Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 Colossus

“Colossus!” Li Yao repeated. The word flowed through his body like electricity, and he felt that his blood was boiling.

Even Little Black inside the Cosmos Ring dangling in front of chest was seething impatiently, sending eagerness into his brain.

“The Colossi were the marvelous weapons that human beings used to dominate the sea of stars in the primeval era. They could trigger the best of a human being’s potential! It was exactly with the help of the magnificent Colossi that we were able to compete with the legendary deities and devils and eventually claim the entire universe!”

Infinite excitement and hope were mixed in Kou Ruhuo’s voice. “Such ultimate treasures from the primeval era were made through countless techniques that we are unaware of. Many units on them are even not duplicable with our technology!

“In the universe today, every Colossus is a unique, formidable existence. If it is damaged in a battle, we can hardly repair it and will have to replace the broken units with the same units dismantled from other Colossi!

“Therefore, even if we cannot find an intact Colossus here, as long as we can discover the debris of several Colossi that are relatively better preserved, we will still be able to dismantle the useful units and components, which are all invaluable treasures that can significantly improve your citizen level or be redeemed for several powerful Cultivation arts!”

Li Yao gulped, his eyes hidden deep inside the crystal suit glimmering. “Is there anyone still piloting a Colossus today?”

“Of course, but their number is small,” Kou Ruhuo said. “On the one hand, few Colossi have been perfectly preserved to this day from the primeval era in the first place. Most of our available Colossi are actually jumbled based on the debris of different Colossi and the modern technology to build large-scale magical equipment.

“As long as they have the slightest chance of being repaired, we will try our best to recover them no matter how cr*ppy that debris looks because they are far stronger than general crystal suits any way you look at it.

“On the other hand, it is terribly difficult to manipulate the Colossus, which can prove to be a huge burden on the soul. Even the Nascent Soul Stage is only just the start line to use the Colossus!

“Today, everybody who is qualified to control a Colossus is among the most influential celebrities, if not legends who have created history. Together with their Colossi, they will live on in the history books forever!

“For example, the Supreme Emperor of the Star Ocean Imperium and his Colossus ‘Gold Sun’, the ‘Blood God’ and his Colossus ‘Calamitous Doom’ and Blackstar the Great with his Colossus ‘Blackhole’s Heart’. These are the most famous Colossi! “Gold Sun, Calamitous Doom, Blackhole’s Heart…”

Li Yao’s lips were trembling.

The names alone and the debris of the Colossi on the surface that he had seen were enough for him to imagine how terrifying such marvelous weapons must have been when they exerted their maximum strength!

I am going to control a Colossus one day. I will! Li Yao secretly swore to himself.

Fearing that his overexcitement might be noticed, he asked intentionally, “Right, what about the Book of Revelation? If we can find one volume, it will certainly be more valuable than a Colossus, right?”

All three Immortal Cultivators chuckled at his greed and childishness.

“How can it be so easy to find the Book of Revelation?” Su Changfa smiled. “You must’ve seen the debris of hundreds of Colossi both on the surface and on the primeval battlefield here, right? Although most of the debris has been completely shattered, it is not entirely impossible to retrieve one or two usable units from them.

“On this primeval battlefield alone, there may already be more than a thousand broken Colossi.

“The Book of Revelation, on the other hand, has only eight volumes, less than four of which have yet to be discovered. The universe is too large a place. How can we discover it so easily?

“Besides, the Colossi are enormous in size, and you can notice them at first glance. However, the Book of Revelation can come in various forms. Nobody knows exactly what specific form it has been preserved in. Chances are that we won’t notice it even if it is right in front of us!

“Therefore, you might as well not hold too much hope. Our key targets are the relatively intact bodies of the Pangu Clan, the usable units of the Colossi, and the core facilities inside the planetary warship!”

Very soon, Kou Ruhuo finished scanning the details of the battlefield.

The Immortal Cultivators had a profound understanding about the habits of the Blood Tide. They were aware that the residue on the ground, after being sucked and swallowed by the Blood Tide for hundreds of thousands of years, was no longer worth exploring.

However, they still went through the trouble of clearing an area of the Blood Tide because they meant to get a closer look at the fierce battle down there so that they could infer the direction of attack and defense!

“It’s here!”

After studying the result of scanning for a long time, Kou Ruhuo pointed in one direction in the darkness and said, “Most of the soldiers of human beings were attacking toward this direction, while the Pangu Clan was defending with the place behind them. Therefore, what the invaders tried to take and the defenders tried to protect must be in that direction!”

