Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Kill You One More Time

Li Yao’s eyes were entirely occupied by the colorful fire and bullets.

Kou Ruhuo’s crazy and barbaric roars were echoing through the communication channel, so aggressive, blatant, and primitive that he sounded like a primeval animal that had just woken up and struggled out of all its chains!

Perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when human beings learned to use weapons for the first time and when they stabbed the weapons into their creators’ chest, the roars that they uttered were equally blood-boiling!

The brilliant bullets and crazy shouts made every pore of Li Yao’s body open.

He felt that, deep down in his cells, a ferocious animal was slowly waking and struggling to get out of the bondage of gene strands, too. It was stretching out the bones and gazing at the entire universe.

Breathing heavily, Li Yao could not help but activate the Erratic Light Cannons and pick up a heavy storm bolter. He joined the three Immortal Cultivators and unleashed his fury and resistance to his heart’s content!

“Human beings must not harm the Pangu Clan!”

“Human beings must obey the orders from the Pangu Clan!”

“Human beings must not harm themselves or each other!”

The three sacred, inviolable ‘rules of heaven’ appeared so fragile and vulnerable in that moment. They were blown apart into feeble flickers by the three Immortal Cultivators and the Cultivator and fled into the air in panic. However, they could not escape from the bullets and the fire. In less than half a minute, they were entirely consumed by the dominating wrath of human beings.

Even the crystals that accommodated the three fundamental runes were blown into the tiniest powder.

Without the enhancement of spiritual energy, the effect of the corrosion of hundreds of thousands of years was immediately manifested. The powder lost its glamor and turned into the most lackluster dust. In the storm of bullets, it dispersed into nothingness.

Kou Ruhuo was still not satisfied. While laughing crazily, he turned toward the vesicles around where human beings were manufactured.

Li Yao sensed clearly that his spiritual energy was expanding much more widely than before. The guy was like a giant almost ten meters tall, and dozens of whips of light darted out from the two Erratic Light Cannons on his shoulders. He was demonstrating the firepower of a heavy war fortress by himself!

Most of the metal vesicles, having been exposed to the air for hundreds of thousands of years, were already as rusted as could be. Being slapped by Kou Ruhuo’s whips, they were all blown into smithereens and gone for good!

Even one of the black pillars was knocked over because of his repetitive barrage and leaned to the side. After a huge boom, the earth was shaking, and the entire human being manufacture center seemed to be falling apart!

“Enough!” Su Changfa said coldly in the communication channel.

Kou Ruhuo unleashed his firepower crazily for another half a minute and stopped, not entirely satisfied, when the Erratic Light Cannons were beeping in alarm.

He spat toward where the fundamental crystals were again, except that the place was already empty now.

“Fellow Cultivator Li, you should understand now why we divide human beings into ‘true human beings’ and ‘hominoids’, right?”

His hands in his back, Su Changfa spoke softly while he stared at the human being manufacture center, which was now an utter mess.

“The truth is right in front of you. Ninety-nine percent of human beings were not true human beings in the first place. They were just ‘tools’ and ‘ingredients’.

“Only less than one percent of the human beings awakened from such a sorry fate and realized their true identity and destiny!

“All Cultivators know the importance of ‘awakening the spiritual root’. What is the so-called ‘awakening’ exactly? Awakening more strength, higher speed, and keener mind?

“All of them are, of course, very important, but most importantly of all, we must awaken our glory as human beings and all the fate that is on our shoulders!

“The spiritual root is not only the road for us to reach the ultimate peak personally but also the brilliant path for our civilization to reach immortality!

“Only those who realize that are Immortal Cultivators and true human beings!

“Hehe. The shortsighted and ignorant Cultivators know the profoundness of neither the universe nor human beings! They do not know the origins and the past of human beings, and they do not know what kind of tough challenges human beings will be faced with in the near future!

“Therefore, we Immortal Cultivators must whet our civilization, seizing every second and every means possible without caring about the cost. We must evolve, evolve, and evolve so that we can be stronger than ever!

“That is the destiny of the Immortal Cultivators. That is the path that the true human beings are walking on!

“As long as the civilization of mankind is guarded by the Immortal Cultivators, even if all the deities and devils in the entire universe are reborn, they will simply be killed one more time!”

Su Changfa’s deafening voice was even more destructive than Kou Ruhuo’s roars and stormy bullets.

Li Yao almost could not contain himself anymore. He bit the tip of his tongue hard and drank a mouthful of boiling blood to calm himself down. Then he pursued, “Senior Su, you mentioned that I might run into something called the Path of Ultimate Benevolence? What does that mean? Are there still human beings who believe in the absurd ‘three fundamental laws’ in the universe today?

“Also, you said that, in the God-Sealing War in the primeval era, all the members of the Pangu Clan were ‘sealed’ and ‘suppressed’ by human beings, right?

