Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276 Somebody's Inside

Su Changfa considered it for a long time.

Under normal circumstances, Li Yao knew that, with his cunningness, Su Changfa would not agree to such a reckless operation to teleport to an unknown area. After all, there might be too many unexpected factors.

However, Su Changfa’s ‘exploration squad’ and the main force of the expedition army made of the Black Wind Fleet were not on the same boat. Instead, they were quite antagonistic to each other.

The three Immortal Cultivators were the losers in the competitions in their respective families, having been exiled to the edge of the universe. They all craved to excavate the secret treasures in the relic of the Pangu civilization and occupy a Sector to accumulate enough resources for their revenge!

When the Black Wind Fleet—which was as tough as a tiger, as brutal as a scorpion, and as greedy as a hyena—arrived, not only would their dream fall apart, they might even get killed.

In order to compete with the Black Wind Fleet, Su Changfa had to take a slight risk.

If they could indeed find a Colossus, it would certainly be a great help for their operations to come.

As Li Yao expected, after more than half a minute of hesitation, Su Changfa said to Kou Ruhuo solemnly, “Brother Kou, the exploration of ancient relics always entails risks. The most critical factor is whether or not the returns are worth the risks. To this moment, we haven’t found anything of value yet. It is obviously not going to work out if we return with empty hands. What do you say?”

Kou Ruhuo was the nominal commander of the exploration mission, but Su Changfa was his captain. Also, the bald man understood that, if a piece of legendary magical equipment such as a Colossus was discovered, he would most likely be the one to use it.

Therefore, he hesitantly nodded, too.

Tang Qianhe exclaimed in joy and was about to activate the teleportation array when Kou Ruhuo suddenly stopped her.

“I am the chief of arms. My ability to handle crises is far better than yours. Let me!”

Tang Qianhe was dazed for a moment.

Perhaps it was his imagination, but Li Yao felt that the female Immortal Cultivator seemed to be reluctant. She did not retreat until 0.01 seconds later.

On the black lotus flower, the colorful ‘bubbles’ were growing larger and brighter until they turned into a cluster of dazzling balls of light.

Leading a hundred spiritual puppets, Kou Ruhuo strode in and disappeared into the light ball.

Li Yao took the opportunity to analyze Tang Qianhe’s behavior just now. He somehow felt that something was off. She seemed to be too active.

Also, the 0.01 seconds of rigidness was quite unnatural and gave the feeling of some sort of… signal delay.

Before Li Yao pondered any longer, Kou Ruhuo appeared in the light balls again, shivering.

“We are onto something good!” the bald man roared in excitement in the communication channel.

After leaving three hundred spiritual puppets to form an automatic defense formation around the teleportation array, the four of them walked into the light balls and were swallowed one after another.


In front of Li Yao’s eyes, colorful, rainbow-like pieces flashed by. Thousands of butterflies gathered as quickly as they dispersed.

He appeared in the transitional force field triggered by another teleportation array.

What unfolded in front of Li Yao could only be described as a boundless space.

For a moment, he even came under the illusion that he had teleported into the infinite universe.

Triggering his optical nerves to the maximum and looking at the horizon, he finally realized that he was still in the middle of Kunlun after noticing the dense hexagonal holes on the walls.

They found themselves at the center of a super-huge honeycomb. Trypophobia patients certainly would not like such a world.

The gravity control arrays of the place had probably been damaged in the primeval war. Without the bondage of gravity, just like the vacuum in the universe, the dead bodies and the remains were all floating in midair quietly like frozen statues.

Their arrival raised ripples of spiritual energy, disturbing the sleep of the bodies. Some of the scraps were dancing in midair, too.

His eyes glittering, Li Yao mumbled to himself, “It seems that although the soldiers of the Pangu Clan fled to the place through the teleportation array, the troops of the human beings followed close behind. The two parties had another fierce battle in this place!”

The enormous space was both a relic of the ancient battlefield and an invaluable treasury.

Because of the protection of the super alloy walls, there was neither intense interference nor the invasion of the Blood Tide, the Hellish Light Butterflies, and other mutated animals. Most of the remains had been perfectly preserved!

Although most of the dead bodies of the Pangu Clan and human beings from hundreds of thousands of years ago had turned into dry corpses and bones, and there was not the slightest sign of living cells, glimmering light was still emanating from the armor and the blades of some of the soldiers, suggesting that they had not entirely corroded yet!

When Li Yao approached the magical equipment and tested them with a few telepathic thoughts, the flames of light on the surface of the magical equipment suddenly soared, obviously responding to his telepathic thoughts!

The magical equipment is not totally broken yet! Li Yao was about to cry tears of joy!