Tang Qianhe launched a localizing and probing soundwave in the direction that Kou Ruhuo had pointed out.

The feedback of the soundwave suggested that there was a giant hole leaning downward around forty kilometers away from them.

The hole was highly irregular. There was a circle of rising metal residue around it, indicating that the hole had either been blown out or drilled through.

“Where exactly were the troops of human beings marching to in the primeval war?”

Carefully avoiding the Blood Tide on the ground and the Hellish Light Butterflies on the dome, the four of them located the hole soon. They also discovered dead bodies around the hole that were as high as a hill.

It was obviously a critical location that the two parties struggled over. Although hundreds of thousands of years had passed, the goriness of the fierce battle on that day was still clearly perceivable.

After going down through the hole for another five kilometers, they found themselves in an open space!

It was as if they had ‘descended’ to the other side of the planet.

No, it was because the underground space was simply too vast, with a width and length both more than a thousand kilometers. At first glance, it was a boundless continent itself!

On the ‘continent’, a magnificent primitive forest was standing.

Li Yao and all three Immortal Cultivators held their breath.

They had descended from the channel on the dome that was blown out through brute force. Therefore, they found themselves at the center of the primitive forest the moment they arrived.

Through the pictures from various angles taken by the high-resolution crystal cameras, and after inputting all the data into their crystal processors to run analysis and comparison, they finally realized that there should have been a glorious city in front of their eyes.

It was a city that the Pangu Clan had established deep inside Kunlun!

Individuals of the Pangu Clan were more than six times taller than human beings on average. Therefore, their buildings were as high and awe-inspiring as the temples and palaces that human beings had built.

Li Yao discovered that the Pangu civilization seemed to be a civilization that worshipped rules, to the point that it was even a bit monotonous.

All the buildings were the most standard geometric objects. Straight lines were their favorite. Even arcs and cones were hardly ever featured.

Generally speaking, the entire city was a collection of geometric objects large and small. Every corner was a precise right angle, and the edge of every building was as sharp as a razor.

Cubes, cuboids, prismoids… The objects were copied ten thousand times and blocked by the streets that were absolutely straight, constituting the whole city.

It was indeed a magnificent city that everybody would be awed by when they first looked at it.

But it was also a city that nobody would be interested in living in.

Li Yao felt that it was more appropriate to describe it as a factory, a military camp, or a prison than to say it was a city.

However, it was all a long, long time ago.

After the Pangu Clan abandoned the city, the low-level creatures that they left gradually took over the place. The vines spread upward along the dull buildings. Interweaving with each other and nurtured by the overintense spiritual energy, they slowly grew into a messy primitive forest, disordered but vigorous. The traces of the past had been entirely buried.

“Look over there…” Tang Qianhe pointed at a high, monolithic building at the center of the city and called to them.

It was more like an overwhelming black cube than a building.

Judging from the contrast with the buildings nearby, it was at least more than ten kilometers in length, width, and height. The surface of the building was purely black and natural. There was not a single window or gap!

The solemnity and the dominance that the black cube gave him reminded Li Yao of the altars where sacrificial offerings were served to the gods.

After they scanned with mystic rays and measured the length, width, and height of the black cube, they discovered that all the values were the same.

Ten kilometers.

Precisely ten thousand meters!

It was another sign of the Pangu Clan’s enthusiasm for rules and regularity.

They also discovered that the black cube was located exactly at the center of the city, where all the streets in the city congregated, without the slightest error.

It was like the entire city was born for the enormous black cube.

Even the primitive plants that had entangled all the buildings nearby did not trespass into the black cube’s territory. It was standing, utterly incongruous with the environment, and demonstrating its power silently in such a way.

“It seems that the building was the most important facility in the city of the Pangu Clan. It was also the target that the troops of human beings tried to take over without caring about the cost,” Kou Ruhuo said solemnly. “Move forward in battle formation!”

The noise of hundreds of power rune arrays fulminating at the same time ripped apart the silence of the forest in the city. Many shadows were peeking out of the vines and branches.

Li Yao scanned them with the mystic rays, only to discover that they were bizarre-shaped animals, many of which were similar to the primeval creatures recorded in the paleontology textbooks. They must have been the ‘living fossils’ that had survived to this today from the primeval era.

Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

As they got closer and closer to the black cube, earsplitting shrieks echoed from the depths of the forest, and hundreds of malicious scents soared into the sky, locking onto all of them!