most solid foundation, the sharpest cleaver, and the toughest fists for the imperium. Why would they have any complaints?”

Li Yao was rendered speechless. For a moment, he was not able to tell whether or not Su Changfa was speaking the truth.

Seeing through the suspicion in his heart, Su Changfa smiled casually. “Fellow Cultivator Li, if you still find it difficult to understand, allow me to explain it to you with one of the most vulgar idioms, will you?”

“Please, Senior Su.”

Su Changfa cleared his throat and unhurriedly said, “You can never have a loyal son without physical abuse!”