For a specialist of magical equipment, was there a more wonderful thing than to swim in an ocean of ancient magical equipment of the primeval age?


At the center of the enormous space, Tang Qianhe must have touched a certain piece of magical equipment. Intense ripples of spiritual energy were triggered. A golden ball of light expanded suddenly from a small spot that bordered on nothingness to more than a thousand meters in diameter!

On the translucent golden ball were starry spots of light that were linked to each other with the thinnest of lines, with detailed information noted next to them!

Li Yao carefully adjusted the power rune arrays of the crystal suit. Spurting out feeble exhaust flames, he flew into the golden ball slowly and observed the world inside the golden ball.

He found himself in a small and yet specific universe. The stars and everything in the sky were slowly swirling around him.

This is… the navigation map of the Pangu civilization!

Li Yao almost cried out in shock!

The star maps that recorded all the celestial bodies in the three thousand Sectors had many categories.

Some of the star maps paid special attention to the stars, some were focused on the resourceful, habitable planets, and some highlighted the location of every black hole.

The star map inside the Star Prier’s House, for example, was designed to lock onto all abnormal celestial bodies in the entire universe. It was essentially a depiction of the running apocalypses.

So, not any random star map could support a voyage in the sea of stars.

It was like travelling the world with a global map the size of a palm, which would barely be of any help in providing guidance.

The Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector’s understanding about the universe was still shallow. All the star maps under their control, except for the Star Map of Kunlun left by Ba Yanzhi and the depiction of the running apocalypses in the Star Prier’s House, were essentially no different from a global map the size of a palm. They could not be used to guide voyages in space at all.

The star map in front of Li Yao, however, was different.

Not only did it include tremendous information about black holes, neutron stars, red giants, geomagnetic nebulas, and safe sailing routes, it also specifically marked countless space zones that had abundant spiritual energy and stable astronomical parameters and were therefore suitable for space jumps!

Other than that, there were also thousands more types of information that were dazzling and utterly incomprehensible to Li Yao!

It was the most professional space navigation map designed to guide the starships!

Although Li Yao failed to understand most of the information, he still managed to recognize the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, which were in the bottom left corner of the picture, and the Flying Star Sector, which was in the center!

Judging from the relative relation of the three Sectors and the scale of the whole map, the range of the star map was not very large, but it still included dozens of Sectors around the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector!

This is a priceless treasure!

Li Yao only hated that he could not stuff the star map into his stomach.

Although it was a product of almost a million years ago, from an astronomical point of view, the time elapsed was just a blink of an eye. The macroscopic environment would not be too different!

It meant that the detailed space navigation map where the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the nearby worlds were included could provide enlightenment for the universal development even today!

The three Immortal Cultivators were also shivering in excitement. It was obvious that a lot of information contained in the space navigation map was not even grasped by the Imperium of True Human Beings!

Not good!

Li Yao suddenly thought of something. The value of the star map was simply too high. There would be dire consequences if it fell to the hands of the Imperium of True Human Beings.

Whatever the price was, he had to prevent the three Immortal Cultivators from having the star map!

“This place is an escape center.”

Tang Qianhe made a professional judgement based on her abundant space travel experience. Pointing at the empty ‘honeycomb’, she said, “Those dense holes should’ve been filled with escape capsules in the beginning.

“Perhaps, the Pangu Clan realized that their failure was inevitable. Therefore, they were teleported to the place through the teleportation arrays deployed everywhere on the planetary warship before they boarded the escape capsules and fled from the planetary warship!

“Escape capsules wouldn’t have possessed much power, and it’s difficult for them to change their sailing route. Therefore, their destinations were set through a certain piece of control magical equipment in the escape center. That’s why there is such a clear and detailed space navigation map here!”

“Escape capsules?”

All four of them were fascinated.

If they could find an escape capsule left by the Pangu civilization, it would be possible for them to figure out the universal sailing technology and the space jump technology entailed in the artifact. The treasure would be invaluable!

“Explore the ‘honeycomb’ right now and see if there’s any escape capsule left!”

Even the cunning Su Changfa could not hold his excitement back anymore. Li Yao could clearly hear his heavy breath in the communication channel.

All of spiritual puppets dispersed and started searching the walls that were almost infinitely long.

Li Yao was receiving almost a thousand pictures through the spiritual puppets simultaneously. He did not need to explore personally but only had to analyze and process the pictures.

Most of the hexagonal holes were empty, with dark tubes behind them leading to nobody knew where.

Some of the holes had been completely ruined in the explosions together with the escape capsules inside. They had turned into dark scraps and lost all their value.

Half an hour later, the spiritual puppets controlled by Tang Qianhe finally found the first intact escape capsule.

What surprised them even more was that—

Somebody was inside the escape capsule!