“Not destroyed, not annihilated, but sealed and suppressed. What’s the meaning of that? Every seal can be unraveled, and no suppression can last forever. Is it possible that the Pangu Clan will come back again one day?”

Su Changfa narrowed his eyes and stared at Li Yao without blinking.

Li Yao was greatly alarmed. Perhaps, he had asked too many questions and his intentions were too obvious.

“You are too curious,” Su Changfa said coldly. “You will know the answers when you know the answers. Now, just keep exploring!”

Blocked by the black cube, the spiritual and electromagnetic interference leaking out of the power core of the planetary warship were greatly reduced. The four of them had a large control range over the spiritual puppets, too. The hundreds of spiritual puppets dispersed and soon figured out every detail of the enormous human being manufacture center.

Although no intact bodies of the Pangu Clan or Colossi were discovered, they did find four huge teleportation arrays in the four corners of the black cube.

Three of the teleportation arrays had been seriously wrecked in the war, but the last teleportation array was rather well-preserved and seemed like it would still be able to be activated.

Li Yao and the three Immortal Cultivators gathered in front of the teleportation array that was more than three hundred meters in diameter.

At first glance, it was like an enormous, blossoming black lotus flower, covered in a glimmer. Just like the fundamental crystals, it had not been affected by the passage of time.

Tang Qianhe was the navigator of the exploration squad. The jobs where teleportation, navigation, space jump, star map studies, and the likes were involved all fell under her jurisdiction.

She flew to the center of the ‘black lotus flower’ and studied the part that seemed to be ‘stamens’ for a long time before reaching a conclusion.

“This is a short-distance teleportation array, probably for the internal use of the planetary warship. Through the teleportation array, it would have been very convenient to move among the core facilities of the planetary warship!”

“A very reasonable design.” Su Changfa nodded. “If so, the human warriors that had just been produced from the ‘manufacture center’ could be projected to every part of the planetary warship through the teleportation arrays. Their mobility would be highly increased.

“The defense array of the teleportation array seems to be connected to the self-sustaining system of the planetary warships and has been functioning for the last hundreds of thousands of years, keeping the teleportation array in a healthy state. What’s the other end of the teleportation array? It is still usable?”

“I need to study it for a while longer.” Tang Qianhe flew over to the ‘stamens’ again.

Very soon, after a ‘hum’, all the black ‘petals’ around the teleportation array were shivering slighting. Colorful rays of light were rolling on the black petals and condensed into transparent ‘dew’, which then reeled into the stamens along the slanted petals.

“I’ve made it!” Tang Qianhe exclaimed. “The spiritual energy of the teleportation array is highly insufficient. I assume that only one percent of the capacity can be activated right now!

“Thankfully, it was designed for the Pangu Clan and large batches of human soldiers. A hundred members of the Pangu Clan and thousands of human soldiers could be teleported at once!

“With just the four of us and the hundreds of spiritual puppets here, even one percent of the capacity should be enough to send us over!

“As for the destination… I don’t know what it is exactly. It should be configurable and corresponds with almost a hundred other teleportation arrays. However, I don’t know how to configure it yet. So, we can only be teleported to the destination that was configured last time!”

Li Yao was secretly surprised.

Tang Qianhe was the weakest of the three Immortal Cultivators. He did not know that she was even capable of manipulating the teleportation array of the Pangu Clan.

That was utterly unreasonable. Where did she learn that exactly?

Li Yao thought quickly and soon came up with a possibility. If the Covenant Alliance was truly associated with the Pangu civilization, it would not be strange at all that they had grasped the teleportation technology of the Pangu Clan.

Wars were often the best means of communication.

In the protracted war, the Imperium learned the same teleportation technologies from the Covenant Alliance. It was a very sensible deduction.

“Let’s review what happened that day!” Tang Qianhe was quite excited. “The invaders obviously broke into the human being manufacture center and liberated tremendous human warriors. The defenders, on the other hand, fled in panic through the teleportation array. So, the last destination of the teleportation array must be a very important place!

“We should go and take a look at the other side!”

“That’s inappropriate.” Kou Ruhuo frowned and said, “We don’t know the first thing about the other side of the teleportation array. If we are teleported over recklessly, it is very likely that we will be caught in an awkward situation.”

“The entire planetary warship is in the hibernation state. The worst we can expect are just some mutated animals. How dangerous can it be?”

Tang Qianhe pouted and said, “Although we’ve found the human being manufacture center, it is only valuable for historical studies. We cannot gain much from it. We still need to check if there are any Colossi so that we can deal with… what’s coming next!

“Maybe, we can send someone over first to investigate. If it is safe on the other side, the rest of the three can go over in the second batch!”

Tang Qianhe looked at Li Yao.

Li Yao thought that she was intending to send him for the suicidal mission, but she simply puffed her chest out and said, “Since it was me who came up with the idea, I’ll go over first!”